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Alison was an amazingly sexy and smart woman. Soft and curvy, large round wonderful breasts, firm round ass, and supple, creamy thighs. She had long flowing blond hair and deep sexy blue eyes. She was a knockout hands down. Any man would be lucky to have her talk to him much less have her sexually.
She was excited for tonight. Her boyfriend, Mark a very tall dark muscular black man said he had a big surprise for her. She loved his surprises. They were always so hot and sensual. She remembered on when he tired her to the bed and ravished her all night long. Every way he could think of in all her hole. She took every inch and loved it all. He had a very large cock. Not only long but also very thick. She sucked him to orgasm happily many times. She loved making him cum. And always licked him clean. His cum tasted wonderful.
She was putting on make up and mussing her hair. She knew he liked that. She was wearing a large white t-shirt thinned by age. It was see thru in all the right places. The neck had a cut down the front. Not too far down but enough to show off those perfect breasts of hers. No panties and barefooted. She couldn’t wait for him to show. Her sweet pussy was getting moist just thinking of his arrival. The doorbell rang. She gasped more from excitement than shock. She rushed to the door, and for a moment stopped before opening it. She wanted him to wait just a while longer.
Alison opened the door. There stood Mark in a dark three-piece white suit. It looked so great against his coal dark skin. She loved how he looked in suits, so tall, so muscular, so powerful and strong. She would have let him take her right there in the doorway if he wanted. He stepped inside and kissed her softly on the cheek. Then produced one single stunning red rose from behind his back. She giggled with excitement. She took it and kissed him on his dark lips. Gosh she loved his lips.
She turned around took his hand and led him to the bedroom. When they walked in she was taking him to the bed but he stopped her. He grabbed the large soft chair she kept in her room. It was red and had large armrests and a high back. She used it for reading. He sat her down in it Porno hikayeleri and turned it so the back of the chair was to the door. He knelt down in front of her and took her soft creamy thighs and pulled them apart. He placed one leg over each armrest. Her moist pussy was exposed there right in his face. He kissed her inner thighs slowly and softly. She shivered. She knew what was coming. He was great at licking her pussy. He had a magical tongue, and those wonderful full dark lips.
He kissed her gently on her wet lips. She was already so wet. She had even forgotten he had a surprise for her. He licked her pussy with his large tongue. She moaned and raised her hips to meet his hot mouth. He sucked her swelling clit with his thick lips she called out. She reached down and grabbed his baldhead and pushed him harder into her waiting dripping pussy. He obeyed her wish. He took off his coat and shirt and tossed them aside. He was in his white tank undershirt. Some called it a wife beater. That name turned Alison on she wanted him so much. His pants were still on. But that would come in time. He kept sucking her throbbing clit. Then she felt his fingers slide past her pussy lips. She screamed, “Yes!” He began sliding his fingers in and out as he sucked on her clit. He knew just how she liked it. She looked down and could see her hard nipples pressing against the inside of the t-shirt she pinched them hard.

He slid his finger out and began rubbing it right along that space between the opening of her wet pussy and her swollen clit. Fuck she loved when he did that. He had such big strong fingers. But he had such a delicate touch. Alison opened her legs wider still. She pinched her nipples harder. “Do it,” she commanded. Mark knew her well enough to know that that meant. He slid three of his large fingers into her very wet pussy. She gasped as she raised her hips a bit to adjust for the size. He slid them in and out very slowly at first. Not too deep but turning them this way and that so her lips stretched just enough to make her moan. God she loved this man’s touch. She loved how when he slid his fingers back he turned them slightly and they rubbed Sex hikayeleri that spot just on the upper part of her hole right near the opening. Mark could always hit that spot. Not just with his fingers but with his big thick cock as well. As he would slide it in and her pussy opened up to take the engorged tip he would shift a little and it would rub that spot. It sent shivers up Alison’s spine. She loved how he fucked her.

Although getting fucked from behind was her favorite. Alison loved riding Mark’s large black dick. It was just big enough to not only stretch her pussy lips but also fill her up inside without being uncomfortable. And the best part was that he knew how to use it. God how he worked her pussy, sometimes she felt herself cumming after just a few thrusts. Her favorite thing was sucking his cock after she came. She loved the way her pussy juice mixed with his cock and precum tasted. And she loved opening her throat and taking it all the way down. Mainly because she knew how much he liked her to do that. Mark always told her she was the only girl who could do that with his dick.

He kept licking and sliding his wet fingers into her hot pussy. He slid his fingers out and put them into her eager mouth. God she love how she tasted off his finger. She greedily licked them clean as his hot tongue slid into her pussy. She pushed his head hard into her pussy and let loose and came into his waiting mouth. He licked it up with pleasure. Her entire body shook Alison was in heaven. As Mark looked up at her and she just held his wrist kissing his finger slowly. He spoke, “Are you ready for your surprise?” With all the pleasure she had forgotten that he had promised her the surprise of her life to night. She couldn’t speak just yet so she just nodded.

Mark slowly and softly kissed her inner thigh first the left then the right. He took his hand from hers and pinched her nipple though her thin white shirt. She was getting excited all over again. “Okay boys!” Mark said Alison didn’t know what was happening but suddenly Mark’s two friends were each standing by the side of her chair. She noticed they were both naked and their Sikiş hikayeleri beautiful black cocks were hardening already. She smiled from ear to ear. Alison reached up and grabbed a cock in each hand and began stroking the long thick shafts. She could feel them getting hard quickly. She could feel Mark’s tongue and fingers back at her wet pussy and clit. God he could lick a pussy.
In her right hand was Julian’s very long and dark cock. In her left was the lighter but very thick cock of David. Julian like Mark was very dark skinned. He and Mark had been best friends since College. They hang out all the time play basketball together. Julian was also very strong and athletic, and Alison liked that. David worked with Mark. He was the opposite of both the others. He was lighter skinned and not at all athletic. Not fat but just soft. He was the intellectual, sensitive one. She liked his a great deal. She and he had often had nice deep conversations. And his dick was far thicker than Julian’s.
Both cocks were now hard as rocks. She took turns sucking one then the other. Gosh how she loved the taste of cock. Her mouth barely fit around David’s thick shaft but she forced it. They both began to moan and started playing with her tits through her shirt. Then without warning both men at the same time as if planned, grabbed a part of her shirt and tore it open. Her large breasts fell exposed. Both men grabbed a breast and started pinching and playing. Alison let out sigh; this was her dream come true. Mark stopped licking and slid his thick black cock inside her drenched pussy. His cock was so hard and thick. Her pussy opened willingly for it. She looked at Mark and smiled broadly. He knew she wanted this she loved it.
After a few more thrusts Mark asked okay boys who wants to be next? This pussy is soaked! Julian jumped at the chance. Mark took his place. Alison sucked his dick in deep. She could taste her sweet pussy juice on his thick black cock. She loved how she tasted off his cock. Julian wasted no time. He forced his dick into her hard, fast and deep. He pounded her hard. Mark was having a great time too. He enjoyed watching her get fucked. They had talked about this many times. In the mean time David was moaning hard and pinching her nipples super hard. Alison was so fucking turned on and lost in the pleasure. Knowing it was only going to get better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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