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Female Ejaculation

Chapter 10 – Making Amends

“Can I have your attention, please? Quiet, please.” The DJ stated. “Can everyone please sit down? We need those spotlights.” There was a bit of laughter. “Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, this afternoon, Steven Franklin Ames and Adam Daniel Cort married. I’m pleased to announce our new couple, Adam and Steve Ames.” There was applause all around, except for one person who looked at his wife, and she could feel his piercing eyes.

After the introductions and everyone started eating, Daniel Adam Cort stood up. He walked out of the tent with Carol on his heels. “Damn it, Dan, why can’t you just be here for our son?”

“He won’t want me here.”

“What?” Carol was taken aback by that response.

“We don’t need to ruin his day.”

“He already knows we’re here,” Carol stated, and Daniel looked at her in shock. “He wasn’t the one that invited us. It was an accident on Marie’s part. She didn’t know we were his parents.”

“Oh.” Daniel stood there are a moment. “How does he know we are here?”

“I asked to talk to him, which is why I was missing for a few minutes. Dan, let’s eat, and we can talk about this.”

When they walked back in, they found that the best men were getting up to do their speeches. Jeff and Teddy went to grab the mic and laughed, and so did a few others.

“I told Teddy I wanted to go first. That he could wait, my speech was probably shorter than his.” He got a look from Teddy, and he handed him the mic. Teddy laughed and handed it back to Jeff. “Adam will always be Coach to me. It’s still hard to call him Adam. Even though we’ve been at Steve’s house a lot these last few years. Coach Cort, there were a lot of us rooting for this relationship. We even had to enact Operation: Move the Line to get it back on track.” A handful of people that knew about the kidnapping laughed, including Adam and Steve. “Oh, I almost forgot. Sarah?” She handed him two teddy bears, both with footballs. Jeff gave one to Adam and Steve, and they smiled and kissed one another. “Adam, Steve, we love you. We don’t ever want to have to do another Operation: Move the Line, again.”

“You won’t, Jeff.” Adam chuckled as Steve squeezed his thigh.

“Is it my turn now?” Teddy got up and smiled. “Steve, he’s my best friend, my Uncle, and best of all, my Dad. This speech is about Adam as well. I was jealous of Coach Adam Cort. He became the love interest of my Uncle Steve, and I was scared he would take him from me and move me back to my mom’s or the mansion. When they broke up, oh God did everyone suffer around them.”

There was a slideshow behind Adam and Steve, which they didn’t realize. “Operation: Move the Line. We kidnapped both Adam and Steve after a football game.” On the wall, they had two pictures of Adam in the back seat of Marc’s car and Steve tied up in Teddy’s. Everyone started laughing. “It was easier to get Adam in the car than Steve because Adam thought he was meeting the football team at the pizza place to celebrate the win. Steve, on the other hand, we had to tie up.” Then there was a picture of the football team and the other accomplices. “We took them to a cabin for forty-eight hours without phones or a way to leave. They didn’t even know where they were.” A picture of the outside of the cabin.

A picture of all the flowers, balloons, and bears. “After we had left them the next day at Adam’s house, these all arrived for him. Apparently, my Uncle had already set his own Operation to start his apology to try to get Adam and him to talk.” Adam and Steve turned around for the first time and shook their heads.

“I’m glad they are together. I love you both, and I’m happy to be able to call you both Dad.” Both Teddy and Jeff hugged them before sitting down.

The night seemed to pass by quickly for Adam and Steve, and they walked out and waved goodnight to everyone. They were just heading home for the night and then off the next day to Europe for a month.


“Sir, Judge Daniel Cort is here to see you.” The manager of the house knocked on Frank Ames’ study.

“Show him in, and please bring coffee, Randall,” Frank said, then turned his attention back to finish the line he was writing and closed the file. Standing, he looked at the door as Daniel came through. “Dan, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

“How long have you known Adam?”

“Almost four years now.” Frank motioned for Daniel to sit down in the sitting area of his study. “Dan, you never had anything against my son Steven being gay all these years. Why Adam?”

“Honestly, I fucked up and couldn’t take it back.” Dan hung his head. “I was so mad that I punched Adam. I told him to get out of my house and never return.”

“Why?” Frank asked.

“He was male, all male. He showed no signs. I know there are never Seniors or Juniors in my family, but he was supposed to carry on the tradition.” Daniel stated, and Frank understood. He knew the tradition in Dan’s family. The firstborn son always takes the name and flips it. Daniel and Adam have been flipped back and forth istanbul travesti from father to son for generations in the Cort family, and it will end with Adam.

“So you killed your relationship with your son because of a tradition,” Frank asked.

“I told you I fucked up.” Dan sat there for a minute. “Frank, can you tell me about him? I have seen him from afar because I have gone to the games for twelve years.”

“Dan, do you want to talk to him? They will be back from their honeymoon in three weeks.” Frank asked.

“I don’t think he’ll talk to me. Shit, I took everything away from him.”

“Let him make the decision. I’ll ask him, and if he’s willing, Marie and I will set up a dinner or something for all of us.” Frank stated, and Daniel nodded and went to get up but stopped. “What is it, Dan?”

“May I ask you a few things, and will you tell me the truth?” Daniel asked.

“Depends on what it is.”

“Adam’s health, I’ve heard rumors.”

“Nothing too serious. He does have an issue with his heart. He is seeing an excellent doctor, and besides that, he’s good physically.” Frank confirmed. “What else?” Frank could see that Daniel was hemming and hawing over something.

“His buddy Kip.”

“Don’t ask anything about that case, please.”

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“I’m involved in that case. I can’t discuss it.” Frank stated.

“I was asking about Adam, not.”

“Dan, look at me.” Dan looked Frank in the eyes. “I was a lawyer with my son in that case. We can’t discuss it without the client’s permission.” Dan closed his eyes and nodded. Frank knew if Dan wanted, he could get a hold of the case and read all about the assaults and victims.

“Frank, walk with me outside, please.” Daniel and Frank walked out the study’s door to the garden. “I know I can’t claim to be Adam’s father because I gave that right up fourteen years ago. But humor me and talk to me, father to father here, not a lawyer to judge.”

“Without giving up too much information,” Frank stated. “Dan, you know as I do. Rape changes a person. Steve still says Adam is not the same as he was two years ago.”

“Shit. I knew he was involved. I didn’t want to get a hold of it.” Daniel said. Frank knew he was talking about the case. “No matter how private cases are, something always gets out, doesn’t it?”

“Sadly, yes.” Frank agreed.

“I won’t take up any more of your time, Frank. I don’t think he will see me.”

“You never know, Dan. Time sometimes helps. Look, you’re asking about him.”


The limo pulls up outside Adam and Steve’s home, and the driver gets out. He takes the luggage and items from the trunk to the front door. It opens, and Teddy, Jeff, and the driver take everything into the house. The back of the limo still hasn’t opened.

When the limo doors opened, Steve got out on one side and Adam on the other. Adam started walking down the street as Steve walked up to the door. Teddy and Jeff just looked at the two split. “What just happened?”

“Leave it be, Teddy,” Steve said sternly as he walked by them. He abruptly stopped when he saw all the wedding gifts and hung his head. Turned around and walked down the street, following Adam. He found him sitting on the corner with his back against someone’s low brick-fenced yard.

“I like where we live. I like our privacy. I don’t want to move and have a full-time waitstaff. I love you, Steve. If you love me, don’t do this.”

“I was thinking about it. I don’t want you to have to do things when I’m not around.”

“I’ve done them for the last fourteen-plus years. I can answer my own front door. You can too.” Adam smiled, and Steve chuckled.

“Can we please talk about it back at the house? I love you, Mr. Ames.” Steve kissed Adam when he rose.

“That’s going to take me a bit to get used to.” Adam chuckled. “I’m going to be Coach Ames now.” He pulled Steve into a hug after he stood.

“You could always keep your last name,” Steve stated.

“What for? My Dad doesn’t want me. Why keep his name?” Adam stated frankly. “I love you, so why not take your name.”

“I love you too, and thanks, I guess.” Steve laughed.

“You know what I mean.” Adam pulled him in for a kiss as they walked up the walkway to the house. When they walked in, Adam saw all the gifts. “Holy.”

“Yeah, I know. Maybe we can donate some or upgrade depending on what they are.” Steve laughed.

Teddy walked back in, “Is it safe now?” Both of them nod. “I won’t ask because I’m sure I will find out what you’re mad about. But I wanted to give you the stack of envelopes from the wedding.” He hands the stack to Adam because he is the closest. “Again, congratulations, and you two can’t fight yet.”

Adam laughed, “We have our reason on this one.”

“Yeah, if I go through with it without Adam’s okay, then I won’t be having sex for at least a month.” Steve looked at Adam, and Adam used his thumb to motion to raise the number. “Two.” Adam did the jester again. “Six?” Adam did it again. “What?”

“Try more than a istanbul travestileri year,” Adam responded.

“There is no way you would hold out,” Steve stated with a smile.

“I would and even make you suffer. I would masturbate right in front of you.” Adam smiled evilly as he walked out of the room and down the hall to theirs.

“What did you two fight about?” Teddy asked.

Steve took a deep breath, blowing it out. “I was going to buy us a new house near the mansion and hire a full-time staff. I wanted him to be closer to work and taken care of when I was out of town.” Steve answered.

“Oh, you know the coach is simple right? He liked that you have your down-to-earth side. He knows he can’t take you from the wealthy world because that is what you were born into, but he fell in love with this part. One day it may change, maybe when you two are older. But Steve, you two are still in your thirties. Give it some time.”

“This is coming from my eighteen-year-old.” Steve laughs. “Thanks, and I’m forty, thank you very much.” Steve laughed. Steve followed Adam to the bedroom and found him lying in bed. “Why did you put the cards on my side of the bed?”

“I figured I would lay on your lap as you open them.” Adam chuckled. He had ulterior motives. Steve turned around and left the room to his office, grabbing his letter opener. When he returned, he sat it on the stack and walked into the bathroom, taking a few minutes before returning naked. They haven’t slept in clothes since getting married, and he was hoping that Adam didn’t put boxers on.

When Steve sat down in the bed, he propped his pillows up against the headboard and sat up against them. Adam did the same. He sat next to Steve because Steve was prim and proper about opening the envelopes. This made Adam smile, he almost let a chuckle out, but he knew that would irritate Steve.

The first card had five hundred dollars in it. Adam read it as Steve had, the same as the second card. “Please tell me that all the cards will not have this much money.”

“Honey, you know they are. You have been to…. Never mind, I forgot you haven’t.” Steve was happy that Teddy knocked on the door before Adam could remark on his comment. “What did you need, Teddy?”

“Did you want me to bring your gifts in here?” Teddy smiled.

Steve chuckled, “No, we’ll open them tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on, I’ve been waiting all summer to see what you guys got,” Teddy whined as Adam and Steve laughed at him.

“Leave the room for a minute and close the door. We’ll call you back in, in a second.” Teddy did as he was told. “How about letting the boys open them. You know how much they love to open gifts.” Steve laughed and agreed. “Teddy.” They had to wait a minute because Teddy didn’t come back in. “How about Jeff and you opened them?”



“Cool. Be right back.”

“What is he doing?” Steve asked, but it didn’t take a few minutes to find out when Jeff and Teddy came barging into their room with a handful of presents each, sat down on the floor, and started opening them.

Adam and Steve stopped opening cards to watch Teddy and Jeff. They just shook their heads. “Steve, do you still smoke cigars?”

“Every once in a blue moon, did someone give us some?” Adam looked at Steve because he had never seen Steve smoke, but he didn’t go with him when he spent time with Frank or when he went to London.

“A nice wooden box. Oh, how cool. We have an espresso machine now.” Teddy looked at a box that Jeff had opened.

“Just in time for you not to get to use it.” Steve chuckled. “It’s all mine.”

“Yeah, that sucks. Not even the coach drinks it. He’s straight coffee.”

Adam scooted down in bed and laid his head on Steve’s lap because he knew most gifts would be catered towards Steve, not him. Teddy handed Steve over a pen set that he opened. Steve liked it and set it aside. Adam smiled and nodded that it was nice.

Jeff ran out to the living room to retrieve a few more gifts, and by this time, Adam had just had his eyes closed. Teddy, Jeff, and Steve were enjoying looking at everything. Steve asked that when something was opened, they put what it was on the back of the card attached to the present.

“Steve, this present doesn’t have a card. It just says to Adam and Steve Ames.” Teddy went to unwrap it. “Oh wait, I remember this one. The man brought the gift this week. I just tossed the card into the pile. He thought you would be home. I can see if I can recognize it.” Steve handed the pile of cards to Teddy, and Teddy gave the gift to Jeff to finish unwrapping.

In the box were two tickets for four Rams home games, one for each month from September through December. “Holy shit, Coach, you got some awesome seats to some excellent games. Chargers, Packers, Seahawks, and 49ers. If Steve doesn’t want to go, can you fly me home for the games?” Jeff asked.

“If he takes anyone to the games, it will be me,” Steve responded before Teddy could start anything because he looked at the look that travesti istanbul Teddy was giving Jeff. Teddy found the card and sat it on top and handed the stack back to them.

Teddy took the tickets from Jeff so he could get the next item out of the box. “Hey, these are someone’s season tickets.”

“Yeah, they would have to be, Teddy,” Adam spoke.

Then Jeff pulled out another box with a protected rookie card with a desk mount to go with it. “Holy fuck, it’s Joe Montana’s….”

“Pack everything up,” Adam said.

“What, why?” Jeff asked.

“It’s going back to the person,” Adam stated in a harsh tone.

“Do you know who sent it?” Steve asked as he was about to open the card. Adam took the card and set it aside.

“Yes, let’s move on to the next,” Adam asked.

“Boys, we’ll finish opening the gifts tomorrow. Can you please leave us?” Teddy and Jeff nodded their heads and closed the door as they left. Steve turned to Adam. “Your father?”

“Yes, I knew once the card was opened. He was so proud of that card. He had it displayed on his desk along with his Joe Namath and Joe Greene cards at home. He would never allow me to touch any of them.”

“He must want to talk to you. He came to our home, Babe.”

“He can’t buy me with tickets and that fucking card.” Adam snapped back and then sat up to get out of bed.

“You talked to your mother. Why can’t you talk to your father?”

“There’s a difference between talking and bribing.”

“May I open…”

“Do whatever.” Adam got up, grabbed his shorts from the chair, and walked out the door to the deck.

Steve opened the card, and it was your standard congratulations on your marriage. Daniel Cort wrote on a business card, ‘Adam, I would like to talk.’

Steve, of course, calls his father before walking out to talk to Adam. He walked to the kitchen to grab them both a drink. “Hello Steven, how pissed are you?”

“Why should I be pissed?”

“Okay, maybe I should ask how pissed Adam is?” Frank thought he was calling about the Prenup.

“Oh, pissed, especially how Judge Cort tried to get Adam to talk to him.”

“Wait, what?” Frank was confused.

“What didn’t you know? What were you talking about?”

“Nothing, you will find out soon. I told Dan we would get you all together here. What did he do?”

“What do you mean you would get us all together there?” Steve asked. He didn’t realize Adam was standing behind him and could hear both sides of the conversation.

“Dan came to me a week after the wedding and asked about Adam. He wants to talk to him, just doesn’t know how. He’s even been going to the games for the last twelve years. So I suggested that I’ll get all of us here for dinner. Neutral ground.” Frank stated.

“Set it up,” Adam stated and walked back out of the room.

“Did you hear him?”

“Yes, Steve…” Frank cringed for a second. “There’s an envelope that’s addressed to both of you in your mother’s handwriting. As pissed as he sounds, don’t open that one tonight.”

“Do I want to know what’s in it?”

“Something he wanted, but you didn’t,” Frank stated.

“Mom put it through the shredder, didn’t she?”


Steve heard a lot of swearing from the bedroom. “Dad, I’ve got to go. I think he might have opened it.” Steve walked towards the bedroom, and Teddy and Jeff came out of theirs. Steve opened the door and found Adam in his running clothes. “Where are you going?”

“Out, if I stay here, I’m going to beat the living shit out of something. I might go over to my old house to work out.” Adam walked out.

Steve looked at the bed, and sure enough, Adam had opened the Prenup. Steve walked over and looked at what his mother had written. ‘Adam, I love you, but you don’t get this wish. Steve’s money is your money.’

“Steve, I’ve never heard Adam swear like that before,” Jeff stated. “I know he can’t at school but even here.”

“I know, between his father and what my mother did. It has pissed him off.” Steve went into the living room to wait for Adam to return and hoped it would be soon.

The longer Adam ran, the more lightheaded he felt to the point that he passed out. He woke up as he was placed on the gurney to be transported to the hospital. “Sir, we need to take you to the hospital. You hit your head.” The EMT said to Adam. “What’s your name, Sir?”

“Adam, Adam Cort, Ames, I just got married.”

They loaded Adam into the ambulance. “Can you call my husband?”

“Sure, Coach.” The officer was still standing next to the open doors. “What’s his number?”

“TJ?” Adam recognized the cop as one of his players long ago.

“Yeah,” He smiled. “Give me his number, and I’ll tell him where you’re heading.” Adam did before they shut the door and took off for the hospital.

Steve walked into the curtained-off space within an hour of Adam arriving at the hospital. “What happened, Babe?”

“I passed out….” Adam was interrupted when the ER doctor came in.

“Mr. Cort. Oh, I didn’t know you had someone in here.”

“This is my husband. Steven Ames.” Adam stated.

“Well, Mr. Cort, I highly recommend seeing your heart doctor as soon as possible. Your blood pressure has been fluctuating since you came in. But because of the reason you gave for it, that’s the reason I’m not going to keep you here overnight.”

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