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The concluding chapter of my 10 part series of a clothing optional RV Park.


Chapter 1:

The late afternoon sun of Central California is still providing warmth to everyone in the RV Park. I spent the day with Gail who is the 70 year old aunt of the park’s owner, Pamela. Don’t kid yourself, this mature lady is a sexual dynamo. Gail has a rather lithe body for an older woman. Her breasts are a perfect B cup with a teardrop shape. But the most incredible feature of this sexy lady is her pink pointy nipples. They are incredibly sensitive and provide her some amazing orgasms. I have first hand knowledge. Earlier today at the beach, I applied sun block to her breasts and was able to get her off rubbing and pinching her nipples. Her pubic mound is prominent and covered by a thin layer of trimmed grey hair. Her body is quite toned.

We are just returning from a day at Avila beach. We hung out, literally, at the clothing optional end of the beach. We found a secluded section among huge rocks where we made love under clear blue skies.

I pull into space A18. Gail releases my cock long enough for us to get out. She heads over to her camper and tells me to come over in 15 minutes. I grab the blankets and backpack and stow them back in my rig. I feel a little grungy, so I jump in my shower and clean up. I only have a six gallon hot water tank, so I usually shower GI style.

I turn on the hot water long enough to get wet and lather up a wash cloth and then turn off the water while I clean my body. I grab the soap and run it all around my cock and balls. This is usually a good time to masturbate, however, I need to save what I can for Gail. I’ve already been drained by her once today and who knows what the evening has in store. I glide my soapy hand back and forth along my seven inch shaft a few times while I relive our time at Avila beach.

Once my cleaning is complete I turn the water back on and rinse. Ah, the joys of RV life. I still have a few minutes before I am expected to be next door. I’m not sure what we will do for dinner, or if we will even have time for dinner. I down some fruit and a couple of energy bars to restore some strength. I drink a berry flavoured wine cooler and head next door.

Gail is waiting for me. Her door is open and I step inside her camper van. I’m immediately transported back to the 60s. The inside décor can only be described as Summer of Love Hippy chic. There is tie-die window coverings all around, a king size mattress in the middle of the floor, and paisley throw pillows. She has a small kitchenette with a hooka pipe on the counter.

Gail is spread out on the mattress running her hands all over her body. She grabs a breast and pinches her nipple. She beckons me by sliding a finger along her pussy lips and sucking it into her mouth. My cock springs to life.

Gail looks me in the eye and say,”Come down here and join me. I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum.”

I am obliged to follow her orders, so I drop down to the mattress and kneel over her luscious body. I straddle Gail on all fours and dip my head down for a welcome kiss. Our lips meet and tongues dance together. Gail is an aggressive kisser. She darts her tongue into my mouth pushing mine back and moves around and around. I lift up and look deep into her shining eyes. We smile and meet for another deep soulful kiss. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me hard against her face. After several minutes with our lips locked together, she releases her hold on me and I begin my descent down her body. I kiss my way down her throat to her chest and finally to her breasts. I lick and kiss all around her pointy nipples which are now visibly erect.

“Oh gawd, suck my nipples, stop the teasing. You know what I like, what I want.”

I drop my lips directly to her left nipple and suck it into my mouth. I pull up, sucking hard until it pops from my lips. Gail moans her approval. I attack it again, this time I use my teeth to scrape her sensitive nub as I suck and lick her boobs. I move to her right nipple and proceed to mimic my actions. Her hands grab the back of my head again and pull me into her chest. My tongue is a blur as I slather her tits with my saliva.

Gail gently nudges my head lower down her body. “Geez, I’m so horny. My tits are on fire. My nipples are hard wired to my clit. I can’t wait any longer. Get down there now. Eat my cunt.”

I was going to take my time and tease her a bit, but I thought better of it. I move directly down to her pubic mound. Her legs are spread wide and her inner labia is waiting for my touch. I nuzzle her mons and tickle my nose against her soft curls. I breathe deep and smell her womanly essence. I’m ready for a taste. My tongue glides along her moist slit that separates her outer lips. I run my tongue back and forth separating her labia as I do. With a few more swipes, I delve deeper into her womanhood. I taste her sweet juice and lap up the nectar.

Gail flails her legs and pushes her hips against my face. Her thighs are Maltepe Escort shaking as she moves toward her climax. I wish to prolong this feast. I let up a bit with my tongue and use my fingers to spread her lips open. Her flower reveals itself in all of its pink glory. Her inner walls of flesh are wet with her desire. Her clit is exposed from beneath its protective hood. I resume dipping and licking all around her meaty flesh. Her sweet pussy juices are in abundance. I suck her clit between my lips and swab the hard button with my tongue. I continue to concentrate on her clit knowing she will explode any minute. Her thighs shake uncontrollably as she reaches higher and higher.

I know the secret to make her scream. I bury my face into her quim and reach up to her nipples. My fingers find each pointy milk duct and pinch them hard. Gail explodes on contact. Her pussy floods with her juices and she literally screams out my name.

“Paul. Oh my gawd!”

Gail’s climax is electric right down to her toes. Her torso shakes; her legs twist around; her arms flail; sweat covers her skin. She nearly passes out. I watch her entire body orgasm for several moments. It’s such a delight to watch a woman climax. I’m so happy I can make it happen.

Gail lays back on the mattress and tries to regain her breathing. I slide up beside her and pull her into my arms. Her breasts feel nice against my chest. I stroke her back with my hand soothing her body. She looks at me through dreamy eyes and smiles. We rest.

Chapter 2:

I get up and pour a couple of glasses of water for us. I give her time to refresh and gather her strength. I rummage around some more and find energy bars to eat. I return to the mattress. Gail has regained her senses and is now sitting up. I sit in front of her and feed her a bar. She accepts my offering and takes a long sip of water.

“Where did you learn your pussy eating skills? I swear I’ve never felt an orgasm that strong. And I’ve had plenty of them through the years. You curled my toes big time. I still feel faint. Look at me, I’m a mess.”

“You are lovely mess.”

Gail has me lay down. She sits cross legged and reaches out for my cock. She grabs my shaft and pumps up and down several times. At this point I am extremely hard.

She says,”It’s my turn to play with a nice big cock. We’ll fuck soon, but first you are going to give me a load of sweet cum.”

Gail pulls out a cock ring from somewhere and places it around my shaft. She uses her fingers to push it all the down my dick. I immediately feel the pressure as my cock swells. The veins surrounding my cock bulge. My glans hardens. She grabs a bottle of lube. Again I have no idea where it came from. One hand reaches over and surrounds my seven inch pole. She dribbles lotion all over my cock and her fingers. She pumps her hand up and down, squeezing me at the same time.

“I hope you enjoy my hand job as much as I loved your pussy eating. Let’s see how high you can shoot a load. Are you ready to give mama some cum.”

Gail is focused on my cock. Her hand moves from base to tip and back down again. The lube assists her gliding motion providing a warm tingle to my skin. I start to build toward a satisfying orgasm. I flex my cock as she pumps up and down. Her hand movement speeds up. I get closer to shooting a stream of jism from my manhood.

I recall our fuck session at Avila beach earlier today. The thought of that union plays over and over in my mind. It fuels my imagination and sends me toward my climax. Gail pumps my cock faster and faster. I feel my cum rising. I can’t hold back. I warn Gail.

“Here it comes. You want my man juice. Prepare yourself, I’m going to shoot it all over your hand.”

I’m on the edge and ready to blow. There is a knock on the door and it opens. I blast a thick rope of cum at least 12 inches into the air. I look over and there is Pamela looking right at my cock. I send a second spurt straight up and then a third. Each ejaculation covers Gail’s fingers and dribbles over my cock and balls. Gail continues to pump my shaft. Pamela looks on with a wide smile. More semen oozes from the tip of my cock as Gail continues stroking. She is determined to squeeze every last drop from me.

For those of you who have not read prior adventures in this RV Park, Pamela is the co-owner of the park. She is a beautiful goddess in her mid-40s with soft, tanned skin and intoxicating ruby red lips. Her breasts are a lovely round C cup with peach colored puffy nipples. Her trim body is flawless from many hours working out. Pamela’s mons is covered with golden curls neatly trimmed into a perfect vee shape. Her outer lips are deliciously smooth with inner labia that extend down slightly.

Pamela is a professional masseuse and provides great massages to select park patrons. She has a back room with a massage table and lots of sexy toys.

Gail and I both look over to Pamela. I am totally confused and totally spent. I can’t move a muscle. My cock is still Anadolu Yakası Escort erect from the cock ring and Gail’s hand slowly spreading a giant load of semen around my groin.

Pamela says,”Well look at you two, having fun without me. I’m glad I got here in time to see you explode and pump your jism a mile high, Paul. Wow, that was so erotic. I think I need to join in.”

I am still very confused about what is taking place. Gail responds,”Hi Pammy, I’m glad you could come over and join us. Get down here and taste some of this delicious cum. Paul really shot out a load. I think you surprised him and he doubled his volume of goo.”

Pamela steps inside the van, closing the door behind her. She drops down on the mattress and kisses Gail. Gail looks at me and explains, “I called Pam just before you came over and asked her if she wanted to join us. I figured you were up to pleasing two women tonight. Angela is minding the store, so here she is. Pam chose this site for me so we could possibly seduce you together. Pretty devious of us, huh?”

Devious indeed, and very fortunate for me.

Gail’s hand is covered with my cum. She lifts her hand to her mouth and licks some of my sticky sauce. She offers her hand to Pam. Pamela licks and sucks Gail’s fingers into her mouth, savouring the taste.

“Mmm, so tasty. I didn’t get a taste the other day when you came deep inside my pussy. You have some sweet cum, my dear.”

Both Gail and Pam dipped their fingers down around my cock and scooped up more semen for their taste buds. They spend the next several minutes licking and sucking fingers full of my cum. They even shared their fingers with each other, sucking each other’s digits until they were absolutely clean. I’m laying here wondering how am I going to satisfy these two goddesses tonight. I’ll give it my best, I may end up in a hospital.

Pamela asks Gail,”So did you have a good day? I hope I was able to steer you in the right direction.”

Gail related our day and how she had two wonderful orgasms, first with me stimulating her nipples and then later getting fucked from behind amid the huge rocks at Avila.

Pamela looked down at me,”Ooo, so you fucked my Auntie from behind just like you did me the other day. You remember I told you it is my favorite position.”

Gail chimed in,”I taught her well, didn’t I? So you experienced Pamela’s tight ass too. She told me about the massage but nothing else. She does have the cutest and tightest butt in the family. A nice athletic bum with cute dimples. Did you dip your cock into her ass, or maybe a finger or two. She really gets off at having her anal passage filled.”

Pamela was blushing. “Aunt Gail, don’t give away my secrets. Yes he did put a finger up my ass while he banged my pussy from behind. It was devine. Guess what else, he had a butt plug deep in his ass at the same time.”

“Well ladies, now that we have all the information we need, what’s next on the agenda?”

Gail and Pamela whisper together. I know they are planning something. Gail went over to a drawer and pulled out a few things. Among them is the old classic sex manual, The Joy of Sex. She joins us on the bed.

Gail is up to something as she says,”Hey Paul, give me a number between 100 and 200.”

I choose the number 125. Gail opens her The Joy of Sex and turns to page 125.

Gail explains,”OK, you said 125. We are going to do whatever is drawn on page 125 in the manual. And our first position is going to be missionary. All right Paul get ready to fuck two ladies the old fashioned way.”

I change positions with Gail and Pamela. They lay back on the mattress side by side, holding hands. Gail signals for me that she will be first. My cock is fully recharged and I position myself over Gail. Pamela moves her hand over to Gail’s boobs and massages them. Gail reaches down to her pussy and spreads her labia for me to penetrate. I grab my shaft and point it to her open gash. I move in and enter Gail with one thrust. She is still extremely wet from her earlier climax. It feels so good to be inside of her again. I move slowly in and out of her tight box. Pamela drops her hand down between our bodies. She grabs my shaft at the base as I pump in and out. Then she moves her fingers over Gail’s clit rubbing in circles. Pam alternates between the two of us as we enjoy a slow paced fuck. We are not as frantic as our earlier orgasms. There is no desire to rush our current union.

Gail locks her legs around my thighs and pulls me tighter. I push deep into her pussy feeling her cervix on the tip of my cock. I grind into her. She accepts my entire length. After several minutes, she releases her hold and whispers,”I want to watch you fuck Pamela.”

As if on cue, Pamela lays back on the mattress and spreads her legs. Part of me wonders if these two have a strategic plan to use my body all night.

I pull out from Gail’s wet cavern and move over to Pam. Her pussy covered with the golden vee looks so inviting. I want İstanbul Escort to make sure she is ready, so I first delve down between her legs and dip my face into her cunt. I snake my tongue out and lick her inner labia that extend beyond her outer lips.. I part the flaps that hang low and lick up to her clit. She tastes good, such a sweet nectar. I dig deep into her wet inner walls and move my tongue all around creating the moisture needed to accept my hard cock. I suck on Pamela’s inner lips drawing the sensitive skin into my mouth. She is ready for me.

I move up her body, planting kisses over her smooth skin. My lips move up to her breasts as I lick my way around each peachy nipple. I lap at her puffy areole and suck on her hard nipples. I hold her perfect C cups in my hands and suck each nipple deep into my mouth. Pamela grabs my head and brings me up to her sultry red lips. We share a passionate kiss, moving our tongues back and forth. She tastes her pussy essence on my lips. She licks my lips and chin before mashing our mouths together again.

I am ready to enter her. Gail is getting impatient for us to join our sex. She reaches down, grabs my shaft and guides me to Pamela’s wet slit. Gail rubs my cock up and down Pamela’s pussy lips as my glans spreads them and I prepare to push into her gash.

I drive down into Pam and she accepts my full seven inches. Her inner flesh is now very moist and lubricates my cock. I glide in and out of Pamela. She lifts her ass up to meet my thrusts. We engage in spirited movement, grinding against each other and then separating almost to the point of losing contact. She is much more aggressive than Gail and seems to be needing a quick release. I understand her wanting a soaring orgasm and increase the pace of my thrusting.

I look into Pam’s eyes and nod my head. I whisper,”I’m ready to take you over the edge.”

She responds,”Yes, I’m ready. I want to cum. Make me cum. Your cock feels so good inside. So hard. Fuck me deep.”

I maintain the quick pace, thrusting deep, withdrawing and then a pushing in just a bit for a shallow stroke. The tip of my glans is once again super sensitive and I feel the urge building. She is dripping. Her inner labia are inflamed and wide open. Her outer lips are pink with desire. Pamela wraps her legs around me just like Gail did. She pulls me tight.

As we get closer to our climax, I feel Gail’s hands on my bum. She rubs her soft hands around my butt cheeks as I move in and out of Pamela’s pussy. We’re getting closer to our mutual orgasm. All of sudden Gail grabs my balls and squeezes them. She pumps my balls and I fall over the edge. I send my seed deep into Pamela. Several spurts of cum flow into her depth. Gail continues to squeeze as my body jerks about in my orgasm.

Pamela feels her inner flesh heat up as my cock throbs deep inside her. My passion sends her into her much needed climax. Her body shakes beneath me and her thighs quiver as she is overcome. She breathes deep and fast as the orgasm washes over her entire being.

Pamela and I stay locked together allowing the waves of passion to continue. We look into one another’s eyes and confirm our mutual enjoyment. We move together and share a loving kiss. This is much more intimate being face to face. We allow our bodies to relax as our breathing returns to normal. Her legs are still locked around me so I make no attempt to move.

Gail stares at us and announces,”That was so awesome, so erotic. I love watching you two make love and climax. I’m afraid I’m getting horny again. Maybe the two of you will double-team me. I need more pussy and cock tonight.”

Pamela and I nod and break apart. We turn our attention to Gail. Gail sits up and tell me to lay down again. I comply with her request as she moves down to my semi-hard cock. She grabs my cock and licks all around my shaft.

She smiles at me and says,”I need to clean you up and get you hard again. Mmmm, I love the taste of your cum and Pammy’s juice.”

Gail takes my length into her mouth and slathers her tongue all around. She licks my shaft and sucks on the tip. She continues to clean me and I feel my cock come back to life. I knew the Viagra would not let me down.

Pamela moves closer to Gail and runs her hands over Gail’s breasts. Gail sits up and turns to Pam. They share a kiss, mashing their lips and tongues together. Pam tastes our combined cum on Gail’s tongue.

Pamela gets up and searches through a couple of drawers, coming back to the mattress with a red vibrator.

“Hey Auntie, are you ready for that double team? It’s your pleasure, so give me a number between 100 and 200.”

Gail responds, “I’ll choose 161.”

Pamela rifles through the Joy of Sex and pulls up page 161.

“Oh Aunt Gail, it’s your lucky day. You get the reverse cowgirl.”

Pamela smiles and waves the vibrator through the air. She directs Gail to climb on top of me. My cock is revived and pointing toward the ceiling. Gail moves over me and gets into the reverse cowgirl position. Pamela grabs my shaft and holds it up. Gail lowers her body down on top of me. My cock separates her folds as she settles her weight onto my thighs. My cock slides all the way in. Her pussy surrounds me with warmth and wetness. Gail flexes her inner walls and grips me tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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