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Adrian sighed. It was another seemingly endless afternoon pushing papers at her desk job. “What I wouldn’t do for a little excitement”, she thought. Bored and caught up on her work, she texted her husband, Jake, to see what he was up to. Jake had the day off and was probably working on projects around the house, but she hoped he might be able to provide a little distraction from the doldrums of her afternoon.

Much to Adrian’s pleasure, she caught Jake taking a break and in a chatty mood. After catching up with some small talk, Jake began to flirt. Feeling a bit naughty to be participating in some mildly dirty talk while at work, Adrian warned Jake that he best be careful or she would need to be added to his list of things to do.

“What are you waiting for? Why don’t you get your ass home?” replied Jake.

Adrian blushed at the thought. “I wish,” she responded, “but my pesky day job is getting in the way. I enjoy my night job much more!”

Jake’s next text, increased Adrian’s excitement.

“Don’t be hasty… you haven’t landed the night job yet. You need to interview… and be prepared, it’s a working interview, meant to see how well you can multi-task and handle various tools.”

Her pussy beginning to ache and grow wet, right there at her desk, Adrian playfully responded, “I will do whatever it takes to get this job. I really want you to give it to me!”

Adrian couldn’t wait for the afternoon to end. She impatiently watched the clock and thought about what awaited her at home. She and Jake had a satisfying sex life and she was always impressed that after seven years, they were able to keep it fresh. This was a new game, however, and one she was looking forward to playing.

Finally, five o’clock rolled around and Adrian eagerly grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. The fifteen minute drive home felt much longer and she was lucky she didn’t get into an accident as distracted as she was.

Entering the house, she could hear the shower running. Glad to have some time to prepare for her “interview”, Adrian slipped into the closet, grabbed her favorite negligee, and slipped back out to the other bathroom to freshen up and change before Kartal Türbanlı Escort they began.

Once she was ready, Adrian approached the bedroom door speculating what she would find on the other side. She couldn’t imagine what Jake, who had a knack for surprising her with his creative side, had come up with for this scenario. Timidly, Adrian knocked, feeling that it seemed an appropriate gesture, under the circumstances.

When Jake answered the door, she couldn’t believe her eyes. There he stood, dressed professionally, as one might expect for an actual business meeting, with his already semi-erect penis protruding from the fly of his dress pants. In return, Jake’s eyes widened approvingly when he saw Adrian’s interview outfit.

“Ah, I see you dress for success!” he exclaimed.

“I aim to please”, she replied.

He invited her to have a seat in the chair in the corner of the bedroom. On her way across the room, Adrian curiously eyed the blanket that covered some mysterious objects on the bed.

Once she was seated, Jake approached her and, standing before her, explained, “For this position, I’m really looking for someone with excellent oral skills. Someone who is a self-starter and not afraid to grasp whatever opportunity they find before them.”

Taking the hint, Adrian playfully began to run her tongue over the head of Jake’s cock, which conveniently was right at face level for her. Using only her mouth, she slowing built up the intensity. Licking the length of his shaft, then taking the head into her hot mouth. After sucking him fully erect, Adrian shyly said, “I’m also very good with my hands”.

Jake invited her to demonstrate her skills. From his position, he had the perfect vantage point to observe more and more of himself disappearing into her mouth. He was impressed with how much of him she was able to take, and could feel his excitement build as the head of his cock grazed the roof of her mouth and slid back towards her throat.

Adrian wasn’t sure which one of them was enjoying this more. She always loved to suck Jake’s large cock, but today’s game added a slight feel of vulnerability for her. It excited Kartal Otele Gelen Escort her that he was so in command of the situation, and that, according to the “rules” of the game, she needed to do whatever he demanded of her. As she drew pleasure from pleasuring him, she could feel her pussy growing increasingly wet and swollen. She felt like an overripe fruit, ready to burst.

Eventually, Jake told her that it was time to move on to the next phase of the interview process, which would require her to turn around in the chair. Adrian released his cock from her hands and mouth and slowly turned so that her forearms rested against the back of the chair. By placing one foot on the floor and supporting herself with her other knee on the seat of the chair, she was bent over fully displayed to him and at his mercy.

Jake lifted the sheer negligee that covered her ass and moved aside her thong to rub the head of his penis against her. He placed it against her swollen sex and ran it along her slit to her puckered anus. As he ran his hardness up and down, Adrian moaned and shivered from the anticipation that his teasing touch incited. She had a hard time focusing on his words as he explained that it was important to see how proficiently she could handle the “tools of the trade”.

Facing away from him, as she was, Adrian was unaware of what Jake was up to. As he pulled slightly away, she heard a rustling then felt a rather slender object pressing at the opening of her moist pussy.

“Of course, any position requires proficiency with writing utensils.”

From that she was able to discern that he had inserted a marker into her. Adrian had experimented with masturbation with such things in her youth, but it felt naughty to have someone else use an “unconventional” object on her like this.

“And, as I mentioned, multi-tasking is a definite job requirement”, said Jake, as he slid the marker back and forth.

As Adrian wondered what, exactly, that entailed, she felt cool lubricant drizzle onto her other hole… the one that so far had been idle in today’s adventure. Once he felt that she was adequately prepped, Jake inserted his Kartal Ucuz Escort finger into her tight asshole. As he simultaneously moved his finger and the marker in and out of her, Adrian’s breath quickened. She felt incredibly aroused and full with an object inserted into each of her holes. Her pussy began to convulse as both it and her sensitive rosebud were stimulated by Jake’s ever quickening motion. Unable to contain herself any longer, she felt the sweet release, as her pulsating pussy orgasmed and gripped the objects tighter.

Giving her praise for her ability to multi-task, Jake explained that there were other tools she must master. He proceeded to work his way through an assortment of tools that varied in girth and length, including one end of a condom-sheathed mop handle.

Seeing Adrian kneeling before him, and knowing that she would willingly comply with anything he asked of her, Jake felt empowered. His excitement grew as he took advantage of her position and supplication. It was very stimulating to subject her to his whims as he looked down at her spread cheeks before him in the well-lit room.

He could tell that she was enjoying this interview that he had scripted for them, as evidenced by her pussy juices that soaked whatever he stuck in her and the way she moaned and pushed her hips back, humping the objects he inserted.

As Adrian’s excitement began to mount once again, Jake could feel himself becoming almost uncontrollably aroused. Sensing that Adrian was about to reach another climax, Jake seized the opportunity and removed the handle he was currently using on her and quickly replaced it with his own equally hard tool.

As he grasped her hips and thrust himself into her sweet pussy, he heard her exclaim and say his name. “Oh, Jake… yes, please fuck me!”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He drove himself into her with wild abandon. Burying himself into her until her ass was flush with his front. As he fucked her hard, driving into her, she again cried out as another orgasm washed over her. Feeling the way her pussy began to milk his cock, Jake could hold out no longer. He began to empty his load into her eager pussy.

As their climax subsided he gently caressed her. Feeling his sweet touch against her still sensitive skin, Adrian smiled contentedly to herself.

Pulling apart finally, Jake turned to Adrian as she straightened to face him, and gave her an impish grin.

“Congratulations… You’re hired!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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