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“Hey guys!” I said, opening the door for Matt and Sarah to come inside.

Sarah had a hat on with a ponytail pulled through the back. She was wearing a swimsuit wrap, but you could see the two neon strings over each of her shoulders. I knew she had on a similar outfit as Julie was wearing. I leaned down and hugged her kissing the side of her cheek.

Matt had on a tank top and board shorts. For the past year the work he has put into the gym with me and Julie training him has paid off. He is solid, he shoulders were huge and in the tank top he looked ripped. We did the Predator handshake. You know, the part where the two guys grasp hands in midair and act as if they are arm wrestling. Stupid thing we’d do, but it was our thing. Matt and Sarah have really become close and good friends, I thought to myself shutting the door.

“Where is Julie?” Sarah asked, looking around the house.

“Upstairs just preparing to be fashionably late and make her entrance as always.” I said, jokingly.

Sarah headed upstairs while Matt and I both watched her ass sway with each step. She has been doing spin class with Julie every day for a year, her ass was hard as a rock! The best part though, is how both our girls asses were so round and fat due to all the riding. There is nothing better than sliding your cock in a big round ass, I chuckled at the thought.

“So, what did you think of their swimsuits?” Matt asked, as we headed to the bar area.

I grabbed the whiskey and started making us a drink.

“Totally shocked me.” I said, shaking the tumbler and pouring us a couple old fashions. “The bigger question is, are you ready for what comes next?” I asked, raising my glass.

Matt took his glass, raised it and clicked it against mine. “Here’s to a night of fucking, sucking and spunking.” He announced and we both started laughing.

“I’ll drink to that!” I replied, taking a long sip.

“What are you two troublemakers toasting to?” Julie asked coming down the stairs. She had on a very similar wrap, it must have been from the same store that Sarah purchased hers. She had on the same hat from earlier, hair in a ponytail pulled out the back. She had her pool side bag draped over her right shoulder. The bright red string was over her left shoulder.

After two months or so, Julie and Sarah were inseparable. I’m watching them both walk down the stairs and can’t help but notice even their walk was almost the same. They wore their hair the same, same style clothes, both had the same size fake tits, both ridiculously fit and toned, both had round bubble asses, firm legs, the same walk and hell their gestures were even becoming similar. The only difference was Julie was a few inches taller. They both were fucking gorgeous though!

“Toasting to health and friendship.” Matt said and we both tried hard not to laugh. I was biting the inside of my lip.

“Well your shit eating grins say otherwise.” Julie said, approaching Matt and giving him a hug, and he kissed her cheek. She came around the bar to my side and grabbed my ass. “Mind making us a couple drinks? We are going to head out to the pool.” She kissed my cheek and grabbed Sarah’s hand.

“Make mine strong, please!” Sarah yelled as she was being lead by Julie.

“Same babe!” Julie shouted.

“Head on out. I’ll finish up here and bring everything out.” I said to Matt.

He grabbed his drink and headed out to join the girls. As I looked out the window shaking their drinks. I watched as the girls were taking off their wraps. Sarah’s sling bikini was exactly like Julies except hers was a bright blue. Her tits hung out from all sides and a piece of string just big enough to cover her nipple was placed dead center on her tits and formed a V at her pussy. The string went straight up her ass crack to her shoulders. Pretty much both girls were nude except for pieces of string covering nipples and their pussy lips.

They were stroking each other’s tits, smiling and laughing. I watched as Matt walked up to them and they both made seductive poses for him. He set his drink down approached them and placed a hand on each of their asses rubbing them. They were all laughing, while Matt looked each of them up and down. Again, the girls stepped back and posed. Putting their hands on their hips, cupping their tits and leaning forward, spinning around and shaking their asses. Sarah grabbed Julies hand, and they ran and jumped into the pool. As they came up their strings were all over the place. Both the girls tits were totally exposed. Matt stood there just watching as the girls, laughing, readjusted themselves and put the strings back in place. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out.

I placed the drinks on a serving tray, along with some bottle waters and headed out to join them.

I placed the tray down and took the girls drink to the pool edge. They swam up, I could see both sets of their tits just bobbing in the water. The strings going right down their ass cracks.

“Excuse istanbul travesti me waiter. By any chance do you have a straw I can suck my drink with?” Sarah asked, looking up at me while pushing herself up with her hands. Her tits pressed together making them look twice as big.

“No Ma’am, they clog the pool drains.” I replied, staring at her tits.

“Oh too bad.” She said, dropping back into the water making a sad face. “It’s so much easier having something in my mouth do drink with.” She said, taking their drinks and walking over to Julie.

My cock was now pulsing, all the blood in my body was in one place right now.

“You two getting in or just going to sit their like two pervs, staring at us all night.” Julie asked.

The sun was now setting. Matt was sliding into the water. I walked over lighting the fire pit and turned on the water features. The sound would help muffle the noises I’m sure were to be happening as the night went on. I walked back to the pergola and closed the curtains around 3 sides, while turning on the TV. I flipped the channel to a music station and headed back to the pool.

Matt was kissing Sarah who had her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his hips. He was walking her in circles as they kissed. Julie swam towards me as I was getting into the pool.

“Thanks for turning everything on.” She said, placing her drink down and wrapping herself around me. She was kissing me as I walked us over to where Matt and Sarah were.

Julie splashed them. “Get a room you two.” She said, laughing.

Sarah returned the splash. “Its funner outside.” She replied.

“Want to play chicken?” Sarah asked. “Best out of three rounds, winners get to make losers do something.” She said, proudly having came up with the idea.

“Do what?” Julie asked.

“Anything, I’ll tell you in a minute after I win.” Sarah said, climbing off Matt and moving behind him. Matt went underwater and when he came up, Sarah was on his shoulders. The two blue strings covering her nipples and she looked stunning all wet.

Julie placed her hands on my shoulders and I went under. She straddled me and I came up with her on top.

“Are you ready?” Sarah asked. “Go!” She shouted.

Matt and I both were looking up at each other’s wives, whose arms were flailing around wildly. They were both squirming like crazy, and we were concentrating on getting our footing.

The girls had each other’s arms in hand and were pushing and pulling trying to knock the other off. I looked up right as Julie moved the straps off Sarah’s nipples exposing her tits. Julie grabbed both her nipples and Sarah jerked back. Matt and Sarah fell into the water.

“That was cheating!” Sarah said, coming up out of the water her strings were on either sides of her tits. She was protesting to Julie oblivious to her exposed breasts. I just stood staring. She didn’t adjust herself and climbed back onto Matt. He came up out of the water again, Sarah’s tits fully exposed her nipples hard as a rock.

“One to zero.” Julie said, in a smart ass tone.

“Ready go!” Sarah shouted. We were back at it the girls a little more rough this time. Hell Matt and I couldn’t even look up they were squirming and flailing so wildly it took everything to keep our balance. Matt had good footing and tripped me while pushing me at the same time. Splash! Julie and I were coming up out of the water.

“Come on!” She said, splashing me.

“You want me to get on your shoulders?” I said, wiping water from my eyes.

She got back on, and we headed to the scrum again. This went on, until the score was two – two. The girls lost all sense of fun, this was now competitive as fuck for them. Matt and I just kept quiet as the girls trash talked each other. Both of them had their tits fully exposed and seemed oblivious to that fact.

“Ok time out!” I called. “I need a drink.” We set the girls in the water, and we all went to our glasses at the side of the pool. Julie leaned over to me, whispering.

“I don’t want to lose!” She said, in a very stern voice. The thing about my wife is she is highly competitive.

“Think you can get Matt hard in 30 seconds?” I asked.

“I’m fucking thinking about the game, not that!” Julie replied in protest.

“Trust me, I have a plan. Work your magic.” I said, finishing my drink and placing it down.

“Two – Two, sweets.” That was the nickname Julie called Sarah when she first started working out with her. Sarah love her sweets. Julie also told her that she would make no progress unless she cut the sweets out. So whenever Julie wanted to motivate or drive her crazy she would call her Sweets.

“I know the score, lips.” Sarah said, using the nickname she called Julie after a lip fattening evolution went wrong. Julies lips were fat for 3 days, comically fat. Julie hated that name because it brought back those thoughts.

“Just making sure because I can’t wait for you to hear what I’m going to make you do.” Julie istanbul travestileri said, while walking up to Matt placing a hand on his chest and looking at Sarah. Her hand moved down to his crotch. “I’m assuming things you’ve never thought of, and I’m sure Matt here has never seen before.” She said, turning to Matt and squeezing his cock underwater. She bit her lower lip and moaned.

Sarah swam over and pushed her off her husband. “You have to win first!” She said, pushing Julie back.

Julie swam over to me with her back to Matt and Sarah. “There you go, what 8 seconds I think?” She said laughing. “I don’t know what that was for, but he’s hard as rock.” She said and pushing me down, so she could get on my shoulders.

“Last round, winner takes all.” Julie said.

“Ready go!” Sarah shouted.

The girls were violent. They were pawing at each other, their legs kicking out, they were flailing and jerking violently. Suddenly, Sarah had Julies ponytail and was pulling her down.

“You bitch!” Julie yelled, and it took everything to keep us from falling. Her falling forward brought us closer to Matt and Sarah. That was my queue.

I reached out and grabbed Matt’s cock, squeezing hard and placing a foot behind his stepping into him. The look of shock on his face was priceless. As he instinctively stepped back and Sarah had to let go of Julies hair as her instinct was to put her hands behind her assuming she was going to stop her fall. They both went straight back. Splash! They were underwater.

Julie jumped off my shoulders and was bouncing in the water. Pumping her arms in the air like a piston. Matt and Sarah both came up from the water.

“What the fuck bro?” Matt said, looking at me in shock.

“My wife didn’t want to lose.” I said, as if it was nothing.

“By squeezing the shit out of my cock, damn that hurt!” Matt protested.

“All’s fair.” Said Julie, still bouncing moving towards Sarah. “Don’t worry Matty boy, sweets will kiss it better.” She said, looking at Sarah.

“Whatever.” Sarah said, splashing water at Julie. “You two are cheaters.” She said, pouting.

“No, I was being serious. Remember winner tells losers what to do. So first thing you are being told to do is kiss your husbands cock better. Do it, while he sits on the pool edge.” Julie demanded.

It instantly got quiet, except for the sound of the water features splashing into the water. The soft music coming from the pergola. It was nighttime and the moon wasn’t out yet. The light of the fire danced on everyone’s body enough to, so you could just barely see everyone’s features.

“Come on a bet is a bet.” Julie said.

“I’m getting put back together do you mind?” Sarah said, stalling. She was slowly adjusting her strings on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry about that. Both of you throw your suits to me. Winners request.” I said, smiling.

Matt looked at Sarah, and he bent down pulling his suit out and throwing it my way. Sarah, hesitating a second or so removed the strings and in one motion threw the little pile of string towards me.

“Now on the side there Matt, if you please.” Julie said, walking towards the area Matt was pulling himself out of the water.

He spun as he sat on the edge his cock was around 7 inches and fully erect. His cock was cut and thick. The head of his cock was thick and full. He parted his legs and leaned back on his hands, making his cock stick straight up.

“Gorgeous!” Julie said, not taking her eyes off his cock. Now looking to Sarah. “Your turn sweets, kiss it better. It looks swollen.” Julie said, now pulling Sarah by her hand towards her husband.

“Your still a cheat.” Sarah said, as she passed Julie. She got to Matt and didn’t hesitate taking his cock in her mouth.

“That’s fucking hot!” Julie said, while cupping her breasts. Then reaching down and stroking Sarah’s back with one hand and Matt’s leg with her other.

I took my suit off, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My cock was going to tear a hole in my suit if I didn’t let it free. I took the pile of suits to the side and then started walking next to my wife. As I stood next to her, she reached down and felt my hard cock and realized I didn’t have my suit on. She then took hers off in one motion; placing her hand back on my cock stroking me.

“Fuck her why she’s doing that.” Julie said.

“I moved behind Sarah and place a hand on her ass. I then took my cock in my other hand and went up from her clit and slid it up her slit until the tip of my cock found her wet cunt. She was soaking wet even in the water. I slid gently into her but her pussy was so wet, allowing me in one motion to bury my entire shaft into her. Sarah kept sucking, but her moan was load. From the looks I was longer and Matt was thicker, in cock size. I was taking long strokes, almost to the point of pulling my cock out but stopping right at the head then sliding all the way back in and grinding my hips into her. Allowing my balls to move around travesti istanbul her clit.

Sarah was picking the speed up faster on Matt’s cock, and he was looking at Julie who was rubbing her tit with one hand and her pussy with the other.

“How does she feel?” Julie asked me.

“She has a nice pussy.” I said, while still slowly pumping her.

“Let me feel.” Julie said, while moving me out of the way and getting behind her. She placed a hand on the small of her back and her right hand she was rubbing around her pussy. “Mm one finger.” She said smiling. “Two, fingers!” She moaned and bit her lip. Matt and Julie were looking at each other. “Three!” Julie yelled, enthusiastically.

“MMM can I get four?” Julie asked, while looking down at the water pushing Sarah forward.

Sarah came off Matt’s cock. “Fuck!” She yelled.

“Four! Not bad sweets.” Julie said, spanking Sarah’s ass hard. She was now walking up next to Matt’s knee. Sarah went right back to sucking Matt’s cock.

I slipped back into Sarah’s stretched pussy. Just like a rubber band, it was seconds before it gripped my cock and welcomed it back. I started fucking her slowly again. Watching, as my wife moved up next to her and Sarah pointed Matt’s cock at her. My wife took hold of it and slid it into her mouth. Sarah moved to her left placing her hands on the side of the pool and pushing into me.

Julie had Matt’s balls in one hand and with her other shed stroke and take his cock into her mouth. As she came off his cock she would twist her hand right on the tip of his cock. Damn, she knew how to give blow jobs. My wife had a true cum fetish, so knowing how to suck dick very well tied in perfectly with it.

Sarah was looking over watching Matt get his cock sucked and pushing back meeting my thrusts. She was taking all of my cock and staring at the cock sucking taking place.

“MM, I’m right there.” Matt said, loudly. “Can I cum on your face? I love seeing that.” He said, brushing Julies hair to the side.

Julie stopped sucking but still holding his cock. “You love seeing that?” She asked, puzzled.

Sarah quit pushing back and stood upright. My cock withdrew from her pussy. “What did that mean?” She asked.

“Nothing, I would love to see that.” Matt said, nervously.

“No, you said. You love seeing that!” Julie said, releasing Matt’s cock. She turned to look at me.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t say anything.” I protested.

“Matt, what did you mean? You love seeing it. Have you and Julie done this without me?” Sarah said, moving her hand over her mouth in shock.

“What? NO!” Julie protested, looking at Sarah almost in disgust.

“Wait, wait! I shouted. What dumbass was saying is he loved seeing cum on Julies face. I’ve shown a couple videos to Matt a few times. Nothing happened Sarah and that is what he meant Julie.” I said, the look of panic leaving Matt’s face.

Sarah, smacked Matt’s leg hard. Then punched him again. “You didn’t tell me you watched a video.” She said in protest.

“What am I going to come home and say “hey watched a video with my friend of his wife being gang banged.” Matt said, sarcastically.

“You showed him the gang bang video?” Julie looked at me in shock. “Which one?” She asked, without realizing what she said.

“There is more than one?” Matt asked, smile on his face.

“You have a gang bang video?” Sarah asked, slightly confused.

“Oh my word, stop!” I yelled. “Yes, we have a few gang bang videos. Yes, we watched my favorite one. We had to do something while waiting for you two to do something like this.” I said, throwing my hands up and laughing.

“Waiting for us.” Both girls said in unison.

“We had no clue if it was even of interest to you.” Julie said, in utter disgust. “Either of you would flirt or even act like you wanted this. Come on fellas take a little blame here, you both should have taken a little control.”

“For fucks sake! Do you know how horny I’ve been lately?” Sarah said to Matt. “To find out that you’ve been watching porn with Brian, when both of you fuckers could have been fucking me!” She was shouting.

“Ok, ok! We are sorry.” Matt said, his and my cock going limp. “Sorry, can we get back to what we were doing. Don’t let it ruin it.” He begged.

“No! I want to see the movie you watched.” Sarah protested, crossing her arms.

“Don’t I get a say in this, it is my video.” Julie chimed in.

“No! They’ve both seen it. You never told me you did that, and I now feel left out.” Sarah protested, with arms still crossed.

“Ugh fine.” Julie said. “It’s not like I didn’t tell you on purpose. When was I supposed to bring that up in conversation?” Julie asked.

“Well I, I don’t know. I just don’t like feeling left out.” Sarah replied, dropping her defensive posture.

“I get that, sorry you are feeling that way. Tweedledee and Tweedledumb are just stupid. They meant nothing by it, did you?” Julie asked, while taking Sarah’s hands in hers. She turned looking at me and Matt, waiting for a response.

“Yes, sorry Sarah/Babe.” We both said in unison.

“Go get the video, while you’re in there bring out a couple bottles of red, please.” Julie said and was leading Sarah to the steps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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