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I would like to take a moment to issue some words of thanks.

I wrote the majority of this story a few years ago. It’s unlikely it would have been completed or published without the assistance of my editor.

Therefore, if you enjoy this work the credit should go to amyss. In addition to editing, she’s also a writer on the site, and a quite talented one in my opinion.

I’ll allow you to do with that information what you wish, and get on with the story.


“Yeah, it finally happened. Gonna give her time to move out. Probably need to find a hotel or something for a couple days.”

“No way. Come over here. You shouldn’t be by yourself tonight.”

I suppose there’s one upside to living in the same city as your sister’s college. Usually it’s an endless nuisance of trivial requests to buy alcohol or late-night pleas to pick up her and a friend stranded downtown. This time, for once, the favor goes my way. And as much as I hate to admit it, it’s a good feeling to know someone still cares about you, even if it’s your little sister. The twenty-minute drive to her place speeds by in silence. I arrive an emotional wreck, not taking any time to sort out my feelings. I knock on the door with fainthearted intent, expecting it to go unheard and allow me a few moments to gather those emotions before ringing the bell. To my surprise, it swings open almost immediately, my knuckles hardly touching the wood.

“Oh, hey Jake. You’re a little early. Kacey told us all about it and we were getting ready. I’m so sorry.” Greeting me is a hug from Corinne, a petite blonde and friend of my sister since high school.

She’s wearing a solid gray tank and some cutesy striped pajama bottoms but has nicer clothes in her hands. They grace my back as her arms go around me. Any other day, I might be taken aback by this typically reserved girl embracing me, but I just allow her light figure to glide off without much reaction before mugging out a “Yeah” in response.

“Who’s sorry? She always seemed like a bitch to me.” Marie, their suitemate and often the friend I’d find downtown with Kacey, emerges while pushing in a studded earring under her dyed, pitch black hair.

Marie’s never one to shy away from attracting attention, although I must give her some credit in that she’s rather skilled at it. She really knows how to apply eyeliner and tonight complements it with heavy, dark red lipstick helping draw regard to her full, pale face. I imagine all that work is put in to bring eyes upward, as it’d be hard to blame anyone distracted by her ample cleavage, which she’s not currently doing much to hide in a slack halter top. As my sight drifts in that direction, I catch she also isn’t afraid to expose a pair of thick thighs below the rolled up athletic shorts on her waist. This very unshy young woman strolls over and plants a kiss on my cheek before asking a question.

“You’ll get over her, Jake. Did you at least find out if she was cheating on you?” I guess Corinne wasn’t exaggerating when she said Kacey told them all about it.

“Shut up, Marie. Now’s not the time for that.” I hear my sister shout out as her figure dashes between a door and the bathroom at the far end of the apartment.

Marie, apparently not taking seriously the appeal to my emotions, rolls her eyes. To be fair, the prodding can’t make me feel much worse than I already do. In a deep enough voice to reach Kacey, I bellow out, “Nah, didn’t bother to ask. Don’t want to hear the answer, honestly. We’d been done for a while now. Just took ’til today for us to make it official. I knew it was coming but still hurts all the same.”

“That’s a shame. You two had been together for a long time, right? I wasn’t lying when I said I never liked her. She must’ve been really good in bed.”

That manages to get a chuckle out of me and Kace yelling “Marie!” at us.

“Actually, we haven’t done much for a while now. The whole past year it seems she’s just been going through the motions,” I respond.

Marie places her hands on my arms and says, “Oh, you poor thing. She didn’t even want some break-up sex? A guy like you doesn’t deserve that. Especially with these muscles.”

That gets another protest from the bathroom, “Stop teasing him!”

Marie’s enjoying this, and if she’s teasing anyone it’s Kacey. “Hush your trap, girl. Your brother is moping around out here like someone died and you’re in there doing your hair. Why don’t you get your booty out here and cheer him up if you think I’m doing such a bad job.”

The conversation makes me recall Corinne’s earlier statement about getting ready. “What’s with all this, anyway?” I inquire, eyeing both girls. “You all going out somewhere?”

The blonde pipes in, “No, silly, we’re taking you out. Have some fun instead of pouting about Adrianne.”

The chatty shortstack next to her can’t resist adding, “Yeah, Kacey thinks you need to pump something young and dumb full of cum to get your mind off that girl. She would know, so let’s go find you a rebound. Heeey!” An elbow goes into Marie’s back prompting her to squeal Eskişehir Escort the last word.

I turn to see my sister standing, holding a curling iron in place with the same arm, tutting her friend with her lips before speaking, “I didn’t mean it like that. I thought it’d be good to get you out of the house. If you meet someone, all the better. It’s been, what, five years since you were last single?”

She snaps the iron out of place, revealing the last of her wavy, luscious curls. I guess this is her quick prep look, where she spins out the bottom brown locks of hair that sit between her shoulders and elbows. I think it looks best like this, even though with extra time she prefers to twist more. Usually I see this style fritzed out a bit after she’s been busy all day with classes and it looks even more beautiful just done.

I nod to her question and, after she sets down the iron, open my arms for the hug. “Yeah, just about. And I appreciate the thought, but you know clubbing and meeting strangers isn’t really my thing. Especially right now, I’d rather hang out with people I know. I’m kind of worn out from the break up, and it’s already late. Can we not do anything tonight?”

I hear a heavy sigh before Kacey answers by resting her head on my shoulder. “Fine. Tonight only. You know I love you, Jake. It hurts seeing you like this. So tomorrow we’re going out and having fun. You need it after the last couple years.”

I let her body lay on mine a tick longer than normal, once again appreciating the touch and care of a fit young woman for the first time in ages. The quick embraces of her friends felt almost foreign after the months of stiff, unreciprocated responses from my now ex. As I reflect on those feelings, I squeeze Kacey, tightening my arms around her shoulder blades and upper back.

“What is it?” she looks up at me and quizzes, concerned.

I lie, “Nothing, just a memory. You and Marie were right, it’s been awful ever since we graduated and moved here two years ago. I get why she was miserable job searching while I was gone all day. Thought things would get better after she found one, but she only got more distant and threw herself into work. Felt like some weeks I saw you more than her. Still doesn’t make sense. I knew something was wrong, but she’d always shrug it off. It’s like she didn’t even try.”

My sister tightens the hug while I pour out my soul. In contrast to Kacey’s genuine empathy, Marie chooses against enabling my wallowing, “Yeah, that’s cuz she was trying out someone else. She was busy working? Probably busy fucking her boss.”

I can feel the agitation grow in Kacey’s body, but Corrine speaks up first. “Heavens, ‘Rie. That’s not helping. Cut him a break.”

She doesn’t. “What would you know? He’s too good looking to be standing here crying over some bitch who strung him out for years. Let it out, Jake, spill some deets on the cunt.”

I cut her off, afraid for her friendship with Kacey if I don’t, “Thanks, Marie, but I’ll pass. Really, I’m okay. It’s just a bit raw. And I know this is mostly on her. But it’s hard to hate someone you loved for that long, you know? Let’s change the subject. What were you all doing before I called? Doesn’t look like going out was originally on the itinerary.”

“Oh, nothing really. I was working on a paper while Marie and Corinne watched TV. I’ll heat up some pizza and join you all on the couch, sound good?” Kacey informs before spinning around, at which point I notice her outfit for the first time. She’s in a standard white t-shirt with her college’s name on it so I hadn’t paid much attention, but as she saunters away my eyes bug out at the round, apple-bottom ass I see being held in place by a pair of tight gray underwear which marvelously wrap around her curves and cut off at the top of her long legs. I shake the thought from my mind. Only a few hours post-breakup and I’m already at this depth of loneliness?

As the three of us blunder into the living room Marie comments, “Hey, Corinne, aren’t those yours?” to a blank response. “The panties.” She whispers, nodding in the direction of my sister.

The blank look changes to bewilderment and the unmistakable sight of a face blushing. “That’s what I thought. They look a bit small on her.” Her friend adds.

Corrine mumbles, “They’re, uh, kinda loose on me and she I let her…” Marie glances my way, blinking once before turning around. What the hell?

“What did I miss?” Kacey jogs in and we all answer with an uncomfortable silence.

After a fashion, Corinne breaks it, “Ah, we were just going to put the show back on.” She also takes this moment to toss aside the fancy clothes she’d still been holding onto.

Marie grins, “That’s right. I was introducing Corinne to Game of Thrones tonight. You up for that, Jake?”

I shrug, reaching for the vodka on the coffee table and an empty glass. “At least you put all this stuff I buy to good use,” I remark and tap the vodka bottle with its wine counterpart before sitting down on the floor.

Kacey grabs the remote and powers Eskişehir Escort Bayan the TV on. “Sounds good. You finally got goody-two shoes over there on board?”

Pouring some wine, Corinne pulls her hair back and says, “I don’t know. The guy getting his head chopped off was gross and I don’t know who any of the characters are. But I’ll keep watching if Jake wants to.”

Taking a swig of the hard liquor and looking up to see Emilia Clarke standing with Jason Momoa, I ask, “Is this the first episode? Sure, haven’t seen it in years.” Kacey hits play and the first thing I see with the three of them is this massive dude undressing Clarke and bending her over.

Uncomfortable start, to be sure, and Marie only digs at it to make it worse. “That get you hot, Corinne? Seeing little blondie manhandled like that? Wish it was you?” Corinne’s face scrunches up in discomfort, although again it looks more like embarrassment than offense. Marie then directs the heat my way, “What about you Jake? You think she’s hot?”

“Err, well she’s got a nice ass, that’s for sure. Like her better with her natural hair color, though.” I fumble my way through the conversation.

The scene changes and Corrine takes the opportunity to alter the subject. “Who is that guy, again?”

“Ned?” Kacey guesses.

“No, the other one.”

“Oh, that’s the King,” I tell the girl, who is watching with more interest than I expect.

“Okay, and that’s the little climbing boy…oh, another sex scene. Jeez. Oh, I know that guy! Who is he with? You know, right Kacey?”

“Uh, that’s Queen Cersei,” my sister states.

“Oh my god!” Corrine yelps.

I look back and see the credits rolling. Corrine’s curious now, “Why did he do that?” She looks at Kace, then at me.

It’s awkward, but whatever, “Well, the Queen is his sister.” The reaction on Corinne’s face provides me with more entertainment than I’d get all night at a club.

Marie, of course, keeps pushing buttons. “So Jake, would you fuck Queen Cersei if she was your sister?”

I take another shot of alcohol and glance at Kacey before answering, “Well, that’s hard to say. She’s certainly attractive, although I think I like her better as a brunette too. That said, I’m told my sister isn’t exactly lacking in the looks department either and, you know…”

Another glance over and I see Kacey’s staring me down as I speak, which breaks my train of thought. Right, I need to stop answering Marie’s questions. “Okay, yeah. Maybe we should put on something else. This is a bit heavy for Corinne.”

Marie, of course, pierces right through that. “Oh, sure Jake. Maybe I can switch over to Star Wars. Nothing objectionable there.” I get where she’s going. Hopefully no one else does.

“Very funny, Rie. Just put on something mindless so we can enjoy ourselves.” So much for that, seems I’m not the only one in the family who can pick up on subtext.

“Coming from the girl who gave me that nickname from all the anime she watches, you’re right, that is funny. Nothing but healthy family relationships in those.” Not sure what she’s talking about but my sister’s reaction shows whatever it was, landed.

“Oh my god! I don’t watch those types of shows. Enough of this. Put on one of the things we were watching yesterday. Like The Flash, that should be okay.”

I’ve gotta dive in here, Kacey’s adorable when she gets flustered. “Isn’t that the one where the guy gets adopted and wants to bang the girl he grows up with? Something you been meaning to tell me, Kace?”

Marie busts out laughing. Even Corinne stifles a giggle. Kacey throws a pillow at me. “Gross, Jake. Arrow then. Nothing weird about that one.”

Marie, this time, “You sure about that? Have you seen the way the main character and his sister look at each other? Sure, they don’t do anything in the show but I bet the two actors have gone at it with some steamy role play.”

Kacey gets off the couch in a huff, “I’m going to get the pizza out of the oven. You two can sit here and make your sick jokes until I get back.”

I get up to grab the blanket off the top of the now empty couch. “Thanks, but I’ll pass on the food. Going to try to catch some Z’s.” In the process of pulling the blanket off the couch I see my sister’s ass bob back and forth walking down the hall in those snug panties. Jokes aside, she really does look good. Boy, alcohol and a break up is a bad mix. I need to call it a night before I get in trouble and say something that goes too far.

I get back on the floor and roll over on the pillow I’m laying claim to. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to get sex off the mind since in the absence of anyone touching a remote the second episode is auto-playing. It starts right off with a recap of Jamie Lannister plowing his sister from behind.

Clearing my mind of the thought altogether seems impossible so I fantasize about the other two girls in the room instead. Yeah, I imagine the blonde getting her butt stuffed is the shy one over there. Then the loudmouth wants in on the action and comes Escort Eskişehir over to push her big breasts in my face before I shove my dick down her throat to shut her up. The idea riles me up and I wonder how obvious it would be if I snuck off to the bathroom with a tent in my pants. No, bad idea. Too sleepy to get up anyway. The break-up must have drained more energy than I thought, and the adrenaline rush I had roused quickly subsides. My eyes gradually shut. I flip them open a few times with the show playing in the background. Scenes start to blur.

“Jake, hey, wake up.” A voice stirs. “Come on, let’s get you into bed. …Shouldn’t sleep on the floor…we…spare room.” I stumble up and grab the hand that guides me. Time passes quickly when you’re half asleep. The next thing I know the hand is on my back and I’m eyeing a mattress. I fall down on it and try to pass out again.

Just as everything is about to go black I feel a soft hand slide a pillow under my head. “Night, Jake. Love you.” The soft kiss planted on my cheek pumps some blood back into my veins. It’s really a sorry state that the ex-girlfriend making my heart wrench hasn’t taken the time to care for me as much as my sister has tonight in as long as I can remember. This after I let Marie goad me into making fun of her. When I wake up I’ll have to let her know I don’t take her for granted.

I start to drift away before a stirring notches me out of it again, this time via a plop on the bed. Maybe Kacey is sitting down. No, I feel a body wrap around me.

“The fuck are you doing, Marie?” I hear my sister harshly whisper while the lump around my back moves me into a spooning position.

“I thought Jake should sleep with someone tonight. A man like him needs someone next to him after what happened.” Appreciating her clutch start to wander around me, I find it hard to argue with that logic.

Kacey’s tone doesn’t change, “Not funny. You’re going to wake him up.”

Nor does Marie’s, “Who’s laughing? He feels good. Corinne, come over here and get a touch of this manly physique.” Her hands start working under my shirt and exploring my chest. I’m 5’10 without especially broad shoulders or any bulging steroid muscles so I look pretty normal clothed, but I got into a good routine of lifting and pushups in college that shows well on a wiry frame and must be impressive to the 20-year-old.

“I don’t know.” I hear the sheepish friend say.

Marie eggs her on, “Come on, you always say you turn down guys because you’re scared you won’t know what to do. This is your chance to explore a little.” It works because another hand, this one much softer, joins the two on my body. The touch slides across my stomach and up to my chest before rolling over a nipple.

“Wow, that’s good.” She coos. Holy shit, what have I been missing out on if my sister’s friends are all over me like this?

“I know, right? Here, lay down in front of him. Look at those lips. They’re begging for a kiss.” The bed shifts and Corinne’s leggings brush against my knees.

“I can’t, that’s not right.” She answers.


“Yes you can. I saw it in his eyes all night. I bet he hasn’t been kissed for real in a long time. He’s yearning for someone to jump on him and spill their love right into his lips.”

Am I that easy to read?

“Um, maybe. Only if you do it first.” The tiny frame in front breathes her answer on to my face.

“A challenge, huh? Great idea.” Marie turns my head and I can feel her weight start leaning over my back. Then, it happens. Impact. Surging emotions rush through me when her full lips press onto mine. I can’t keep this charade going and push back, moving my mouth with hers.

“Ah! Marie, his arm, it moved!” Our kiss ends with the other girl on the bed crying out. I deaden my movements, forgetting for a moment they think I’m fast asleep.

“What are you talking about? He’s out cold, see? You aren’t getting out of this that easy.” Fingers run above my eyes, opening them in a demonstration. I freeze in place.

“You sure?” I overhear in return.

“I’ll make sure.” I feel Marie’s face brush down against mine, “Hey! Wake up!” She screeches into my ear for all to hear. Following this, in a more discreet tone, she adds, “Listen, I know you’re not really asleep. Keep playing along. I think I can get you something special out of this.”

Rolling me over to face up, a hand harshly shoved into my chest, she addresses the room, “There. Any guy who heard the sweet nothings I whispered into his ear wouldn’t be laying there like a log. Trust me, he’s dead to the world. Now, I believe someone has to match my make out sesh.”

After a couple more reassurances, Marie nudges my head down on the pillow facing in Corinne’s direction. I claw open the eyelid resting on it ever so slightly, wanting a view, but not enough to alert anyone I’m awake. Her face starts to inch towards mine, light hair standing out in the dimly lit surroundings, and I follow her lips as they disappear out of my vision and begin to touch their target. It starts with a brisk, unemotional peck. Not too dissimilar from the distant, rushed kisses from my ex over the past year but in this situation it feels more like two young kids kissing for the first time. I desire to kiss her back, but heed Marie’s advice and avoid giving anything away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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