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Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older. Reviews are always welcome, flames in all caps or poorly spelled will be snickered at, no excuses. Enjoy!

Chapter 11- (Near) Public Indecency

“Since it’s a straight nine-hour drive, we should be able to make it in one day, so long as we take turns driving. We’ll take both vehicles and rotate drivers every four hours.”

While it didn’t exactly suit me to have to rotate Alexa out of my vehicle, there was no denying the logic of this plan. I also reminded myself that there would be little or no time to get up to any mischief with my aunt whilst we drove together, since my parents would inevitably be nearby and the expectation for safety’s sake was that one person would no doubt be napping to stay fresh. Aside from restroom breaks, there was only one food stop planned, a restaurant my father had found and wanted to try. We would simply pack snacks to graze on for the rest of the trip.

Granted, a handy from my aunt wouldn’t hurt. Where there’s a will…

Since my mother and father were involved, the planning for our road trip was all done well ahead of time, just about every detail accounted for. There was little for my aunt and I to do, except wait and make sure we were packed. Occasionally, we’d go out on supply runs, in case mom thought of anything we might need.

“Make sure to take some protection with you, Alex!” my mom called from upstairs at one point. “You never know if you might get lucky!”

I grunted while Alexa snickered from her place on the couch.

“You too, Alli!” came the follow-up call.

“Why would I need condoms?” my aunt protested, calling back. “I like girls! Are you expecting any hot hermaphrodites at this wedding reception?”

“Because even Michael and I are bringing some,” mom explained as she came downstairs and entered the room. “We’re meeting some old friends we had fun with ages ago, it’s good to be prepared.”

“Still so weird to me that you two are swingers,” Alexa sighed. “Can’t wrap my brain around it.”

“Get used to it, honeybunch,” mom said dismissively as she checked the details list on her Blackberry. “Besides, you can’t be a total lesbian. You said you’ve done things with guys back in Europe.”

“Well, yes,” Alexa said uncertainly. “But I was younger and just feeling things out. Since then I’ve developed a decided preference for…”

“Poooooon-tannnnnnng.” I drawled, smirking and finishing the sentence she was reluctant to. Alexa shot me a withering look.

“Alex, be nice to your Aunt Honeybunch,” mom said, rolling your eyes. “If your dad had shot from the left, instead of the right, she’d be braiding your hair and putting makeup on you right now.”

Alexa stifled a giggle and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Mom had apparently always wanted a girl.

“Sweetheart, check this out,” dad said, striding into the room to tower over everything and everyone and holding up a small box. “Found the slides of that ski trip from ’81!”

“Noice!” mom said, making a fist.

Alexa looked at me in confusion and mouthed the word ‘Noice?’, clearly bewildered.

Dad shrugged. “Yeah, but we don’t have a slide projector to play them on.”

“Yet,” mom corrected, turning to look at me, snapping her fingers and pointing. “Rochester, go!”

“Yes, Mister Benny!” I replied, getting up and making sure I had my wallet. “Can I at least take Honeybunch with me so I don’t get bored?”

“Sure, sure,” mom said distractedly, waving with her hand in a shooing motion while she examined the slides. “Pick her up some condoms while you’re out, just in case she forgets how to lesbian or something.”

“That’s not going to happen, you know!” Alexa called back at the living room as I dragged her out the door by her hand.


“Your family is weird.” Alexa remarked as she sat in the passenger’s seat while I drove into the city.

“My family?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. “They’re yours too, y’know. Or is this that same bullshit my mom does where if I do something dumb, all of a sudden I’m my father’s son?”

Alexa sighed. “Is my sister always that snarky?”

“I think she has to be, to keep up with dad and I,” I replied. “She usually the straight man in our little tribe.”

“I’ve got a feeling I’ll be inheriting that unenviable position.” Alexa sighed.

“Not a chance,” I laughed. “You’re every bit as weird as the rest of us and you’re as big a troll as I am, you just hide it better. You’re not fooling anyone in this household.”

“Guess the jig’s up,” she mused. “Oh well, guess I’ll just look forward to the madness, right?”

Her hand reached over and squeezed my thigh before travelling further up to rest on my crotch, causing me to tighten my grip on the steering wheel.

“Besides, now that we’re married, I shouldn’t pretend to be something I’m not, right?” she whispered, smiling slyly.

“Just keep pretending you’re a lesbian until we figure this out,” I said, trying Gaziantep Escort to concentrate on driving. “At least we’re fooling them in one way.”

“Thank Heaven for that…” she purred, unbuckling her seatbelt and leaning down, her head now in my lap. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my already hardening cock. “I hope for your sake these windows tint, because I’m not stopping.”

I tinted the windows as dark as I could, praying for the best. A shiver went through me as I felt my aunt’s wet lips form a wonderful seal around my shaft and then she began bobbing up and down slowly, humming to vibrate her lips around me. My head thunked back against the headrest of my chair, but I kept my eyes on the road. I flipped on the cruise control, thankful for the feature on a level I never had been before.

“Mmmmmm, I’ll be my sister doesn’t do this…” she murmured, following the statement up with a pause. “Actually, never mind. She probably does.”

“Best to assume that,” I breathed as she resumed sucking on me. The incredible wetness of her mouth around me felt incredible. “I have no idea how long I’ll last with you doing that, it’s feeling really good.”

I heard her giggle. “That’s okay, I just wanted your cum. And I haven’t given you roadhead yet. Just correcting an injustice.”

I kept driving, steadying my nerves as I felt the familiar tingle bubbling up inside me. I sucked in my breath and moaned, somehow pushing my hips up against her mouth. Alexa pushed her mouth down, taking me all the way inside and swallowing greedily as I shot my cum down her throat. She moaned in pleasure, squirming in her seat.

She finally sat up, sighing happily as I continued to somehow navigate the vehicle. She wiped at the corner of her mouth and beamed a smile at me.

“Yeah, definitely not identifying as lesbian at the moment,” she said. “Was pretty dumb of me to not wear panties, though. I’m gonna soak right through these jogging pants.”

I looked sideways, noticing for the first time that she was indeed wearing jogging pants. How the hell did she make those look so amazing? She grinned and drew her legs up onto the seat and spread them, showing off a tiny dark patch right at the seam of the crotch.

“And just to make you paranoid, I’m not gonna do anything about cleaning myself up,” she said, smirking. “If people see my wet spot, they see it. What do you have to say to that, nephew?”

“I think you’re avenging yourself somehow for the poontang remark,” I muttered. “Guess I’ll take us to the specialist electronics shop on the far side of town. Less likely to run into anyone I know there.”

Alexa snickered evilly. “How terrible for you.”


Dad and I had packed the vehicles a full four hours before mom announced we were needing to leave, keeping only our personal packs out of the cars to allow for last minute additions. Mom held the final pow-wow in the living room, gathering us around for inspection.

Not sure exactly why, since we had a nine-plus hour trip ahead of us, probably closer to twelve if you accounted for stops. But whatever made her happy was what made the rest of us happy.

She walked around me, inspecting me appearance and grunted. “You’re okay with showing up like that in front of your distant relatives and associates?”

I shrugged. “Just planning on changing in the bathroom of our last stop, probably.” I replied. “I have another outfit handy, I just wanted to be comfortable for the trip.”

“Such a clever male, aren’t you?” she mused, ruffling my hair before moving on to inspect her sister. Mom pursed her lips, noticing that Alexa was wearing her long blonde hair in a sloppy ponytail, and was clad in a tank top over which she was wearing an oversized shirt she’d left open. This did little or nothing to conceal exactly how large or impressive her bust was. She finished her ensemble with her jogging shorts again and flip-flops.

“Wow, you tried even less than Alex,” mom commented. “If that’s possible.”

“You have no idea,” Alexa replied, shrugging casually. “I’m not even wearing underwear.”

I coughed and looked away as mom’s eyes widened. “Are you serious?” she exclaimed.

“What?” dad reasoned from his place nearby. “You’re not either.”

“Hush, you…” mom hissed, shooting him a look. “She’s supposed to see me as a good example, I don’t actually need to be one.”

She then decided we were ready, making sure everyone’s phones were charged. “Alex, go with your father for the first stretch. I’ll take Alli in your vehicle, I’m going to fill her in on all the people she’s likely to meet over the next week.”

“Oh, rapture.” Alexa muttered as she followed my mother out the door. Dad and I chuckled and took two minutes to shut down the house and lock the doors. He clapped me on the shoulder and led me to the car. I paused on the stairs.

“Uh, just in case I have to take over the driving,” I said somewhat uncertainly. “You are wearing underwear, right? Dad?”

“You’ll just have to hope I’m not lying Gaziantep Escort Bayan when I say yes!” he laughed as he unlocked the doors to the vehicle.


Dad had scoped out restaurants along our route and we were now sitting in an Indian restaurant, having vegetarian food. Alexa seemed right at home and dived right in, eating lots of everything.

“Not a big stretch for me,” she explained as she worked her way through her mutter paneer. “I almost went vegan when I was sixteen, but giving up dairy and a few other things entirely was too darn hard. Hell, a real vegan can’t even eat honey, so forget that.”

“I tried being a vegan for a while,” dad commented as he dipped his naan bread. “Worst two minutes of my life.”

Alexa almost choked on her food as she stifled a laugh. She recovered and told my dad she loved his sense of humour. She asked mom why she wasn’t always rolling on the floor laughing at his quips.

“They’re one of the reasons I fell in love with him, initially,” mom said, eating her korma. “But, like any addicting drug, you get used to it after a while and it stops having the effect that got you hooked in the first place. Now it’s more or less just a filthy habit I can’t do without, whether I like it or not.”

“It’s true,” dad added. “Just one of my zingers used to result in her panties going missing in under three seconds. Bad news when your mother walked in on us about fifteen minutes later.”

Alexa looked at my mom with wide eyes. “You let yourself get caught by mom flagranting the delicto with gargantua here? No wonder she developed heart issues.”

Mom blushed and looked at her food. “Not my finest moment.”

“The eight millimeter recording of it says otherwise,” dad countered. “That incident was what convinced me that you remembered my name.”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, while my aunt looked at her sister incredulously. Mom just hung her head and said nothing. Alexa finally turned her head to stare at my dad in a mixture of wonder and horror.

“Are you Satan?” she asked.

I’d never seen mom guilt-eat so much ras malai before.


“So here I am in the car with you again.” Alexa mused as we followed my parents toward Gatineau. “Karen seemed eager to ride with Michael.”

“She’s either going to fuck him or try to kill him,” I answered as I drove. “We won’t be able to tell which if they spin off the road.”

Alexa snickered and relaxed into the seat. “So, you’ve got your dad’s sense of humour. Is this what I’m in for, now that we’re married?”

“Afraid so,” I replied, nodding. “You’ve still got time for an annulment if you want, we didn’t have any witnesses except furry animals at the wedding.”

“Not a chance,” she said, shaking her head. “You’re stuck with me, junior.”

“That sounds so weird coming from you,” I muttered, mulling our entire situation over in my head. How on earth was I ever going to marry my aunt without destroying our family and our family’s world? “You’re only a year older than me.”

“And don’t you forget it,” she declared, stripping off her shirts and then wiggling out of her jogging pants, leaving her completely naked. “Tint the windows, will you? I kinda want to take a nap before our last pit stop.”

“Hey, who am I to object to your nudity?” I said cheerfully, tinting the windows to their max level to give her some privacy. I looked over occasionally, smiling at her beautiful, angelic face while she dozed. My eyes trailed down her magnificent body, forcing me to remember to pay attention to the road. The temptation to reach over and grope her was significant, although I somehow resisted the urge.

Not that my aunt would have minded, of course, but driving with her being buck naked next to me was hard enough without trying to molest her as well. So I drove, minding my own business and trying to keep my mind off the naked goddess a mere foot to my right.

She wasn’t out for long, maybe a half hour, and my parents had only checked in once in that period. Mom phoned and I told her Alexa was sleeping and I was driving. She hung up promptly, saying to call her back when her sister woke up. Alexa stirred and moaned quietly as she came back to life. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me serenely.

“Hello, husband,” she said whispered, reaching over to stroke my arms. “Did I miss anything?”

“Just my mom calling to check in,” I said, shaking my head. “And our abduction by aliens and rather thorough anal probes.”

“Damn, I do love a good anal probe,” she sighed as she sat up and stretched, jutting her magnificent breasts out. “Guess I’ll just have to make up for it by masturbating…”

“What, now?” I asked in confusion.

“Well I’m not waiting until we meet up with Karen and Mike again, am I?” she pointed out, settling herself into the seat and spreading her legs wide. Her left leg rested on my right thigh, something I’d have to work really hard to ignore. Without another word, she began fingering herself, sliding her slender Escort Gaziantep digits up and down her pussylips while the other hand began fondling her breasts. She let out a sultry moan and her hips began to squirm in the seat.

“Mmmmm, Alex,” she murmured, sliding two fingers inside herself. “God, I wish these fingers were your cock right now…”

“No argument there,” I muttered, keeping my eyes on the road.

Alexa was getting really wet, I could hear the sticky sounds her pussy made as she slid her fingers in and out or played with her clit. She groped her breasts harder, tweaking and pinching her nipples. She was almost writhing in the seat now and her murmurs and moans had become shameless groans of pleasure.

“Gnnnn, yessssss…” she hissed, arching her back. “So fucking good… Alex, I want you…”

“Alexa, you’re making my brain sweat!” I answered, focusing on the road even as I felt her thigh grinding down onto me. “Have you no mercy, woman?”

“No! There is no mercy, only Xuul!” she panted, her hand churning between her legs. How on earth did she find the brain power to crack a geek joke when she was so close to cumming?

I couldn’t look directly at her, but I could still hear and feel it. Alexa came hard. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her actually squirting and baptizing the little door of my glove compartment. She wailed and thrashed about, squeezing one of her tits so hard I thought it’d burst. If anyone did manage to see through the tint of the windows, they were in for a helluva show.

And apparently one truck driver did, because he honked as he went by us. I could just see him grinning while looking down at us from his cab. Alexa was too far gone to care, awash with pleasure as she was. Any irritation or jealous flash I might have felt was sublimated to my need to keep us on the road.

Alexa collapsed back into her seat, breathing heavily and trembling. Her body was shining with sweat and I could feel the warmth radiating off her. She let out a languid moan and brought the fingers she’s been using in her pussy up to her mouth, sucking on them.

“God, I needed that,” she murmured as she slid her fingers in and out of her mouth. “I’m sorry I couldn’t wait for us to be stopped so I could fuck you somewhere, Alex. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

My cell began buzzing. I activated hands-free. “Hey, mom.”

“We heard a truck honking as it passed you,” she said. “Everything alright? He didn’t nearly hit you, did he?”

“No, we were getting passed by a car full of schoolgirls and my aunt flashed them. I guess the truck driver saw everything and decided to voice his approval.” I replied, while Alexa looked at me in horror.

“Alli!” scolded my mom over the phone, sounding like she was going to come right through it. “How could you do that?!”

“Yeah, you’re muscling in on Karen’s gig when we’re far away from home!” I heard dad call out from the driver’s seat in the other car. There were a few seconds of rustling sounds, followed by a thump! noise.

“Ow…” was all I heard dad say next.

“Anyway,” mom continued, composing herself. “How could you do that with your nephew in the car?”

“What?” Alexa reasoned. “I flashed my boobs at him just the other day to wake him up. With your approval, I might add. I love flashing girls. Alex kept his eyes on the road.”

“I thought he said you were napping,” mom said suspiciously. “Did you smell schoolgirl flesh and it woke you up?”

“I’m pretty impulsive right after I wake up,” my aunt said casually. “But don’t worry, they sped off, so the urge to expose myself has died completely with no girls around.”

“Hmmm,” mom said, not mollified but clearly in no position to not accept the answer she was given. “If they pass up this way, I’ll guess I’ll continue the trend you’ve started.”

“Mom!” I protested, almost swerving. “I don’t need to hear that you’re doing that!”

“Alex, shut the hell up!” dad called. “What’re you doing to me?”

“Hush, you!” mom said sharply.

“This is nuts,” I said loudly. “Hanging up now!”

I ended the call just as Alexa burst out laughing. Shaking my head, I kept driving while she was curled up on her seat in tears of mirth.

“Oh my God, I love my family,” she wheezed. “We’re all insane.”

“You won’t hear me disagreeing,” I muttered as I lowered the window somewhat. “I’m gonna air the car out, it smells like a girl orgasm in here.”

“Is that a problem for you?” Alexa asked, looking surprised.

“Not in and of itself, but I have absolutely no interest in explaining to my mom while it smells like you were getting yourself off in here while we were driving.” I pointed out.

“Oh, true,” Alexa admitted. She looked down between her legs and then at the glove compartment. “I glazed your seat pretty good, not to mention that bullseye on the glove compartment. Good thing I have lots of wet-naps in my backpack to clean up with.”

Alexa turned around and half-crawled into the back seat, making sure she was kicking her legs and wiggling her butt for me while she reached for her backpack. She came back armed with feminine wipes, some sanitary wipes, and panties. She cleaned herself off and wiped the sweat from her body before giving the seat and glove compartment a good scrubbing and getting dressed again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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