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My name isn’t too important. I am 24 years old. 5 foot 9 and 150 pounds with a slim and fit build. Not much body hair naturally. My pubic area I keep trimmed tight but not completely shaved bare. I have short blond hair and blue eyes. My personality is pretty timid. Takes me a bit to warm up to people, which makes my night-time fetish and side hustle seem odd for me I suppose.

During the day I have a decent paying Retail supervisory position at a local business with great coworkers for the most part. That’s my Monday through Friday day job, but at nights I do a different type of merchandising.

Most nights of the week after a post day job long nap, I undress in front of male strangers whom can see me without me seeing them. From around 11pm to 3 or 4 in the morning I occupy a well lit 6 foot by 6 foot room furnished with a small backless stool, with two-way mirrors on five walls and the sixth side being the door. I am locked in the room usually dressed in shorts, underwear and a shirt. Once a small red light above the door turns on I then know that all five observation rooms behind those mirrors are occupied.

The presentation usually lasts around 30 minutes. Each observer gets a few rounds to request what clothing I should remove first and next and what positions they want me to take for them to see how they want to bid. They are instructed that I will not masturbate or porno izle finger myself. But I can rubbed and fondle, spread my ass open and bend over. I can mimic sexual positions such as getting on my knees and pretending to suck a cock. After the controller watching the interaction feels time has permitted enough rounds for each bidder, he announces that they all have two minutes to consider a bid and then submit it.

All bids are secret and when all have been submitted, shutters close off their ability to see me. The bidders are apparently informed about the minimum starting bid so no one gets stupid low amounts and it helps weed out the potential for any horny old guy.

As the customers bid for who will win a couple hours with me as their little fuck toy in an onsite room, a green light above the door turns on as the red turns off, telling me that I am good to get dressed. Then I wait.

After a minute or two, once a winner has been determined and notified, the door will open and one of the employee ‘bouncers’ guards escorts me to the sex room I will be meeting my client. The rooms are nice. Pretty much a decent mid-class hotel room with bathroom and shower, TV, mini fridge, etc. Only difference is there are no windows.

I am let into the room after the winner and depending on how much the client paid I am their play toy for 2 to 3 hours. They are aware of what is off limits. The usual porno stuff like abuse or scat.

I’d love to say that sometimes they are ripped or buffed gym rats or super hot and hung studs with a firm yet gentle touch. But that really is never the case. Usually it’s middle aged men often on the heavier side in varying degrees whom are indulging in a secret fetish to combat loneliness and / or painful relationships with their wives.

I do sometimes get the guys that are endowed with members that could make a Nun throw her vows out the window, likely with her clothes. Those guys hung like horses are always the guys that want me to deep throat and then go balls deep into my small tight smooth twink ass. I always do my best to comply and achieve what is desired. I get bigger tips that way.

I do get 50% of the winning bid seeing as how this is a small operation and I have known the owner – operator for several years. You never know when a random hookup with an older guy when you’re slutty fuckable teen willing to ride a guy and his two buddy’s bare cocks can lead. That’s another story though.

One of the hottest aspects of this night job I love is the fact there is always four of those five bidders whom I never see. They could be guys at the grocery store. My mechanic or even customers and coworkers of mine. If coworkers, it could easily be managers and district guys.

Of course I absolutely rokettube love being able to taste a wide variety of cocks and balls as well as experience they way different guys fuck. So many preferring to fuck me as though on a chick. Doggystyle, on my back with legs spread, and even being held up while they stand up and bounce be on their rods.

Then there’s the equal amount of guys whom prefer that I straddle them as they lay back and have me sit down on their dick and ride them like a little slut in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style.

When the cum comes, I’ve experienced it all. IN the throat, open mouth, all over the face. Cum dumped on my back, chest, stomach. Sometimes they cum on my cock. And of course over my butt cheeks, on my tight hole and the ever popular seeding of my ass. A lot of guys seem to like seeing their cum ooze out of a young guy’s butthole.

Yes, I have had the guys who desire to cum on my feet, in my hair, and even once or twice guys who cum into a glass and want to watch me drink it. To each his own, right?

So many times the fuck session ends with the guys giving me their cell numbers asking for me to meet up with them for car play or hotel fun. But nothing is for free, right?

Well, I have to get going. I have to get to my night job soon and I scheduled for a double shift tonight since I don’t work my day job tomorrow. And Fridays are usually very busy.

Let me know if my nightlife sounds interesting to you. Oh the stories I could tell. Perhaps if you are interested in hearing more I could first tell you the night I had to face my first 9 inch cock.

Later gators.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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