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Having just turned eighteen the week before I was anxious to test my new freedoms as a now legal adult, and what better way to do that than to check out a real genuine adult shop. Very nervously I entered the store and of course was immediately carded because of my very obvious youth. Being a very late bloomer I still looked much younger than eighteen. Also, I was a bit self-conscious of my body looking a bit smoother and boyish compared to most guys my age.

As I knew it would, my I.D. checked out fine and I was welcomed in and asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. I told the guy that I just wanted to see what they offered. Having been raised in a conservative religious home, all of this new to me, and that was the whole idea. I had stopped believing in all that stuff a long time ago but knew my family would never accept me as a non-believer. Thus, I had scarcely ever seen pics of naked people and still had only the most sketchy understanding of sex.

Now I stood in a large room totally surrounded by extremely graphic sex scenes of all kinds, sexual toys, videos, costumes and products I had never imagined. It was the “kid in the candy store” scenario and I hardly knew where to start. There were a few other guys in there browsing and just keeping to themselves. Sometimes I would see them go to the counter then disappear down a hallway that said “arcade” above the entrance. I kept a wary eye out fearing I might be spotted by someone I knew. I decided to start with the videos. My eyes about popped out of my head as I wandered along taking in the almost infinite selections. Guys fucking fat girls, guys fucking petite girls, guys fucking old women, blacks fucking, lesbians having sex, and to my astonishment guys fucking guys, the variety was staggering. I had had no idea there were so many kinds of sex!

Leaving that area I moseyed down another aisle full of vibrators, dildos, and anal toys. They ranged in size up to huge and I could hardly imagine how some of them could possibly be inserted. I had never thought of putting something up my butt for pleasure and the thought intrigued me. The products I now stood before had pictures of naked men taken from behind. These were Sex hikaye clearly anal toys for men to play with. With a shaky hand I started reaching for a medium sized vibrating dildo that was realistically shaped. “Nothing feels better than the real thing you know.” a deep masculine voice said behind me. Startled and embarrassed I suddenly looked over my shoulder to see who had spoken to me. And there stood a tall husky guy much older than me. Caught so off guard I stumbled for words and said” I, uh…I wouldn’t Kn…Know.” Continuing he said “You wouldn’t know? So, you’ve never taken a cock in your ass?” Very shyly I said I hadn’t. “Ever had ANYTHING up there?” I just shook my head. “You don’t know what you’re missing. I’d be glad to change that for you. We could just go down there and I can show you how good it feels,” he said gesturing toward the dark hallway.” I guarantee you’ll love it! Almost everyone does once they try it.” I was still very unsure about his offer. “This your first time to a place like this?” he asked, changing his tactics. “Yeah.” “So, why are you here exactly?” I thought about his question and replied, “Just curious and wanting a new experience I guess.” “Isn’t that just what I’m offering you?” He had me there. “Yeah, I guess.” I replied, scared of the implications. “So, is that a yes, you want to try it?” Scared but unable to escape his logic I said “Yeah.” Cool! Come with me.

We went to the counter where I paid little attention as he did a little transaction then somewhat terrified, followed him down the dark hallway lined with curtained booths. We entered the first vacant booth we could find. It was very dark but I could make out a that there was a video screen with player and a chair. A roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer dispenser, and other essentials were on the walls of the dimly lit booth. The guy popped in a video and forwarded it to a scene of two guys fucking. I was trembling as he said, “Time to get undressed, I want to see you naked.” With that he already had his T shirt off. Soon we were both down to our briefs and I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his. “Let me get those for you.” he said grasping my waist band from both sides as he stood behind me. Erotik hikaye He slowly slid them down over my hips, then my buttocks until they dropped to the floor. “My God! You have an amazing ass! Can’t wait to get into THAT! But first things first, turn around.”

I did and saw my big, burly, kind of hairy partner standing naked with a big long penis fully erect! I could hardly believe it could fit inside me. “Go ahead, feel it do what you want with it.” Trembling I touched the rubbery tip, ran my hand down the length of the shaft and noted the bulging greenish veins of its surface in the flickering light of the video screen. After a few minutes of exploring like this yes said it was his turn and had me bend over and brace myself with my hands on the chair. I felt so vulnerable this way.

His hands roamed all over my baby smooth butt kneading my buns and sometimes spreading them apart. Then he suddenly stopped. Next I felt something side between my cheek s and slowly enter my rectum. I knew it was his finger! It felt nice. Surprisingly nice! “How’s that? Like it?” he asked sliding in and out. “Yeah!” I gasped. “Good, let’s try two. When you can take two ok you’ll be ready for my cock.” The next thing I knew I had two fingers exploring inside me. Though a bit uncomfortable at first I was now enjoying the feeling of his probing digits. After a few more minutes of this he said “you’re ready now, let me grab a condom and lube.”

Still bending over and bracing myself by holding on to the back of the chair I felt the bulbous tip, well coated with slimy cold lube, slide between my butt cheeks and press against my hole. “Relax your butthole and take deep breaths.” he instructed as he started pressing harder. I did as he said and felt myself gradually stretching wider and as he continued pushing and sometimes retreating a little. Taking a massive deep breath I let it out slowly. As I did so I felt the head pop though and the entire length of his penis slid far up my hot steamy rectum! He was right, it felt sooooo GOOD! “You doin ok? Like having me in you?” he said as he started humping my youthful bottom. “Oh Yeah! God YEAH!” I gasped as his groin pounded hard against my buttocks.

I Porno hikayeleri had been so lost in what was happening to me I had nearly forgotten about the video that was playing. Opening my eyes I saw a guy’s butt seen mostly from the side getting fucked like crazy by a big cock. The position they were using was about the same as the one we were using. I knew I must look just about like that. The cock going back and forth in the guy’s butt seemed almost hypnotic and I paid little attention to the guy fucking me except for the great physical sensations.

His hands gripped my hips firmly and he pulled out all the way for a moment or two. Then he slid into me again. Somehow his cock felt different but I couldn’t pin down how and though it was just his technique or that I was getting used to it. Before long he pulled out all the way again but was soon back. This time I was a little surprised when his cock did not slide back in effortlessly. My hole seemed to be stretching even wider! Then it buried itself much deeper in my bottom than ever before and I wondered why he had been holding back. I felt so impaled I thought the head of his dick might pop out of my mouth! He pumped me like a hard working machine thrusting harder and harder. His hand reached down and started masturbating my erect cock which soon erupted and shot my seed on the floor. This caused my sphincter to spasm, gripping his organ. There was a mighty last thrust, his hands tensed, and I heard him let out a loud grunt. Then he pulled out of my now non-virginal butt a final time.

Without his cock inside me I suddenly felt so hollow and vacant! I was glad he had finally cum since my back was starting to get tired. Still facing away from him He said “You ok? How did you like it?” Curious I asked if I had done it ok. He said “You did GREAT! Turn around; I have a little surprise for you.” I did and was startled to see three naked men. One was the guy I’d entered the booth with, one was a portly guy in his sixties, and the last guy was a very tall slender middle-aged black man with an extremely long cock! You’ve just been fucked by all of us! “By ALL of YOU?! Even him?!” I exclaimed gesturing to the black guy’s cock. The guy nodded his head saying “Yeah kid, I had this whole thing up your little white asshole! You are an awesome fuck!!!

I had come to the shop seeking a new experience, thanks to these guys, it most certainly was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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