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Karen smiled as she slipped into bed, she had been longing for this moment all evening… She had been feeling horny all day and had started to play in the bath only for the phone to ring at the crucial moment, which left her even more frustrated.

She slowly slid her hands over her breasts and circled her nipples until they stood proud and erect. She trembled slightly with anticipation as her hands travelled further down across her neatly clipped bush towards her pussy. She ran her finger up and down the slick wet lips and gently rubbed her clit.

Her fingers weren’t going to be enough tonight she decided, time to try that special toy from the Ann Summers party. A special prototype the woman said and the only one in the country. She reached in into the drawer of the bedside cabinet and took out what looked like an action man doll. She smiled as she looked at it. The muscular body, dark hair and steel blue eyes, at only 12 inches tall it wasn’t going to do much good. But this was an action man with a difference the woman said. When Karen asked what, she just said she would find out soon enough..

Feeling around it, Karen found a button in the middle of it’s back so she pressed almanbahis it. Suddenly the figure started to grow and with a few seconds action man was now a full size man. This was more like it she thought.

Excitement rushed through her body as he leant across and slowly and softly kissed he lips whilst stroking the side of her face. She put her arms around his muscular back as he started to kiss her neck and shoulders. Returning to her lips he started to stroke her breasts and gently circled her nipples as they stiffened and stood proud.

Her pussy began to tingle reminding her that it needs attention to, so she gently pushed his shoulder downwards and he got the message. Planting a trail of kisses down her body, his mouth closer to her pussy, he teased for a moment working his way up and down her thighs before finally sliding his tongue up and down her we slit. Oh she needed this so badly it wasn’t going to take long. He started to probe her pussy with his tongue pushing it an inch or so inside, but that wasn’t where she needed it and he knew! Moving her hips she made him home in on her now throbbing clitoris, “that’s it really hit the spot”, she thought.

Her almanbahis giriş thighs began to tremble as wave of pleasure spread outwards from he pussy until her whole body started to quiver. She reached down and pressed his head, pushing his tongue hard against her clitoris as her breathing quickened and her hips rocked up and down. She was in heaven and at that moment felt she wanted to feel like this all night.

But eventually she couldn’t any more and taking his head she gently guided him away and back up her body. He held he close, planting kisses on her mouth and neck as her body calmed after the raging storm. He had filed a need but she still wanted more.

Reaching down she found his cock and wrapped her hand around it. Nice and hard and about 8 inches long, just what she needed she thought as she guided it to her now extremely wet pussy. Slipped just the first inch or so inside he paused, so she thrust her hips up to meet him causing him to bury the full length inside. She gave a gasp of pleasure and held his buttocks so that he was still for a moment. She wanted to enjoy the sensation of being full of cock and the gentle throbbing of their almanbahis yeni giriş bodies.

He started to stroke his cock in and out of her pussy, like a piston in a well oiled machine, slowly at first but gently building up speed. She urged him to go slower and they settled into a steady rhythm. She pulled him tighter to her and he planted gentle kisses on her lips, shoulder and neck. She was heading to heaven again as her pussy started to throb and the contract, griping his cock as it slid in and out.

The kissing gave way to heavy breathing as she felt his cock contract and a hot sensation deep inside as he filled the depths of her pussy with his spunk. Wave of pleasure swept her body as he triggered another orgasm, this one more intense than the first, causing her to wrap herself tight around him and pull him closer still, almost trying to make their bodies merge as one.

As her orgasm subsided he slowed his pace and held her. Tightly at first and then more gently as she felt his cock relax and slide out of her still tingling pussy. She lay there hugging him for a while as her body relaxed and the sensations subsided.

Feeling tired she knew she would sleep well tonight. She reached around his back and pressed the button again. Back to doll sized now; she picked him up and popped him back in the drawer. The perfect man she thought, ready when you want and easy to get rid of when you don’t. Just wait till she told her friends….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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