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Big Tits

Danny hadn’t meant to do it. After all, this was Brenda, his closest friend and next-door-neighbor with whom he had grown up. Both being only children, they considered themselves pseudo-siblings. But in eighteen years neither had ever touched each other intimately.

And yet, today, as he was helping her spread sunscreen on her back, his fingers had made contact with the sides of her breasts. He trembled and dropped the sunscreen on the ground.

“Danny Bernard, what do you think that you are doing?” Brenda asked him, trying to hide the satisfied grin on her face. “You’re not finished yet. Why have you stopped? Do you want my back to get all sunburned? Pick up that sunscreen and finish my back.” She had no intention of telling Danny that his touching the sides of her tits was exactly what she wanted.

Brenda Porter was just two years old when her family had bought the house next to the Bernards house. By the time they were in second grade, Brenda had decided that she loved Danny, who was just three months older than she was.

But, as is true with boys and girls, each often viewed the other as a nuisance when they wanted to be with their friends. This lasted only until puberty set in for both of them five years ago, and they began to be more aware of the other as a desirable person.

With the growing attraction toward each other also came the fear of rejection. What would happen if they tried something and the other didn’t want it? Would their friendship be over?

In the last five years, Danny had grown five inches taller, thirty pounds heavier, but retained the shy demeanor that marked their first meetings. At 5 feet 9 inches in height, he was not the shortest boy in their age group, but he was by no means the tallest.

Brenda had only put on four inches, and 15 pounds in that same year, with most of the weight going into her chest and her hips. At 5 feet 8 inches in height she was still shorter than Danny, but she retained the slender physique her constant swimming helped her achieve.

Danny wore his light brown hair cut short because he, too, swam constantly. Brenda’s almost black curly hair was also cut short.

They had often held hands with each other as they walked from their houses to the school bus stop when they were in kindergarten and first and second grades. By the time they entered third grade, the thought of holding hands with each other was, as they told their parents, “yucky.”

And yet, this late June morning, Brenda had asked Danny to come lay out in the sun with her. She wore her two-piece swimsuit, and Danny wore his faded denim shorts.

The first hour saw them laying out their towels, pillows and plastic drink cups filled with cold water. They chatted amiably about school and swimming. Then Brenda had casually asked Danny to put the sunscreen on her back.

She lay face down on her towel, her chin resting on her pillow, waiting to see what would happen, hoping that something would. Her feelings for Danny had grown stronger as their hormones raged and subsided, but he had given her no clue about any romantic feelings toward her. So she had chosen this swimsuit to provide the opportunity for just what had happened to occur.

Danny, a horrified look still on his face, stammered an apology, picked up the sunscreen, and devoted his attention to finishing Brenda’s back, only. “Hey, dork,” she said to him, “don’t you think that you should finish putting the sunscreen on my sides as well? They can burn, too, you know.

“Look,” she continued, ignoring his apology, “we’ve known each other too long to be squeamish about touching each other. Just finish the job and don’t worry. If I didn’t want you to touch me, you wouldn’t even be here.”

Danny took a deep breath and let it out slowly, as he proceeded to follow Brenda’s instructions. However, he had to shift around to hide his seven-inch hard-on that was threatening to poke her in the back. He hoped that she would not notice his adjustments. Too late!

Brenda turned toward him with a wicked grin on her face. She blithely asked, “Did I cause that? I’m flattered by the attention. Time for you to lay down so that I can take care of your back!”

As he took up a prone position on his own towel, Brenda sat up and straddled his back just above his hips, applying the sunscreen liberally. She paid careful attention to Danny’s broad upper back. As she rubbed the substance onto his neck and shoulders, she couldn’t resist massaging him as well.

Danny groaned in satisfaction as she helped him relax the muscles that made him the best male swimmer in their school. She let her hands roam and then asked him to turn over so that she could massage his chest.

Without thinking Danny turned over, concentrating on the wonderful feelings Brenda’s massage was creating. However, another muscular part of his anatomy made contact with her at the junction of her legs. This startled her and embarrassed him. She jumped off as he tried to shove his erection down between his thighs.

“You akbatı escort know,” she grinned at his pained expression with mock-evil intentions, “I could help you with that problem.”

“No-o-o,” Danny wailed. “I’ll just dash into the house and take care of it myself.” He jumped up and made a beeline for his front door. Brenda tiptoed behind him, and when he went into his house she followed after him, trying not to make a sound.

Danny rushed into the guest bathroom just behind the living room of the Bernard house. In his rush to get to the toilet he did not notice that the bathroom door had not closed all the way; nor did he notice Brenda stop and stare at him as he dropped his shorts and his boxer underwear and proceed to masturbate until he shot his cum into the bowl. He then pulled his shorts up and went to the sink to wash his hands. And that is when he saw her, a look of total amazement on her face.

“Well, did you like what you saw?” he asked her.

Brenda gave him a wide smile and said, “Oh, yes. Yes I did. You are so big, as I knew when it poked me outside. And watching you ejaculate just now was better than I could have imagined. And after all of my mother’s romance novels that I’ve read, I could imagine a lot, and have!”

Danny did not know what to say after that effusive compliment, so he simply said “Thanks.”

Brenda thought about what to say or do next. After a brief moment she reached back and unfastened the top of her swimsuit, pulling it off so that he could see her 32B breasts. Then she pushed the bottom of her swimsuit off so that he could also see her hair-covered mound. Then she spread her feet so that he could also see the outer lips of her sex. “I’ve seen you; it is only fair that you see me.”

Gazing raptly at her nude body, Danny gulped twice, cleared his throat, and asked, “Now what?” When it came to matters of sex, neither teenager had a clue what to do.

“Now you tell me how long it will be before one or both of your parents come home. My Mom won’t be home for four hours, and my Dad not for an hour after that.” Brenda giggled as she told Danny this, while still standing there in the nude.

“My folks will be home about the same time as your Dad. And let me also state for the record that your body is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined,” he replied, catching his breath repeatedly as he stared at the naked woman who was his best friend in all the world.

He then suggested that she put her swimsuit back on and that they go back to her back yard.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Brenda replied. “But before we go, I want you to kiss me. Kiss me anywhere and everywhere that you want to. And take your cock out of your shorts because I want to kiss it. And your testicles, too.”

So saying she edged forward and placed her lips on his, wrapping her arms around his neck. Their lips remained in touch but parted so that they could trade tongues. He put his arms around her back and was afraid to let go, lest this dream of them doing things to each other should disappear like a cloud of smoke.

He pulled one arm back to his side so that he could remove his shorts so that they were both naked. Then he resumed holding her. His other arm slid down her backside until his hand found her butt. Using that hand to pull Brenda closer, they found themselves with their mouths, chests, stomachs and pubic regions in direct contact.

Danny then broke away from her mouth to trail kisses from just below her ears to the junction of her neck and shoulders, first on one side of her head, and then on the other.

Brenda pulled back and returned Danny’s kisses, kiss for kiss. As she did so she brought her right hand back around to caress his chest. She placed kisses on his nipples, and then licked her way from his chest to his navel.

He then kissed his way from her neck to her breasts, licking each one and then sucking on the bright red nipples, followed by trying to suck her whole breast into his mouth. Then he, too, kissed and licked his way to her navel.

As this activity proceeded his cock stiffened and rubbed against her sex. Her sex, in the meanwhile, was starting to drip with lubricating juices that gave off an aroma that at once made Danny push his cock harder against her and, at the same time, intoxicated him with her.

Danny dropped to his knees in front of her and kissed his way from Brenda’s navel to the mass of black curls above her sex. He then licked down her thighs and back up to her sex, tasting her juices and finding them wonderful. His tongue spread the outer lips of her pussy and caressed her inner lips and the button at the top.

Brenda pulled him up, knelt before him, and licked her way from his navel to his cock. She kissed the tip and licked the shaft of his erection. She then pushed his member up and kissed and licked his hairy balls. Then she stood up and kissed him again on the lips, tasting her own juices for aksaray escort the first time.

She swallowed convulsively and said, when she was able to breathe normally, “Danny, I love you. I hope that you love me, too.”

Danny could only nod affirmatively, since his own breathing was too ragged for speech. He then bent down and pulled up her swimsuit bottom until it was properly placed. He then picked up the top of her swimsuit and helped her cover her breasts with it. Then he retrieved his own underwear and his shorts and covered himself. They then went back outside to her backyard.

When they were properly seated on their towels once again, he took a sip of the water in his cup, smiled at Brenda, and spoke. “You know that I have always loved you, and I always will. But we have started something that could be dangerous for both of us. We cannot have sexual intercourse until we both know that we are safe. That means that you need some form of birth control, and I need to acquire some condoms.

“I promise that I will not make love to any other woman, but we have to make certain that you don’t become pregnant until we are safely out of college. And if we are both going to college, which I hope we will, then we should at least obtain our bachelors degrees before you get pregnant.”

“Danny, my love, you are as forward thinking on this issue as I could ever want. I want my Mom to take me to the gynecologist as soon as possible so that I can start taking birth control pills. And I love that you also want to get condoms so that we can avoid both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

“My sweet Brenda, I will obtain the condoms by the end the week. However, they will remain unused until you are on the pill and are certain that they are working.

“Meanwhile, I hope to do more with you than what we have just done. I want to lick your pussy until you cum, and then I want to lick those juices off of your body.

“I hope that you will consider sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. And I hope that you will let me finger your pussy until you cum that way; while I also hope that you will want to jack me off with your hands, too.”

With that they leaned toward each other and kissed. Brenda then said, “You don’t know this yet, but I am due to have my period next Tuesday. And, from what I have read, once I start on the pills, I should wait a week.

“And I want my first time to be somewhere that we both have chosen, with all the time that we need so that we are not rushed. Also, since you will be taking my virginity, I want proper facilities so that we can clean ourselves of any blood from my broken hymen.”

“And that is exactly why we will determine when to do this, together. My beautiful Brenda, I want that experience to be as perfect as we can make it. Let us continue to talk these things over so that we do not do anything that we are not agreed that it is time to do it.

“Also, speaking of advanced planning, I intend to propose marriage to you before we go to college so that it is obvious to all the males there that you are spoken for from the beginning.” Danny then kissed her again.

After that they lay back down on their towels to rest under the early summer sun. They were to have five more weeks of planning and talking and experimenting with sex before Brenda told Danny that her period would be over on the following Friday, and that she wanted him to fuck her the next night. They decided to go to a motel in a nearby town where they would be able to enjoy each other fully.

They each had spoken to their parents, candidly, and openly, about their plans, including their first night of total intimacy.

Their parents were not surprised at their burgeoning relationship, and agreed to finance the trip. But they warned their children that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and not to rush into it if they had any reservations whatsoever.

Danny then confided that he was uncertain about minimizing Brenda’s discomfort for that first time. Mr. Bernard thought this over for a moment. And then he said, “Danny, think of Brenda’s hymen like the outside of a half-filled balloon.

“If you poke the balloon with your finger, gently, the balloon will stretch as you push inward. If you were to poke hard all at once, then the balloon would likely pop right away. But if you poke gently, several times, the balloon will stretch and then pop.

“So when you enter Brenda for the first time, go slowly. She will need time for her vagina to expand to accept you inside. And when you feel the resistance of her hymen, stop pushing. Then slowly push again. Do this three or four times and the hymen should stretch easily and break without a great deal of pain.”

“Thanks, Dad. I will try my best to cause Brenda as little pain as possible,” Danny assured his father.

The next day Danny explained his father’s idea to her, and she liked the plan. Then Danny mentioned that he would atakent escort try to go slow after her hymen had broken until he was fully inside her.

Brenda said, “Thank you my love, for wanting to treat me so well on our special night. But even if you don’t go slow, and push through my hymen as soon as you touch it, I will love you regardless of the pain, regardless of the blood, and regardless of anything. And remember, once my hymen is gone we can fuck all night long, if we want. Just bring a good supply of condoms.”

They arrived at the motel they had chosen early on a Saturday afternoon. After setting up their room the way they wanted it, they went out to walk around the area.

They came back to Danny’s car and drove to a nearby restaurant for an intimate dinner. Then they drove back to the motel, entered their room, and set the environment to the most romantic that they could make it.

They then undressed each other and went into the bathroom to take a shower together. Once they were washed and dried they placed a couple of towels under where Brenda would lay when Danny entered her.

They spent nearly an hour of holding, kissing, licking and sucking before agreeing that the time had come. Danny retrieved his first condom, and gave it to Brenda to put on him. Then she lay on her back with her knees bent and as wide apart as she could hold them.

Danny moved between her legs and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He smiled at her, kissed her on the tip of her nose, and pushed the tip of his cock into her love channel.

Brenda was astonished at how just the tip was stretching the walls of her cunt. Danny pushed a little more of his cock inside her, rested, then he pulled back until only the tip of his dick was still inside her.

He repeated this process two more times, getting more of his love spear into her, until he felt the tip bump against her hymen. He pushed at it until he felt the resistance to his entry. He withdrew and then pushed again. Two more times he withdrew and pushed against her.

On the fourth push against her barrier he felt it give way, and he pushed the tip completely past where it had been. He withdrew again to the tip, and pushed in again. One more withdrawal and insertion and he felt his balls hit her butt and he was fully buried in her love tunnel.

Brenda had winced when Danny’s cock first entered her. She winced again when her hymen broke. And she winced once more when she felt him bottom out inside her vagina. Afterwards she felt no pain, but a steadily rising pleasure as he pulled out and pushed back in.

When her orgasm had squeezed the cum out of Danny’s balls, she smiled up at him. When his cock had shrunk to its post-coital smallest he pulled completely out of her.

He went to the bathroom, removed the condom, started some warm water flowing, and dunked two washcloths in it. Taking them back to the bed he used one to clean up her private parts, which were remarkably free of blood. He handed the other washcloth to Brenda and she cleaned his cock and balls.

Taking her with him back to the bathroom, along with the washcloths and the towels, Danny piled the used linens in the corner. Filling the tub with mildly hot water he gently placed Brenda in the tub in a sitting position and then climbed in behind her so that his legs and arms were wrapped around her and she could lean back against his chest.

They rested in the tub and chatted about the experience. Then they got up out of the tub, dried off, went back to the bed, and made soft, gentle love to each other twice more before exhaustion overtook them and they slept in each others arms.

When they awoke the next morning they fucked once more, then took a shower to get clean. Then they dressed, packed up their belongings, checked out and drove back home, only stopping for a fast-food breakfast.

When they returned home the Porters and the Bernards met their children at the front door of the Porter house. They hugged and kissed their parents and sat down and told their parents what a wonderful experience they had.

Mrs. Porter then asked her daughter if she had any regrets. Mrs. Bernard asked her son the same question. The answers their children gave them were more than satisfactory. Then Mr. Porter spoke for the four parents.

“Danny, you have treated our daughter as well as we could have hoped. But you both still have two weeks before you graduate high school. Then there is the issue of college, which we all hope that you will attend. How do you see your relationship working from now until then?”

Danny took Brenda by the hand, looked at Mr. Porter and the other three parents and said, “Brenda and I have talked about this. We have a plan that we think will work.

“We will attend all our classes, come home and do our homework, for the next two weeks. We want your permission to sleep together on every night during those two weeks.

“We want to alternate houses, sleeping in Brenda’s room one night, and my room the next, subject to whatever rules you set for us. When it comes time to go to college, we both plan to attend State University.

“We know that we will have to live apart, in dorm rooms, during the week of our first year. We will come home on the weekends and sleep with each other on Friday night and Saturday night.

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