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Chapter 6.

Fiona leaned forward on the sofa and pointed the remote at the television. The room went silent. Peter sat on the floor his hand on Fiona’s knees looking up at her quietly.

“That is quite enough of that rubbish” she remarked, handing the remote to her husband and uncrossing her legs.

“I know it is hard darling, believe me I really do. But this isn’t entirely unpleasant for you, is it?”

Peter looked at the floor. His black satin skirt, perfectly arranged in ruffles around his waist made him look very sweet. He could feel his suspenders tugging at his stocking tops as he shifted position, sitting as gracefully as he could, knees and ankles together. He looked up at Fiona, stroking her calf with the back of his hand. Fiona looked down at him, curling a finger around one of his ringlets and smiling. Peter blushed.

“I am jealous Fi. It is a horrible feeling. I just hate it when you are upstairs with Ian, it is the worse thing in the world.”

“But you like being so pretty, don’t you darling.”

Peter pouted. He couldn’t help it.

“I do, yes, but can’t it just be you and I.”

Fiona smiled knowingly, holding Peter softly by the chin. He looked up at her lovingly. After all these weeks he had perfected his make-up routine and looked sensational. Fiona had indulged all his little requests and invested in all manner of treatments. Peter had small, delicate, perfectly formed features and looked breathtakingly feminine in full make-up. His eyes shone brightly, his full lips were moist and glossy and his eyebrows curved whimsically, redolent of a sixties film star.

“Peter. Silly girl. You are in chastity remember, since you made your decision not to be released. So how it can it just be you and I, hmmm? How unfair would that be on poor little me. You want be to be satisfied now, don’t you, hmmm?”

Peter found it so hard to argue with Fiona’s logic. He knew that something was wrong with her reasoning, but he just went to jelly when Fiona explained things to him.

“Yes, I know Fi, but now I am in chastity then can’t we just be a couple again?”

“We are a couple darling. You are my husband. We live together don’t we? I endulge your little needs don’t I?”

Fiona pulled gently at Peter’s hoop earring as she spoke the word ‘needs’ making Simon blush. He closed his eyes showing off his long black eye-lashes and his bottom lip trembled.

“Now shh. We are just going to go round and round in circles now. You made your decision and now you are regretting it. Well that is tough. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions, and for you that means confronting the green-eyed monster before it gobbles you up.”

With that Fiona stood up, and chivalrously put out her hands to help Peter up from the floor. He rose in one elegant movement, and stood in his heels, one foot in front of the other, his hands clasped neatly together over his white pinny, showing off his long pink nails.

Fiona tapped her husband on the nose playfully, but it said to him, quite clearly, that the subject was now closed. Upstairs these days it took Fiona’s husband much longer to get ready for bed than her. Fiona was usually in bed reading whilst her husband went through the long ritual of removing her lingerie, make-up and then carefully hanging up her pretty dresses.

Finally he took his baby-doll nighty from under the pillow and pulled it over his head. He then had to stand neatly until Fiona gave his permission to get into bed. Fiona slowly turned another page and carried on reading. After a few minutes she patted the bed and Peter, relieved, climbed in.

“How long has it been now?”

Fiona tapped the front of his chastity belt twice with the tip of her fingernail.

“Five long weeks, Fi.”

Fiona smiled to herself, and wondered whether this might be a the right time to explore the next stage of her plan with Peter.

“Peter, I am going to give you another choice. How good is that?”

Peter’s blood froze, and without knowing what Fiona was going to say he felt a horrible feeling of doom, like the last day of the summer holidays.

“Now you look so beautiful all the time, I want you to decide whether you wish to continue with your feminization or revert to being simple, sorry simply Peter again.”

“Can’t I be both Fi. I like it like this?”

“Of course not silly. You are really saying some very foolish things today, aren’t you? Now listen to me. I am prepared to let you continue to live as a girl, but only if you do it properly.”

“You mean have a sex change? For heaven’s sake Fi.”

“I did not say that. Stop being such a drama queen and listen to me. I am giving you a very simple choice. You revert to Peter, no lovely clothes, just as you were before we met. Or you stay as you are and keep all your pretty clothes. But if you do then you I want you to experience the female condition as a woman does.”

Fiona chose her words very carefully, and watched her husband look searchingly into her eyes trying to understand exactly what she meant.

“You Kartal Anal Escort do mean a sex change then?” Peter looked terrified.

“I am not going to repeat myself. If you choose the female route then I want you to alter the balance of your hormones. This can be achieved quite simply by a three monthly injection. It is quite painless, but over a few weeks you will start to feel more….well more female.”

The room went silent.

“Sarah and I are in London tomorrow. It will give you a chance to think this through. Then when I get back we can have another little chat. Don’t look so worried precious. Remember it is entirely your choice.”

Sarah lifted his chin with her finger and smiled.

“It is your decision, no-one else’s. We can rewind everything to where we were when we first met. No chastity, no boyfriends, no jealousy. Just my handsome husband and our simple suburban life together. “

Peter looked quite lost. Fiona smiled to herself confident in the knowledge that her husband had gone so far down this road that he probably couldn’t remember the way back.

Fiona and Sarah sat in St James’s Park listening to the hum of traffic along The Mall. A huge Union Jack fluttered above Buckingham Palace and the two girls poked at a plastic pot of olives and feta cheese with cocktail sticks. It was a lovely early Autumn evening, and they decided on an impromptu picnic before taking the train home.

Sarah kicked her heels off and stretched out her legs, wriggling her toes westwards towards the setting sun.

“I am not surprised Fi. Of course he is jealous for heaven’s sake. You are upstairs making whoopee with some bloke called Ian, and poor Peter is downstairs listening to everything. You are certifiable, so you are.”

Sarah always spoke in a mock Irish accent when she mad a painful observation, it was her defense mechanism.”

Fiona stabbed an olive and placed it in Sarah’s mouth.

“In my defense your honour, it was technically Peter’s choice. He wanted release from chastity and the price was to ask me to sleep with someone else.”

“You are not even convincing yourself honey. The choices you give that poor man are not exactly balanced now are they? Go into chastity or no sex ever again for one. Then you give him the choice of chastity or release from chastity , oh but only if he asks you to sleep with someone else. “

“He is still with me Sarah, isn’t he? He can always leave me if the relationship isn’t working for him. We are consenting adults after all.”

Sarah shook her head and laughed.

“What is the expression people use in bsmd…”

Fiona looked up. This is a subject that they had never discussed before

“BDSM Sarah, and the expression I think you are referring to is safe, sane and consensual.”

Sarah looked back at Fiona and their eyes locked. They both learnt something about each other in an instant, and two pennies dropped simultaneously.

“Well, not my subject I am afraid Fi. But, but…yes, if this is a game, then it should definitely be consensual. “

Fiona sipped her wine from a plastic cup earnestly and put it back down carefully on the grass.

“It isn’t a game Sarah darling. But yes, it is consensual and I am reasonably confident that I am not mad. As for safe, well yes, I think so.”

Sarah looked at her watch. They had a good two hours before the last train.

“Well, it is your marriage Fi. Peter is a lovely guy, bit effeminate for my tastes, but lovely nonetheless. Don’t blow it is my advice.”

“I am going to push him further Sarah. Call me irresponsible, but I want to go even further with him.”

“Irresponsible you most definitely are, in fact the High Priestess of Irresponsible. Now, what on earth have you got planned now. …tell me more?”

Fiona explained the choice she had given Peter and his slow descent into female clothing over the last few weeks.

“He is aware that the drug will alter his hormones, but I haven’t exactly explained all of the side affects, well not yet.”

Fiona ran her finger around the rim of the olive pot as she spoke, without looking up.

“Come on Fi, what is this drug? Is it dangerous?”

“No, it is not dangerous if used correctly. It is mainly used as a female contraceptive, but if administered to a man it leads to some, well, some amusing side effects.”

Fiona smiled.

“The most important effect is impotence. That is 100% guaranteed, and starts to kick in after a few weeks, perhaps even sooner. Also Peter’s sex drive will completely disappear, which I am very excited about. Then there are the fun side effects. “

“The fun side-effects?”

Sarah looked at her friend open-mouthed.

Fiona’s eyes sparkled with life and she became animated as she spoke.”

“I have seen it with my pilates teacher’s husband, and she told me how funny it is to watch. Her husband’s nipples started to become hyper-sensitive and he started to grow boobs. They actually started to swell after just a couple Kartal Yaşlı Escort of injections and the size of the nipples grew as well. But more than that, he started to show all the signs of pms: mood swings, tearfulness, apathy, dog-tired, over-emotional and indecisive. Oh, and he put weight on too.”

“God Fi, you seriously think that is going to be fun, having another pre-menstrual bitch in the house?”

Fiona looked offended and looked at her friend, tilting her head.

“Well, urm, yes I do actually. It is a huge turn-on knowing that Peter is gradually being feminised from the inside out, and that I am taking away his sexuality, slowly but surely. Sarah, I can’t wait.”

Sarah lay back on the grass and breathed out audibly. The clouds were gathering and the temperature began to drop noticeably.

“Is it reversible?”

“I hope not.” Fiona replied quickly, laughing nervously.

“Actually, yes it is to a certain extent. It depends on the dose and the time he is on it. I am told that after about a year then the impotence is pretty much irreversible, and the sex drive just dies away completely. That is the thrilling part. He will then have to serve me orally without any sexual involvement. It will be like a chore for him, and I just love that idea.”

Sarah lifted herself up onto her elbows and watched the cars and taxi’s pass across the front of the Victoria monument and into The Mall. She felt a strange disconnect with her friend, and wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t feeling just a little bit of grief.

Fiona sensed her friend’s anxiety and shuffled up next to her, picking the grass off her cardigan tenderly.

“Listen Sarah. I hugely don’t want you to hate me for this. It is consensual, honestly, honestly. I know that I must come across as some ultra-controlling bitch, and yes I am to some extent, but Peter understands exactly what is happening. We both want it, really, we do. It is just that it makes everything so much more real if we don’t well, come out of character. Does that make any sense?”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t hurt anyone, or harm anyone, understand? That is all I am saying.”

Sarah raised her voice slightly, for the first time she could ever remember with Fiona, and her voice quivered slightly as she spoke.

There wasn’t anything else to be said. Sarah could see that her friend was intoxicated by this ‘game’, and nothing she said or did would make the slightest difference. Fiona in turn was now wet and even more excited by the prospect now she had confided in her friend. Ok, it wasn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of her plan of action, but ….

Fiona got back late and creeping in through the front door was surprised to see Peter still up, curled up on the sofa watching television. The room smelt of soap and talc, with Peter wrapped up in a huge fluffy pink towelling robe filing his nails slowly.

“Hello darling. You smell divine,” Fiona said, poking her head around the opening from the hall.

Fiona sat down on the edge of the sofa, and put her hand on Peter’s knees.

“I was just going to bed actually. I wasn’t sure whether you were going to eat in town and get the milk train back.”

Fiona took her coat off and placed it on her lap.

“We had a picnic in St James’s Park, of sorts. It was such a nice evening it didn’t seem right to be inside, so I got the 7.45pm in the end. “

“Come, let’s talk in bed. It has been a long day.”

Fiona led her husband upstairs, locking her forefinger and thumb around his slim wrist as he always did when she was about to take control in their bedroom.

Sarah sat on the bed and beckoned Peter to kneel on the floor in front of her. Lifting her left foot, Peter slowly undid the black strap across the top of her foot and eased Fiona’s foot out.

“That feels better,” Fiona said, wriggling her stocking clad toes in front of Peter’s nose.

The heady, musty aroma of Fiona’s feet thrilled Peter and he lifted his wife’s foot to his face rubbing the bottom of her foot against his cheek. He loved the sound and sensation of her damp foot against his skin, and kissed each toe in turn, then ran his tongue the length of her sole from toe to heel. His penis pressed hard against the restraint between his legs, causing him to wince. He closed his eyes and sucked Fiona’s musty, salty toes in to his mouth, running his tongue along the seam, back and forth.

“Good girl. Clean Mummy’s feet Peter, make me happy.”

Peter lifted his wife’s skirt and undid each suspender with his teeth, then gently pulled the stocking down over her knee and over her heel.

“Half an hour Peter, then you can start on the other foot.”

Peter busied himself, running his tongue between each toe, finding every crevice with his tongue, enjoying every moment of this exquisite intimate union.

Fiona lay back on the bed and pulled her thin cotton skirt up to her waist, running her fingers over her damp gusset and letting out a gentle gasp. She felt the warm sensations of Peter’s tongue Kartal Zenci Escort on her toes, sending a tingling feeling up her leg, adding deliciously to the tingling between her legs. She began to frig herself gently.

“Half way Peter. Time to change legs.”

Peter obediently took Fiona’s big toe out of his mouth and lay the glistening foot down on the carpet. Fiona pushed three fingers inside her, lifting her left foot onto the bed and stretching out her right foot for Peter to worship. Before his tongue had a chance to touch her stockinged foot she started to shake, her juices dribbling down her fingers and onto the duvet cover. She drove her fingers in deeper, throwing her head back and let out a long moan as the first wave flowed through her, then a second wave, even stronger and finally a third that grew in intensity until she thought that she couldn’t take any more.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Fiona screamed, and her legs started to shake uncontrollably. The juices poured out of her and she experienced the most intense orgasm she could ever remember.

Peter didn’t look up. He knew it was much better if he didn’t make any observations at all in his wife’s presence these days, and he was content simply to taste the sweet and sour loveliness of Fiona’s long slim feet.

Eventually Fiona lifted her right foot onto the bed and sat back against the headboard, pulling her skirt back down over her knees. She patted the bed next to her, and Peter sat beside her, looking into her eyes lovingly.

“So, Peter. Any thoughts? I see you are still dressed very prettily. Does that give me clue about your decision?”

Peter blushed.

“I have thought about it constantly, and I have made my decision.”

Fiona looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she cleaned her teeth, her skirt and blouse laid neatly on a chair by the sink. She saw the cold, hard look in her eyes and thought how far she had gone on this journey, and how much more thrilling the next few weeks would be.

The next morning Fiona rang her friend in Harley Street and made arrangements for the first injection in a week’s time.

“Good. 1200hrs on Wednesday, that is settled then. We look forward to meeting Doctor Chandler then. Thank you so much.”

Fiona handed the phone back to Peter and smiled.

“Well. There we are then. Are you excited?”

Peter thought carefully before replying.

“I am not sure. I like the idea of my breasts getting bigger, and having sensitive nipples. But I am worried about the effect on my libido, if I am honest. “

“Silly girl. You aren’t allowed any erections now, and as you found out last night, getting excited just makes you wince. Just think how lovely it will be carrying out my ‘requests’ without all that horrid pressure down there. You will be able to apply yourself so much more diligently to your tasks, and please me even more.”

Peter wasn’t sure. But he just couldn’t see himself as a real man again, and he decided to just see how things went.

Before Peter had time to think the doorbell rang.

“Oh good, Ian has arrived. Show him in Peter.”

Peter looked shocked and the colour drained from his face. He had thought that his decision would mean that Fiona would stop seeing Ian.

Fiona knew this, and had chosen to invite Ian around to reinforce the fact that Peter’s decision would have no affect at all on her decision to cuckold him. How she hated that expression, she thought to herself. Besides, she thought, he isn’t a cuckold, he asked me to sleep with Ian.

Ian was as polite as ever, and came into the house smiling gently and shaking Peter warmly by the hand.

“Good to see you again Peter, I hope you are well?”

Fiona came into the hall from the kitchen and kissed Ian on his lips, her hands draped over his shoulders.

“Hello big boy. I hope you have lots of energy this morning?”

Peter didn’t know where to look. He nearly died from embarrassment and shuffled from foot to foot, biting his bottom lip and holding his hands together tightly in front of himself.

Fiona led Ian into the living room and they both sat down on a huge fluffy rug in front of the fire.

“Come and join us Peter. Sit on the sofa and keep quiet” Fiona said quietly but firmly as she started to unbutton Ian’s shirt.

Peter sat down, knees together, and was forced to watch as his beloved Fiona slowly undressed first her lover and then herself. Time passed agonizingly slowly as Peter was forced to witness the actually quite beautiful union of his beloved Fiona and her new lover. There were no taunting looks, no overt humiliating comments. Just a pretty ‘girl’ in a bright summer frock sitting neatly on a sofa in chastity watching the slow, steady thrusts of Ian’s pert bottom and the joyful gasps from Fiona as she ran her fingers through Ian’s hair and curled her legs around his waist.

Peter’s mouth went dry, his penis pressed hard against the steel cage between his legs and a few drops of fluid dripped down his leg and into the lace tops of his stockings. He flushed and trembled as he experienced his first female orgasm with an intensity that made all his silly little male emissions seem quite pointless, and joyously the intense feelings continued, causing Peter to question whether he would ever come down from this delicious humiliation.

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