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It all came to me in a sudden moment as I drove down the road. I looked down as I steered the car. My hand was on the back of her head as she was buried in my lap. My moans and erratic driving gave clear indication that my stimulation was currently being attended to properly. Her hair, long and dark and draped over my waist had a slight hint of blond streaks throughout, and the slurping noises coming from my waist simply aided to accentuate the situation.

When I pulled up to the afterhours spot, she stopped and raised herself up in her seat. “God I love sucking your cock,” she smiled, wiping a bit of saliva from her dark ruby streaked lips.

I have to admit, the night had been drug fueled up until this point, and my memory struggled to remember what had led us to this point.

Normal protocol at my shows are one of disinterest to most involved. Always playing it cool and calm, I do what I can to keep my reputation squeaky clean at the concerts I promote, but tonight was destined to be different; as it was certainly clear as I tucked my throbbing, saliva drenched steel cock back in my faded jeans and fastened back up.

The artist was a legend in his genre and one who I had not seen before, which always had me in elevated spirits. With his stellar reputation came a large crowd which only helped the night take a life of its own. Surrounded by friends, I always tried to keep to myself as much as possible.

“Dude, there’s so many hot chicks here,” one friend would say on a regular basis. “Why don’t you ever take one of them home?”

“I gotta see most of these people all the time at these shows,” I would always explain, referring to my partners, the work staff and regular fans who attended. “My quest to keep things professional at all times has served me well throughout the years.”

While this may be true on most occasions, I must also admit that I’m a man, and as a man, the thought is always there. Willpower can be a bitch sometimes in the face of limitless temptation, but the long term strategy must sometimes bend to the will of what was still throbbing in my pants as I held my arm around her and we went into the underground club.

The night had progressed as normal, with the headliner coming on as scheduled. A few of my friends, who I regularly hook up with free tickets repay me with drinks and recreational drugs in a well-established quid pro quo system.

“Here, take this,” he said, handing me a capsule of powder, “this is probably the best X you can find on the market.”

Never one to say no to most things, an hour later the drug had established its hold and the night would definitely take on a new twist.

Ecstasy consumes my senses like nothing else. Hell, it’s why I like it so much. It allows me to talk to people and care about what they say in ways I normally wouldn’t allow. I can be kind of an asshole to a most folks, and so I take some in moderation to keep my spirits good. “Everything is a strategy,” I always say, “even drug use.”

But when taking more, and of a much higher quality, than I’m used to, it unlocks a relentless animal passion that I find difficult to control. And when one of the local DJ’s came to me and told me that Jill and Alicia were in the house, my interest was certainly piqued with additional temptation.

Jill, and more noteworthy to this narrative Alicia, are two cousins who attend shows on regular basis. With an overtly flirtatious in a harmless nature towards me, it’s always a pleasure to have them around.

Alicia, who had recently taken on a relationship, hadn’t come out in well over a year, but Jill had continued to come out on a regular basis. Alicia and I had a slight history, as we’ve found ourselves together a couple of times. My joke to them about treating them super VIP was about to take on a realism that even I knew I didn’t have in me.

“You still hard baby,” she asked with a whisper and smile as I paid our way in.

“Not as hard as I was 5 minutes ago,” I winked back and we descended the steps down to the basement type atmosphere. “Don’t worry, we have all night right?”

She nodded as she rubbed her perky breasts along the side of my chest.

As the headliner took the stage and the crowd became frenetic, I had the desire to do something else that I never do: Dance. All this music around me all the time and here I never let myself go. Too many things to worry about, and, being in the public eye in a small pond, too many eyes on me. Tonight, I had said to hell with all that, and let them see the side of me that they don’t often see.

Having talked to the girls as I made my ’rounds,’ as I call it, I knew they were hanging out with the regular crowd. A crowd devotedly dedicated to the genre that will support nearly every show that I throw, I constantly walk through Kocaeli Escort the crowd to say hello. Good public relations make for easy promotions.

Alicia was dressed in a white form fitting tank top that hid nothing of her perky b cup curves and a pair of tight form fitting jeans. At a petite, tight 5’2, she stood well short of my 6’3 frame. I grabbed her hand and said, “Come on, I want to dance.”

She is always on the dance floor enjoying herself, and the shock in her eyes that I wanted to dance was certainly one of surprise.

I led her away from the regular crowd. With nearly 1,000 people in a room I know well, I led her to the other side of the venue to a crowd that I am not as familiar with.

“Here, we can dance over here,” I led her to a spot about 10 feet in front of the stage. She turned and looked at me with a smile, grabbing my hand and leading me even closer, to the front spot stage center.

“Here,” she laughed, “we can dance right here.”

As I said before, the drug of choice that night, in addition to multiple drinks and a haze from smoking way too much dope, unleashes a lustful passion that I find hard to control. With someone I’m familiar enough to dance with, and a night with its own energy already building, it would prove to be a combination worthy of writing a story about.

As the passion grew, her body pressed back against mine. I would wrap my arms around her and slide my hands around her body. Sliding my hands around her perky firm breasts and her tight rock hard stomach, I explored her feminine curves without abandon. Occasionally, she would grab my hands, pulling them away in a signal that I was going too far.

But my hands wouldn’t stop. Sliding down between her legs, I caressed her inner thighs. I pushed her back forward and she used the stage as leverage as she backed her ass up along my crotch. My hands slid to her hips, holding her as she rubbed her ass along my slowly, very slowly, growing member.

I should also note that the drug of choice here also inhibits my ability to get aroused,if at

all, but does nothing to inhibit my lust.

Sometimes I can get aroused, when the right influences are there and, as I would soon find out, she was the right influence.

She looked back at me as she grinded her tight little ass against my growing member. Winking, she pulled her head back up and reached behind her, grabbing my hips and pulling me against her.

Our height difference was awkward, to say the least, but she was still able to lean back and audibly tell me, “I want to feel you hard against me baby.”

Moments later as she had her wish and my throbbing thickness pressed against her ass and,

I leaned in to let her know my response; “I want to spread these legs,” my hands slid down along her thighs, “and feast on you for hours.”

She laughed, breaking the dance for a second as she turned and slapped me on the chest, “you’re bad, Gabe.”

The dance resumed. Throwing caution to the wind, the lust and desire we had built within each other was culminating with the show itself.

Unrelenting in my roaming her body with my hands, and her ass continuing to grind back against my throbbing cock combined to create a perfect scene of shameless public debauchery within the crowd. Front stage center, of course.

I was unsure how long we had danced. At that point, it was a blur until the show ended and the crowd started to disperse. We chatted for a bit as we milled around with some of my friends and the others, eventually heading outside.

“I want to give you a ride home,” I told her.

“I can’t do that,” she responded, alluding to her boyfriend.

“Yes you can,” I insisted, but she still resisted.

Respectful as always, I let her go as her cousin pulled up. “We’re going to the afterhours spot,” she explained as Alicia to get into the car. “You should come join us.”

I nodded, saying that I would, but seeing that it was nearly 3am, the chances I would continue the night was slim. The couch was calling, after a late night burrito stop of course.

A few minutes later, I was chatting with a couple of friends, saying the final adieus, when Jill’s car pulled back up again out front of the venue.

Alicia got out and approached me as I went up to Jill’s window. “She’s going to the afterhours with you,” she laughed, “I’m going home. I’m too tired. Take care of her and behave, alright.” She gave a knowing smile as she pulled away.

As we walked to my car, she would tell me how excited she had gotten on the dance floor. “Fuck Gabe,” she said, always foulmouthed as I remembered. “I haven’t been that wet in a long god damn time. Thanks.”

As soon as I had gotten the car started, she was already fumbling with my jeans. Opening Kocaeli Escort Bayan up and lustily letting me know that she needed to suck the cock that had been rubbing up against her all night.

At this point we were downstairs in the dim lights of the underground after hours spot. Really just a basement of a shop up top, and with the limitations of the small space it was full. Again, however, filled with people who I know well and who know me.

Regardless of this, her actions on the ride over had done nothing but increase the uncontrollable desire and lust that I needed to satisfy.

“Let’s get out of here,” I continually pressed as we grabbed a couple of beers. She would continue to say that she wanted to hang out here for a bit.

The dance floor was again a destination we would find ourselves, but this time any reservations we may have had at the show was now gone. Hands free to roam where they wanted, it turned into more of a soft porn show for those interested in watching.

Continually sliding her breasts down my chest and crotch as she looked up at me, if her intentions were to build up my lust it was certainly successful. Holding her back against me, I responded with my arms around her and my hands sliding down between her legs. Her heat was as clear as my arousal was as I throbbed against her ass.

Not much time had passed before everything building had come to fruition. With my hands exploring every inch of her petite frame, the time had come to take charge of the situation.

Grabbing her hand, I led her towards the back of the room where we were somewhat isolated. A dingy couch in the back corner was to be a perfect destination, if only for a few minutes.

Our arms were around each other in an instant.

Embraced, we shared our first kiss of the night as we sprawled out on the couch. The passion and lust within our mouths as they met was like a supercharger getting a bolt of lightning.

Tongues instantly searching and finding each other, I pressed her tiny frame underneath me as I nearly devoured her.

Sloppy and wet, the passion merely grew as our aggressive kissing let each other know just what our intention and ultimate destination was. Moans and groans and each of our hands surrounded the head of the others as our kiss only grew more

and more lustful.

“Not here,” she gasped as she broke the kiss and pushed my face back slightly. Her eyes in mine disguised none of the need that we both had at that point. “Let’s go somewhere.”

I pulled her off the couch with me, hastily said some goodbyes to some folks as we rushed back up the steps and out the door. I couldn’t go to my house, the distance not even possible at this moment of need. Her place was definitely out of the question. A hotel seemed the best idea.

Even a hotel would prove too far for us at this moment. As her hands explored my throbbing member, and my free hand was groping her perky breasts through her tank top, we both knew that the time it took to grab a room would prove too painful to bare.

As I turned a corner, I pulled into a dark parking lot of a park that was just down the street from the club we had just left. I grabbed a couple of the blankets from the back of the car and led her down the slight hill. The lights of the city sprawled across in the cold early morning, and the blanket made a quick little makeshift cushion on the soft ground.

Her jeans were off in a second as I peeled them free. Tugging them down and tossing them aside, the goosebumps on her smooth tight legs showed the coldness of the night. Our kiss had resumed as our hands aggressively ripped the clothes from one another.

She was in her bra and panties when I pushed her on her back with my hands on her shoulders. I took a quick glance at her barely covered figure. Perky breasts held tightly in a black silk bra and matching panties shielding my ultimate goal that had helped to create my night of lust.

Fingers slid inside the band of her panties and I tugged them off her short legs. Fuck, she was already dripping wet. Her manicured bush was glistening with need as my hands went to her knees and spread her legs open wide.

“Fuck, baby” she groaned, looking up at me as she grabbed the back of my head. “Fuck me hard.”

I had planned on feasting on that sweet flower, but we both knew that wouldn’t be possible in our state of mind. Her hands caressed my sides before she nearly ripped my boxers free. My thick length was throbbing as the cool air brushed it. Her hand instinctively started stroking and pumping the engorged shaft.

The hint of dawn started to show on the distant horizon as I entered her. She was tight, warm and sloppy all in one. We shared a mutual groan of the ultimate pleasure as I drove Escort Kocaeli my manhood deep inside her with one hard thrust.

“Oh shit,” I moaned, “I forgot how good you felt.”

“Shut up and Fuck me, you bastard,” she moaned with a slight laugh of pleasure.

My hands on the ground along the side of her head supported my larger frame as we shared a look of uninhibited pleasure. I pulled my hips back before driving my thick pole with a relentless need to fulfill my animal lust in the now early morning.

Her eyes were magnetized to mine. She was so damn sexy when she grabbed the back of my head and grunted, “That’s it, fuck me hard, fuck me harder.”

The smacks of skin on skin filled the immediate area, combining the squish of wetness being pounded by deep hard thrusts of thick cock. My back was arched as I gave her each splitting thrust as deep as her tight little frame could take. Purposeful driving strokes intended to split her wide open if I could.

When she turned me over on my back, more light had made its way throughout the sky. Lights of the skyline were no longer visible as the buildings themselves became defined.

She grabbed my throbbing cock and held it up as her petite frame straddled me. Guiding my manhood to her, she lowered herself down and sat on me. My hands rested on her hips as she placed her hands on my chest for support.

Grinding and riding my swollen cock, her ass rocked back and forth. My hands on her hips helped her as she built her own pleasure.

“Fuck you,” I groaned, “Ride that cock,” I moaned, hands roaming again to her bra covered breasts. Pushing her bra up her chest, I was able to wrap my large hands around her perky little breasts with ease.

She leaned back, putting her hands on my knees as she grinded her slick tight slit along my shaft. One hand pinched a nipple while my other hand roamed down. Twisting my hand, my thumb very easily found her swollen clit in the form of a hard little nub.

That one motion sent her out of control. Her high pitched screams had to have been heard for blocks away in the open air, but it didn’t seem to occur to either of us at this moment to care. Her juices drenched my cock and swollen sack as she continued to ride through her orgasm in the early morning light.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned, “fuck yes, hold that fucking cock right there.” Her body convulsing on top of me. Her breasts bouncing and jiggling within her bra in concert with her shaking body.

She came back up, her long hair cascading along my chest as she came back to me on this planet. I grabbed her hips and turned her over, rolling back on top of her.

My ass rose and fell as I pummeled my tool into her tight slit. I couldn’t control my own lust as I repetitively drove into her slick tunnel. Our primal nature in control of us, my body was not of my own.

She was still squirming and moaning her high pitched squeals. Either another orgasm or simply still on her first I couldn’t tell, but she was cumming I was sure. Her body was still exploding and when she could sense I was ready to explode as she groaned and whispered, ‘not in me, Gabe.”

I nodded, my moans and grunts the only audible noises coming from me as I pounded away into her tight warmth. I was close, I couldn’t hold back. The drugs and what not had extended my stamina for what seemed like superman levels, but the time had finally arrived where I could release all the passion she had helped to build throughout the night.

I pulled out, kneeling upright between her legs, and pumped my thick engorged cock as my orgasm burst forth. Sticky warmth of a huge spurt splashed across her stomach, stringing and nearly reaching the bottom of her chin.

“Fuck” I grunted loudly to match her own squealing from before, pumping my shaft as I took pleasure in watching string after string of white thick creamy cum drench her stomach.

Finally slumping relaxed, my cock had drained its load across her. My thick, white load had painted her stomach and somewhat splashed around her breasts, but the bulk of it across her stomach, pooling in her belly button.

“God damn,” we nearly said in unison, drawing a laugh from both of us.

We both collapsed for a second next to each other, our breath heavy and we just now realized how light the sky was. She took a blanket and wiped herself as clean as she could. “What the fuck time is it?”

I looked at my watch, with alarming surprise, “Holy shit, it’s 7:30 am”

“Jesus,” the look of shock covered her face as her effort to redress increased in rapidity.

“I know,” I laughed, slipping on my own clothes. “I guess I better take you home.”

As we got into the car, she smiled, “take me to Jill’s, I’ll just say I slept over there.”

The ride to her cousin’s was surreal. We both sat in silence, but the glow of one incredible night was obvious.

As I pulled up to Jill’s, she got out of the car, leaned against the window and asked with a sheepish smile; “this is only between us, right?”

“Absolutely,” I nodded, and drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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