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Big Dicks

never done this before, don’t be hating

when i was about 13 i went to a school for kids that learned faster than others. i really didn’t have many friends other that my friends from church and from scouting. i had beed a scout for a long long time and really enjoyed it. but when i first started, a kid named alex, i never had much nerve to talk to him, mainly because he was always with the cooler kids, and always dad some crazy ass things.
but in 7th grade, i saw alex again when i went on a school church trip. it had been about 4 years since i had last saw him and wanted to see how he was. I sat a few seats away from him in the bus and got the nerve to turn around and yell at him. “ALEX! man do you remember me?” i said, he looked up at me and shook his head no. i sat back down in my seat by my self and was pretty embarrassed.
Later on the bus trip, alex got up to use the rest room and walked passed his seat and sat next to me. “dude i remember you, but i just didn’t want all those guys to know that i used to be a boy scout. after all, i gotta stay clean, and cool.” and alex was cool, he was one of the preppy boys. he liked to wear hollister clothes and had a skinnier body. blue eyes and dark hair. me, i had brown eyes and later became very much like alex preppy and actually hung out with some girls. “yeah man i understand” i said back to him. “well man what have you been up to, shit was has it been, 2-3 years,” “4” i said eagerly.
we talked and passed the whole ride out to our camp. we got off the bus and we were directed to our cabins. alex and i were bunk mates, witch was very odd, but i didn’t argue.
later that şanlıurfa escort night, we all were going swimming. our councilor told us all to change into our bathing suits. alex and me had to go back to the cabin to get ours and we changed in the bathroom. we turned opposite from each other, but i could still see the mirror. alex pulled his pants down and i did too, i could see his butt, and it was white as a ghost. i didn’t understand much about guys and girls, except that it was gay to be doing what i was doing. so i didn’t look when he turned around. even though i wanted too.
we got back from the trip and i managed to get his cell phone number. i called him a few days after camp and asked him if he wanted to hang out. he agreed and decided me him and another one of his buddy’s would stay at his house. i didn’t know who drew was and was a little shy towards meeting new people but i agreed, just to be with alex. i got to alex’s house, and found drew being a dumb ass in a tree 2 stories high about to jump on to a trampoline. he did it and hurt his leg pretty bad ad we were in for the rest of the night. i met alex’s mom, she was a very nice lady. she made us eggs in the middle of the night. witch i love. later that night we were all in alex’s room playing truth or dare. and we spun an old IBC root beer bottle that we found under alex’s bed. i went first it landed on alex and i asked him if he ever kissed a girl, he said no and spun, it landed on drew and drew took a dare. we made him go get us orange juice from the kitchen. when we played longer into the game, we spun and i was dared to escort şanlıurfa get a chip pout from under the bed and eat it. i went under the bad and found a porno that belonged to alex’s dad, i asked him what this was, and him and drew laughed hard in my face. they put it in the dvd player and we still played truth or dare. it got to me and alex dared me to show my dick and made fun of me until i did it. i showed them and alex laughed harder that i ever herd someone laugh before, i first thought he thought it was small, but i thought it was rather large, he actually said its funny, because im soo tiny and i have a BIG cock, i dared him to show me his and he slowly stripped down to every thing except his black tight undies, he whiped out his penis and i looked and laughed, it was soo freaking tiny about the size of my thumb when it was hard. drew was at this time jacking off to the porno and we joined him. the game of truth or dare didn’t stop there, alex looked at me and said “truth or dare” i staggered DARE! jacking myself off. he removed his hand from his dick and asked me to jack him off, i agreed and asked him how long, he said 15 seconds and i went to work. i actually thought it was fun holding it in my hand. it was small and fun to mess around with. i asked him truth or dare and dared him to get me and drew for 1 min. he rolled his eyes and told us to get on the bed. we did and he payed close attention to my cock, although drew had a nice size one, mine was the biggest there. he didn’t stop jacking me off until i cummed, all over his hand and he asked what the hell that shit was, i had şanlıurfa escort bayan older brothers and knew of course. i told him cum. he was puzzled, he never saw it on the porno because they wore condoms. and i had to tell him everything.
we all drifted to bed, when i got up the next morning, i had a boner, and alex and me jacked off together/each other. 🙂
i went home pretty happy that day and realized that i made a new friend. i liked hangin out with alex. we hung out at my house one but this time we were outside in a tent. outside in my back yard where no one could hear us. and it was only me and alex this time as well. alex and i started off the night eating pizza and watchin TV in my little dvd player. we stayed up until about 3 a.m. and the fun times started rolling in. i almost fell asleep and then alex came over to me and whipped out my cock, i was scared at first but then i looked at him and whipped out his, though it was hared to do because i didn’t have much to grip on. we jerked each other off for about 3-4 mins, and then alex asked if i wanted to get more into it. i asked how? he said we could kiss each other’s penis’s i was not in favor of this and told him i wanted him to go first, he did and he didn’t just kiss it, he swallowed it. he took it in his mouth so deep, i didn’t even see my shaft at all. i grunted in pleasure and told him never to stop. but in about 5 seconds he did and said ew dude that shit is gross you try it, i did and thought it was about the weirdest ting i ever put in my mouth. it was salty, and hard/squeshy at the same time. i had it for a little and spit it out and vowed never to do that again. we jacked our self’s off after that night and stopped hanging out. we never see each other anymore and i’m ok with that, he knows my biggest secret and everyone reading this knows his! i never had a gay experence after that


first story ever, i got more 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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