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Solo Male

All characters are above the age of 18. The stepbrother and stepsister in the story did not meet until they were both 24 years old.

Logan was the son of a famous movie director and grew up in Hollywood. His father got divorced from his mother, a famous actor, when he was a teenager. The divorce was amicable, as they had just grown apart and were too busy with their careers. His mother re-married a wealthy business mogul, retired from acting and moved to Europe. Although his parents were quite wealthy and lived in a Hollywood Hills home, as well as a Malibu beach house, they tried to not spoil him. He did well in high school and graduated from a prestigious university with a business degree, working part time in high school and college. After college he got a job for a studio working behind the scenes, while pursuing his dream of being an actor.

Eventually he was able to get parts and was getting noticed more and more in each film role. He had a California surfer look, so he was often was cast in comedic roles, but he wanted to also get parts as a leading man in drama and romance movies. Logan was extremely good looking, which also stereotyped him as more of a model than an actor, even though he never did any modelling. He had no shortage of girlfriends, and as he was becoming more well known, he was often the target of the paparazzi. He did want to find someone to settle down with, hopefully someone who was not in the entertainment industry.

Lexi was the daughter of a famous movie producer. Her mother got divorced from her father, a well-regarded actor, when she was a teenager, and she was closer to her mother than her father. She actually graduated from the same university as Logan, but they never were aware of each other while at school. She also was pursuing being an actor and was getting larger and larger roles. Like Logan, her beauty was holding her back from getting more serious roles. Lexi and Logan had some mutual friends, but had never run into each other, since neither of them were into the Hollywood party scene. She also dated some famous men, but the relationships never lasted, and she was concerned she would end up divorced like her parents or never even get married.

Lexi’s mother and Logan’s father met while working on a movie, when Lexi and Logan were both 24, and their parents fell madly in love, getting married only a year later. While their parents dated, and during the two years since the marriage, Lexi and Logan got to know each other when they weren’t on movie sets. Besides spending time together when they were with their parents, they also hung out together when they were with mutual friends.

Over the course of three years spending time together they started occasionally feeling a little attracted to each other, but felt weird about it, and hid their feelings from each other, their parents and their friends. They were so comfortable around each other though that when some people met them, they actually thought they were a couple, not stepbrother and stepsister, which made them feel uncomfortable. They did tease each other more like a couple would than how a brother and sister would.

On New Year’s Day Logan’s father Robert let Lexi and Logan know about an upcoming Caribbean vacation he was planning with Lexi’s mother Jean, while Lexi and Logan were eating dinner at their parent’s house.

“Jean and I are planning to take two weeks for a nice island vacation. We have a friend with a house and private beach on a secluded island. There are other houses on the island and a few restaurants, but his house is away from other houses, so we can hopefully avoid paparazzi. He also has a private dock and a cabin cruiser we can use. Are you two interested in joining us?”

“I would love to dad,” replied Logan enthusiastically. “I don’t have any projects coming up until next month and would enjoy getting out of this town for a while.”

“I also have free time for the next few weeks and would like to go too,” Lexi added. “We’ve never had a vacation together just the four of us.”

Logan and Lexi excitedly planned for the vacation, buying some new bathing suits and casual wear. They both recently finished shooting movies and their personal trainers had gotten them into top shape. They looked forward to being able to have fun eating and drinking whatever they wanted and not have grueling workouts.

They were at their parent’s house a couple of days before the trip and showed each other their new clothes. When Logan saw Lexi’s new bikini, which was a sexy floral print string bikini, he kiddingly made a wise ass remark. “Wow Lexi. I’m glad my dad and your mom are going to be chaperoning us on vacation. I wouldn’t want to be trapped alone with you with that bikini.”

She wasn’t sure if he was kidding and replied back, “that’s gross Logan, I’m your sister.”

“You’re actually my stepsister, but I was just teasing you. It was a gross thing to say, sorry.”

Lexi felt a little insulted by what he just said. That thinking of her as an attractive woman was gross?

The day before the trip, Robert and Jean called them to let them know an emergency had come up on a future movie project and they would be delayed going to the island for a few days, but that they should still fly there tomorrow as planned. Lexi and Logan met at their parent’s house waiting for the car to pick them up to take them to the airport.

“Well Logan it looks like you are going to be trapped alone with your hot stepsister for a few days,” she smirked to tease him.

“Now you’re the one being gross,” he laughed at her.

In the back seat of the car on the way to the airport, he looked over at Lexi, who had fallen asleep, and thought that if she wasn’t his stepsister, he would want to date her. They connected with each other so effortlessly as friends, and as stepbrother and stepsister. She was so beautiful and smart, and he started feeling jealous of the men who had been able to be her lovers. He quickly got the thought out of his mind, since he knew these were foolish unrealistic thoughts.

When they arrived in Miami, they had to switch to a smaller plane for the trip to the small island. As they chatted in the plane about the two weeks ahead and what had been going on in their lives since the last time they met, Logan starting feeling like he was going on a romantic getaway with a lover, but quickly tried to bring his head back to the fact that he just had a great stepsister, who had also become a good friend, and he didn’t want to have anything happen that would ruin their relationship.

Lexi had opened her eyes briefly on the car ride to the airport and saw Logan looking at her in an odd way, but she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. Lately she felt nervous but excited whenever she was around him. On the plane ride to the island she also started fantasizing that she wished Logan was her boyfriend and she was also jealous of the stories the paparazzi wrote about Logan’s latest girlfriends. You could never tell if the stories were fake, and some stories were even created by the movie studios to hype the latest movie.

When the taxi dropped them off at the island house, they walked inside and marveled at how beautiful the house was. It was open and airy and decorated in a whimsical Caribbean style with bright bold colors. Each guest bedroom had its own bathroom and they acted like little children when they saw them.

“Logan, I call this bedroom. It’s bigger than the other one and the bathroom is bigger too!” She squealed as she dropped onto the soft fluffy bed.

“This one isn’t so bad either. I’ll be a gentleman and let you have the larger room. These rooms are pretty close together, so I hope you don’t snore,” he grinned at her.

“I snore very softly so you would only hear it if you were in my bed.” She didn’t mean it that way and her face turned beet red.

“Lexi, my girlfriend wouldn’t like me trying to find out if you snore and I am sure your boyfriend wouldn’t like it either,” he laughed.

“Lexi, let’s go to the beach tomorrow, but let’s go out tonight for a drink and dinner and come back and watch a movie.” They went into their bathrooms to shower and Logan finished his shower first. As he was walking past her bedroom to the kitchen to get a drink, he saw in the reflection of her bathroom mirror Lexi getting out of the shower. She was totally buff and thin, with barely any body fat. She was so beautiful with her clothes on, but naked she was even more gorgeous. He tried to look at her in a disconnected admiring way, like you would look at a statue of a naked woman in a museum, but he never wanted to have sex with a statue the way he started wanting to have sex with Lexi.

They took a taxi to a nearby restaurant, which was playing island music and serving local island dishes. They enjoyed a couple of drinks and dinner, but he felt so distracted talking to her. It was starting to feel like a romantic comedy movie, and they were playing the parts. Sometimes she would ask him something and his mind would drift off and she would feel that he wasn’t listening to her. He was kind of listening, but he was also mesmerized by her low cut sun dress and her tan skin contrasting against her long blonde hair.

Back at the house he asked her what type of movies she liked.

“I like romantic comedies. What do you like?”

“Well I like science fiction movies, but my girlfriend makes me watch romance movies. I’ll watch one if you’d like but you have to promise to keep your hands off me.”

Lexi didn’t even answer this time. She wasn’t sure anymore if he was acting, teasing or serious. She wasn’t sure about her own intentions either anymore. She picked out a movie and as it played, she realized it was very sexual. The male character liked the female character, but she was resisting his advances and he was kind of forcing her to have sex, but she secretly wanted him to. Lexi was very turned on by forced sex scenes in movies and wished her boyfriends were more dominant with her in bed. They treated her like a princess because they thought that was what she wanted.

“Logan, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know this movie was going to be so graphic. I hope you are not uncomfortable watching this with me.”

“Lexi, its okay. This movie is kind of cheesy and lighthearted even though it is basically softcore porn. I’ve never done nude scenes, so watching naked people have sex is not uncomfortable compared to actually having to be in a nude love scene in a movie.” As he watched the movie, he was getting turned on though, wishing it was him and Lexi in the movie together.

As they watched the movie, they got closer to each other during some car chase scenes and soon their knees were touching each other. Lexi was getting very wet and Logan had the start of a tent in his shorts. “Lexi, would you ever take off your clothes?”

She was shocked he said this and looked at him.

“For a movie I mean, silly.”

She was relieved and replied, “I don’t know. I am very self-conscious about my body. I am a little too fat and flabby to be naked on screen.”

“Lexi, you’re crazy. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You should only not do a nude scene if you think it is not crucial to the story.”

“You really think I am beautiful? You are very handsome. I can see why all the girls are all over you.”

“But not the right one yet,” he looked at her a little sadly.

They looked at each other for a while, then nervously looked back at the screen and enjoyed the rest of the movie. They fell asleep during the last five minutes and in the morning, they woke up and Lexi’s head was leaning on Logan’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Logan, we must have fallen asleep. I hope you don’t mind if I used you as a pillow.”

“You can use me anytime you want,” he smirked. She blushed and realized they might be heading down a dangerous road.

They had a quick breakfast, then put on their bathing suits to head down to the private beach. She did a twirl in front of him and said, “you finally get to see me wear my new suit. Are you sure I don’t look fat?”

“Lexi, you have to stop with that. If we were on a public beach today, I would want every guy to think you were my girlfriend, not my stepsister, so they would be jealous of me.”

“Do you wish I was your girlfriend?”

He didn’t answer, which was answer enough for her.

“I was only kidding Logan.”

They strolled down to the beach giggling, arm in arm and laid their towels in the pure white sand. “Let’s pretend we are boyfriend and girlfriend,” Lexi cooed.

“How do we do that?”

“Let’s put suntan lotion on each other’s backs and then we can throw a frisbee to each other and splash in the water.”

Logan laid on his stomach and Lexi squirted suntan lotion on his muscular back and legs and slowly rubbed it in. She started getting turned on as he groaned with his approval, and he started getting hard.

“My turn now Logan.”

She laid on her stomach and untied the back of her bikini top. As Logan got up, he had trouble getting his erection to subside. Lexi glanced backwards and noticed it and was scared that things had gone too far. She needed to put the brakes on.

He started rubbing the lotion on her back and legs. He thought she wanted him to go further so he started massaging the sides of her breasts. She quickly reacted and said, “Logan my back isn’t on my breasts. I’m your sister, the teasing between us was okay, but it isn’t going any further.”

“Sorry Lexi, my hands slipped. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He switched to her legs. He was starting to lose control and his cock was now rock hard. As he heard her moans of approval for the massage, he inched his hands up closer and closer to her crotch, but she reacted again. “Logan, the sun doesn’t get inside my bikini bottoms. I’m your sister, not one of your Hollywood whores.”

Logan was shocked she would say something so mean. “Lexi, I’m sorry, I lost my head. I forgot you were my stepsister for a minute there. My girlfriend isn’t a whore though. She is a very nice girl.”

“Logan, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

They got up and played frisbee and also threw a football back and forth. This was a G rated version of boyfriend and girlfriend beach fun. They decided to cool off and went into the water and splashed each other and laughed louder and louder as they got rougher and rougher. They were finally standing close to each other, face to face, and she knew he wanted to kiss her.

“Logan, no. Please don’t kiss me. Someone down the beach or on a boat might see us. I’m your sister too.”

“Do you not want me to kiss me because someone might see or because it would feel weird that you’re my stepsister?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well we could do make some Hollywood magic where the audience doesn’t see what is going on behind the scenes.”

“Logan, what do you mean by that?”

He reached beneath the water and slipped his hand into her bikini bottoms and found her bare slit with his finger. She looked at him with a look of shock on her face. “Logan, please get your hand out of my pants. You have a girlfriend and I’m your sister.”

“You’re actually my stepsister, and I broke up with my girlfriend.”

“When did you break up with her?”

“When I call her tonight after we get out of the water.”

He started rubbing up and down her slit and massaging her now engorged clit. “Logan, please don’t do this. What if someone finds out. This could ruin our family, our careers and our relationship.” He was now sawing his fingers in and out of her like it was his cock penetrating her. She wanted to wrap her arms around his neck tight and kiss him, but was afraid someone would see, so she just stood still in the water, as his relentless fingers ravaged her tight pussy.

She just stared at him with a vacant look as he stared back at her trying to communicate to her how much he wanted her. She started breathing heavier and heavier and was afraid someone would hear her cry out in pleasure. She opened her mouth and clamped her mouth softly on his shoulder, as a powerful orgasm rocked her body and she shuddered like a dog shakes off water when getting out of a tub.

She started crying softly as her orgasm subsided and Logan got scared. “Lexi, are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No, it was just the best orgasm I ever had, and I am not a good enough of an actor to pretend it wasn’t, so my feelings just overcame me.”

Logan reached down into the water and pulled his trunks down nonchalantly, so if anyone was in the distance looking at them, they would not notice, and he guided Lexi’s small hand to wrap her fingers around his thick cock. He never felt so hard in his life and never anticipated a simple hand job with such excitement before.

Lexi looked into his eyes and smiled as she gently tugged on his cock and then swirled her hand around the hard shaft. She also gently tickled his balls. She wanted to give him the best hand job he ever had, better than those Hollywood bimbos that he dates. He looked around to make sure no one in a passing boat or neighboring beach could see him, as his breathing started to become labored. It was his turn to put his head on her shoulder to stifle the orgasm that soon overcame him.

Lexi could see his cum shooting out into the clear water as she looked down. He smiled at her, but they both grew nervous about the line they had just crossed. They walked together out of the water as if nothing had happened and dejectedly got their towels and walked back up to the house. “Logan, I hope we got that out of our systems. That was a moment we just shared together, but we have to stop. It is not morally wrong for us to have a relationship, but it feels weird and it would especially feel weird if the public found out.”

“You’re right Lexi. Let’s go out tonight like we used to as friends and find some other people to hang around with, and let’s just forget about what just happened.”

They dressed up in their best party clothes and went out to a restaurant with live music. They found other people their age to talk to and everyone danced around drunkenly well into the night. They didn’t look like a couple anymore. They did a great acting job of looking like two people who had just casually met. They took a taxi back to the house in silence and realized they had way too much rum. They said their good nights and staggered into their bedrooms. Logan thought it would be good to take a shower after sweating all night.

As he sat on the bench in the large shower enclosure, he closed his eyes and thought about how it felt when Lexi was lovingly stroking his dick. He smiled and grew hard, but soon felt something touching his leg. He opened his eyes and was shocked to see Lexi in front of him on her knees, naked and wet from her own shower. “Lexi, what are you doing in here? We said we would stop. We can’t have a relationship.”

“I know that Logan. But I just want to have your cock in my mouth just once. No one will ever know.”

She leaned into him with an open mouth, but he tried to push her head away. “Lexi, someone will find out.”

“What’s the matter. Don’t you think I am as pretty as your former bimbo girlfriend? You did break up with that bitch before we went dancing, didn’t you?”

“I did break up with her, but you still have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t anymore. I just called him to tell him its over.” He looked at her in shock. He thought she was going to marry her latest boyfriend. That’s what the tabloids had been writing for months.

“That doesn’t matter, Lexi. You’ll ruin your career if someone finds out you’re having sex with your stepbrother.”

It was too late though. She had his cock now engulfed in her warm mouth and was sucking on it hard. He just laid back on the bench and savored the feeling of his stepsister sucking hard on his rigid penis. Lexi wanted to make him feel like no one else should ever suck his cock again but her. She kept sucking, then stuck her finger up his ass and started massaging his prostrate. She had done this once before for a boyfriend who liked that, but Logan had never had a woman do that to him. He came with a roar into her mouth with a huge load.

Lexi greedily swallowed every drop, licking her lips to catch a small amount that had dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. She didn’t give him any time to react. She straddled his chest like a wild woman and lowered her bald pussy to his waiting mouth. “Logan, please lick my pussy. I don’t care if you never do it again, I just need to feel your tongue in me once.” He couldn’t believe how beautiful Lexi looked writhing above him as she massaged her small breasts with a look of abandon on her face.

She was kind of numb from all the liquor and it took a while for her orgasm to build. He alternated between his tongue and his fingers in her tight snatch, until she squeezed her legs around his head until he thought he would pass out. She shuddered with ecstasy, emotionally and physically spent. She got up and staggered back to her bedroom and passed out on her bed. He wasn’t sure if she had blacked out and didn’t even consciously know they just had oral sex. He lovingly put a blanket on her naked body and kissed her on her forehead. “Good night my sweet princess. This may all seem a dream to you tomorrow.”

They woke up the next morning and both had foggy memories of the night before. It was like a walk of shame just going from the bedroom to the breakfast table. They sat in silence eating breakfast, trying to pretend like nothing happened, and wondering if they could put the genie back in the bottle.

Logan wanted to cut the tension in the room. “Hey Lexi, why don’t we take the boat out for a cruise. We can pack a lunch. It will be a lot of fun.”

“That sounds like a great idea. Let’s get our swimsuits on and go.” Lexi thought it would be safe that they would be near other people on boats who could see them, so neither one of them would try to start anything going again. She was going to put on a different swimsuit that was more modest than the floral print string bikini she wore yesterday when Logan lost control, but she put it on anyway. At least she could provide Logan memories, in lieu of any action. She could also remind him that she was just as hot as his floozy girlfriends.

When Logan saw her in the bikini, he started flashing back to memories of the day before but resigned himself to the fact that the girl he wanted more than anyone he had ever wanted could never be his. They slowly pulled away from the dock and started cruising around their section of the island. They waved to people they passed on their boat and wondered if any of the people recognized them from their movies. It didn’t matter though, since they just looked like friends, or a brother and sister having a fun day on the water.

After lunch they laid on the deck sunning themselves, but realized they were getting too much sun. The boat had a large forward cabin with a small kitchen, bathroom and a double bed. They laid on the bed and chatted breezily about how much fun they were having just hanging out together.

But Logan realized no one could see them hidden in the cabin and he started fantasizing about Lexi as he spoke to her. He thought he would tease her and see her reaction, to see if he could get what he hoped he could have, even if just once. “Lexi, it seemed like when we were watching the movie the other night you got excited when the man forced the woman to have sex,” he joked to her.

Her face turned red, but she kidded back and replied, “it seems like you liked it too.”

“I would never do something like that to a woman though, unless I thought she wanted me to.”

“I could see that. You seem somewhat passive with a woman sometimes. I don’t mean that as an insult. You are a gentleman. Any forceful man would not let me stop them from having sex being alone here with me.”

“Lexi, sometimes over the last few years I thought you were being a cock tease to me, to get me all riled up, but I thought I was just imagining it. But it was true. You aren’t that good an actor.”

“Not that good an actor,” she shouted in anger. “How dare you say that. I could fool you into thinking I wanted to have sex with you anytime I wanted to. I was actually teasing you the last three years just to see if you were man enough to react, but you didn’t. I showed you last night who is going to decide if you get anything from your stepsister. And we’ve gone far enough. You’ll never force me, it’s not in you.”

Logan became enraged. “I’ll show you who is going to decide about this relationship.” He ripped at her bikini top exposing her perky breasts.

“Logan, I can’t believe you did that. Get out of the cabin now so I can get dressed,” she shouted.

“No, I won’t. There’s some things we haven’t done yet.”

“I know, but we aren’t having sex.”

“I know that, but what I meant is we haven’t kissed.”

She looked at him and realized he was right. He didn’t give her time to react and pulled her towards him and held her down on the bed as he tried to kiss her. She turned her head away, so he kissed his way down her neck and started sucking on one breast while he pinched and tugged on the nipple of the other breast with his fingers. She started reacting and he kissed his way up her neck again until their lips met. His tongue met hers and she felt his passion and his frustration at not being able to be with her. She pushed him away again.

“Logan, we need to stop. What are you going to force me to have sex? What kind of a creep are you?”

“A creep that is going to fuck his stepsister whether she likes it or not. He pulled the strings on her bikini bottoms, as she tried to cover her sex from him. He plunged his hand into her now wet pussy and shouted, “why are you so wet if you don’t want it?”

She spit in his face and said, “go ahead and just do it you coward. Your other girlfriends just spread their legs for you, but I’m not easy like that.”

He became more enraged and pulled down his swim trunks and pried her legs apart. He wanted to fuck his stepsister so hard she couldn’t walk for a week. “You’re going to be easy by tonight. I took Viagra this morning since I had every plan to make you mine today. Those douche Hollywood boyfriends of yours are not good enough to be with you.”

He rubbed his cock up and down her slit a few times and plunged it into her as she struggled to get him off her. He grabbed her head with both hands and made her look into his eyes as he thrusted in and out of her. “Lexi, I want you to see me as I make you mine.”

She started crying, “Logan, we can’t be together. We’ll ruin our careers. Please stop.”

“I don’t care anymore. Get up on your hands and knees. I am going to be your personal trainer from now on. You won’t need diets and yoga anymore. You’ll burn enough calories getting your pussy fucked all day long.” She tentatively got on her hands and knees and he re-entered her from behind, slamming into her. He started spanking her ass and pulling on her long ponytail. She grunted and groaned in ecstasy as he reamed her out.

He looked at her cute little rosebud but didn’t know if she ever had anal sex. That would have to wait until another time. He continued to pound her soaking vagina hard as he shouted, “I bet you wanted me to force you, not like those pencil dick pretty boys you date who put you on a pedestal.” Their bodies locked into a grinding rhythm and she thought she would pass out, as he lightly choked her as he rocked her back and forth. Her pussy gripped his cock hard and they soon came together. His fluids slowly leaked out of her as he withdrew firm her gaping and red tunnel.

They collapsed on the bed and he started weeping. “Lexi, I’m so sorry I forced you like that. This isn’t the way I wanted it to be with you.”

She smiled at him and said, “so you don’t think I am a good actor? I wanted you to force me to have sex for the last three years. It took a while for you to get the hint.”

“So, you’re not mad at me?”

“I’ll forgive you depending upon how many times you are able to make love to me today.” Logan was glad he took the little blue pill. His stepsister had every intention of wearing him out the rest of the day.

“Logan, how are we going to hide our relationship from everyone?”

“We’ll just have to become better actors.”

They spent the rest of the day on the boat enjoying each other’s bodies. After their day on the boat, they stayed in that night. They had gaziantep escort a romantic candlelit dinner and watched the move again where the guy forced the woman to have sex, but then loved it at the end. They snuggled in bed but were too drained from the sun and sore from making love all day to have sex again.

Logan woke up first and looked over at his stepsister and was so happy they were now a couple. He knew her pussy was sore from all the sex yesterday, but when the sheet shifted he saw her cute little ass and realized there was one thing they hadn’t done yet, but he still wasn’t sure if she liked anal. He reached over to his travel bag on the nightstand and took out some lube he always took on vacation trips with his Hollywood girlfriends. He spread the lube on his now stiff cock and snuggled up behind Lexi.

“Wake up sleepy head. I have a big surprise for you.” She slowly woke up and felt his hard prick poking her backside.

“Hey Logan, I’m tired and my pussy is sore from yesterday. Our parents aren’t coming until late tonight. Maybe we can fit in one more session later when I’m feeling better.”

He rolled her over onto her stomach, which puzzled her. “We don’t need your pussy to fuck again. It’s time for you to give me that cute asshole of yours. I bet you love anal like my other girlfriends do.”

Lexi panicked and started struggled to get out from under him. “No Logan! I don’t do anal. I’m a virgin back there and intend to stay that way.”

“Are you just acting again? How could you have made it to 27 years old with such a gorgeous ass and not have one of your boyfriends get his cock in there? I love anal and we are going to be doing a lot of it, so stop teasing me.”

“Logan, I’m not acting, please believe me!”

He spread her butt cheeks and held her down as he massaged her ass hole to open it open. Lexi felt scared, but insecure that his other girlfriends gave him anal sex and he liked it so much, so she wanted to give him anal sex too.

“Okay Logan, but please be gentle, I’ve really never done this before.”

“Good acting Lexi.” He positioned his cock to her virgin opening and pushed pass her ring quickly. She had a look on her face of surprise and pain but bit her lip and tried not to cry out from the pain. Logan thought she really was acting because she didn’t say anything. He kept pumping in and out of her no longer virgin ass, which was gripping his penis like a vise. She wanted to get him to come quickly to stop the pain though, so she wanted to turn him on more.

“Come on, Logan is that the best you can do?” she said loudly as she grimaced in pain. “I bet your other girlfriends don’t have an ass as cute as mine. Fuck my ass harder, I want you to own every part of me.” Lexi actually got excited egging him on and reached down to rub her clit as he continued to pound her. She started enjoying Logan doing something to her no one else had ever done and wish he had been the first to penetrate her vagina but was glad he was at least the first to claim her ass as his.

They both came together hard and after he pulled out, he chuckled to her, “that was your best acting yet Lexi! I really thought you were an anal virgin.”

“Logan, I wasn’t acting. I never had anal sex before, I was afraid.”

“Oh no. Did I hurt you?”

“It hurt at first, but I loved it by the time you finished, and it turned me on that you wouldn’t let me say no.”

“Lexi, this fantasy stuff has been great, but in real life I would never force you to do anything you don’t want to do, you know that right?”

“Of course. Acting out our aggressive fantasies with each other is fun, but I know you are not acting when you told me last night that you love me.”

“I love you so much Lexi and I want you to be my wife. But how are we going to tell our parents about us?”

They got cleaned up and went back into bed naked and got under the sheet to just cuddle. Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened, and Logan’s father Robert and Lexi’s mother Jean walked in with a surprised look on their faces. They had been able to catch an earlier flight and thought it would be nice to surprise Logan and Lexi to be able to spend a beach day with them.

Logan was upset that Lexi’s mother might think he forced Lexi to have sex. “Jean I can explain. I didn’t force Lexi, we both wanted to have sex. We couldn’t help it. We’ve been fighting our attraction to each other for a long time, but we’re in love and want to be together. This isn’t about a stepbrother winning a conquest with his stepsister, I swear!”

Lexi’s mother smiled at Logan and slyly replied, “of course I know you didn’t force her. There is nothing morally wrong with this. You are only related by marriage, are way above legal age and didn’t grow up together to form any type of sibling bond. Besides, you are both pretty shitty actors.”

Logan got insulted and replied, “what do you mean by that?”

“It has been obvious to us and your friends that you two have been crazy about each other for a long time. We don’t have a problem with it and some of your friends have teased us about when you two are going to stop acting with each other and get real.”

Lexi looked relieved. “Mom, what is going to happen when the public finds out about us?”

“Well you have formed a new version of the 27 club.”

“What’s that?”

“27 is the age where a lot of rock stars like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse died.”

“What does that have to do with us?”

“Nothing. You are just making a new club where 27 is the age where a stepbrother and stepsister fall in love,” she laughed. “You will just be the first publicly known members of this new club in our industry.”

Logan looked concerned. “Is this going to ruin our careers? Some people might be offended about our relationship.”

Robert replied, “it is a little unusual and some conservative people might think it is weird but considering the kinky things that happen with people in our industry, this is pretty tame stuff.”

Jean added, “you two have such unbelievable chemistry together. We should star you two in a movie together as a couple. We would need to do a more PG-13 version of it though,” she grinned.

Lexi looked concerned about this idea and replied to her mom, “haven’t some couples who starred together in a movie or TV show together ended up getting divorced because they saw flaws in their relationship looking at themselves on screen?”

“I think those situations showed their chemistry together as a couple was not great. But you two are different.”

Lexi looked back at her, then nodded her head in agreement. “I trust your judgement. Let’s roll the dice on this. Pursuing acting as a profession you have to be a gambler anyway.”

The movie called ‘Acting Out’ starring Logan and Lexi became a big smash hit and there was no tabloid or public outrage about their relationship. Logan and Lexi were a little surprised and got together with their parents for a celebration dinner.

Logan said to Lexi’s mother, “I guess people liked our acting in the movie. Lexi and I took some method acting classes and really tried to get into the roles to make them believable.”

She replied, “no that’s not it. The audience was drawn to the movie even though both of your acting performances were terrible acting. The worst I’ve ever seen.”

He looked at her sheepishly. “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Logan’s dad interjected. “Logan, you misinterpreted what she meant. The audience loved the movie because you two weren’t acting. They saw how much in love you two are and how well you fit together. All the men wanted to be you and all the women wanted to be Lexi.”

“I think you’re right. That is a pretty large demographic. No wonder the movie did so well.”

Lexi started smiling at everyone. “I think there is a sub-demographic that you are all missing that helped at the box office.”

They looked at Lexi with a puzzled look. She laughed, “there are a lot of men who fantasize about their hot stepsister. There are also a lot of women who fantasize about their hot stepbrother. I have a feeling those audience members saw the movie multiple times. When it comes out on video, I think it will do even better when people can view it in the privacy of their own homes, if you know what I mean.”

Logan suddenly stood up and said to their parents, “Lexi and I need go now.”

Lexi looked at him and asked what the rush was. “Lexi, all this talk about hot stepsisters makes me want to make a sequel to the movie, and we need to practice our roles starting tonight. I think it will take many takes to get it right.” He took her by the hand, and she knew was going to get a long and hard work out from her new personal trainer tonight.

“Logan, what is the name of the sequel we are going to be start making?”

“Our new project that will be done in about nine months and it will be called either Little Logan or Little Lexi,” he laughed.

Lexi’s mom and Logan’s dad looked at each other and smiled. This was a second-generation movie family. They knew that it was going to become a third-generation movie family.

He looked at Lexi’s mom and said, “I feel bad that we lied to them about us getting delayed to join them on vacation, so they would have time to be alone and do what they needed to do.”

She looked back at him and winked, “we weren’t actually lying, it was just really good acting. That island house sure made for some real Hollywood magic.”

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