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About a month after her adventures with her mom’s boyfriend, Jenni received a call from her younger sister Stephanie. Last year, she’d met a boyfriend from Sweden. Just last month, she had decided to come live with him. Steph had told her they had rented a cottage on an island outside of Stockholm and that Jenni was more than welcome to stay with them for a week.

This had come as a surprise. About five years ago, Steph had walked in on her boyfriend cumming on Jenni’s face. Their relationship had been a little tense ever since, but Jenni gladly accepted the invite and packed her bags right away. She booked a flight bound for Stockholm the very next day.

Jenni hadn’t had sex since she fucked her mom’s boyfriend a month ago, so she was naturally getting quite horny. She’s heard stories of how most Swedish people were hot and well-dressed, and was looking forward to getting laid while there. For that reason Jenni had packed a few outfits that were more on the slutty side. Her personal favorite was a tight grey mini skirt and a black sleeveless top, which she paired with golden necklace, knee-high golden boots and black lace underwear.

Jenni’s flight departed early in the morning. The flight time was almost sixteen hours, and she spent most of it sleeping. When she finally arrived in Stockholm, Jenni grabbed a taxi to the dock where Steph had told her they’d be waiting for her.

“Jenni!” she heard someone call when she stepped out the cab. “Over here!”

Jenni hadn’t seen her younger sister in a while, so she didn’t really know who to look for. Steph didn’t look very much like Jenni – especially not when you compared their curves. Jenni had a bubble butt which she took great pride in, but Steph didn’t like showing hers off. It had a fantastic shape, almost more well-toned than Jenni’s, but didn’t stick out much from the rest of her body. Jenni’s tits were also a little more exciting. Thanks to her boob job, Jenni’s looked very fake even though they were only a 34C. Steph wasn’t flat chested, but didn’t have much to come with when it came to showing off cleavage. Steph didn’t tan as often as Jenni did either, and had dyed her hair blonde as opposed to Jenni’s brunette. They had one thing in common – both of them were naturally very skinny.

She looked over to where the voice was coming from, and assumed it was Steph who was waving at her. Jenni hurried over, dragging her heavy bag behind her.

“Steph! It’s so good to see you!”

“Great to see you too, Jenni,” Steph said and gave her a hug. “Here, I’ll take you bag.” Jenni handed her bag to Steph, and stepped into the boat. It wasn’t big or comfortable, but it sure looked well-used. As she sat down, she couldn’t help but notice the pretty guy sitting at the very back.

“Jenni, this is my boyfriend Kevin. Kevin, this is my sister Jenni.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jenni said and shook Kevin’s hand.

Kevin was tall, as she’d gotten the impression most Swedish men were, and muscular. He had short blond hair which framed a very masculine face. She could immediately tell why her sister was dating her – he must be amazing in bed. Just imagine all the positions those arms could get her into! Jenni felt her horniness growing each second she laid eyes on him. She’d try to keep herself from getting him in bed, but she also knew how hard it would be for her.

The ride was quick, and Jenni was getting of the boat sooner than she’d excepted. Steph showed her to the guest house where she would be sleeping. It was just a short walk from the cottage itself, but looked just as comfortable. It had a bathroom with a big mirror, perfect for doing her makeup; and a surprisingly large bed, perfect for getting laid. Jenni knew she would be having some fun the coming week.

Just as Jenni had unpacked her bags and made the bed, Steph knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Jenni shouted.

“Hi,” Steph said while looking around the guest house. “I haven’t had a proper look inside her before.”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Sure is. Hey, dinner is just about ready. I’m thinking we’ll go down to the sauna after that.”


“Uh-huh. And just so you know, they do it naked over here.”

Jenni wanted to look shocked, but couldn’t help but smirk. She knew this made for a great chance to show off her body to Kevin.”

“Like, nothing at all?” she asked.

“Nope. Well, nothing but a towel around the waist. But that’s it.”

“Guess that’ll have to work,” Jenni remarked and laughed.

“Great,” Steph said and began walking out the door. “See you for dinner. And, for the love of God – please don’t fuck my boyfriend this time.”

Jenni was left speechless. Up until now, it had almost seemed like Steph had forgotten about that whole facial-thing all those years ago. But now? Jenni would have to be discrete if she wanted to get in bed with Kevin.

Kevin had cooked up some traditional Swedish food for the three of them. Jenni gladly ate, and made sure to compliment his cooking. They made polite conversation until everyone Kıbrıs Escort had finished and it was time to head for the sauna.

Kevin led the way, and turned the heater on. Like Steph had warned, he then proceeded to wrap a towel around his waist and pull all his clothes off. He laid them in a tidy pile just outside the sauna before stepping inside.

Jenni made sure to get a good look at his muscular body before following suit. Since it was just her and Steph left outside, she felt no need to cover herself up yet. Jenni just pulled her top over her head stripped out of her pants before moving on to her underwear. She pulled her panties of and let them join the pile with the rest of her clothes. As she unhooked her bra, her perfectly round tits were uncovered. Her nipples were perky and Jenni’s slender figure made the silicone implants show. She felt a sharp look of envy coming from Steph – she knew Jenni had always had the hottest body in the family, even before she got her implants.

She waited for Steph to get undressed before grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her waist. Steph’s body was nowhere close to the sexiness of Jenni’s, even though she was a bit younger. They walked into the sauna together, and Jenni saw Kevin’s eyes struggle to keep themselves from landing on her gorgeous boobs. If she wasn’t mistaken, there was a slight bulge in his towel – and if she was right, his dick must be big.

The three of them sat in the sauna for a good hour before Kevin got up.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back!” he said, before leaving.

He returned a few minutes later, with water dripping from his hair. Jenni once again noticed him staring at her tits.

“What have you done?” Jenni laughed.

“Went for a swim,” he responded. “You should too!”

Jenni picked up on his invite, and got up to leave. The moment she was outside the sauna, she dropped the towel to the ground. She ran down to the ocean, jumped in, and quickly ran back up again. She wrapped the towel around herself before going inside. Jenni knew her slim body looked incredibly sexy when wet.

“Feels good, right?” Steph said and laughed.

“It actually does,” Jenni responded.

“I’m getting a bit tired,” she said and let out a yawn as to prove her point. “I think I should go back indoors. You coming, Kevin?”

“I’ll wait until the heater’s cooled down, if you don’t mind. Wouldn’t want the house catching fire.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Steph said and stood up. “Good night, Jenni. There’s a bar about fifteen minutes down the road if you feel like partying.”

“Thanks, I’ll check it out. Good night, Steph.”

Kevin immediately turned the sauna heater off, and him and Jenni waited until it was cool before walking together back up to the house. Kevin continued to the main cottage, while Jenni stopped at her guest house.

Steph’s tip about the nearby bar had given Jenni an idea. If she found some hot guy there, she could leave Kevin alone. She started getting ready for a night out right away.

This was what Jenni had brought her slutty outfit for. She began by taking a shower, since it had gotten a bit sweaty down at the sauna. Then, Jenni put her sexiest pair of underwear on. It was a black lace bra with white details and a black thong. After this, she moved on to her actual clothes. Jenni put on a tight grey mini skirt stopping halfway down to her knees, as well as a sleeveless black top with a fair amount of cleavage. Her pieces of clothing were both short to the point where they showed a bit of skin around her midriff. A golden necklace wrapping around her neck a number of times finished the clothing off.

With the clothes done, it was time for the makeup. Jenni grabbed her makeup bag and unpacked it in front of the big bathroom mirror. As always, she did her makeup thoroughly. When she was finished, Jenni’s cheeks had a slightly orange shade from the generous amounts of bronzer. Her eyeshadow was different shades of black, gray and white, and stretched out into a long wing along with a hint of eyeliner. A slight touch of pink lip gloss finished her face off.

Before even starting, Jenni had made sure all her makeup was waterproof. It was without a doubt the most practical for sex. Especially the kind of sex Jenni liked to have – rough, primal and on the verge of painful. She couldn’t help but admire herself in the mirror, until she was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Jenni?” she heard Kevin calling. “You in there?”

“Just a moment!”

Jenni quickly packed her makeup back down before opening the door. Kevin looked amazed when he saw her. Her look now must’ve been a lot different to what he’d seen before, when she wore comfortable clothes and just a little mascara for makeup.

“Hi!” she greeted him, slightly confused as to why he’d come knocking on her door at eleven in the evening, when his wife had already gone to sleep.

“Hi Jenni,” he said, looking slightly nervous. “Can I come inside?”

“Be my guest.”

Jenni sat Kıbrıs Escort Bayan down on the bed, and Kevin sat next to her. Without realizing it, she went into full-on seduction mode. Jenni crossed her legs to show off her beautiful thighs, and kept her back straight to show off the shape of her tits.

“So, what brings you here this fine evening?” Jenni asked in a slightly mocking tone.

“I really hope I’m not disturbing,” Kevin excused himself.

“No, not at all,” Jenni assured him. “What’s on your mind?”

“Um… I just- I’m sorry, this is really inappropriate for me to even ask.”

“I won’t mind. And I won’t tell, either, if that’s what’s bothering you.”

“Okay…” Kevin said, and bit his lip. “I just couldn’t help but notice earlier – your, uh, boobs?”

Jenni couldn’t help but giggle. He’d come to ask about her boobs, of all things. Maybe fucking him wouldn’t be so hard after all.

“Yeah, my boobs. What’s the matter with them?”

“I just wanna- I mean, are they, like, fake?”

She had a hard time holding back her laughter yet again.

“Yes, Kevin, they’re fake. I got them done quite a few years ago.”

“Okay,” he said, looking like he’d gotten a massive burden off his chest. “Boob jobs aren’t really a thing in Sweden, you know. Especially not of… well, those proportions.”

Jenni realized this was her only chance. Steph was asleep in another house, and Kevin was sitting next to Jenni, who was made up and dressed to get laid. She had to decide right now if she was to go for it or not.

This sure was a dilemma for her. If she just left it here, she could easily go to the bar and hope some other lone soul would also be there looking for company. But what were the odds she’d meet someone as hot and muscular as Kevin?

On the other hand, what would happen if she managed to get him in bed? Maybe they would both have the night of their lives. Or maybe, just maybe, Steph would wake up and realize Kevin was missing. Jenni could barely imagine the trouble she would be in if she yet again got caught fucking Steph’s boyfriend.

Jenni realized she couldn’t think about this any longer. She had to make up her mind now. In the end, Jenni once again let her horniness get the better of herself. She flirted back at Kevin and hoped he’d want to keep going, just like her.

“Now that I’ve answered your question, could you perhaps answer mine?”

“By all means,” he said with a laugh, and leaned back. He finally looked more comfortable.

“Your cock,” Jenni said.

“My cock…?” Kevin replied, once again looking slightly confused. Somehow, she could tell he knew where this was going.

“Is it real? I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge in your towel back when you were admiring my body. We don’t really have fake dicks back in America, especially not of those proportions.”

When she had finished speaking, Jenni scooted a little closer to Kevin. She took a massive gamble, and reached out with her hand to begin rubbing his crotch. He didn’t seem to mind, which she took as a sign they were on the same page.

“All natural,” he joked back. “Swedish genes, I guess.”

“Let’s make a deal,” Jenni whispered. “You show me what I want to see, and I’ll show you what you want to see. Sound good to you?”

“It’s all yours,” Kevin said and pointed at his crotch.

“Perfect,” Jenni purred before unbuckling his belt.

As she worked on getting his pants off, Jenni leaned closer to his face until their noses were touching.

“Good thing Steph is asleep,” she whispered before starting to kiss him.

Kevin returned her kisses immediately, and placed a hand on the back of her head to pull her closer. They stayed interlocked as Jenni started undressing him. When his pants were off, she broke their kiss and pushed his chest down until he was laying on his back. She joined him on the bed, sat on her knees next to him and pulled down his boxers. Kevin’s cock stood up – he was barely hard yet, but Jenni already guessed it to be roughly six inches long. Judging by what she’d seen in the sauna, there were still another couple of inches to go before he was fully erect.

“Holy shit,” Jenni said and let out a small laugh. “You’ve sure got some fucking genes!”

She leaned down and gave his dick a kiss. Her hair fell down and Jenni realized she couldn’t see Kevin’s face, so she threw it over her shoulder. She looked into his eyes and smirked before beginning to blow him.

As always, Jenni started by licking the entire length of his shaft. When she reached the top, she came back down and started over. She considered this to be a sort of trademark technique of hers – treating the cock she was sucking like the most delicious lollipop.

After a minute or so of that, she moved on to the actual sucking. Jenni put her lips close together and pushed his cock inside. She worked her way down toward his crotch. When Jenni felt the tip hit the back of her throat, she moved back up and started slowly bobbing up Escort Kıbrıs and down on it.

Jenni suddenly felt a hand on her ass. She hadn’t realized, but her skirt was so short it had exposed her ass when she bent over. Kevin squeezed it quite gently. Jenni knew her ass was big and plushy – both thanks to the right genes and to working it out every day since she’d been a teenager.

Judging by Kevin’s light grip on her ass, Jenni assumed he was more into the loving kind of sex. That was certainly not what she was after, so she decided to show him the way. She started by yet again lowering her head onto his cock. When it was pushing against the back of her mouth, Jenni looked Kevin in the eyes and kept going. Eventually, all of his eight inches were inside her mouth and her mouth was touching his crotch. She lifted her head all the way up, straightened her back and looked into Kevin’s eyes with a foxy smile across her face. He looked absolutely astonished.

“Oh my God,” he panted. “Swedish girls never do that!”

“Does my sister ever do it?” Jenni asked, and reached down to stroke his dick.


“If you like that, I can give you one hell of a ride tonight,” she said with a laugh.

Jenni stood on her knees and pulled down the zipper on the back of her top. Kevin sat up, grabbed the straps holding it up and pulled it off. This left Jenni’s tits covered by only in her beautiful lace bra, which she immediately unhooked. She looked up to see Kevin staring down at her chest, so she let her bra fall off her shoulders as well. He looked absolutely mesmerized at the sight of her tits – but he just kept staring.

“Give them a squeeze,” Jenni encouraged him. “They’re all yours.”

He seemed to loosen up a bit, and placed a hand on each of her boobs. It still felt a bit like he didn’t know what he should be doing. Nevertheless, his big hands covered her round tits entirely. Kevin squeezed them lightly, just like he’d done with her ass. Jenni was getting a bit bored.

“Good job,” she complimented him, hoping it would encourage him to be a little more adventurous. “Now kiss them.”

Kevin immediately let go of her tits, and moved his head down to kiss them. Jenni arched her back to make them pop out even more. While keeping a hand on the back of his head, she guided him around. It was clear Kevin had never done anything like this before, and Jenni had to instruct him once again.

“Okay, sweetie,” she said, and pushed his head up from her chest. “Here’s what you do.”

Jenni grabbed both her tits for demonstration purposes, before telling him how to treat them.

“Worship them. I know you’ve never seen tits like mine before, but don’t worry about that – these are just like the ones you’re used to, except much better. Kiss them all over, and suck my nipples. Bring in a little teeth if you’re feeling adventurous.”

She always felt so sexy talking about her tits. Jenni knew the way she wanted to be taken – and wasn’t going to let a little inexperience stand in the way of her desires.

Kevin finally seemed to get what she wanted, and did his best to worship her tits. Just like Jenni had told her, he began working his mouth around both her tits. He kissed them both to the point where they were shiny before moving on to her nipples. Once again, Kevin closely followed her instructions. He started by gently sucking them, and slowly going more rough. Jenni heard moans escape her mouth the moment he began flicking his tongue over them. Kevin understood he was onto something, and worked it around even faster.

This nipple-play was getting Jenni extremely horny, and her pussy was almost dripping in excitement. She couldn’t take the foreplay anymore, so she once again pushed Kevin’s head up from her chest. This time she laid down on her back and pulled her panties off. Trying to be playful, Jenni tossed them into Kevin’s face. He shook them off and let out a laugh before sitting up straight in the bed.

While Kevin unbuttoned his shirt, Jenni couldn’t help but run her fingers around her pussy. She’d been waiting to get stuffed for an entire month. Imagining it was Kevin’s dick, she stuck two fingers inside her. It felt great right away, and Jenni let them dig around looking for her G-spot.

Suddenly, Kevin grabbed her legs. He had gotten off the bed and was now standing next to it. He pulled Jenni close to him, and aligned his dick with her entrance. But she didn’t want to be fucked already – she had decided he was going to eat her out first. Jenni pulled her fingers out, placed a hand in front of her pussy hole to block it off, and looked him in the eyes. Like so many times before, he looked quite confused as to what was happening.

“Don’t think you can just fuck me already. I want you to lick my pussy first.”

“I’ve, um… never really done that before, either,” he said, looking a bit insecure.

“What?” Jenni was honestly surprised. “My sister doesn’t have you do that either?”

“Not really.”

“God, she’s such a prude.” she sighed, and spread her legs again. “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll guide you. Get down here.”

Kevin moved his face between her legs, and placed his hands on her thighs. Jenni rested her legs on his shoulders, careful not to kick him with her long boots. She tried to pull him closer, but he resisted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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