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Waking early, Mark went to shower, his legs and arms ached and his bell end felt red raw. Deciding he needed a few hours off from the endless cycle of sex, great food and limitless booze the house provided. As the hot water rained down on him his brain started to de-fog and his body stopped aching.

Walking back into the bedroom he saw his sister Mary standing on the bed, near the headboard. He was just about to ask what the hell she was doing, when all became clear. On top of the headboard were large wooden spheres that were tapered towards the top. Mary was totally unaware he was there, watching with interest he saw her adjust her legs for balance and back over the sphere.

Reaching between her legs she rubbed her clit and fingered her hole for a while, satisfied with her wetness she slowly lowered herself onto the headboard. Backing into the shadow of the bathroom, Mark had the perfect view as she tried to work the huge sphere into her pussy.

Gradually she worked herself down until she reached the fattest part. Her finger was a blur as she worked her clit, her orgasm was incredible, as her body shook and she wailed in ecstasy Mark could see her cum running down the headboard.

Thinking the show was over as she straightened herself he started to move, stopping as she plunged herself down. Forcing the sphere almost completely in her, Mark could see tears running down her face, she was obviously in pain.

Pumping her legs she rose up and forced the sphere back into her, yelping in obvious pain she started to cum again. This was by far the most violent orgasm Mark had ever seen a women have. As she thrashed about in the throes of orgasm, her feet lifted clear of the bed. Her entire weight was bearing down on her pussy, as she leaned back Mark clearly saw she had the entire sphere inside her.

Calming down she lifted herself clear and flopped face down onto the bed, concerned Mark rushed over to her. Turning her over he was relieved to see that she was breathing and her pulse, although fast was strong and steady. She had obviously fainted, turning her around he put her back in the bed, covered her over and got dressed.

Checking she was ok he left the room to get some breakfast. Looking at his watch he saw it was only 5.50 am, he hoped the restaurant would be open as he was starving. Walking into the restaurant he was greeted by the cheery staff.

“Breakfast or Dinner sir?”

“Full English breakfast please.”

“Hmmm, well would a steak breakfast with all the trimming be ok, we don’t really do bacon.”

“Sure, sounds perfect, thanks, plenty of it though. I am ravenous.”

A pretty young waitress brought him coffee and toast while he waited. Mark eyed the generous swell of the girls breasts and admired her long legs as she walked away, he wondered if she had any panties on. Catching his thought he shook his head and reminded himself he was on a no sex day, well at least until lunch time. Moving the serviette from his plate he saw a hastily scribbled note.

“I finish work at 10am, would love to be the 1st staff member to have sex with the Grand Knight of the table. Annabelle. PS you can now have sex with any willing member of staff.”

Looking up Mark just caught the girl checking him reading her note.

“Bloody hell, news travels fast in this place,” he thought.

Breakfast was soon ready and Annabelle served him, walking around the table, so as she was hidden from view of the kitchen, she started to serve his food. Inhaling her scent he couldn’t resist running his hand up her legs. Parting her legs for him, he ran his fingers between her legs, her panties were sopping wet, she stumbled slightly as his fingers ran the length of her pussy. Giving her a wink he whispered, “Later”.

“I am due a 15 minute break at 6.45, can I meet you outside?”

Looking at his watch he saw it was 6.20,

“OK, sounds fun, where?”

“Around the back, there is an old summerhouse, nobody goes there anymore.”

Nodding in agreement Mark cut into the delicious looking breakfast. After probably the best breakfast he had ever had and several cups of coffee he looked at his watch, 6.42. Leaving the restaurant he walked around the building and saw an old shack, he guessed it was a Victorian summerhouse.

Walking through the open door, Mark was stunned, the interior was palatial. Under the glass dome in the roof he saw Annabelle laying on a old brass bed, she was nude and looked nervous.

“I have a confession you will be my 1st man, I’m not a virgin, took care of that years ago with my Mums vibrator. I have had lots of girl sex, with my mum and sister, I was 18 a few weeks ago and want a mans cock! Can we hurry please, I have to be back by 7.”

Throwing his jogging bottoms and t shirt off, Mark laid on the bed and kissed the young girl. Breaking off the kiss her breathing was ragged as she straddled his hips. Grabbing his cock she guided him to her entrance and forced her soaking cunt down onto his shaft. Her eyes flew open and she gasped as his girth stretched her young cunt wide open. bursa escort bayan

Although hurried, Mark had to admit she was a decent fuck, her pussy flexed and gripped his cock as she bounced up and down on him. As she started to cum she shrieked as Mark pumped his load deep into her velvety pussy. Getting up to leave, Mark stopped her.

“Please sir, I have to go, I love and need this job”

“Don’t worry I will square anything with your manager, will say I was talking to you. Get dressed and we will go outside, I have a business proposition for you.”

Telling the young girl about his high class escort agency, he explained the benefits and what was expected of his girls. Wide eyed the young girl listened intently as he told her about the money and travel.

“But I am just a plain girl, I couldn’t possibly be pretty enough for someone to want to pay all that money.”

“1st lesson, young lady, you don’t argue with the boss or Grand Knight of the tables.”

His laugh and genuine smile put Annabelle at ease as Mark gave her his and Fiona’s card and took her phone number

“I am leaving today but will speak to Fiona who will arrange to interview you I will tell her you are a stunning creature in need of a little training. Here’s £250, buy yourself a nice dress, hair do and make up. I want you to look a million dollars.”

Nodding dumbly the young girl walked back to the restaurant, her head spinning.

As Mark walked back to the room he phoned Fiona and gave her all the detail. Asking her to arrange travel for the girl he hung up as he entered his room. Mary was still asleep, but stirred as Mark came in.

“Morning sleepy head, did you sleep well?”

“Yes great.” She mumbled as she dragged her tired body to the shower.

As she walked past him, Mark decided to wind her up a little. Stopping her he bent for a kiss, trailing his hand between her legs. Touching her swollen sex made her squeal and she bit his lip. Breaking free she begged.

“I am so sore and tired, can we wait until later?”

Trying to look crestfallen, Mark nodded. Smiling to himself as his sister looked guilty he laid on the bed and relaxed. About an hour later, Mary came back into the room. The shower had rejuvenated her, Mark decided that she was still the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her makeup was flawless, dressed in a pale blue dress with an intricate pattern, her hair scraped back into a pony tail she looked immaculate.

“Can we go get some breakfast, are we still leaving today?”

Nodding in agreement Mark kissed her. Holding hands they headed for the restaurant.

Sitting in the restaurant they were served by Annabelle, Introducing her to his sister. Mark explained that he hoped she would be joining his house soon. His sisters approving look as she tucked into her breakfast told him everything he needed to know. Annabelle looked a little flustered.

“Everything ok” Mark asked.

“No, not really I got in terrible trouble as I was 20 minutes late coming back from my break. I have to see the head chef after my shift.”

Telling the girl “not to worry,” Mark walked to the counter.

“Hi, may I speak with the head chef please.”

Recognising Mark, the man scuttled off to the kitchen. Returning a few minutes later with a large man dressed in kitchen white’s. Shaking the mans hand he followed him to a small office in the back.

Congratulating Mark on his recent success the man asked what he could do for him.

“Well, I would like to explain that it was entirely my fault that Annabelle was late back from her break. I would appreciate it if you could overlook her lateness. I was talking to her, asking her questions, guess she just lost track of time.”

With the Chef’s full agreement he headed back to Mary, winking at Annabelle they headed off to enjoy their last few hours at the house of the sun. Entering the medical centre they were shown to a comfortable lounge, Alice’s grandad and brothers were already there.Pumping Mark’s hand enthusiastically, they thanked him for saving the 2 women’s lives. Settling into the comfortable chairs, they waited for the chief medical officer.

Shortly, a stout women flanked by 2 men came into the room.

“Hi, my name is Natasha, this is Brian a plastic surgeon and this is Adam, he is a gynaecologist. They are here to give a progress report on Alice and Patricia. Mark, the whole team would like to extend their heartfelt thanks for dealing with the intruder and saving these young women’s live’s.”

Seeing her brother blush as the group applauded him made Mary giggle, grabbing his hand she squeezed it to reassure him.

Addressing the group the 2 men detailed the women’s injury’s. Patricia’s breast had been badly cut and took several hours of surgery to correct. Surgery had been a complete success and their would be little scarring to her breast.

Alice’s injury were far more serious and were mostly internal. Not wanting to be to graphic or technical, Adam explained that “he had rebuilt her vaginal wall, gorukle escort using a skin graft.”

As he detailed her other injury’s Mary shuddered and wondered out loud “

if Alice’s would be able to lead a normal sex life in the future.”

“Yes, in a few weeks her Vagina will be almost completely healed. The deep cut on her inner thigh missed a major artery by a few centimetres and will take a little longer to heal. Going on to explain that the cut had been almost to the bone. She had lost a lot of blood, because of muscle damage her leg would be a bit stiff for a few month’s and would require some more treatment to deal with the scar tissue.”

As the girls were not really fit to have visitors yet, the group left the hospital. The 3 men headed for the complex, Mark and Mary headed to their room to pack ready to check out. Discussing what they were going to do for the next few days, Mark said,

“Well I need to go back to the house as Rosemary is becoming a problem and Fiona want’s to discuss some things.”

“OK, well you can drop me in town, I need some retail therapy.” Laughing she added, “Don’t think I have the energy for the girls at the moment.”

“Well, you are getting old, Looked like you enjoyed the headboard though.”

Blushing, she play punched Mark on the shoulder. “Bastard, thought you were busy in the shower.”

Laughing and joking they walked to reception and checked out. Thanking the receptionist for “such a fun and relaxing weekend” they got in the Porsche and headed north.

Chapter 2, 6 months later.

Alice’s leg was still a little stiff as she tumbled out of bed and made her way downstairs to answer the front door. A young motorcyclist was just taking his helmet off and smiled as his eyes took in her short dressing gown, he thought her “just got up look,” very sexy.

“You must be Alice, Mark gave me strict instructions to deliver this to you personally.”

As he made to put his helmet on and leave Alice invited him in for a coffee as the lad looked cold.

“Thanks but no, Mr Chapman told me to make all these deliveries ASAP and, well I tend to do as he tells me.”

Closing the door Alice smiled as she remembered the big man that could be so gentle and kind. Remembering she owed him her life she shuddered as she remembered what he had done to her attacker. One of the nurses had told her “that he killed the man with 2 punches, the 1st shattered his ribs the second snapped his neck like a twig.”

Opening the large vanilla envelope she pulled out a wedding invitation, then 2, 1st class ticket’s to Tobago. The enclosed letter said that,

“Mark and Mary had decided to get married. The wedding would be on the beach with a reception on a yacht.”

Looking at the invitation she saw that Mary wanted her to be Maid of honour and Pauline a bridesmaid. The wedding was on the 21st December and a hotel room had been booked from the 18th to 2nd of January. Hardly able to believe her luck, she rushed upstairs to tell her Mum they were going to the Caribbean for 15 days.

Pauline was jubilant at the thought of Christmas in the Caribbean, but Alice noticed her worried look. “what’s up Mum?”

“Oh sweetie, you know that the party is liable to turn into an orgy.”

“Yes i suppose it will.”

“well you seem to have been completely off sex since the attack.”

“its just that i have lost the habit” Alice insisted.

Saying nothing her mother just nodded.

“Maybe i am a little scared that i will tear something, oh and not sure my pussy will work properly. I haven’t even played with myself as am worried i will damage something ,” she added quietly.

” Well, all the doctors say you are fine and are completely healed, would you let me look?”

Taking off her robe and nightdress, Pauline was stunned. This was the 1st time she had seen her daughter nude since before the attack. Alice had always had small and slim breasts, Pauline knew that the surgeons had given her free breast implants to lift her spirits as she was very depressed. Her breasts were now a C cup and looked fantastic, topped with her dark pink nipples.

“My god, you looking stunning.” Gently sucking and licking Alice’s nipple, she felt it stiffen and heard Alice moan softly as her mothers tongue flicked her nipple. Gently massaging her tits Pauline’s tongue traced down over Alice’s flat, muscular stomach to the edge of her bushy light brown pubes.

Skirting around she moved down to her upper thighs, waiting for her daughter to spread her legs a little. As Alice’s legs parted, her Mother caught her 1st glimpse of Alice’s pussy lips as they glistened with her wetness. The surgeons had said that they had trimmed them a little as one was badly damaged, taking one in her mouth she gently sucked and nibbled on the delicate flesh. Alice gasped and thrust her pussy towards her mothers face as all the old feelings of sexual need rushed back.

Stopping, caused Alice to whine in protest

“oh please don’t stop i am so close.”

Smiling bursa merkez escort bayan as her tactic seemed to be working,

“Finish yourself, i really need to shave that bush, hair in my teeth is not good.”

Chuckling to herself as she saw Alice scrabble at her clitty, going to the bathroom she heard Alice’s gasps and squeal’s as she orgasmed for the 1st time in months.

Returning with her brothers beard trimmer, razor and shaving foam she was keen to get started.

“Not sure i want to be shaved mum, what if you can see scars or something.”

“Don’t worry darling i will check and be really careful, am sure it will be fine.”

Switching the trimmer on, Pauline trimmed her daughters Mons, enjoying watching her daughter squirm as the vibrations transferred to her sensitive clit. She didn’t really need to trim the sides of her pussy but thought it would heighten Alice’s pleasure. Looking at her daughters engorged lips and swollen clit, she parted her lips,

“Definitely no scars, just very wet pink flesh. Think i can confirm it all works perfectly, can i shave you?”

“Yes please , my cunt feels so much better without hair.”

After carefully shaving her and shaping a nice strip of brown hair on her mons, Pauline placed a shaving mirror between Alice’s thighs.

“There we go, look for yourself, just as beautiful as ever.”

Flipping the mirror over to the magnified side she examined every crease and fold. Flipping back to the normal mirror she started to frig herself.

“I used to love watching myself cum” she explained to her mum. Soon she was gasping and thrusting her fingers deep into her hole. Alice loved the sight as her pussy gushed girl cum and changed colour to a much darker hue. Looking at her soaking pussy, she relaxed and enjoyed her afterglow.

Laying back, Alice felt much better, she had been so worried about scars etc she hadn’t dared look at herself. Her mother poking her in the ribs interrupted her thoughts,

“What about your old mum, you forgotten pleasure is a 2 way street?” Laughing, Alice reached for Pauline and the 2 women enjoyed a long passionate kiss. Working her way down her mums body she licked her long nipples, sucking one into her mouth caused her mother to shudder as a soft moan escaped her lips. Marvelling at the flat muscular stomach that Pauline had managed to maintain after having 3 kids she continued down. As she ran her tongue through the strip of brown hair she straddled her mothers head and lowered herself onto her mothers tongue.

Soon both women were cumming, Alice was always amazed at how much girl cum her mothers pussy gushed and greedily lapped up all she could.

Returning to cuddle up to her mother Alice was a little surprised when Patricia got up and started rummaging in the bottom of her wardrobe. “Ahaha found it” her mother said triumphantly as she waved a double ended dildo. Purely for research purposes,”

she said quite solemnly, before breaking into a big grin.

“Fancy meeting in the middle?” Sitting on the bed opposite each other they put the 2′ long dildo up to their entrances. Alice noticed a mark on the centre of the shaft, Pauline said, “the mark is half way, race you!” The position they were in was useless, neither women could really move forward. Turning around they knelt and held the shaft against their sex, 1-2-3 go chortled Pauline as she pushed herself back onto the thick shaft. When their arses bumped into each other they both rolled onto their sides.

Alice felt incredibly full and thought she must have the majority of the dildo inside her. Looking between her legs she could see about 4″ of the dildo, but no Marks. Pauline slowly pulled it out of her dripping pussy and forced more into Alice. Clearly Pauline had won the race as about 2″ inside her emerged the Marks. “God that was deep” as they slowly moved forward onto each other. Angling their hips they managed to mash their clits together, Alice had never felt anything like it, soon they were both cumming again.

Relaxing and cuddling Alice asked, “What time is Dave (her brother) due home?”

“About 7pm I think, why?”

“Coz I need some real cock, he’s been asking for a shag for weeks.”

“Well it’s only 10.30 am, you have quite a wait.”

“Hmmm, think I might go see Granddad.”

“Well I have to go to work, said I would be there for 2pm. If you wanted you could come and help me.”

“You mean at the house of the sun.”

“Yeah, they are nearly full and need extra help.”

“Sounds fun, what exactly do you do there.|

“I try and make sure everybody has a great time, sometimes I just suck cock to keep them interested in the lines at the station. Sometimes if the action is a bit slow I have sex with a few members of staff in the public play room.”

“Would they let me run a train?”

“Not really, we are there to make sure the paying guests have a nice time”

“Ok sounds fun, lets get some lunch, then we can go.”

Arriving at the house they parked in the staff car park, Alice had never really had chance to look at her new blazer. It was a paler blue than her mothers. The sun on the breast pocket in bright yellow was smaller to allow for the moon and stars motif that surrounded it. Catching her mothers envious look she pulled it on and linked arms with her mum as they made their way to the main complex.

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