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Some people will go to great lengths to have a beautiful woman for just one night. The furthest I ever went was… Mauritius, but at least I had seven nights with her.

Abbi and I had been friends for a while. No more than friends, but we were both aware of the attraction that lay smoldering under the surface of our work days. What male with two eyes and a straight… inclination, wouldn’t be attracted to her? From the moment I joined the company I noticed the cute blonde with the tight jeans and figure-hugging tops. She was in her mid-twenties, slim but athletic, always wore nice clothes and very ready with a wide, perfect, smile.

For months I never missed an opportunity to walk past her desk, catch a look at whatever cleavage she might have showing that day or hope that I might be lucky enough to see her bending to retrieve something from her filing drawers. She does have the most wonderfully shaped bottom. If ever there was a perfect way to stretch a pair of jeans, it was Abbi’s ass.

From our attendance at work social events Abbi knew I had a girlfriend and I knew she always attended alone. This was a double source of frustration for me, especially as she was a world-class flirt. I guess in that sense I frequently encouraged her flirting and enjoyed the exchanges.

“Hey there gorgeous,” was a typical conversational opener from me, “how ’bout we slip away for an afternoon of unlimited pleasure?”

“Unless Tom Cruise will be there, I hardly think that’s possible.” She barely even looked up from her screen.

“What about a coffee, some chat and fulfillment of every last sexual fantasy you’ve ever had.”

“Sounds like too much for one afternoon. Especially since I promised myself that I wouldn’t do the thing with the whole football team. You know, the one where they’re all in the hot tub, naked, with just me?” Abbi looked up at me now and widened her eyes for cartoon emphasis.

“You do have a lovely neck.” I reached out and brushed it lightly. “You sure you don’t want to come home and make love to me for a year or two?”

She pushed me away playfully. “Give it up will you?”

“Look what about just having sex with me for a day or two?”

“My mother warned me there’d be guys like you.” She pouted, giving me a look that would never deter me.

And so our playful but suggestive exchanges went on for months. Then came the day I managed to spring a particularly nice surprise on her…

The trip to Mauritius was a special award from work and I had originally intended to take my long-term girlfriend but when she decided to vacate her position in my life, I was left with a spare ticket, and the possibility of taking my friendship with Abbi a little further. I didn’t consider anyone else for the date of a lifetime and I marched straight to see her.

“You think you can get a week off work?” I asked, mostly offhand, but making sure she knew there was an undercurrent of seriousness in my question, so she wouldn’t confuse it with our normal banter.

Abbi looked up from her desk with her brow furrowed. I guess it wasn’t the sort of question she got asked every day. “I can’t imagine you’d ever need more than a minute or two, Anyway, what happened to more normal first dates, like, maybe say, dinner? Or a movie?” she asked as she half-closed one eye in a questioning squint, thinking she was playing with me, flirting as usual.

I always marveled at how expressive her eyes were, indigo blue, alluring and alive. She swept her hair away from her face with a flick of her hand, revealing her soft, pure skin and a self-confident smile. For just a few extra seconds I wondered what it would be like to kiss those full lips and see if they might open for my tongue.

“I can do dinner.” I walked around to stand next to her. “I think we can do a movie too.” Her eyes followed me and narrowed with suspicion as she wondered where I was going. Little did she know. “But we need a whole week to do those things… if we do them in… Mauritius.”

Her eyes stopped narrowing and it up with delighted surprise as the invite sunk in. “Which week?”

“Next week.”

Now she had trouble containing the smile I loved so much, her teeth coming out to bite her lip as she tried to remain cool. “I’ll have to ask my boss.” she squeaked. “But if he says no, I’ll go anyway.”

We flew out less than a week later. Still very much friends, but the sexual tension was ever more evident as our hands “accidentally” brushed and our thighs nestled together as we set out on the long flight. Conversation was generally light with a definable edge of eroticism as we got to know each other better. We eagerly planned a quick nap after the journey to the hotel before finding an appropriate spot for dinner. Looking back, I wonder if we ever really thought that dinner and a nap would become reality.

“This hotel room we have?” she enquired at one point, looking at me quizzically, but with a smile that gave away her sentiments. “It Yalova Escort does have two beds, right?”

“Of course.” I lied in the full knowledge that she understood the level of my veracity.

“That’s fine,” Abbi kept a straight face, “because I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about me, just because I come away on vacation with you doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you.”

“That’s okay.” I smiled knowingly. “I’m sure I have exactly the right idea about you Abbi.”

All during the flight I was restraining a smirk and a growth in my pants, both caused by my beautiful companion. That I was about to spend a whole week with this luscious creature at my disposal was quite a thought for me. I’d always considered myself nothing more than “normal” in looks, tall, slim and still with most of my black hair. For the vacation I’d thought about trying to develop a six-pack to display on the beach, but as I only had a week in which to do that, I was stuck with the adequate muscles I had.

Abbi seemed interested enough though, sampling the texture of my white socks with her bare feet when I took off my shoes, pulling at the top of my shirt to see if my chest was hairy or not and slipping her hand between my thighs with a napkin when a tiny spot of coffee fell on my jeans. For my own part I largely confined myself to watching her ass when she left her seat, always wishing her skirt would ride up just a little more in her seat so I could see more thigh through the split and wishing her shirt was cut a bit lower at the collar so I might see at least a little of her shapely breasts.

We were staying at Le Tousserok hotel and had a junior suite at our disposal. As we arrived, a bell boy brought our bags up for us and when the door was closed and we were left with no one to look at but ourselves for the first time ever. Our eyes met for several seconds and I’m sure we were both wondering what happened next. Abbi didn’t mention the fact that the room had only one bed as she brushed past me and sampled the mattress.

I let her wander around the room, looking at our home for the week, nervously testing and touching everything as I stood in the middle of the room and watched her, almost daring her to end the charade of calm between us.

After checking out the view from the window, Abbi looked back at me, smiled and ran delightedly across the dark wooden flooring and leapt into my arms.

“This is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here,” she whispered before starting to kiss me, first on the neck, then on the lips and finally letting our tongues find each other and start to play.

Keeping her in my arms, I gently carried her out onto the veranda. Out in the steamy hot afternoon air there was a beautiful plunge pool, next to which some champagne had been left, slowly chilling in ice next to some orchids. Rose petals had been scattered over our plunge pool and the air was heavy with scent of incense. It was good to see the hotel had got my request and complied.

I laid Abbi down on the chaise lounge that overlooked the plunge pool, noticing as I settled her that her skirt had opened slightly at her thigh and exposed a wonderful glimpse of tanned skin. We maintained eye contact as I removed my shirt and eased down my pants, by now unable to conceal how tight my briefs had become. With a final teasing, loving, smile to her I turned my back, removed my briefs and slipped into the plunge pool, the water rippling as I entered, a wonderful cooling warmth engulfing my body, and my obviously arousal.

Abbi, smiling widely now, stood up and walked to the edge of the pool, kicking off her pumps and unclasping her bra from within her plain white T-shirt. I watched, fascinated, as she unfastened her skirt and let it slip to the floor, leaving her in a white g-string and white T-shirt. Our eye contact at that moment was one of the most erotic moments I’ve ever experienced, both of us knowing where we were headed, not quite sure how the next few minutes would play out and wildly excited to find out.

As Abbi stepped into the water I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up a little before gently easing her into the pool in front of me. I watched as the ends of her blonde hair got wet and the T-shirt became see-through and clung to her wonderful figure. She tilted her head further backwards. Her wonderfully shapely boobs seemed to float on the surface as the T-shirt lost its battle to conceal two small but wonderfully erect nipples. I felt an extra little twitch in my groin as her breasts broke the surface like two small islands.

As she came back up to face me her hair that now clung to her neck like her T-shirt clung to those pert breasts, her nipples poking hard through the translucent material. As Abbi came a little closer I just couldn’t resist, and did something I’d never done before—I bent my head down and with the aid of my hand from underneath, took her inviting nipple into my mouth while it was still shrouded Yalova Escort Bayan in the T-shirt. As I swirled my tongue around the outline of that little pleasure bud I felt her gasp and relax as I licked, sucked and nibbled at her.

When I came up for air Abbi was smiling widely and licked her lips provocatively. I reached down under the surface and pulled at her T-shirt. She eased her arms above her head and allowed me to pull the shirt off in one movement, the wet material clinging longingly to her skin before finally releasing itself and allowing me my first uninhibited view of her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch her bare excited nipple with my fingers as the shirt splashed onto the floor by the pool.

She came into my arms, her warm and firm body pressing into me and her legs coming to wrap around me as our chests pressed tight. We kissed, deep, and soft, and slow and hard. I felt the water lap around her breasts as she pressed her nipples firmly into the hairy part of my chest. As we broke Abbi threw her head back again and I leaned forward to lick and nuzzle at her lovely stretched neck and its pure, silken skin. With a wicked smile she loosened my grip on her waist and eased over to the edge of the pool where she reached out for the champagne.

As she twisted away from me and her ass came into full view in front of me I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run my fingers down between her legs and feel her pussy through the front of her g-string. Her legs parted easily for me as I pushed gently. In the background there was the sound of a giggle and a clink of fine glassware as she felt my fingers and fumbled. I felt her tense and then relax as I found her pussy lips and fingered her through the material, feeling her opening and enjoying the tiniest squirm as she tried to get the best out of my attentions.

“Now you have a choice.” She twisted around to look at me with a tempting smile. “You can do that all day for me, which would be just fine, or you can stop it and let me pour this champagne.”

Reluctantly I withdrew my fingers and let her concentrate on our drinks, but not before I pushed my index finger as hard as I could into her slit. Even in the warmth of the pool she felt hot.

I watched as she poured two glasses with a swift and excited hand. The champagne fizzed up the flutes and Abbi instinctively raised her glass to her mouth, sipping at the rising froth and looking over to me with wild and wanton eyes. I watched as the golden-tinted liquid sparkled up to her lips, tricked down her chin and caused her tongue to flick out and lap it up.

Now it was my turn to smile wickedly as I took a sip of my glass, left it at the side of the pool, and pushed off towards her. When I reached out for her waist I found the sides of her g-string and pulled downwards. Abbi obliged by lifting her legs and letting the last of our underwear float away. I pulled her close again, feeling her breasts press into me, those erect nipples powering my desire ever higher. What was surely the largest erection I’d ever had was pressing hard into her tummy. Almost like she was shimmying up a pole, Abbi wrapped her arms around my neck, lifted her legs around my waist and edged my hardness against her round and tight bottom. Only the slightest movement from her positioned the tip of my cock against her swollen pussy lips. Abbi moaned and closed her eyes as the moment drew closer, the moment all of the day’s tension and anticipation had been leading up to.

I waited for her eyes to open again before I let her weight slip down a little. I watched her face with an incredible intensity as my cock parted her lips and plunged slowly, deeply into her. Even with the weightlessness of the water she slipped easily onto me, obviously as wet inside as she was outside. No words were required for that moment as I settled deep inside her warmth. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of hers and saw only content, and delight.

With one arm still wrapped around her, I brought my free hand up to cup her breast, playing with the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I dipped to kiss her again, deep and long as our tongues explored and we fight the growing urgency of the moment. “God you feel good,” Abbi whispered breathlessly to me.

She eased her shoulders and head away from me, outstretching her arms and reaching for the sides of the pool. When both her arms were laid out along the edge of the pool she again let her head ease back so her eyes looked up to the sky. Now I held her body with my hands around her waist and started to ease my erection in and out of her, making waves in the pool that lapped around us. She felt tight and sweet as she brought her legs up again to grip my waist.

One of my arms was all that was needed to support her athletic body, so I released the other to come around to caress her boobs in turn, then run all across her flat and stretched tummy, pausing to take a delicate Escort Yalova exploration of her navel piercing. I couldn’t contain a smile as I let my hand run further down her body to find the top of her pussy, exploring the engorged lips and excited clit as I slowly stroked in and out of her. “God, I can’t believe how good that feels.” Abbi raised her head to look into my eyes again.

It was hard to believe how good it felt for me also, this sweet young woman impaled on my erection who was smiling like I was doing her a favor. My features joined her in a huge grin as we worked each other higher and higher on the pleasure scale. That tight pussy of hers felt so good wrapped around my cock as it stretched her and my balls waved weightlessly in the water, tight and bumping into her ass every few seconds.

With her arms spread out along the sides of the pool as our anchor, Abbi couldn’t very well wrap them around me and pull me to her, so I reached up and hooked my hands under her shoulders, pulling her down onto me as each stroke seemed to fill her whole body with pleasure. This also meant that I could bring my mouth down and take her nipples into my mouth, one at a time as they bobbed around on the surface of the swelling water. As I licked and nibbled at her I managed to bring one hand down again and pull on her ass cheek, opening her wider and hopefully increasing the sensations to her pussy. I was obviously doing something right as she brought her head snapping back to face me and breathed, “Oh… my… God.”

I felt her body tighten as she came, every muscle seemed to constrict and harden as she held her breath and brought her legs up out of the water and straight. “Jesus, don’t stop,” she pleaded as her orgasm continued. “Give me more, hard, now.” It was difficult not to smile, even as my own climax approached. You have to love every moment with a woman like Abbi.

I slowed down my thrusts and as she came down from her own high, Abbi seemed to sense that I was getting closer. Or was it that my eyes began to glaze over and my erection managed another burst of size? “Come for me baby,” She whispered. I took a deep breath and readied myself for the rush. Who was I to disappoint such a beautiful young sexy lady?

It was impossible to resist reaching down and grab her ass cheeks and pull on them as I eased into her those final few times. I leant over and kissed her deep and full on the mouth as my need increased and her interest in my moment became more evident. I marveled at the sight of this wonderful young body at my mercy, or that my body appeared to be starting to levitate in the water and a fire was burning in my belly. No way could I stop that fire as it headed down to my balls and up my shaft into Abbi. There was nothing left to do but just let go and come.

I vaguely remember the smile on her face and thinking that I was about to come so hard it would shoot her straight off me. I was orgasming for at least three strokes when the first shot of come arrived deep in her pussy. “Oh yes baby,” Abbi whispered as I filled her. “Give me more.” She lifted up her legs a little, wrapped them around me tighter than ever and pulled me into her.

As the shaking in my legs finally subsided Abbi let go her hold on the edge of the pool and wrapped all of her around me. “God,” she whispered between passionate darts of her tongue to my mouth, “is the whole week going to be as good as that?”

I smiled again, something that was easy to do around Abbi, and looked into her wildly excited eyes. “You bet.” Then I let my legs fold and we slipped under the surface of the pool.


When we made it out of the pool we stumbled back into the cool of the air conditioned room, still giddy from the sex. I found a couple of startlingly white towels and we proceeded to dry each other off, Abbi paying particular attention to my still semi-hard cock and me enjoying the sublime sight of her nipples reacting to the softest brush of the towel. I found a couple of white toweling robes waiting for us in the bathroom and handed her one as I wrapped my own around me.

Her own robe tied tight, Abbi sighed and fell across the bed while I retrieved our champagne and poured two more glasses. I handed her one and between sips she giggled, “I think I need that nap more than ever now.”

I drained my glass, pulled her to me and kissed her lightly, first on the cheek and then on the lips. “You are very beautiful Abbi, and a wonderful lover. Thanks for sharing this week with me.” I eased our bodies back to the bed and pulled her tight to me. There was no race to fall asleep, but within only a few minutes we had both crossed the finish line.


I woke to find Abbi kneeling at my side, reaching down and playing with my cock. I wasn’t hard but judging by the tingle coming from my balls, that wasn’t going to last long. She had opened my robe and was handling me with the softest touch imaginable, tracing her fingers all over my cock and balls as I started to harden.

“I love the shape of you,” she said, not taking her eyes from my elevating cock. “I though this might wake you. I’m sorry, I wanted to see how much I could do with you before you woke up. But I guess you can enjoy it more if you’re awake.”

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