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My best friend Adam’s parents had gone to Atlanta for the weekend and we were watching a porno flick in their living room. We’d known each other since we were five and at twenty we were best friends, always in and out of each other’s houses. Adam’s brother David had married a few years earlier and now Adam was the only one left at home. His father owned a one of the most successful construction businesses in the South and we both worked for him. We’d helped out since we were fourteen and we were put on the payroll fulltime when we turned eighteen.

I was watching Adam more than the movie. I’d participated in sports, had girlfriends, and lived the life of a macho straight guy but I was the only one who knew it was all a lie. I was in love with my best friend Adam Cochise and had been since we were kids. He was an Apache Indian and he was so striking he’d take your breath away with his tanned skin, long blue black hair, and dark eyes. I thought he was the cutest guy I’d ever seen when we were little kids and he grew into the most handsome man in the world. I wasn’t alone in my opinion, girls followed him around like he was a god.

Our relationship started out with us being just normal kids but in the second grade Adam had his first girlfriend. I was crushed but even then I knew about the awful queer perversion. Mom’s cousin Abner was a queer and he was not allowed in our home. Occasionally I’d hear the scornful laughter from my family and my father said it was a good thing the faggot had moved to San Francisco with all the other fags.

I think most gays know almost from the beginning that they’re not interested in girls the way the way other boys are, the way Adam was. Boys are required to walk the walk, talk the talk, be little men growing into grown me. A lot of it is just mostly an act for the world around them to witness. Boys are supposed to be boys, boys are supposed to be horny for girls, boys aren’t supposed to be able to survive without regular pussy. I knew Adam well enough to know that he was more interested in his life, his sports, almost anything more than his girlfriends but there was no way he would have ever admitted that. And I had no trouble modelling my own life after his, after my two older brothers, and all the other guys.

But there I was staring at Adam as he watched a slutty whore suck one of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen. The storyline was that she was a prostitute servicing a soldier on a weekend pass. I watched as Adam’s cock got bigger and bigger, swelling in his jeans until I thought his zipper was going to explode. His face was flushed and he was swallowing hard, all signs that he’d be masturbating if I hadn’t been there. We’d done a lot of things together but jerking off was not one of them.

“Goddamn, look at her tits,” he groaned. “Man, I’d love to shoot my load on them right about now.”

“So would I,” I said huskily.

I’d like to have you shoot your load in my mouth is what I was thinking.

I decided to up the ante a bit and started to rub my dick through my jeans. He didn’t look at me but I knew Adam was aware because he started to do the same. Boldly I unzipped my pants and slipped my hand inside.

“Damn, dude, this movie must be really getting to you,” he laughed nervously.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to need some paper towels in a minute, that or I need to get up and go to the bathroom.”

Adam reached over and took a roll of paper towels out the end table drawer.

“Here you go, Chris. I keep it here so I can jack off when I’m alone.”

Our eyes met and they were burning hot with lust. For an instant I thought there was a connection between us that would lead to sex but Adam looked away.

“Go for it, man,” he whispered.

He’d given me his blessing so I slipped my jeans down to my knees and started playing with my cock. At first he tried to ignore me but I knew it was getting to him.

“You’re really getting into it, man.”

His voice was like gravel, hoarse and deep.

“Go ahead, Adam, don’t make me do this all by myself,” I said softly.

It was all it took for him to stand up and drop his jeans and underwear to the floor. He went one better than me. He pulled his tee shirt off and was naked in front of me. His cock was rock hard, maybe eight or nine inches long and thick like a sausage. Above it was a huge blue black thatch of pubic curls and his balls hung low in a hairy sack. He looked over at me and grinned sheepishly before sitting down and beginning to jack off. Pearls of cum were popping out of his slit and he rubbed them over the glans.

I nearly lost it then, my balls were churning but I forced myself to hold back my orgasm thinking of the shame I would feel if I came first and Adam made fun of me. We’d always been the closest of friends but over the last few years I think he’d begun to suspect my feelings for him and they most definitely were not reciprocated. The embarrassment of being outed was enough to slow my orgasm down and I watched as Adam büyükesat escort seemed nearer to his.

“Oh, god, I wish that babe was here to suck my cock,” he croaked.

It took all of my power not to fall on my knees and suck it for him. Suddenly his semen exploded out his cock, spurting blast after blast over his chest, even onto his face and the back of the couch. I felt my orgasm coming and in that instant I ripped my tee shirt off and let it shoot over my torso.

“Here, don’t say I never gave you anything!” Adam laughed.

He swiped his finger in the cum on his stomach and wiped it on my lips before I could move. I sucked his finger into my mouth, cleaning it. Suddenly we heard a key opening the back door and with super speed we dressed and Adam was at the television snatching the DVD out of the player. As he casually walked toward the kitchen to divert the visitor I swallowed some of his cum that had shot onto the back of the couch, cleaning the rest with paper towels.

It was David, Adam’s older brother and he burst out laughing.

“Shit, I’ve never seen anyone looking guiltier than you two. What have you been up to? Watching porn again, Adam? Damn you two look like I walked in on you fucking.”

Adam started laughing with David and I nervously chuckled. David was a cool guy even if he was married to a tight assed cunt.

“You came just in time, David. Chris was about to go totally queer for my body,” he laughed.

I must have turned purple because both of them knew I didn’t think it was funny and I could see in Adam’s eyes that he knew he’d gone too far. There had been others in our past who had joked that I was his bitch and we’d always laughed it off but from the look on David’s face he knew the arrow had been shot close to home.

“Look, I need to get out of here, guys. My father expected me home half an hour ago.”

A lie, we all knew it was a lie. At twenty my parents didn’t give a damn when I came in at night. I looked at Adam one last time before I left and the look in his eyes had become arrogant, almost as if he was saying ‘get over it’.

That was on a Saturday night. Adam was not at work on Monday and no one offered a reason why he wasn’t there. Weeknights I’d been attending a vocational technical school and was only a week away from completing my certificate in woodworking, looking toward a future making furniture. My teacher said I was the most promising student he’d ever taught and I’d made a cabinet that had been given to the mayor’s office as a gift.

Adam didn’t show up for work until Thursday and he walked past me without speaking, only a cursory glance acknowledging that I existed. Fine, if he didn’t want to talk to me, then so be it. He was as involved in it as I was, his orgasm came first. I contented myself with that thought although in my heart I knew that I might have lost the friendship of the man I’d loved all my life.

Graduation was on Saturday and my parents and family attended, although reluctantly. My father was an attorney, a former JAG lawyer who had decided to move to his hometown and open up a practice with my grandfather. Granddad had died four years earlier leaving the business to my father and he was now practicing with my grandfather’s partner and my older brother, Josh. My brother Troy was getting his law degree and my sister Joan was the chemistry teacher at the high school. And then there was me, the youngest, getting a certificate in woodworking. I was a total disappointment to them and my father made no secret of it.

Part of my enjoyment at the Vo-Tech school had been one of my teachers, a total stud named Grant Harmon. He and I had become good friends and we both felt an electricity between us. However, Grant was thirty five and married. However, it didn’t alter the looks that passed between us and I somehow always knew one day it was going to the next level.

Adam was my passion but I’d known all along it was going nowhere because he was such a straight arrow. What a pitiful pun, an Indian who is a straight arrow, and one who now seemed to hate me. Grant was the macho ex-military man admired by everyone but I knew from the looks he gave me that he wasn’t everything he appeared to be. What might have appeared to others to be joking with me was flirting as far as I was concerned.

I was careful in my response to Grant’s flirting because his wife was my father’s legal secretary. I didn’t want any misunderstanding on my part or his because of the potential fallout so I decided he’d have to make the first move. One wrong move on my part would ruin my life and permanently end my relationship with my homophobic family.

Grant was a former Marine who had served in Iraq and was known for his passion for hunting and fishing. There was almost no way that anyone would blame him if I initiated an advance that he rejected. Plus he was a wonderful teacher who was well loved and admired throughout the community. He cebeci escort had an incredible talent for woodworking, particularly cabinet making, and a talent he passed on to me. I actually dreaded seeing the two year course end because I wouldn’t see him regularly anymore.

During a break on the last night of class I was standing at a urinal when Grant walked in and stood next to me. He chose to stand next to me when about twenty other urinals were available. I tried to keep my eyes front and center but my peripheral vision detected movement of his hand. I looked over at him and he was gently rubbing his massive cock as piss flowed into the urinal. I looked up into his eyes and he grinned.

“Now that the course has ended I’d like for you to come over to the house Sunday afternoon. We can watch a movie and drink a few beers together.”

“Sure,” I replied nervously. “I’d like that. Any particular time?”

“Why don’t you make it around noon? I’ll grill us a couple of steaks and make a salad. That sound okay to you?”

“Sounds great. I’d love it.”

Grant looked down at my cock which had plumped up considerably and grinned.

“Nice cock you’ve got there, Chris. I’ll bet you get a lot of pussy with that thing.”

“Not as much as you do with that monster of yours,” I laughed.

The door opened as we were zipping up and we walked over to the sinks. Grant joked around with the three other guys who had come into the restroom while I contemplated the suddenness of our action. I considered that I might be responding to Grant as a rebound from the pain of Adam but I decided to go with it anyway, my heart pounding in anticipation.

I dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt on Sunday and I thought I looked pretty good as I rang Grant’s doorbell. I’m six two with curly blond hair and built like a swimmer with long legs that seem to go on forever. Grant opened the door wearing cut off blue jeans and a V-neck tee shirt with the Vo-Tech school logo.

He smiled at me and I knew whatever resolve I might have had was gone. He was a hairy man like Adam, my weakness. Grant was about my height with dark brown hair with short dark hair on his forearms and thick chest hair was apparent from the V-neck. The same hair covered his legs and I felt my cock begin to rise. I know I stared and I looked up into his face to see a knowing grin.

“Come on in, Chris, I’m just finishing up with the steaks out back.”

I followed him out to the patio where two steaks were grilling.

“I forgot to ask how you like your steak.”

“Well done preferably.”

“Good,” he laughed. “So do I. I like all my meats well done.”

His eyes danced mischievously. I noticed that we seemed to be alone.

“Is your wife here?”

“Nah, she’s over at my in-laws. Cherie’s sister is visiting and so it’s like old home week for them.”

“And you didn’t want to go?”

“Not on your life,” he laughed. “I fucked her sister Beth a few years back and we’re just too uncomfortable to be in the same room together unless we have to.”

“I take it your wife doesn’t know?”

“Hell no. We’d be divorced if she did.”

I couldn’t believe he was sharing this information with me.

“Well, I hope she was worth the risk you took.”

“Nope, she was a total dud but I guess you live and learn. Cherie was in the hospital having a hysterectomy and Beth came over to drop off a casserole for me. I put the casserole in the oven and fucked her on the kitchen table,” he laughed. “It just happened and I’m sorry that it did but that just the way it goes sometimes, right? Your dick has a mind of its own.”

I laughed with him, more at my part in this situation than his with Beth. Even though he’d seemingly pursued me for the last two years he’d always maintained his professional distance. Now all of that was gone and I wasn’t sure how to react. I was a total novice with this type of relationship and he had the upper hand.

“Here, take the grilled potatoes and I’ll take the steaks. We’ll eat at the kitchen table.”

I followed him to the kitchen, my eyes on his bubble ass. As we walked through his den I looked into the mirror to see Grant watching me as I watched his ass. His eyes were dancing with humor.

“Why don’t we have lunch first and dessert later? Or are you one of those guys who eats his dessert first?”

“It’s always depended on what the dessert is.”

Grant laughed and put the steaks on the table.

“Well, since I cooked for you let’s at least make a stab at eating the meal but….”

We put the food on the table and then Grant turned and pushed me up against the wall. Suddenly his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth.

“I’ve wanted you for two goddamn years, Chris, and I know you want me.”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned. “I want you so much…”

Grant squeezed my cock through my jeans and then stepped back, his eyes dancing with amusement.

“I kolej escort can see we both want the same dessert so let’s eat lunch and then we can fuck.”

Grant took a salad and two beers from the refrigerator before sitting down next to me. He then began to cut up his steak. He held a piece of steak in his teeth and then put his mouth to mine for me to take it. Grant and I fed each other lunch, laughing and teasing each other unmercifully. When I tried to touch him he’d slap my hand away and tell me that it wasn’t time for dessert. At last we finished and he kissed me passionately. I put my hand under his shorts and discovered he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“You want to suck my peter for dessert?” he whispered. “Maybe eat my ass too?”

I nodded as he kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobes.

“Good. I want to lick your cock like an ice cream cone.”

He pulled me up and led me to his bedroom, holding my hand all the way. He pushed me onto the bed and began to pull off my clothes. When I was naked I felt like my body was on fire. He slowly stripped for me, his face flushed and his eyes filled with desire. Grant’s body was like Adam’s and it was what had fueled my initial fantasies about him.

His cock stood hard as a rock with a pearl of his semen at the tip. He got onto the bed, his body covering mine, and he pressed his mouth over mine so hard my lips hurt. We kissed for what seemed like forever and then he rolled off me. We moved into a sixty nine position, his cock at my lips. He sucked my cock into his mouth and I almost ejaculated but he pressed my balls with his fingers and the pain slowed me.

I kissed his cock but then Grant put his leg over my head, pushing my face into his ass. I spread his cheeks and his rosebud quivered, covered by short curls. I softly kissed it and began to lick it before pushing my tongue against the opening. Grant moaned as my tongue probed his hole, his moans tantalizing my cock.

My hand was on his cock and I felt it throb. I managed to get it in my mouth before his ejaculation began. His first blast hit the back of my throat and he shot cum in my mouth repeatedly until I couldn’t swallow it all fast enough. It was too much for me and suddenly I came in Grant’s mouth with him swallowing each volley.

He turned so his face was over mine and kissed me. We shared the cum in our mouths and I could feel the tingle in my cock as it began to become aroused again.

“Round two,” he laughed softly.

Grant kissed down my torso until he reached the tender spot beneath my balls. Then he lifted my legs to my chest, completely exposing my asshole. He began to kiss the area around it, teasing it with an occasional touch with his tongue until my cock was rock hard again and I was breathing hard. He licked my hole, probing it with his tongue, kissing it, tenderly inflaming it until I was begging him to fuck me.

The sphincter muscle had completely relaxed allowing Grant to put two fingers in me, scissoring them and pressing against my prostate. At last he reached into his nightstand and took a tube of KY jelly out, lubing my hole and his cock. My eyes devoured his face and sexy body as it made me ready for him.

“Are you ready? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Just take it slow, this is my first time.”

He was shocked.

“I’m your first? You’re a virgin?”

I nodded yes.

He leaned over me and kissed my lips tenderly.

“I can’t believe I’m your first. Why me?” he whispered.

“You’re my first man, Grant. I’ve been with several girls in the past but I chose you as my first man. I’ve been drawn to you for a long time.”

“I hope I don’t disappoint you, Chris. The first time can be really painful.”

He kissed my face and neck as his cock pressed at my opening. He’d prepared it so well with his tongue that I didn’t feel too much pressure as he slowly began to push into me. There was some initial resistance and then I felt his mushroom cock head pop into my ass. The pain hit me then and I grabbed his shoulders.

“Wait, just go real slow.”

It took several minutes for his cock to fully enter me, then I felt full and complete as if we were one. Grant slowly pulled out and then squirted more lube on his cock before sliding it back in. Then he gently began to fuck me, in and out, in and out, and I began to push my ass toward him, impaling myself on his cock. He pulled his cock all the way out and then slammed it back into me as his speed increased. The only sound was our flesh as his cock entered and exited me with him slapping into my ass.

His skin became damp as a film of moisture covered him and I could smell the fresh scent of his sweat, the masculine scent of a man. I suddenly was totally overcome and my orgasm overtook me, splashing ropes of semen across my chest and stomach. My asshole tightened around his cock with each shot and then Grant moaned as he blasted his hot cum into my ass.


His wife Cherie was standing at the bedroom door. Grant pulled out of me instantly and we both leapt from the bed. We frantically grabbed our clothes and began to dress.

“Chris Barrett, you little shit, just wait until I tell your father! He’ll kick your ass out of his house! And you, Grant, I’m going back to Mom’s and I want you out of this house by tomorrow!”

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