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A very excited slave moves to be with her Master at last..

She gets an apt of her own because He is not able to live with her just yet.. The apt is a cute little loft style just big enough for three. She gets a job in the graphics design field that she has been trained in.. She works and supports herself well. He comes and spends as much time with her as He can until the day that He is able to be with her 24/7.

They go and do many things together and enjoy time together. He has an adorable son that He introduces her to after a bit of time. On their first meeting she is a bit nervous around His son because she is already attracted to Him and has been told that she will also belong to Him. She hopes He will like her as much. They spend a little time at the apt. getting to know each other and learning a few things. She listens to Him talk and watches His face as she talks to Him and moves about the room.

She and Master have picked out a nice soft blue sundress for her to wear on this first meeting with His son. She wears very little make up and smells good enough to eat. He is 18 but is shy and not had much experience with girls and is more than a little curious about the whole thing. Master and i have agreed that we will introduce Him into using me slowly and willingly.

They meet several times allowing each to get use to the other. During this time also Master moves into the apt. with His slave. They have the son over as much as possible to spend time with His Dad and also to learn more about the slave girl. kaynarca escort Many times when the Son will spend the night He notices how the slave girl serves His Dad. Though they have tired to keep it very vanilla around Him. He starts to ask questions, Dad gives Him honest answers because we believe He should know the truth and if He wishes to live as us then He shall and if not then so be it. As the months go by the Son and the slave girl get closer and like each other well. They enjoy time together laughing and doing fun things. During this time also the Master has noticed the way the Son looks at the slave girl’s body. The Master is also very happy with the slave girl and is glad He has her.

One night while the Son is spending several days with us He sees the slave girl walk from her Master’s bedroom to the kitchen in very little clothing. He looks at His Dad and gives a shy smile, Dad smiles back at Him knowingly. The slave girl walks back to the bedroom with an ice water as the Son watches her. Since the Master and slave girl have already been open with the Son, He knows that she is there to serve. “Dad” He says… “Im hungry, do you think she would fix us something to eat?” The Master being the wise One that He is knows what’s going on inside His preteens head. “Yes” He tells the Son.. Go tell her you want something to eat.. She will get you whatever you wish for. The slave girl is lying on her stomach on Master’s bed reading a book.. Wearing only a t-shirt and a thong. The t-shirt is not long enough küçükyalı escort to cover her bellybutton and is white. The thong is red and tiny in size.

The Son stands at the door just looking at her for a min or two. She knows He is there but acts as if she doesn’t. She enjoys the way He is looking at her. After sometime she puts the book down and turns to Him.. With a smile she asks if she can do anything for Him. He smiles back at her and says yes.. Im hungry and wanted you to fix me something. She says sure, and starts to sit up on the bed.. In one fluid movement she is sitting up with her legs hanging off the side of the bed. The shirt has ridden up a bit due to the laying on the bed and then sitting up; she doesn’t pull it down because she sees He is looking at the soft brown flesh of her breasts. The way He looks at her sometimes sends chills thru her body. She wants Him but only when He is ready will she take His sweet young body. Sliding off the bed and standing there before Him now.. She smiles and walks towards Him. What would you like to eat she ask Him.. Then softly she touches His cheek. He smiles bigger and looks up at her with His big brown eyes. She almost melts inside with His smiles. He says He doesn’t know what He wants to eat. She takes His hand in hers and leads Him to the kitchen. He walks a little bit be hide her looking at her smooth butt sway as she moves. He has thought of her many times before but stops Himself because she is His Fathers.

Once in the kitchen she tells Him sancaktepe escort His wish is her command. He notices in the kitchen that in this bright light He can see thru her t-shirt. He is able to see the pinkish brownish color of her nipples right thru the t-shirt. She sees that He has noticed her more than before this night and plays on it. Trying not to stare He says umm what do you have to fix. She moves over near Him and leans across Him to look into the cabinets.. This pressing her hard nipple into His cheek. He feels a rise start in His shorts.. The same one He feels other times when He thinks of the slave girl or other girls His age. Feeling nervous He moves out of the way and says umm I change my mind.. And hurries off to the bathroom. The slave girl smiles and goes to her Master. She sits on His lap and watches a bit of the movie that He is into. After a bit the Son comes out to join them again.. The Master is kissing and groping His slave girl when the Son walks in..The Son blushes a bit but watches His Father touch the slave girl. Wanting to learn and find out about this feeling inside of Him when He sees the slave girls body and when she touches Him in different ways. They see He is watching and stop to make sure He is ok. Yes He says..

They all watch a movie together until it’s late. They tuck the Son into bed and go to the Master’s bedroom. This night when Master uses the slave girl He tells her she can be loud and not hide it from the Son. The Son hears the slave girl’s moans and whimpers thru the walls.. He feels that growing feeling inside His shorts again. Soon He hears His Father growls and moans.. The slave girl and Master talk about teaching the Son to use the slave girl and decide to start on that task in the morning when they all wake.. After morning duty of course *wink*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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