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He wanted me, I was sure of it.

I had that feeling a woman gets of eyes on her, burning into her, devouring her body. As I looked around all I could see was my university flatmate, curled up on the couch, headphones on, reading a medical textbook.

Ignoring the sensation I carried on but soon got the same feeling again, as I spun around I caught him staring at me, obviously undressing me with this eyes, and from the look on his face I must have been pretty near naked by now, and he was enjoying the thought.

He smiled at me, not bothering to look away now that I had caught him out, challenging me to confront him. “Fuck that, he could bugger off,” I thought then it hit me, he wanted me, he actually wanted me, he thought he could have me, and that I would allow it, surrender to him.

Never in a month of Sundays was that going to happen. Not that he wasn’t attractive, exactly the opposite, he was drop dead gorgeous, tall, strong, fit and of course intelligent, and I should have been dying to have him, but I hadn’t any thoughts like that about him. There was a very special reason for that. He was strictly off-limits, to me if no one else. Although it seemed that now that was open to debate, at least in his mind.

Why had I agreed to let a first-year student share our house and a boy at that, I was twenty-one and on my third year, he was just nineteen and in his first year, and like all first-year university students, cocky and arrogant. There were four girls sharing the house, we were having a great time, why did we need a guy to take the spare room?

Well, he wasn’t going to get anywhere near me, but maybe I could tease and taunt him, make him uncomfortable, the way he was making me feel at this minute. If he actually wanted me that is? So over the course of the next six weeks, that’s what I did. I teased and tormented him.

I started to wear more and more revealing outfits around the house, very short shorts, the cheeks of my peach of a bum easily visible, low cut crop tops with no bra, letting him know my boobs were unfettered and swinging free, occasionally letting him get a glimpse of them, t-shirts that moulded themselves to my body, tightly clinging. Even going so far as to wander around in bra and panties. Oh, I was in full on tormenting mode and it was working. Without being boastful I know I have a great body. He was looking more and more uncomfortable, and lustful, I could see the effect my near nakedness was having on him, he was walking around with a permanent hard-on. And he couldn’t release his tension, well at least not in the way he wanted to, not with me.

My closest flatmate Gemma, who was one of the ones along with my parents, who had persuaded me into letting him take up the spare room had noticed what I was doing and had commented on it, calling me a tease, and that if he jumped on me one night it was my own fault and that she wouldn’t back me up if I cried rape. So much for friends, I thought, but she did have a point. I was pushing things a bit far.

“Nigel is not going to do anything,” I told her confidently, how wrong I was, and how it would change all our lives forever.

Things started to change one night when Nigel and I were alone in the house, Gemma and the other two girls being out at some concert or something like that. I had come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around me. This time I wasn’t trying to tease him, I’d just had a shower and was going back to my room, when I literally bumped into Nigel. He stared at me for a second, then reached out towards me, I was transfixed and couldn’t move. He really didn’t think I would let him do anything, did he? His arms were either side of me so I couldn’t move away easily, then he bent his head forward and down, a smile on his face.

I was ready to scream if he tried to kiss me, but he did something altogether more sensual and intimate, he kissed my neck, just in the crease between my shoulder and neck, the briefest and gentlest of touches, then he nibbled my ear. I moaned out loud. His hand had moved without my knowing it and flicked at the knot between my boobs that was holding my towel together and in an instant, the towel had dropped away and I was stood naked before him.

His grazed dropped and he stared at my naked body, appreciation at its subtle curves and mounds, the firmness of my 34B size breasts, and the gentle swell on my belly. Slower than I should have I moved my hands to cover my nakedness.

“Don’t even think about it Nigel,” I screamed at him as I regained my wits as his hand had moved to cup my right breast, “Just don’t even think of it.”

“Well a guy can only try, and you have been such a tease. I’m sure you really want to, don’t you, go on admit it.”

“No way, never, ever, not with you, sorry, but no means no.”

After that encounter I cut back on my teasing, I knew now with the utmost conviction that he did want me, that I had pushed him too far, and klasbahis güvenilirmi that he may make a rash move and do something we would both regret. And worse that I would let him.

Doesn’t society have a set of rules and morals that hold us together, morals that shouldn’t be broken, rules that shouldn’t be bent? Yes it does and I intended to live by them, and there was one rule that I was never going to break and that involved mine and Nigel’s relationship.

Gemma had picked up on the vibe between us and confronted me one day when we were alone in bed together, Gemma and I have a casual sexual relationship that we keep secretly under wraps from everyone, especially our other flatmates and I told her what had happened.

“Well if you tease him so much, what did you think he was going to do. He’s a randy young male, with urges.”

“Well, he should keep those urges to himself,” I retorted conveniently forgetting my part as a temptress. “He should be able to control himself.”

“Well if you don’t want him, I’m going to make a move on him.”

“What a first year, you have got to be joking, but if you want to, be my guest, I’m not interested at all. Screw his brains out if you want.”

Gemma wasted no time and the next night I was kept awake by the sounds of her bed creaking, the squeals and giggles coming from Gemma and the grunts from Nigel. And they kept it up all night long.

The following morning as they emerged from Gemma’s room I said, “Well are you two an item now?” disgust in my voice.

“Not really, more friends with benefits,” said Gemma with a knowing look at me, “because that’s what we are really, not full-on lovers.”

“No, more like fuck buddies, but you can join in at any time,” Nigel brazenly and crudely told me, as to my horror Gemma giggled. The look I flashed him let him know exactly what I thought of him as a person.

So for the next few weeks, things calmed down, Nigel and Gemma got together a few times, but I was still aware of Nigel’s eyes on me at all times, and he was still mentally undressing me. Time and time again. He hadn’t got over his desire and lust for me, even though he was casually but regularly screwing my best friend. The other thing is despite what I had said about Gemma fucking his brains out and I wouldn’t care, I did care, I was not fully happy with Nigel and Gemma getting together. Nigel should have known that.

Things came to the inevitable head between me and Nigel by mistake, I had expected to be alone in the house and had just come out of my room stark naked and literally bumped into Nigel, my body crashing into his. His arms reflexively went around me to stop me falling over, but instead of letting go of me when I had regained my balance he held me gently but firmly and in a way possessively. His hands on my waist were burning holes in me his touch seemed that hot.

I knew I could have pulled away at any time but didn’t, then he used the same move on me as before as he kissed my neck. It is so sensitive, sexy and loving I responded instantly. I moaned even louder than the first time he had done this and didn’t stop his hands as they ran over my body, caressing it, feeling it, enjoying the sensation of it. I was trembling with fright and not wanting this to happen, but there was the very tiniest part deep inside me that did want it.

His hands went under my bum and he picked me up as my arms wrapped around his neck, and legs rose to wrap around and hug his waist, he started to carry me into my bedroom.

“Please Nigel, please don’t, please don’t do this. I can’t stop you if you want to but please don’t,” I pleaded with him as he pushed the door closed behind him and gently laid me on the bed, ripping his clothes off he quickly lay by my side. I just got a slight glimpse of his cock, it was big and rock hard.

“Why, not?”

“You know why not, we can’t we just can’t, you know why.”

“I don’t think that’s reason enough, I want you, you know it, and if you’re honest, you want me just as much.” He was right I did want him, I wanted him badly, but I knew if I gave in, surrendered I would do things I had never done before, things I had sworn I would never ever do. I would deny him nothing, no matter what the cost or consequences, and they could be huge for both of us.

“Why, why us two, why does it have to be us two?” I sobbed in anguish.

“Because,” was his enigmatic reply, “but I love you. And with those words and the way he said them our fate was sealed.

I looked deeply into his sapphire blue eyes, put a hand around his neck and pulled his face towards mine, brushing my lips softly across his, our first kiss together, as soon to be lovers. I moaned into his mouth as he responded, his lips were soft and sweet, and I could taste beer on his breath. He kissed me in such a gentle and loving way, time and time again. His kisses in such contrast to the way he looked at me. klasbahis yeni giriş His looks all lust and wanting, basic and primal. His kisses, in contrast, were soft and kind and teasing, and loving, oh so loving. I felt myself giving in to him. All thoughts of restraint slipping away with every teasing kiss.

He was lying on top of me but I didn’t want full sex just yet, let’s build things slowly, I’d already made the decision by then that we would have sex, I would give in to his wants and needs, but let him take his time and caress me. I rolled him off me so we were lying side by side took hold of his hands and ran them over my body. He got the message and his hands cupped my breasts, squeezing and fondling them, not pawing and groping, but teasing and tender. I could sense he was enjoying the feel of the fullness of them in his hands and the way my nipples had hardened under his first touch.

I, in the meantime, was running my uncontrollable hands all over his hard body, denying myself nothing. Running my fingers nails lightly down his chest time and time again, just lightly scratching him. Then lower and lower until my hand brushed against the hardness of his cock, naturally wrapping around it and stoking it, once, twice, three times. Then releasing it. What was I doing? I thought, I was stroking his cock.

Nigel worked his magic on me again by kissing and nuzzling my neck, using his tongue this time, sending shivers of delight through my body. Yet another moan came from me, this time softer but longer and drawn-out.

His head then traced lower and hot lips with an even hotter tongue was sucking my right nipple into his mouth, tongue rolling round and round it, time after time, then his lips were pulling hard on it, pulling my breast up and away from my body, oh the sensation it sent through me. This lad was only nineteen, how could he know things like that, how could he know how much I liked them and how they made me feel.

My fingers resumed their stroking of his cock, gently teasing him with the lightest of touches, not wanting him to get too excited. His hands in response had moved lower down my body and as they reached my belly I shifted position so he had easier access to his aim, my pussy. In that one small movement surrendering totally to him. He knew now that I would not stop him doing what he wanted. He could have me, he could take me, have my body and use it as he wanted to, use it for his pleasure in anyway he wanted, and I would be a willing partner.

His hand cupped my mound covered in soft blonde pubic hair, teasing with it gently, then one finger quickly followed by a second slid inside me, moving in and out rubbing and stimulating me. To my shame, I was already wet and getting wetter. He continued to kiss and play with my boobs as his fingers moved deep inside me. Responding to his touches I was writhing around on the bed, pushing my hips up and onto his hand, pussy gripping on his fingers as they teased and stimulated me.

My hand had increased both the tightness of my grip on him and the speed with which I was pulling on him. I heard a groan come from his mouth so eased back quickly. His cock had a lovely feel to it, hard and throbbing but with soft skin, I could feel every vein in it pulsing.

I felt him shift positions and move to get on top of me, but I wasn’t ready for that yet, so rolled over with him until I was on top then kissed my way down his body as slowly as I could, kissing and nipping at his body with my teeth until my mouth was opposite his twitching cock. I caught a whiff of his body odour, slightly sweaty and salty but with that hint of muskiness a male carries, especially when aroused. I didn’t hesitate but opened my mouth as wide as I could, sucked his cock in and closed my lips around his shaft, causing it to throb and his head twitched as my tongue rolled around it. That was all he needed to take him over the edge and without warning, he shot his load into my mouth.

As I wasn’t expecting that to happen just yet I gagged as the first spurt hit the back of my throat, coating my mouth, with a tangy slimy mucus of cum, then more spurts shooting from him, as I struggled to hold it all in my mouth, but then gave up the fight and swallowed it all.

He lay there underneath me, cock softening in my mouth, leaking the odd drip of leftover cum from the end. I stayed where I was, holding his cock in my mouth, licking around the end of it causing him to twitch and shudder as it was so sensitive now. I know how much this can turn a guy on how much pleasure it can give them. And I loved the taste of his semen as it lingered in my mouth.

The look of pure love in his eyes as I looked up into them tuned my insides to jelly. Oh God no, why?

“Your turn now.”

Without waiting he pulled me over and onto my back, held my legs high and wide, exposing my pussy to his view, bent his head and breathed gently on it, sending klasbahis giriş a hot breeze over it. Oh, that was nice.

His head bent lower but not touching me, suddenly embarrassed I realised that he was looking at my pussy, taking in the sight of it, committing it to his memory, the full folds of my dark outer labia, and the soft pink coral inner as at last he used his hands to open the lips, nothing more, just opening me wide and looking. I felt incredibly turned on and embarrassed at the same time. What he was doing was so intimate, in some ways even more than if he was touching me. I wanted to snap my legs closed but at the same time, I wanted to open them even wider.

Then his mouth covered my pussy, lips locking onto mine as his tongue lashed out and forged a path deep into my inner core, the very essence of my being as a woman. His tongue was like fire, licking in me in rapid movements that turned my insides to water as a molten wave of lava threatened to overtake me.

My thighs clamped tight around his head, trapping him in place on me. His hand’s had found my boobs again, this time with more force and intent, squeezing and rubbing, flicking my nipples with his thumbs, stiffening them instantly, they were aching with the passion that was building inside me, demanding release.

His tongue still buried deep in me, rotating and licking at a frantic rate, my fingers wrapped themselves in his hair as I arched my hips off the bed and pushed even harder into his face. I screamed out my release as my climax broke over me, body wracked with wild shuddering movements, jerking out of control, out of control. I gushed over his face, covering it with the thick liquid of my juices.

Spent and ashamed I collapsed onto the bed, Nigel slowly crawling his way up my body until he was laying on top of me, crushing my body with his weight. Hips and groin pushing gently but incessantly against mine.

I had to stop this now, before we went too far, take that even further step, breaking that moral code I professed to hold so dear. Oral sex was one thing, I could just about excuse myself that, but full on sex, intercourse, him penetrating me was something else. I was torn, my mind didn’t want to go any further, but my body was making demands that were stronger, my body wanted total fulfilment and at this moment it wanted it with Nigel. At that moment in time, I think I would have given in to the devil.

Nigel’s cock had grown hard again and was pressing against my pussy, probing for the entrance and as it found it and pushed in I moaned.

“Noooooooooooo, oh nooooooooooooooo. Oh, that is good.”

I stretched and he slid in easily as though we were meant to be together, my pussy and his cock joined together as one. My pussy covering his cock like silken glove, as I clamped onto him.

Nigel humped into me hard and fast from the start, the heat of his cock as it rubbed inside me was intense, creating emotions and feelings I had never had before. I came within about thirty seconds of him entering me, and kept on coming as he hammered his cock into my now accepting pussy.

His energy was never ending and he kept up his hammering into me, never tiring, he was driven by lust, I knew that, and I responded to that primal lust that was filling him and flowing into me. I thrust my hips up and back at him time and time again, pussy trying to hold tight onto him striving to drive him over the edge and to his own deserved climax. I wasn’t thinking these thoughts at the time, all I wanted was to be fucked and to fuck him back, and fuck him back hard.

When I thought I couldn’t go one any longer, Nigel looked down at me gasping, “Sam, I’m cumming.”

“Just do it,” I answered in lust ignoring the potential consequences, I was like a bitch in heat.

His body stiffened and I’m sure I felt his cum flow up his cock before it fired into me, my pussy was clenching onto him that tightly.

The first shot of his hot cum as it hit my cervix triggered yet another orgasm in me as I mirrored his release, body jerking and jolting, as my eyes rolled back in my head.

Eventually, his cock softened and then slid out of me.

“We can’t do this again,” I implored him, riven by guilt at what we had done.

“I know, I’m sorry,” was his reply. But do it again we did, time and time again that night, many times and in many different positions.

We kept our liaisons secret for the rest of that year, nobody knew what we were doing, but next year would be so much more difficult when my younger sister Janine would be joining us at the same university. She must never ever find out about me and Nigel.

Author’s note:

Why is Samantha torn about having sex with Nigel? What is the moral code she doesn’t want to break?

Is Nigel actually Janine’s boyfriend?

Are Sam and Nigel brother and sister?

When I started to write this story it was a simple brother sister incest tale, but the idea of boyfriend cheating with his girlfriends’ sister seemed apt as well.

I will leave that for you to decide. Go with whichever scenario turns you on more, that’s what I do when I read and reread this story when proofing it. I switch between liking each scenario with every reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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