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This, like all my stories, is an account of a real event.

After a few cheeky messages on Tinder we agreed to meet up for a chat, but swapped to WhatsApp. I was out of town for a couple of days with work and so we swapped many more messages through the day, Judy becoming increasingly cheeky. Then, my phone rang.

It was a WhatsApp call from Judy. I nervously answered while scurrying from the conference room to the privacy of the outside terrace at the hotel.

“Well hello” she purred. So much was loaded into those two words.

“Hello indeed. What a nice surprise” I was caught a little off my guard at this point, stomach and brain turning circles as I tried to think of clever things to say.

She replied with barely enough time to register my reply “I’ve been thinking. Why are we meeting for a coffee, when we both know what is going to happen?”

I was now properly off-guard and wondering what was coming next. She continued to explain that she had found who I was on Facebook, and frankly after a day of messaging she was basically down for me coming around and ‘seeing to her needs’. I was properly taken off guard, blushing somewhat and aware of the other people nearby being able to overhear anything I said too loudly. Thankfully my brain and tongue kicked in, agreeing instead to meet at her house as soon as I could get there.

The drive was a couple of hours, shortened as I made a premature exit from the event. My sat nav led me off the motorway and through a warren of streets wet with summer rain. The line of semi-detached houses mean it was easy to find her number, I parked a couple in the first free space which was outside the neighbours place. As I got out the car I realised I had not brought anything — a few flowers for her would have been sweet, a pack of condoms to bolster the one I had in my wallet sensible for me. I also realised it was pouring down and so didn’t pause to put back on my suit jacket as I quickly headed along the street.

I looked up as I opened the gate and saw her through the lounge window. Bobbed blonde hair, heavy boobs and short of stature, she was wearing a blue denim dress. She was watching — saw me and immediately went to the door. As soon as the door opened she ushered me in by my arm, and motioned me into the lounge.

“Well hello” there was that purr again “Would you like a drink?” politeness as a host had kicked in, and actually I was thankful for a glass of water. As she walked through to the kitchen I had a chance to look around her lounge. It was very simply decorated, a few photos of some children and family, a large TV, the sofa I was sat on and a well worn chair opposite.

“There you go” she handed me a glass of water, her boobs swaying and unconstrained under the dress and t-shirt she wore. Her smile and perfume were striking, as was the fact that she was a decade older than the few pictures she on Tinder. While my brain was catching up with this fact we made some small talk about the weather as only us Brits can do.

She interrupted my simplistic conversation with a statement “You’re gorgeous” she stated “and all dressed up! I didn’t expect you so smart”

“Well I bursa eskort didn’t expect to be here today — and you didn’t send the dress code!” I joked.

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“So true!” she laughed, sitting in the chair opposite with one leg tucked under herself. “And I wasn’t sure you would turn up after our call earlier.” Her eyes were sparkling and I swear her legs parted wider than necessary. “But seeing as you’re here, are you still up for this?”

My raging hardon was steering my answer already.

“Lets go upstairs she said” swiftly standing, taking me by the hand and leading me out the room without time to put my glass down. I found myself walking up the stairs, one hand holding a glass, one hand in hers, and my eyes working out how obvious my rigid member was in the front of my trousers.

We swept into the bedroom — and in one swift move she spun around, looking me up and down. She hadn’t let go of my hand yet and so we stood only as far apart as our hand holding allowed.

“Oh, sorry, let me…” she took the glass from me, took a couple of steps and placed it on the side table, and nipped back towards me. This time she snuck straight in, arm around my back and pressed against me. I had to bend down to make the kiss which she responded to eagerly. We kissed deeply, our hands starting to wander over shoulders, backs and arms a little.

“mmm, what is going on there?” she said, stepping back a little. Her eyes looked down to see the hidden member that had been pressing into her stomach. She slid a hand down, cupping at my length and feeling my size and ardor. I leaned in to kiss her again, crushing her arm between us, but the kiss didn’t last long.

She again broke away, this time letting go of me, and stepping towards the side of the bed. “I’m overdressed for this” she said, reaching for the two buckles of her dress and releasing them one by one. The denim dress fell to the floor leaving her only in a white t-shirt — and I do mean only a t-shirt. Her pussy was shaved smooth, framed above by a neat horizontal scar, her boobs pendulous and obviously not contained in a bra. I started to unbutton my shirt, while she swiftly took of her t-shirt completely and crawled onto the bed.

I was aware that the window to my right was both open and not covered. While it did overlook the garden, it also overlooked the neighbours behind. By now I was unbuckling my belt and wondering if the neighbours needed to see what was to come.

“Never mind that” she almost snapped “come here”, patting the duvet next to her. Her legs tight together revealed little other than the top of her slit and a voluptuous and white upper body, Her boobs now sat flatter, sliding off to one side, but revealed tight brown aureole and freckles across the top of them. After pulling my socks off, I crawled onto the bottom of the bed and allowed my hand to slide up her legs, her tummy and eventually one of those boobs. She was smooth, warm and flabby to touch. I settled next to her, leaning down for a kiss again.

Our hands now really explored each other, I was kneading her breast, rubbing over her shoulder, holding her face to kiss. She responded by bursa escort bayan pulling me towards her face, then roaming over my chest and arm.

Her hand once more cupped my cock through my trunks, squeezing firmly and only briefly. She quickly reached into my underwear, and I gasped as her hand now made direct contact. Her fingers wrapped around me and she immediately began to pump up and down, with a little less care than I would have liked.

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We broke the kiss as I looked up at the ceiling and groaned. Her lips found my nipple, and for the first time (but bot last) I thought how quickly things were moving. It was less than 5 minutes since I set foot in the house but here I was, cock out and being masturbated by a stranger.

I rolled back in and this time my lips headed for her nipples. I could lift her boob up, helping me reach them, but still I was too far up for comfort. Her had let go of my cock and instead encouraged me down onto her nipples. “ooooooh, wow, oooo” was the loud response to my tongue and lips. Once again I was aware of the open window as not only did we lay there naked, but her volume was carrying out into the summer rain.

Her verbal encouragement continued as I shuffled down and she rolled onto her back. Her nipple carefully held in my mouth, my free hand snuck down to her pussy. Her legs opened in encouragement, her slickness clear from the first gently probe of my finger. At this point her voice increased in volume again, and the first “fuck me” escaped her lips as an exclamation of enjoyment.

My fingers busied themselves around her, finding her clit protruding clearly, and a sloppy and lippy entrance confirming she was more than turned on. My first finger slid in too easily, her pussy already feeling a little slack, and so I added another. And another. Her hips began to roll with my rhythm and her hand helped her own boob into my mouth. By now Judy was so turned on her voice had become breathless and a constant stream of ‘oooh’ and ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’.

I lifted my head to speak, her head thrown back and eyes closed.

“you like that, yeah?” was the obvious statement I heard myself say.

“Oh fuck yes, yes” She had opened her eyes now, realising what she really wanted. Judy reached away from me, practicality overcoming her enjoyment. She snatched a condom from the bedside table, tore it open and started to work out which way around it was.

She looked down as I knelt up by her waist, removing my trunks at first (always inelegant) and then taking the condom from her roll it on. Her eyes widened a little as she realised I was slightly larger than most. I smiled at her, watching as she skooshed over, lifting a leg around me and opening herself wide. Her pink pussy contrasted with the pale skin, her lips already slightly parted and slick with lubrication.

She wanted my cock, and as I shuffled forward on my knees my cock at first missed its target, needing a helping hand to guide it to her entrance. Judy felt my head push into her slit, parting her lips and rubbing against the front wall of her pussy as I entered by a few centimeters. I felt görükle escort her hands move around my bum, saw her legs part up wider, and felt very little as without any effort I slid full depth into her hot wetness.

Her “fuuuuuck” was as loud as before, but this time my focus was on the heat I could feel wrapped around my cock. To hell with the neighbours, she wants this, and I was going to give it to her, loud or not. Judy’s legs opened even more widely as my hands joined her ankles, rolling her hips up and open, my balls resting on her now.

Judy was now lost in a steam of noise, my thrusts regular and firm. I was enjoying this, but she was not the tightest of pussy I have fucked. I repositioned slightly and renewed my efforts

4 / 4

“Harder” she encouraged, and so I did. “Harder” she said again, looking me in the eye and demanding I slam into her even more powerfully. This is what she liked — and my thick cock was managing to rub in the right place for her.

Judy reached up, grasping her own legs and pulling them down towards her some. She loved how her pussy opened up more, allowing for deeper penetration. She loved it when a cock properly filled her up, something she didn’t get to enjoy much since having the kids.

I had to slow down, I was about to shoot my load. I slowed, but took on an approach of slowly nearly withdrawing before slamming back in with effort. I let go of one of her legs and reach down to find her clit, trying to time between thrusts. It clearly worked as she grabbed my wrist and held me there, her voice becoming even more insistent.

Uncontrolled I exploded deep inside her — there is not better place to cum than deep in a woman — but knew it was too early for her. By now my fingers were rubbing gently but speedily over her clit, my thrusts afforded space by holding up one leg to my shoulder and one lying on the bed.

In Judy’s head she could feel the coming moment, and she was hoping that I continue despite having cum already. Suddenly one deep thrust took her over the edge, her lower body tightening and spasming as the pleasure washed over her. Her pussy squeezed more lube out, not really squirting but certainly confirmation of her orgasm. She cried out, almost a scream, and tried to cover her mouth to stifle it.

I could feel the orgasm subside, and so I slowed my fingers, slowed my ploughing down to a slow but deep action and relaxed from our tense state. We were looking at each others eyes, and I could feel a few twitches through her clit as we calmed down.

I withdrew, holding onto my cock as it slipped out. I sat back and looked at her — legs wide apart, bare pussy slick, sweat on her brow and blonde hair messed around her face.

“Fuck, that was good” was all I could say.

“Yeah” was all she could muster, breathing heavily.

Once again I thought how quickly this had happened — it must have been less than 10 minutes from arrival and here I was covered in cum and pussy juice, staring at a naked woman and calming down from my own orgasm.

We lay for a while making slightly awkward talk, myself cleaning up a little, but when I went to cuddle back onto the bed, Judy didn’t move up.

“I think we are done here.” Was the statement I wasn’t expecting.

After less than 20 min of arriving I was back in the rain, looking back at the house and wondering what just happened and what the naked lady, still laying on the bed was now doing….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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