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The warmth of the morning sun crept up on my face, stirring me from the dreams of last night. I had dreamt that I was falling off a building after chasing someone all the way up. It was a woman, asking me to follow her. I had reached the top of the building when all of a sudden the floor collapsed beneath me. I fell, grasping for anything but only finding air. I felt the terror course through me as I fell, the ground growing in size with each second. I saw the pavement striping by the time I woke.

The details of my dream seemed to blur as my eyes slowly opened to a new day. I could feel the cotton sheets against my bare skin, thanking myself for having the presence of mind to clean myself off after the events of the last night. My shoulders covered in goosebumps from the air conditioning. I looked out through my window at Chelsea’s apartment but saw that blinds covered her window. A tiny part of me was relieved, I had been so turned on by what I had seen last night between Chelsea and her lover but I was also saddened. I took it as a sign to move forward in a new direction but I felt haunted by my dream still.


Following a quick breakfast I decided to go for a run in one of the nearby parks and was taken aback by how beautiful the running trails turned out to be. The run was also nice distraction, helping me tune out everything that had happened over the past few days. By the time I was at five miles my brain was losing energy to think about anything and my body just focused on getting to the end. Well that was until I rounded the corner near the end of my run and saw Alice out for a run approaching me.

I had only seen her in some sweatpants and a tee shirt the other day, but now she was wearing a pair of running shorts and a sports bra only. Her appearance the other day had not suggested how..perfect she was. Her legs were toned from years of running, her stomach toned told me she most likely would finish this run with an hour of core workouts, and her breasts seemed strained to burst out of her bra. My brain was not focused on my run anymore and because of that I missed the raised lip of some concrete section of the trail, almost wiping out face first.

“Hey James,” She panted out as she slowed her pace and walked towards me, “You almost gave me my second best laugh of the week.” A small smile had taken over her face. I had recovered from my stumble and began walking closer. I could see the sweat on her brow, her chest pulsing with her breathing. Her skin tanned by what must have been her many routine runs.

“I’m trying my hardest to keep you entertained. It’s also surprisingly hot out for this early in the day.” I pulled my shirt up to wipe down my own sweaty face.

“Did you just finish your half mile of running?”

“Haha, five miles thank you very much!” Alice was a little harsh but I felt like there was something beneath the surface. I always appreciated people who weren’t afraid to put in a few jabs having grown up in a large family of winner takes all.

“That sounds decent enough. You know, my friend Danielle thought you were cute but I told her I didn’t see it.”

“Well Danielle sounds very smart.” I also thought Danielle was very cute myself, her nerdiness spoke to a deeper part of me, and I wanted to get to know more about her.

“You seem interesting enough James. What’s your story, why did you move up here? Why do you think you’re up here?..Sorry. I like to ask a lot of questions.” I felt like our chance encounter had turned into a therapy session for a bit, just with less clothes.

“I..hmm…I know…umm…” I was still catching up with my breathing. “You’re a therapist right?” My heart was still beating heavily from my run and it was not slowing down in front of Alice and her imposing demeanor or body.

“I have a PhD in Psychology. Graduated two years ago and have been in practice ever since. Danielle is a Biomedical Engineer, we met in grad school during an inter-school research project. You do seem like a good guy James, I can see why other women might think you’re cute. I want to know more about you. Swing by 320 tonight.”

“Oh, umm ok then!”

Alice half smiled at me and then took off. I turned to watch her run off, her blond pony tail swinging from side to side, her ass grabbing my attention until she disappeared from sight. “What a strange strange woman..”


I had put on a short sleeve button up shirt and some jeans. I wasn’t sure if I was going over for a social occasion or a therapy session. Either way I thought it was safe to grab a bottle of wine, the cure for all of my awkward situations. Before I left my apartment I pulled out my phone to see if I had any new text messages from Chelsea, I hadn’t seen anything since the other day. I didn’t feel certain in sending anything but figured I should at least acknowledge my most recent snooping session, or should I?

“Have fun on business out of town, I’ll have a nice chianti and some fava beans ready for you Kıbrıs Escort when you get back.” I walked over to the window to see if there was a light on in her apartment. Nothing. With how different Chelsea was and with what she had ‘shown’ me, I had a feeling that she was out of my league. No sense in getting my hopes up for nothing.

I turned back from the window, grabbed the bottle of wine, took one last look in the mirror and then headed out the door. It felt silly getting dressed up to not even leave my apartment building, but I was excited to be sort of ‘going out’ and I was happy to talk to someone for more than a short encounter length of time. Alice had never given me a time to show up or a phone number so I was proceeding purely on my gut instinct. Reaching her door I prepared myself mentally for the unknown.

I rapped my knuckles on the wooden door for Apartment 320. The sound of footsteps rapidly followed the sound of my knocking. The locking mechanism of the door clicked and clunked before the door swung in before me. A wave of air filled with the smell of some sweet baked goods hit me before Alice appeared before me. Wearing a baseball shirt and skin tight leggings her blond hair down, hanging at her shoulders. She was wearing frameless glasses, looking incredibly intelligent and sexy.

“You brought wine, good.”

I hesitated a step in. “I wasn’t sure if it was as a peace offering or as payment for a counseling session.”

“You are smart James, come in.”

I stepped in through the doorway.

“Shoes off please.”

“Oh yes!” kicking my shoes off I headed for the kitchen island. “Do you have a bottle opener, I forgot to bring that along.”

“Smart but ill prepared. Of course I do. I see you brought a good Malbec, I approve.” She joined me at the island, grabbing the bottle to inspect the label.

“Your apartment has a similar layout to mine, but I see you have it designed well, mine is fairly bare bones, I just brought the essentials along during my move.” I took the bottle opener that Alice had grabbed for me and opened the bottle as she grabbed two glasses for use. I wasted no time pouring out two healthy sized glasses for us both.

“My mother was gracious enough to help me outfit my apartment, student loan debt doesn’t leave me with much extra disposable income right now.”

“Cheers to family support and to this awesome apartment then.” We clinked our glasses together and took a drink.

We were almost done with a second bottle of wine two hours later. Alice had grilled me on my entire life backstory. Where I had grown up, the challenges that I had faced in life, what I feared most in life, what my dreams were, and my romantic entanglements. I felt that the romantic aspect had been saved up for well into the wine supply.

“When was the last time you had sex?” Alice asked.

I was taken aback but emboldened by the wine. “Oh, hmmm, well, I probably would have lied to you one bottle ago, but it has been well over a year, it was with my last girlfriend.”

“If it makes you feel better, that’s not a long period of time James, most people aren’t out and about copulating on a regular basis, I mean the last time I had sex was over six months ago with my ex-boyfriend…or boyfriend.” I didn’t know how to understand that last bit of knowledge, as she still romantically involved?

“Was it any good?” I don’t know where the courage to say that had come from. Oh yeah, probably the wine..She looked intently at me before responding.

“It was good but he couldn’t make me cum. I had to get myself off after he passed out on me.” She sighed, “It was going pretty well until I rode him and he came too fast.”

The wine had brought me down to a mellow state but this new bit of information from Alice had me wide awake. The words had come off her tongue like she was reading the abstract of an academic paper.

“Why couldn’t he make you cum?”

“Not enough stimulation of the clitoris. I pointed it out to him many times. No results.”

“It’s not like it’s hard to find!” I put on a look of amazement. “I feel like I have never had a problem finding it.” Alice shifted her body a bit, relaxing more but also on the edge of something.

“So you believe you could make me cum? Sounds like some hyper masculine boasting.”

“I damn well guarantee it.” We were both visibly turned on, I could feel my face growing flush. “But it sounds like you might still have something with this guy, so there is no way of testing out my assertion.”

Alice seemed to be growing more bold. “I haven’t seen him since that disappointing episode, it was long distance and draining. He is finishing up a fellowship out West, part of me thinks that there is still something there but it could help me to..move on. On top of that I haven’t felt any physical touch in so long.” Her demeanor had begun to shift from one that had been studying me like an experiment to one that thought of me as a curiosity, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan something to be played with.

“I want to feel hands on me again. I want to be able to show off this body that I have worked so hard on. I also don’t want to just fling myself into another man’s arms, I do want to maintain some sense of faithfulness?” She sighed, reaching for her glass of wine. I don’t know if it was bravery, stupidity or the wine.

“What if there was a way that you could be admired without being unfaithful?”

Alice looked at me quizzically, “How do you think that can be achieved??”

“Well, we could just get naked? I think I am very capable of doing some admiring. I like to think that I’m in fairly decent shape too.” The next few moments passed but not a breath was taken. We were both waiting for the other to say something. I stumbled into my next line, “I know it’s a reach but it’s just a more personal version of just looking at porn. I mean if there’s no emotions involved, then it’s just a purely physical display.”

I was risking it with every single line. This could go South at any point. But something told me that we both wanted this. I would not have been surprised if she had told me off right then and there, but I felt like I had grown lucky in my move to this city.

“Come with me.” She could have told me to bark like a dog, I was enraptured. I followed her as she walked into the bedroom but came to a stop near the bed. She went over to the window and closed the blinds. My heart was racing now, unsure of where this night was going to end. Pulling the last set of blinds closed she turned towards me.

“Let’s get this clear, we are not going to have sex.”

“Completely understand.” I started pulling my shirt off. It wasn’t until I had almost unbuttoned the last of my shirt that Alice took her glasses off and reached to pull her shirt off above her head. God I had seen her toned stomach earlier but now I could see more of her breasts. She had a pink bra on, her cleavage attracting my eyes. I could see that her eyes were on my body too. Thankfully I had finished my run with a trip to the apartment gym. I noticed a slight smile appear on her face.

“Not bad James.”

“.Nn..Not bad yourself..” I was trying to hold back my desire to flat out gawk at her body.

I started to unbuckle my belt and had gotten to my zipper when Alice grabbed her leggings and began to peel them off. Her bare legs rapidly appearing before me. My cock was completely hard, barely hidden by my pineapple print boxers that became visible once I pushed my own pants down. Stepping out of my pants I only had one piece of clothing on now, Alice only in her bra and panties. We were both at the point of no return, we looked at each other, realizing what was about to happen.

After a short pause I let out a deep breath, ‘fuck it’. I grabbed my boxers by the waist band and shoved them down my legs. My cock initially being tugged down by the waist band, it snapped back up to full attention. I kicked my boxers away and stood in front of Alice completely naked. She stared at my cock. I stared at her admiring my body. It felt incredible to be wanted. I saw her reach her hands behind her back to unclasp and let her bra fall off.

Her breasts were incredible. Tan lines appeared from some previous trip to the water. Her nipples stood out from beautiful pink areola. I wanted to feel them and suck on them. I barely noticed as she slipped her own panties off, glancing down from her breasts to see her cleanly shaven pussy. I felt like my dick had grown even harder but I wasn’t sure what was next.

“Very nice James. Very nice…how big is it?”

“Hmm, not really sure”

“You don’t know how long your dick is? That’s a lie. Every man is obsessed with measuring his own dick.”

“I swear! I don’t keep a ruler on me at all times!”

“I’ve got one.”

“I’m not going to stop you if you want to measure me.” I was in disbelief. I felt like I had found a loophole to this no-touching agreement. Alice walked over to her desk. Her breasts shaking with her movement and her walk offering me a chance to see her ass. It was beautiful. So strong and firm looking. “You look incredible by the way.”

She paused while looking through her desk drawer for the ruler to look back, “Thanks.” Her eyes looking me up and down again. She looked back at her desk, “Got it.” She took two steps over to me. I could see every detail of her now. How blue her eyes were, the muscle definition in her body. I could smell her, I could feel her body heat radiating out towards me. She wasted no time getting on her knees and pulling the ruler up to eyeball a length.

“I think you have to get a lot closer to get a good measurement.”

She looked up at me, I was rock hard, she was shuffling closer to my cock, her head now mouth level with it. I could feel her breath now on me and I wanted her to drop the charade, to take in every inch of me.

She Escort Kıbrıs tried to awkwardly place the ruler right up along side my cock but kept accidentally touching my dick with her fingers. She kept fumbling for a bit, I could have cared less, until I heard her mumble something incoherent. “For the purpose of this..exercise. I think I have to violate the no touch agreement.” All of a sudden she reached up with her right hand and grabbed my cock at the base. Lightening coursed through my body. She could feel me fully now. She used the other hand to line the ruler up against my cock. Her eyes looked up at me.

“7.25 inches” She let the ruler down but kept her hand on my cock.

“It might be longer if I’m even harder.” You could have heard my heart pumping from a mile away.

“Let’s find out..For science..” She smiled and her hand that was wrapped around my cock moved up the length of it slowly but firmly. I was in heaven. I was looking down at her, I could see her breasts beneath me, her nipples hard. Her chest moving with her deep breathing that did not match her steadied gaze at my cock. Her hand began to move a bit faster. I could feel her hands, they were clammy with excitement. She wanted this badly. Her firm tugging was driving me wild but I felt brave enough to push it just a bit further.

“I think with just a little bit of lube or spit we can get a really accurate measurement.”

Looking up at me, “Is that so?” She looked back at my cock, moving her mouth closer to the tip I could feel her breath right on the tip. I pushed my hips forward slightly and felt her mouth graze my tip. “Uhh uh uh, you are pressing your luck James..” She looked at me with a playfully evil smile. She took her hand off my dick and brought it to her mouth, licking her fingers sensually she returned her wetted hand to my cock to wrap her fingers around again. Starting to pump my dick again. God I was so close and felt so good, she knew exactly what she was doing.

She applied the perfect amount of pressure and speed to my cock, hungry for more. Without missing a beat she reached and grabbed the ruler again. “7.5 inches. Not bad at all James.” She smiled and let go of my dick. I held out my hand to help her off my knees, sad that this was seemingly over. I kept looking up and down her body, so perfect in so many ways.

“I wish I hadn’t agreed to limit the touching.” I could not hide my lust.

“There might be one more thing we can do that is within limits. Something I’m comfortable with.” Hope filled me again as Alice got onto the bed and laid down facing me, her head propped up on a pillow. She motioned me towards her. I got onto the bed, crawling up to her, between her legs, now spread wide for me to see all of her. I ended my crawl standing up on my knees. My legs pressed against hers, sharing a warmth, my cock positioned above her pussy and her flat stomach. I looked down at her body and then into her eyes.

“God I want to fuck you.”

“Rules are rules, and I still technically have a boyfriend” Her face betrayed her words. I reached a hand down and started to play with my cock as she reached her hands down to play with herself. “Cum with me instead..”

“He doesn’t deserve you.”

I could see her begin to rub her fingers in a circular motion on her clit. I wasn’t inside of her but my hips were thrusting forward as if I was. She eyed me with a remarkable intensity. Her hands moving faster, my own hands pumping my dick harder. She began raising her hips up and down, trying to mimic my thrusting. With each thrust of mine she would raise up, raising her pussy up to the same level as my cock, each time seemingly coming closer. I pulled back my hips and then pumped forward, once again Alice matched me but this time the tip of my cock touched her wet labia. It felt incredible..and then I pulled back only to come thrusting back even further. This time feeling not just coming in contact, but the tip of my cock parting her labia, feeling her warmth.

I pulled back again with my hips and this time thrust even further, my cock coming up against her pussy and my head going all the way in..Alice looked at me and we paused for a half second before I pulled out with my hips, she lowered hers, her hand still rubbing away at her clit, my hand still pumping my cock up and down, ready to cum. I thrust back towards Alice and her towards me..I looked down and saw my cock not just stop at the head but several inches of me thrusted right into her pussy. Half of my cock was inside of Alice, whose mouth was now wide open.

Her eyes peering deep into me. I let go of my cock and she stopped moving. Oh goddd, how warm and wet she was. I pushed in more, another inch, Alice did not protest. I set my hands down on both sides of her to support myself and then shifted my hips in even further, feeling my cock slide deeper and deeper into her pussy. I didn’t want it to end but I felt my body come to a rest pressed against her hips. I was completely inside of Alice now. Her eyes locked on mine, I felt her thighs begin to squeeze against my hips as my knees inched back so I was more level with her, my stomach almost pressed against hers, my chest now just inches from her breasts, our lips and eyes even closer than before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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