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Note: Please read Part One and Part Two first. Reader’s comments are always welcome. Also, please vote. Thank you!


The speaker’s presentation was so uninspiring I was three-quarters asleep when I felt the vibrations in my chest. I immediately jerked forward in my chair, startled, momentarily certain I was having a heart attack…

The cell phone in my jacket pocket continued to vibrate. Fully awake now, I breathed a small sigh of relief. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen. It was Nancy’s home number. Sitting in the front row in a room full of people, I figured answering it was out of the question. I’d have to call her back when the session was over.

Nancy and I hadn’t said more than a dozen words to each other since that morning, three days ago, when I opened my eyes and found myself staring into her huge breasts, no more that five inches from my eyes. It took me a moment to remember where I was, and how I came to be there, naked on the floor with my sister.

And then I remembered what had happened the night before. About taking the pictures, and the little red teddy, and the Scotch and the wine, and her screams of pleasure…And as I lay there beside her, I looked at her breasts, the large aureoles with their hard little nipples staring straight back at me. And I looked lower, across her belly to the brown hair of her pussy, covered with the dried white mixture of cum and cunt juice and sweat from the previous night. I saw that my cock, too, was splotched with the white, dried-out evidence of the night before.

I remembered her screams, and her moans, and how she had begged for it over and over. And as I remembered those things, I felt myself getting hard again. I looked back to her sleeping face, at the lipstick smeared messily around her lips and the eye shadow that had run in little rivulets down her cheek.

Then Nancy opened her eyes. She seemed momentarily confused.

“Oh, my God!” she said softly, when she finally realized where she was, and why she was there. She looked momentarily into my eyes, then lower, until her eyes reached my hard cock.

“Oh, my God!” she repeated.

I don’t know what came over me at that instant. But I know it was something that had never happened before, something I had never done before. I sat up and looked down at her naked body, then, as if my human brain had been replaced by some lower animal’s brain, I found myself grabbing her knees and roughly pulling her legs apart. I looked down at her cunt, and grabbing my cock in my fist, I mindlessly thrust the head of it at her hole.

“No! Oh, my God, no!” she screamed out.

I grabbed her arms at the wrists and held them against the carpet. Her cunt was dry and tight, and I had to push hard against her to get my cock in only a few inches.

“No, Tom!” she cried out, “Not like this!”

I was immune to her pleas. I continued to thrust my cock in and out, each stroke going slightly deeper into her dry passage. As I continued to pump into her, I could feel her juices slowly beginning to ease the friction; juices that had come not because she willed them to come, and not out of pleasure, but simply as an involuntary bodily reflex, like pupils getting smaller when they’re exposed to bright light.

Now, with her lubrication, I could thrust the entire length of my cock into her cunt, until my pelvis pounded against hers. I continued to fuck her, as her head swung from side to side, causing her huge tits to swing back and forth across her chest.

“No, please… No!”

When I felt my balls were about to explode, I pulled out of her tight opening and slid my body up until I was straddling her tits, my balls dangling between them. I grabbed my cock and pushed the head of it against her face, rubbing it hard against her cheeks and lips, leaving a coating of precum across her face. I pumped my cock furiously with my hand, letting out a loud, involuntary groan as I felt the first flood of cum burst out, spraying onto Nancy’s face. I continued to jack myself as wave after wave of cum flew out in wet gobs, pouring onto her nostrils and open mouth, collecting in puddles in her eyes and dripping down the side of her face to her ears.

When my balls were fully emptied, I used my hand to push my cock against her face, using my cock to spread my cum over every part of her face. Then, completely spent, I rolled off her and collapsed face down on the floor. A minute later, she got up and I heard the bathroom door close. Fifteen minutes later, after showering and dressing, she opened her bedroom door.

“I’ve got to go,” she said with no expression to her voice, “or I’ll miss the plane.”

Five minutes later, a guy from the airline showed up the door. They’d found my lost luggage. I showered, got dressed and headed off to the first day of the conference.


I held the cell phone to my ear as it dialed her number.

“Nancy Clark”

“Nancy, this is Tom. I’m so glad you’re back. I wanted to talk to you but I didn’t know how to reach you in Denver, I…”

“That’s lordbahis güvenilirmi alright,” she interrupted.

“But I wanted to explain…”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said emphatically, “Look, the reason I needed to talk to you is I’m having a couple over for dinner tonight and,”

“O.K., No problem. I can eat here at the hotel.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” she said, “I’m having this couple over who I’ve never met, and I’d feel a lot more comfortable if you were here too. Would it be asking too much if I asked you to eat here with us tonight?”

She explained that the woman was visiting from out of state. She was the director of a music academy back home that had a program similar to one Nancy was involved with. Nancy felt compelled to invite her and her husband for dinner. Of course, I told her. I’ll be there.

Nancy was her usual cheery self when I got to her apartment, as if the events of last Sunday night and Monday morning had never occurred. She made no mention of it as she prepared dinner, and neither did I.

Before the guests arrived, Nancy went to her bedroom and changed, apparently deciding that her normal attire of sweatpants and sweatshirts wouldn’t be suitable for a dinner party. She came out wearing a white, long sleeve blouse made of some silky-textured fabric, and a blue, knee length skirt. The bra she wore didn’t seem to be very confining, allowing her breasts to sway slightly as she moved.

Dinner was perfect. The main course was a delicious bouillabaisse. I’d had no idea Nancy was such a good cook, and I made sure I told her so, several times. After dinner, Nancy had me open a bottle of wine and ushered us all into the living room.

I poured four glasses of wine and passed them out. Derek and Randi Peterson were their names. They were both 26 years old. During dinner, they’d explained they’d just returned from their honeymoon the week before. Derek had received his law degree the day before they got married and they were in Chicago to check out a possible job opportunity for him.

They were a very personable couple, and we seemed to hit it off immediately. Derek and I soon found out we shared a passion in life – golf. The only difference was he had played varsity golf in college and had a handicap in the low single digits, and I was a club hacker who didn’t want to talk about my handicap. Much to Nancy and Randi’s dismay, I’m sure, we spent fifteen or twenty minutes telling golf stories and comparing the courses we’d played.

Derek was probably 6′, about my height. I could tell he worked out, or at least did something to keep himself in great shape.

Randi had a petite frame, and was a good deal shorter than her husband. Her hair was coal black and cut short. Her matching black eyebrows and dark eye shadow gave her a mysterious, almost exotic look, but she always seemed to have a smile on her face. She was a lively talker, no matter what the subject. Certainly not shy or bashful, Randi had a natural, uninhibited openness to her conversation. As Derek and I talked about a course we’d both played in Phoenix, she interrupted to tell a story about the time she was playing with Derek and had to pee.

“The next bathroom wasn’t for three more holes. He was driving the cart and he refused to take me there, or even back to the clubhouse, so I just dropped my drawers and let it loose, right there on the side of the fairway.”

Derek blushed slightly and Nancy and I laughed.

They were both dressed casually, Derek in tan pants and a sports shirt. Randi was dressed all in white, from a tight-fitting white sweater that helped accentuate the shape of her small breasts to tight white pants that hugged her trim thighs and ass. Randi, like her husband, appeared to be in great shape.

“So where was your honeymoon?” Nancy asked. She and I were seated on easy chairs across a glass-topped coffee table from Derek and Randi, who were seated on the couch.

“In France. At a resort there,” Randi answered, then added quietly, as if embarrassed about the extravagance, “It was a wedding present from Daddy.”

“So how was it?” I asked.

“Great!” Derek answered, “But we were only there for a ten days, so we didn’t get to see much of the country.”

“Probably as honeymooners, you never left your hotel room,” I said with a smile.

“I was a little sore that week,” Randi shot right back, blushing slightly. Derek put his hand to his forehead and let out a mock groan.

“But the weather was great. The beaches were great,” Derek added.

“Yeah, he means the topless beaches,” Randi said, “Derek couldn’t get enough of them. The second day we were there, we decided to go swimming. We laid out our towels and pretty soon Derek was staring with his mouth wide open at every woman who passed by. He has this thing for… you know… breasts.”

“That’s my only fault, he once told me, otherwise I’m perfect,” Randi said with a laugh.

“What?” Nancy asked, confused as to what she meant.

“That mine weren’t lordbahis yeni giriş big enough,” Randi said, “I guess he has this thing for big ones.”

“Well then, you’d better keep him away from me,” Nancy said with a laugh, looking down at her own chest.

“So I want to know,” Nancy asked, “Did you…take yours off?”

“I wouldn’t at first, but Derek kept teasing me… When in Rome, and all that. So I did, but it was no big deal. After five or ten minutes you don’t even think anything’s strange about…showing them, you know… showing your breasts, in public.”

Randi took another sip of wine and continued, “On our third day there we found a nude beach.”

“Nude?” Nancy looked at her, “Completely nude?”

“Completely,” Randi answered, “It was about a mile from our resort, in sort of secluded area. It was a beautiful beach, so we decided to go for a swim. Of course, Mr. Horny here is the first to notice,” she said, poking Derek in the ribs, “He said something brilliant like, ‘Uh, honey, they’re not wearing anything here.’ We didn’t know if there was some nudist resort nearby or what, but no one stopped us from being there.”

Nancy glanced from Randi to Derek. “And you… did it? I mean, you took your clothes off?”

“Not at first,” Randi said, “I had my top off, but after awhile, it was a strange feeling, being the only ones there with our bottoms on, almost like we were voyeurs. Derek went first, he shucked off his suit and jumped in the water like it was nothing unusual.”

“And you?” Nancy asked.

“It took me a little longer. But then I looked around and saw all the women there, young and old, short and fat, and I sort of thought ‘what the hell’, and I pulled the bottom of my bikini off. After a few minutes, you forgot about it; you forget about being naked. It was no big deal.”

“Dumb question time,” Nancy said, looking at Derek, “Do the guys on a nude beach ever, you know… do they ever get… you know… with all the nude women there?”

Derek answered, knowing exactly what she meant. “No, I think because it all seems so natural, there’s no…”

“Liar!” Randi interrupted him, “I could see your thingy starting to pop up every time a woman with big… bosoms walked by,” she said with a laugh, “and after those two girls sat down right beside us, the ones you kept staring at, you were afraid to get up until they left, afraid what might suddenly spring up in front of you.”

Derek blushed.

“There’s one thing I did notice there that surprised me a little,” Randi said, “We’re accustomed to men ogling women, it happens all the time. But during the afternoon we were at that beach, I spent my time observing how women ogled the men. I mean, just like women, men come in all different shapes and sizes. When a particularly…you know, big man walked down the beach, I could see the women’s eyes following him.”

Randi took another sip of wine then let out a giggle. “So Derek was ogled more than most.” She looked at Nancy, and putting her hand beside her mouth as if to hide what she was saying from Derek and I, said to Nancy in a mock whisper, “He’s really big.”

“Christ, Randi, you don’t have to tell them all our secrets,” Derek said with a grin.

I noticed the bottle of wine we were sharing was almost empty.

“I’ll open another one,” I said.

As I stood at the kitchen counter, Derek was telling Nancy about the job offer he was considering in Chicago. Suddenly, he stopped in mid-sentence and I heard Randi gasp. I glanced toward them. They were staring with open mouths at my laptop open on the coffee table in front of them. Meanwhile, Nancy had gotten up to see what they were looking at. My mind raced through the possibilities – an old laptop, could it happen? Fearing the worst, I dropped the bottle of wine on the counter and rushed to the couch.

“I’m so sorry,” Randi exclaimed, her face blushing red, “I just wanted to see what kind of laptop it was.”

“Oh, my God!” Nancy cried out when she saw what was on the screen.

And there we were, the four of us, looking at the little box in the middle of the screen that said, “Program not responding, press…”, the error message still there because the program must have crashed when I’d last used it, and still connected to the power cord, the laptop had sat under the table, unused and forgotten for three days, until Randi picked it up.

Of course, it wasn’t the error message we were staring at. It was the picture of Nancy surrounding the error message. Nancy in her red teddy, her transparent red teddy, standing with a glazed look to her eyes, her breasts exposed to us all, so huge they seemed to pop out of the screen, and lower, the bush of her pussy hair clearly visible through the material, and standing as she was with her legs slightly parted, the bottom of the teddy hugging tight against her crotch, the outline of her pussylips clearly visible in the picture.

My first thought was to slam the laptop shut. But I didn’t. I mean, it wasn’t like we were staring lordbahis giriş at a secret national security document or something. Maybe I just wanted to see what Nancy’s reaction would be. There was a momentary silence that Randi interrupted.

“Hey, who’s that hot babe?” she asked with a giggle.

Derek glanced up at Nancy then back at the laptop, as if to make sure it was the same woman. Of course, the obvious question on their minds would be, what was Nancy’s half naked image doing on her brother’s computer?

Nancy’s face was beet red.

“I just needed some publicity shots for my music…It wasn’t…” she started to mumble, “I mean, the other pictures aren’t…”

Randi interrupted her, “No need to be apologetic. It’s a great picture.”

“And a great looking model,” Derek added. He looked at Nancy and smiled, as if trying to assure her everything was O.K. and she shouldn’t be upset.

“Can we see the rest?” Randi asked.

“No, of course not!” Nancy replied.

“But we want to, don’t we, Derek?”

Derek smiled and nodded.

“What harm will it do, Nancy?” I said, “They’ve already seen the worst one. I mean, the best one.”

Nancy shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘I give up’.

I quickly rebooted the laptop and put the series of photos in slide show mode and pressed the start button.

“Press this key if you want to pause it,” I told Randi, who was sitting closest to the computer.

Randi and Derek were an appreciative audience for my photos and Nancy’s skill as a model. I’d taken a lot of pictures that night, and as each new photo came on the screen they would ‘ooh’, and ‘aah’ as if they were watching a fireworks display.

In the first set of pictures, Nancy was wearing a simple peasant dress and skirt. The first few shots started with her sitting and standing in various poses and positions around the apartment – formal shots. As the series progressed, however, it was clear that Nancy (and maybe the photographer) were starting to get into it. There were a few shots of her bending forward in front of the camera, allowing the front of her blouse to open and her breasts to hang low. Then some of her sitting in a chair, her legs crossed, with her skirt pulled up exposing her thighs almost the entire way to her ass.

Nancy stood behind Randi and Derek, only occasionally glancing down at the pictures.

And then the pictures changed, from Nancy in the skirt and blouse, to Nancy in the teddy. Derek let out a small moan when the first one appeared on the screen.

“Down, boy.” Randi said, patting him on the knee.

Nancy appeared in various poses. Facing the camera, her legs slightly apart, the V made by her legs ended at a pussy barely covered by the teddy. And what wasn’t covered was still visible through the almost transparent material. Several times, Derek turned toward Nancy and applauded or whistled.

When Nancy leaned down in front of the camera, her breasts hung heavy and low, and her nipples made two little mounds in the material of the red teddy. When she faced away from the camera, the crack of her ass was clearly visible, and leaning forward, you could see the puffy lips of her pussy from behind.

As the slide show continued, Randi paused it from time to time.

“What do you think, big boy?” she’d turn to her husband and ask, or “Hot stuff, huh?” He’d sometimes let out a loud theatrical groan and turn back to flash Nancy a big smile.

I studied my sister. At first, she seemed embarrassed by the entire scene, but as the show continued, I think she realized it was all in fun, and that despite the circumstances, I got the feeling she might actually be enjoying the accolades of such an appreciative audience.

The pictures finally ended, and both Randi and Derek rose to their feet, and facing Nancy, they applauded.

“Jeez, you guys must be really starved for entertainment,” she said with a laugh, “But thanks anyway.”

Nancy and I sat back down on the couch and I filled everyone’s glass.

Randi and Derek each took a long sip of wine. Derek put his glass down on the coffee table and looked at Nancy. “Let’s take some more. Tonight.”

“God, Derek!” Randi said, “that’s your groin talking, not your brain.”

“No, I mean it. Those were really great pictures and I think we need to take more tonight. What do you say, Nancy.”

“I don’t think so,” Nancy replied softly.

“Tom, what do you think?” Derek continued, “More pictures?”

“Sure, I’m game,” I answered, “but it’s up to Nancy.”

“Please, Nancy? Just a few?” Derek begged.

I glanced at Randi. If she was miffed by her husband’s desperate pleas, she didn’t show it.

Nancy looked at me. “Should I?” she asked softly.

“Yeah, go for it,” I answered. I knew from our previous picture taking session that deep down, she enjoyed posing. And I certainly wasn’t going to vote against a chance to see a little bit more of my sister again. And with Randi and Derek there, it would give the situation an entirely new twist.

There was a long pause. “O.K. I’ll do it. But just a few,” Nancy said.

My camera was in the spare bedroom. As I returned with it, I thought, what the hell, if Derek’s so insistent, let him take some pictures. I handed the camera to him. He seemed a little surprised, but took it anyway.

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