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Alex couldn’t believe it. The day was finally here! He had been waiting for this Saturday for months, anticipating spending ACTUAL time with Erin, his work crush from the past. They had only seen each other once in nearly ten years, but no matter how much time passed, Alex just couldn’t forget the way Erin made his heart race & his words jumble.

Alex first met Erin during a scary job transfer over a decade ago. He was in an unfamiliar town with no real friends. Being overweight & socially inept made it nearly impossible to meet new people. Erin seemed to sense his need for a friend and slowly lured him out of his shell. Before long they were sharing gossip, teasing, and flirting enough to make Alex wonder if there might be an opportunity for something more.

Often the two carpooled home after work, Erin’s house being near their job. The close proximity of their bodies in the car, the soft intimate conversations, and seeing her in her natural habitat only seemed to strengthen their connection. Erin seemed to never judge Alex. Occasionally he would catch her looking at him and his heart would race. She often leaned forward dramatically when handing him a customer’s order, offering him a view down her blouse that made him blush. He knew she had caught him staring more than once.

After several years working together, Alex was offered a promotion at a different location. Erin went back to school and found a better job in another city. Life, work, and situations gradually put distance between the two. Faye, however, seemed to bring them back together.

Since they had last seen each other, Alex was slowly gaining confidence in his looks. He had spent the last several years working hard after a divorce to get himself in relatively decent shape. He had shaggy brown hair that was starting to see some pepper. His bright blue eyes seemed to always be smiling. His former pudgy body was slowly transforming into a muscular, toned physique. In fact, people that he hadn’t seen in years didn’t even recognize him in public. Brightly colored tattoos swirled from his chest & shoulders to his feet, covering more of his body than they didn’t. As a single man in his late 30’s, all of his effort and time in the gym was starting to show.

They had agreed to meet at the local motocross track where Alex liked to practice riding his dirt bike. Surprisingly, it was only a few miles from Erin’s house & his excuse for reaching out. He hoped that the wide open spaces, some distracting motorcycles, and relatively few other visitors might help put the shy Erin at ease & help them catch up a bit. Being only a few miles away made it nearly impossible for her to refuse Alex’s eryaman escort offer to catch up with an old friend.

He sensed motion behind him moments before he heard the crunch of gravel under the tires of a SUV. Turning, Alex watched a GMC nearly slide to a stop ten feet from where he sat perched atop his dirt bike. The driver’s door flung open with a hurried gusto of impatient excitement that couldn’t be contained.

The siren who emerged was a sight Alex could never have prepared himself for. His confidence drained faster than his jaw dropped at the sight of a slightly older, softer, somehow MORE beautiful woman than he remembered.

The first thing Alex noticed was her hair. It couldn’t be missed. It was long and dark brown with tight curls that just begged to be bounced and played with. It framed kind brown eyes and a bright, nervous smile that hinted at mischief. Or at least he hoped it was mischief.

Tracing their way down her collar bone to the top of her flowy, hippie inspired summer dress, Alex’s eyes were drawn to the deep cleft of bare cleavage between her full breasts. The impossibly thin fabric of Erin’s ankle length dress was losing the battle to contain them. The waning summer light backlit her nearly to a silhouette, accentuating the roundness of her hips and the fullness of her thighs. The fabric allowed light to filter through it, revealing only the slightest hint of the dark treasure nestled between her slightly parted legs.

“Eh hem!”, Erin cleared her throat loudly. She was freaking out. He had been staring at her for nearly half a minute with a look of fear or confusion, she hadn’t decided which. He blinked hurriedly & her doubt washed away. The intense blue gaze and familiar dimples instantly put her at ease, awakening memories of why she became friends with him to begin with.

If his eyes and lips were unchanged, the rest of Alex was the exact opposite. Erin hardly recognized the man who stood before her. Gone was her shy, overweight, forever friend. In his place sat a slightly athletic, confident man whose bright blue eyes beamed nearly to her core. She found him incredibly attractive. ‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘I’m undressing him with my eyes. Dammit Erin, could you BE more obvious?’ He was sexy.

The hairs on her arms stood as goosebumps washed over Erin’s skin, the realization sending shockwaves through her most sensitive parts. When Erin felt the waves of heat spreading deep from within her belly down to her center and up to her throat, she groaned audibly. She was in trouble. Erin had come here with every intention of teasing and flirting with her old sincan escort friend. Now she was afraid SHE might be the one unable to resist.

BA DA BING BING BIIIING! The roar of the motorcycle engine snapped her from her thoughts. “I’ll be back in a few minutes!” Alex yelled to her, pointing towards the sprawling dirt track filled with jumps and turns, “I want to take a few more laps before I pack up! Feel free to come watch by the fence!” He may have been showing off. He might have even been a little nervous. Maybe he was a little of both. Nevertheless, Erin welcomed the distraction. She needed a few moments to collect herself. The typically reserved Erin was feeling like a swooning teenager, lusting after the now ruggedly handsome Alex.

She smoothed her dress down and adjusted her bra, cupping her womanly breasts & wondering what the hell she was doing. Surely Erin’s single guy friend hadn’t invited her out here to put the moves on her. There must be plenty of women eager to spend a night with such a unique rebel. She was never one who could be described as confident or brazen. With a toss of her hair and a deep breath, Erin reset herself. Defeated and self conscious, she walked to the fence along the edge of the racetrack to watch Alex ride.

Alex was clearly becoming comfortable in his new body. His speed was incredible and seemingly effortless as dirt flung from his accelerating tires. He flowed around the track like liquid metal: smooth, hard, and calculating, with an uncontrollable fire guaranteed to burn in a lapse of concentration. He put in lap after lap never seeming to slow down. Erin was mesmerized by his determined focus. He leapt and twisted through the air in a dance of man and machine, quickly moving from one obstacle to the next.

The scream of his revving engine shook Erin from her trance just in time for her to realize what she was seeing. Alex and his motorcycle cartwheeled through the air in a whirl of limbs and tires, settling in a cloud of dust unmoving and eerily quiet.

With a sharp intake of breath, Erin let out a gasp and instinctively bolted in his direction. She squeezed between the rails of the wooden pasture fence, running towards Alex’s prone figure with worried abandon. She covered over a hundred yards in what seemed like mere seconds. By the time she arrived at his side, Alex was beginning to stir.

Alex groaned as he lifted himself to a sitting position in the dirt. He brushed dust from his jersey attempting to stand. A sharp pain in his right thigh instantly brought stars to his eyes, threatening to take his consciousness. He mustered his bravest etlik escort face and made a weak attempt to hide his discomfort while Erin gently helped him to his feet.

Limping to his motorcycle, Alex took stock of the damage. He’d survive, but the bike was going to need some work to be raceable again. He tried his best to maintain his cool and downplay his potential injuries. Gingerly, he swung his leg over the seat and fired the bike to life. Deciding to make the best of it, he scooted forward and turned to look at Erin while he patted the area behind him. If he was going to spend the rest of the afternoon in pain, he should at least enjoy the comfort of her contact. “Let me give you a ride back to the truck”, he told her with eyes that implied far more. “It’s a long walk!”

He dangled his legs in front of the foot pegs so that Erin could stand on the bike and swing a leg over. The small seat left no room for modesty, forcing her to scoot so close to Alex that his backside was nestled firmly in her lap. He reached behind his back for her hands, which she hesitantly supplied. He pulled them forward, wrapping her arms around his body under his chest in a comforting, secure way. Erin’s head turned and laid against his back, as if by its own will. She inhaled his manly scent, this time relishing in the goosebumps that immediately covered her flesh.

If the close proximity was a challenge, Erin was not even remotely prepared for the revs of the engine and harsh terrain along their ride back to the truck. Every twist of the throttle sent rapid vibrations reverberating through the seat directly into Erin’s flush, swollen womanhood, only magnified by the bouncing and rolling over large bumps and rocks.

It seemed like an endless ride, as if time had slowed to a crawl, forcing Erin to acknowledge the pleasurable rhythms coursing through her body. Reluctantly, she stopped thinking and simply allowed the sensations to overwhelm her. She felt the warm fullness of his belly beneath her fingers. She felt the twitching muscles of his sides as he shifted his weight to keep their balance. She felt herself pull tighter to Alex, rolling her hips open as she involuntarily ground her mound into the small of his back. Erin felt the slickness that clung to the spot where her full thighs met. She felt the wetness of her desire coating the thin material of her soft undies. Most of all, Erin felt her mind losing control to her body’s need for friction against him.

By the time they arrived at Alex’s truck, she was a puddle of overstimulated sensitive skin. She slid off the seat onto the ground, her arousal evident where she had been sitting. He swung his leg over the motorcycle to dismount, wincing in pain. He nearly fell over when his foot touched the ground, stars bursting before his eyes. Erin’s glassy eyes were glued to his lower half. “I think you had better get those pants off and let me take a look at that leg, mister……..” she suggested huskily.

To be continued……?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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