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I woke up on Sunday morning at about ten. I ran my hands up and down my body, felt my breasts and lightly brushed my fingertips over my pubic hair. I usually don’t sleep naked, but last night coming back to my little apartment after fucking Bill I’d just crashed. I’d walked upstairs naked and had just hit my bed. As I slowly came awake it was taking me a moment to process what had happened. I’d spent a great day with my new boss and his kids that I would nanny and after dinner and a few glasses of wine I’d basically thrown myself at him. He’d responded like any guy, but more than that he’d given me a shattering orgasm and we’d had a wonderful time talking and just being with one another. I hoped he’d enjoyed it as much as I had. And, I hoped I hadn’t jeopardized my job, apartment and university plans by sleeping with him. What if I messed up? I groaned and rolled over. Never again, I thought to myself. Could I even look at him again?

More than that, how could I not think about the orgasm Bill had given me? Even as I cringed at the memory of sleeping with my new boss and landlord, I felt my nipples begin to tighten and my skin begin to flush thinking about Bill’s tongue and lips and fingers. I was a very sexual girl, not that I was overtly slutty or anything, and I usually masturbated almost daily. So, despite the sex I’d had last night I was ready to go again. Hell, what was the point of having my own apartment if I couldn’t sleep naked and wake up ready to cum?

I lay on my back and kicked the covers off. As I closed my eyes I brought both hands up to cup my breasts. They were C-cups, just too big for a handful, and were topped with small, sensitive nipples. I squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples slowly. I wasn’t in any rush. One hand slowly worked its way down my stomach to my dampening pussy. I grazed my pubes with my fingers. I kept myself trimmed into a neat triangle, but not shaved. My hair was stiff with the combined juices and semen from the sex Bill and I’d had the night before. I’d have to shower later, but I liked the thought of my used body being aroused again. I imagined Bill’s tongue and lips on my labia tasting how horny I was as I drew my fingers back and forth over my sex. I felt myself get wetter and hotter as I dipped my fingers into my wet spot and pulled them across my clit. With my left hand I stopped kneading my breast and pulled my lips back exposing my protruding clit. With my right hand I rapidly rubbed back and forth, back and forth with increasing speed. I gasped as I pressed hard on my clitoris and came with rush of breath and strong contraction. I felt wet across my hands and felt a trail of moisture down my ass. But as I came down from my orgasm and began to breath normally again I felt a bit empty. I wanted to curl my body up next to someone, to press my damp forehead and sweaty chest against another person’s flesh, to smell the scent of their skin as I dozed. I wondered what Bill was doing downstairs in Kıbrıs Escort the main house right now? Probably playing with boys and not thinking of me. Damn it! What was wrong with me today?

I forced myself to get up, shower and go through my morning routine. I didn’t have any real plans for the day and I didn’t have any responsibilities for school or as a nanny until early in the week. I’d promised my mom I’d visit often, so I texted her that I’d be over for the afternoon and dinner. I walked down through the main house half-dreading and half-hoping to see Bill. The house was silent though and I was strangely disappointed by its emptiness. There was a note on the stove that read, “Adrienne, the boys have a soccer tournament. Not sure of your plans, but will see you Tuesday. –B.” I was a bit deflated. Maybe last night hadn’t been anything special for Bill. Maybe he was embarrassed or ashamed for me. As I put the note down I saw writing on the back, though. “Last night was amazing. You’re amazing.” I blushed and smiled and peeked into the living room to look at the couch that Bill and I had fucked on the night before then headed out the door to my parent’s house.

I didn’t see or speak with Bill all that day or the next. On Tuesday I had my first official nanny duties, meeting the boys after school and getting them to and from soccer, making dinner, etc. At about seven that evening Bill came home from teaching his evening class and put the boys to bed. I wanted to spend time with him so badly, but I didn’t want intrude upon his evening with the boys, so I snuck quietly up to my apartment.

It wasn’t until Wednesday night that I got my wish and got some alone time with my boss for whom, despite myself, I was quickly developing an overwhelming infatuation. Wednesday was not a nanny night for me since Bill got home from teaching by about four. So I’d left Bill and the boys downstairs and retreated to my little apartment for dinner alone. After dinner I put on a pair of yoga shorts and sports bra and pulled up my favorite exercise video on my laptop. I do power yoga, which keeps me toned and lean, but still curvy. It’s hard and physical and as I planked for what seemed like the thousandth time I could feel sweat dripping off of my nose and running down my back. I loved the feeling of loose, used muscles, however, so I pressed on.

As I worked my core and back I was startled by a knock at the apartment door. My stomach did a lurch and I jumped up and opened it without even asking who was there. I lived in a small apartment attached to my boss’s house, so at 8:30 at night who else would it be? Bill stood in the doorway wearing a pair of flip-flops, old cargo shorts and a university t-shirt. He seemed ready to say something, looked at me, then closed his mouth and blushed. I realized how I must have looked with my long brown hair tied back, sweat streaming off of my body, wearing barely any clothing. “Oh shit. I mean, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan hi. I mean, come in, Bill.” I stammered. As he stepped through the door I hurried the few steps to the bathroom and grabbed a big bath towel and wrapped it around myself.

When I came back to the living room Bill had regained his composure. “Adrienne,” he said, “I want to apologize for the other night. I was out of line and I think I took advantage of the situation.”

Men, no matter how old they are, are idiots. He thought he had taken advantage of the situation? Of me? I had hugged him and kissed him first, I’d let him strip me, eat me to the best orgasm of my life and I had told him to strip. I’d bent over and let him fuck me without a condom because I wanted to feel him inside of me and he thought he’d taken advantage of me? I wanted to laugh. In the back of my mind I’d been worried I’d be fired. Now I just wanted to figure out a way to sleep with him again, every day if possible. What should I do?

Stalling, I asked, “Bill, can you get me a glass of water?”

“Sure.” Bill walked over to the little kitchen and I heard him get a glass and run the water. As he did that, I took off my towel, spread it on the sofa and sat down. I arched my back a bit as he came in the room so my breasts stood out. Of course, my nipples, always perky, were hard again at the thought of what we’d done on Saturday night. “Thanks for the water,” I said as I let me eyes obviously trail up and down his body, “But you didn’t do anything wrong the other night. In fact, Bill, you did somethings that were pretty right.” I reclined a bit into the cushions and let me legs fall open slightly. I was damp with sweat and increasingly from getting turned on in Bill’s presence. I wasn’t wearing any panties under my yoga shorts and I wondered if Bill could see the wetness soaking through.

“Adrienne, look, I…”He stopped talking and stared at me with a wanting look. Suddenly he took two steps towards me, grabbed my hands and abruptly pulled me to my feet. Without stopping he kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue probing and insistent. He slipped his mouth down to my ear and neck and bit my collarbone. I exploded in wetness and heat. If I’d wanted him before it was nothing like now. I just threw my head back and moaned while he kissed me and manhandled me. When he groped my breasts and felt my nipples through my sports bra he wasn’t slow or gentle like he had been on Saturday night. He was hungry and insistent. I don’t think I could have stopped him if I’d wanted to, but I certainly didn’t want him to stop.

Bill’s hands left my chest and groped my ass. His fingers roughly pushed between my buttocks and pressed hard against my wet lips. The thin Lycra of my shorts was the only thing stopping him from finger fucking me as I stood there. I could barely stand up I was dizzy wanting him.

I started to sit down and reached for the button of Escort Kıbrıs Bill’s shorts, but he apparently had other ideas. Abruptly he yanked my hips forward knocking me off balance. I fell backwards on the couch my arms flying up and my legs sprawling open. Bill was on top of me at once. He kissed me hard again and then pushed my bra over my tits. He sucked on my nipples, one after the other as he mauled my breasts with his hands. I must have been a sweaty mess after my workout, but Bill didn’t care. His tongue ran across my rib cage. I shivered as it dragged across my armpit. Then he was down, between my legs where I must have had an ocean of moisture. He pressed his face into my crotch licking me through my thin yoga shorts. It was the weirdest feeling, being wet and feeling the pressure, but not the texture, of his tongue. I squirmed as Bill ground what felt like his whole face into my shorts. I rubbed my clit roughly on his nose and chin as he worked his jaw back and forth. I was so close to cumming I couldn’t control my hips or legs. I just moaned, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over. And then, unexpectedly, Bill opened his mouth wide and with his lips covering his teeth enveloped my whole pussy with his mouth. The instant heat and pressure pushed my body over the edge and I came with gush in my shorts, the fluid soaking through the Lycra into Bill’s waiting mouth.

I could have passed out right there, but Bill had other ideas. He was a man possessed and didn’t give me a second to catch my breath. Even before the aftershocks of my orgasm stopped shaking me Bill ripped my shorts down my legs and pulled them off. He threw his own shorts down and dropped on me as I lay on the couch with one foot on the floor and the other propped over the back of the sofa. I was so sensitive that when he entered me in a rush I cried out. But my body responded immediately and bucked up to meet his thrusts. Now it was Bill’s turn to moan, “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He had my shorts balled up in his right hand which was next to my face as he propped himself up over me and I could smell my sex on them. He pumped hard for about five minutes before he grunted and shook, cumming in me in at least five big spurts causing me to cum again. I could feel my skin flush and my nipples were so hard they hurt.

As Bill’s body finally relaxed he settled down onto me. We lay together barely moving as his cock softened inside of me. When he slowly pulled out it made a soft wet sound. I could feel it against my thigh sticky and wet. We lay together on the couch and I buried my face in his chest inhaling the smell of his sweat and skin. Bill’s arm was under my head and kissed his chest and ran one hand over his hips and ass. We dozed for a few minutes and then shifted, sitting up together.

“I’m usually not like that,” Bill said. “I mean, I don’t usually throw my women around.”

I laughed, if he knew how much I’d enjoyed it he wouldn’t be apologizing. “Well, you’ll just have to show me how you do it when you’re not acting like a cave man,” I teased. “But you’re not hearing any complaints from me.”

“Next time, ” was all Bill said as he dozed off again holding me. Next time, was all I could think about as I wrapped my legs tightly around him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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