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I had walked out into the woods a million times with my dog, just walking looking at the water in the creek, listening to the birds just anything I could do to be away from the house and my annoying cousins and uncles. On this day I walked up the hill and found a log to sit on. I sat for quite some time just watching nature do what it did best. My dog nestled against my leg wanted me to rub his head. I reached down scratching his head, when he took his nose and hit me in the crotch. I instantly felt a jolt run through me.

I stood and moved to another log where I could see the water better yet I was obscure from the path if someone walked up. I reached up and unbuttoned my white blouse and slid it down over my tan shoulders. I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra pulling it off and laying it over the log onto my shirt. I reached down and pulled the zipper on my pants and slid them off my thin waist. I peeled my pink panties off and slid them down my long slender legs. I sat down on the log naked. I loved to feel my nipples get stiff when the wind hit them. I sat for a long time enjoying my nakedness and the breeze. I rubbed my hand instinctively over them, pinching my hard nipples. I loved the way they felt being rolled between my fingers. I felt my dog close to me; suddenly his nose was in my pussy. I brushed him away, and I reached between my legs, and my pussy was wet just from a few minutes of rubbing my tits. The dog was back again between my legs with his nose. I decided what the hell he could hurt. I sat still and let him sniff my cunt. I spread my legs a little further, I could feel the cool air on my clit, and the dog şişli escort began to lick my clit, first slowly and methodically. I began to quiver at the feel of this long wet tongue lapping at my slit.

I eased myself on to the ground and spread my legs further, the dog licked into my hole; I nearly came at the way the slick hot tongue felt over my private little tender spot. I had never even been with a man before and here I was letting a dog lick my pussy. I didn’t care at the time; it just felt too good to stop. The licking became harder and faster, I felt that I would was going to cum everywhere. I held on the dog raised up panting and looked at me. I didn’t want him to stop I was so close to having an orgasm. I shoved his legs back into my hot wet mound. He began to lick again, I slid down till I was lying on the ground and the dog’s face was buried deep inside my pussy licking. He stopped and moved around, I could see his huge cock hanging out from underneath him. I sat up and reached my hand under there to touch it. I had never touched a dog cock before; it was hard, and slick. I began to move my hand over it back and forth, it was getting harder, and I was getting wetter and hotter. I stroked harder and the dog began to pant.

Finally I found myself sliding under him still holding his huge cock in my hand I spread my legs wide, and I put the tip of his cock into my waiting virgin pussy. It felt incredible; it was smooth and hot as it entered me. I kept my hand on it so I could control how much I was getting because the thing was huge. I guided more and would pause to catch my breath. I could hardly stand it I wanted to cum badly. I let go of his cock and concentrated on rubbing my already throbbing hard little clit. I rubbed and the dog began to set a rhythm as he fucked me. I suddenly felt a sharp pain, I realized the dogs knot was in my pussy, I nearly panicked because I had seen dogs hung up with others before and sometimes it was hours, I surely couldn’t stay naked fucking the dog in the woods for hours I would get caught. I stopped worrying quickly as the dog shoved his dick harder and further into my wet little hole. I felt my pussy getting wetter and hotter by the second I continued to rub my fingers over my hot little clit, I felt myself getting close. I pulled my legs up closer to me to raise my pussy to meet his cock. When I felt his dick explode inside me, cum shot out of my pussy and ran onto my ass and leg, I rubbed furiously at my little hard clit, when I came as well. The dog continued to hump at my pussy while his knot finally slipped out of my tight little snatch. He moved off of me, and I looked at my pussy I could see that the hole was wide open; he had fucked me for over an hour. I had to say it was the best ride I had ever had thus far.

I stood dripping water from my ass and my legs and walked up the bank calling the dog to follow me. I reached the log and decided that I would lay across it on my stomach. I did exposing my ass to my furry friend. As I had hoped I felt that nose in my ass, and his tongue in my pussy licking. I never expected him to mount me from behind, but I guess that is what I get for being a niave young girl. So I let the dog mount me, I felt his hard huge cock sliding again my ass hole. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. There was nothing that I could do to stop it either. He mounted me and his cock was suddenly deep inside my hot asshole. I screamed before I could stop myself. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do, I couldn’t move because he was to big and he was already humping me with all he had. I continued to lay there and moan and cry as the huge cock tore into my tight hot ass. I was in more trouble than I knew, his knot slipped into my ass hole. There was no getting it out, it hurt so badly I was sure my ass was going to split open and I was bleeding. I was wrong, he fucked me in the ass for more than an hour. It was so sore, and I was crying at the end. I knew that I had messed up going over the log the way I had. I had to wait for that knot to go down after he filled my tight little asshole full of all his hot load.

I was able to finally get away from him. I walked stiffly back down to the water and sat in it. Instantly my asshole felt better. The dog moved in closer, I knew what he wanted by know, I reached down and began to stroke his hard cock yet again. This time I knew he wasn’t going to be in me. I leaned under the dog and began to suck his hard cock, he humped my mouth and shoved it deeper and deeper into my hot throat. But I was able to take it this time, I sucked and he shoved, I would try to pull back but he just shoved harder and deeper making me gag and cough while I sucked. I felt him getting harder and knew from experience at this point that he was going to cum in my mouth and I wasn’t sure that I wanted that in my mouth. I waited till I knew he couldn’t’ wait any longer and I pulled it out letting him shoot off all over my hard tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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