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Even while he was surfing in the 58 degree water at Four Mile, Denny couldn’t get sex out of his mind. Oh, sure, whenever he was plugged into one of the 4-6 ft walls, pushing a bottom turn, getting speed on the line, pulling up into the section and getting shacked for a few wet moments, he was fully into the surf. But no sooner had he kicked out to paddle back out, sex was on his mind again. It was one of those days.

So he didn’t hang around on the beach after he’d gotten his session in. Instead, he pulled on his jeans, boots, T-shirt and jacket, humped it up the beach and back to the parking lot and into his car.

“Hey Bill, how you doing?” he said into the cell phone once he got reception at about Three Mile. He was surprised that Bill was even home. The guy had a lot of friends and traveled a lot, so mid morning on a Sunday wasn’t the best time to catch him. But he sounded like he was in just the right mood. Still a little drowsy from a late night and a long sleep, and up for a little company.

“Bill, a hot shower would be great. What do you think, can you spare some hospitality?”

Bill had a hospitable grin on his face as he opened the door to let Denny in. Bill and Denny were something of a pair. About the same height at 5’9 or so. Slim, trim builds, though Denny had broader shoulders from all the surfing he’d done. Both had sandy hair, light complexions, but Denny’s eyes were blue, Bill’s green.

“You look cold, bro,” Bill said as Denny walked past him into ardahan escort the room. Denny was about 36, Bill probably 35.

“You’ve got no idea,” Denny came back with some heat. Held up his thumb and forefinger defining the space of about half an inch. “I’m about this big”, Denny said.

“Well this ought to help,” Bill said and handed Denny a loaded pipe. “This might help.” He flared a match and Denny took a big hit, smiling as he leaned back, enjoying it. But as he exhaled, a scratch of cold got into him, even through the sweatshirt and the overcoat, and he shivered.

“Boy, you are cold, Bill said. “Well” he said turning up a wicked grin. “Maybe this will warm you up.” His right hand moved to the waistband of Denny’s pants. He pulled him a little closer. His other hand reached in and the two hands made quick work of the belt buckle, top button and three more buttons, fast, like they were ready to pop out anyway. Bill grabbed the trousers with two hands as he dropped to his knees, opened them wide and dove in on Denny’s bare, retracted little dick. The big head had pulled back into the thick shaft which had retracted to about the thickness of a rolled condom. It was pathetic.

“Oh, yeah!,” Denny moaned loudly as his dick was enveloped in a white hot wet heat. “Oh fuck that’s good,” it now coming out like a gasp. He slumped back against the high arm of a long, deep couch. Bill was doing snake charmer tricks on his dick, sucking it all the ardahan escort bayan way into his mouth, then letting up on it only slowly, and letting it out, pulling on it, really, real slowly. He looked up into Denny’s face, gauging his reaction, then put three more deep sucks on that dick as it got harder fast.

Bill stood up quickly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and grinning. “You get that shower now, get warmed up, ” he said.

After about ten minutes of hot water, Denny was starting to feel warm finally. He stood with his back to the stream of water, his head wreathed in steam. The water ran over his shoulders and broad, smooth chest, down his belly, around his cock through a thatch of light hair and down between his legs. He felt great. He took a bar of soap in his hand, spun it, got up a nice lather, but down the bar, then wrapped his soapy palm around his prick. He squeezed it hard and stroked on it, tugging, letting it go, base gripping it again, tugging, sliding, letting it go, the length of it. It was thick and each stroke made it thicker. He thought about Bill in the other room.

Denny was pleased to note that Bill had turned up the heat in the bedroom. As he finished toweling his hair he decided the room felt just right.

Bill was laying back on the bed propped up on some pillows, naked except for a thin cotton tank top. His hand was holding his dick, proffering it to Denny’s gaze. It was about 7.5″, slim, escort ardahan uncircumcised with the head now pulled back. He was hard.

Bill stepped over to the bed, then let himself down full length on the bed on his belly, right up between Bills legs. He reached up with his right hand, grabbed Bills dick, aimed it to his mouth and went right down on it. Denny dug it. The hard, hot, shaft, a dick, a big dick, filling his mouth. Going up and down on it he dug the sensation of his lips sliding up and down the taught, thin fleshed shaft.

About four strokes like that, each time becoming more aware of the thick cockhead pressing into the throat zone. Finally, Denny paused for a moment, then the went slowly down the full length of the glistening wet, rod hard prick until it came to the back of his throat. Another pause, then he relaxed his throat and pressed onto the hard shaft. He let it into his throat. He felt it in there. Going deeper, until his nose was in Bill’s pubic hairs. He paused there for a moment, felling a huge hot rush. And then he pressed down farther, burying his face in Bill’s crotch, getting as much of the cock into him as he could, greedy, getting another huge hot pulse of body rush. He had his hands wrapped around Bill’s ass cheeks, holding on, pulling him closer, getting it all. Then he relaxed and let the cock draw off and out, and felt it the whole way, the suction of it in his throat giving him another body rush. Then he did it three or four more times, each time totally into it.

He stopped, they wriggled around a little, then Bill got a hold of Denny’s big prick and they went into a long 69. They had to stop a bunch of times. To keep from cumming. To make it last. They traded off getting each other close.

Until once Denny couldn’t stop and went off like a bomb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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