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My mother passed away with leukemia when I was thirteen and my father took over raising my eight-year-old brother Terry and I. We usually had a lady live in to do the housework and cooking. Dad spent a good portion of time with us. When I was almost eighteen he started dating a very nice lady named Carol who worked for a law firm his company used on occasions. I was very happy for him and noticed at once a glow about him. You could see the spark this lady had put into his life. After about six months of dating he took Terry and I into the living room. He told us that he and Carol were going to be married.

We had a large home and following the quiet wedding Carol and her twelve-year-old daughter Becky became part of our family. Becky was the cutest little girl you could ever imagine. She had long blonde hair generally in either a ponytail or pigtails. She had beautiful features and just a hint of freckles across her nose. She was very smart, outspoken and always so damn cute. My little brother grew to love Becky almost as much as I did.

I studied engineering and accepted a job to work for a major oil company doing exploration work and my first job was in Resolute Bay, which is almost at the North Pole. By that time Becky was seventeen and as expected was gorgeous. She had some boyfriends and I don’t think she knows to this day that I had been taking each of them aside and explaining my rules and these guys were scared of me. As for myself I dated while in college and did some partying. I played football and as you expect the usual run of groupies were always around and the parties were inevitable. I was never an angel but stayed out of trouble.

It is two years later that my story with Becky begins during one of the off shift times at home. I had been working for six weeks in the arctic after which I would get three weeks off. It was late fall and I was home alone. My father and Carol were away to a convention and Terry was at a boy’s group campout. Becky who was now nineteen had been out on a charity marathon walk. I was lying around in a pair of well-worn sweats and a grubby shirt watching my favorite Denver Broncos when I heard the door and knew Becky was home. She came into the family room and sat next to me.

We chatted about the seven-miles she had walked and I started the fun by telling her she was getting fat. Which was far from the truth as well as her telling me that my favorite Denver player was gay. I told her that a member of her creep of the month club had called. That was the name I had for her boyfriends. It didn’t ankara rus escort seem to be of any interest to her. She told me I looked like a slob and I reacted by grabbing her. Becky was all of a hundred pounds so it was not hard to toss her on the couch and sit on her, which of course I did. I made her take back almost all the things she said regarding my dating habits and my love life before I let her up. Not without a fair bit of tickling of course. She stood in front of me blocking the screen, gave me an evil look then proceeded to her room. Half way down however she did manage to turn around and smile at me.

I soon heard the shower running. I do not know exactly what possessed me to do what I did next. I locked the doors and went into the main bathroom where the large tiled shower was. I threw off my clothes leaving only a pair of shorts on and opened the door. What greeted me is a picture as fresh in my mind today as it was then. She was so damn pretty and so sexy cute. I had taken this big step but was convinced she was not going to be too upset.

I gave her no chance to react. I enclosed her in my arms. She had tried to cover herself but now she was tight against me. I could feel her firm shapely breasts against my lower chest; the top of her head was only at my shoulders as I held her close feeling the softness of her smooth flawless skin. I sensed a complete lack of resistance in her almost immediately. I gently lifted her chin so I could gaze into her eyes. She said nothing as she returned a look that burned deep into me. I almost melted and the feelings I have towards Becky were instilled in me permanently at that moment. I bent down and kissed her feeling her lips on mine. I softly brushing my lips across her forehead and then to hers in a long kiss as I now felt her tongue entwined with mine. The tension released in her body and her arms left her sides as she embraced me. I held her close with her head soft against my chest with our hearts pounding. I heard her soft voice. “Cory we cant ”.

When I explained it as best I could she seemed to accept that this was not wrong. I would never have let her go at that moment. I somehow slid my shorts off. Our bodies parted slightly and she glanced down. I immediately felt the tension and knew what had startled her. She had looked down at my hardness, which was standing up flat against my stomach. I am fairly large and was throbbing hard. I knew she was probably frightened.

I took her hand, held it in mine and then moved it down between us placing it ankara türbanlı escort on me and almost at once she begin to explore the thick member. She cupped the head and wrapped her fingers around the shaft feeling the soft loose skin. She gently stroked it; her fingers were not able to completely enclose it. I remember softly saying, “I will never hurt you tweety” which was her nickname from the time she was a little girl. I heard a soft moan and felt her increase the pressure. She then released me and moved close holding it against her. I caressed her firm hips and molded her thighs against me.

Her tummy was firm and flat and below it was a light tuft of soft light hair covering her mound. I slid my finger down and into the crease where I encountered the wetness. I heard her moan and felt the pressure from her arms on my back and then the softness of her lips on my chest. I moved the fingers and gently opened her. The wetness was almost bubbling from her as I edged a finger inside. I gently expanded her by moving my finger round and round. I uncovered the sensitive little bud hidden under her wet soft inner folds. I rubbed it slightly feeling her gentle hip movements. I whispered “have you done this before Becky?” She answered “ never like this, it was never with you Cory”.

I lowered my hands to her hips and lifted her placing her back against the wall; I pushed my hardness down between her legs. I could feel her warm wetness and her soft lower lips partially surrounding my shaft as I moved back and forth slowly feeling her start to move with me. I was sliding on her clit and the protruding veins were rubbing her gently. She held on to me with her head buried in my neck as I moved out into the hallway and carried her the short distance to my bedroom. I lowered her on the middle of the bed. I easily adjusted her and moved her into position. She looked up into my eyes as if giving consent.

I guided my hardness wetting it, lubricating it and finally lodging it gently in her. She moved her knees higher tilted her pelvis as she prepared to accept me. I pressed and she opened slightly. Her eyes widened and I felt the sharp intake of breath and the soft moan. She held herself firm and soon the tip was completely enclosed. Her breathing quickened, as her hands caressed my back almost lovingly holding me close to her. I think at that moment I felt the love for me that Becky had and knew I would accept it unconditionally. I whispered quietly in her ear as I firmly but slowly moved into her spreading her bahçelievler escort and feeling her tight warmth surround me like a soft glove. I was almost all inside her now. She moved her hand down to where we were joined.

I knew by the gasp she was concerned at how much was left. Becky placed her arm back around me, took a deep breath relaxed her muscles and moved upward sharply taking the whole length of me into her. She moaned softly and I could feel her contractions as she adjusted to my thickness and the deep penetration. I could feel a very tight spot deep inside her grasping the thick head that was lodged against her back wall. I started to move slightly pulling it out and moving it back in using slow easy strokes and increasing it until I was withdrawing so only the head remained. I would then smoothly slide back into the warm wet channel. I knew I had to move and wanted to take Becky with me. I increased the length of my thrusts and immediately felt her move her legs over me.

This was not the little girl anymore. This was a beautiful sensuous woman that knew what she wanted. I felt her wet lubricated smoothness as I thrust harder into her. Becky was starting to breathe faster and force herself against me. She whimpered in my ear and kissed my neck as I felt a spasm and a shudder pass through her followed by gentle quivering. I stopped my movements and just held her as she drove herself up to me as her body throbbed softly. I felt the wetness increase where our bodies were joined and could not hold myself any longer. Her body was now covered in light sweat and I could hear the soft moaning in my ear as I resumed the smooth strokes. I was sensitive now and the little tingles and the tightening in my loins became most pronounced.

I began the hard deep thrusts and she was taking every bit of me now very easily, very smoothly accepting me totally. Becky was ready to receive the hot sticky seed that was welling up in my body. I felt the wonderful throbbing begin and I held myself deep as the first long stream was released against her inner walls. Another and then another as we felt the warmth flow inside. I remember her soft voice in my ear, “oh Cory I can feel it”. I felt the wet stickiness as it seeped out of her.

She moved her hand on the back of my neck and looked up and into my eyes. She smiled at me and I heard her crying softly when she buried her head in my shoulder. I felt her lips on my neck softly kissing me as her hands caressed my back. I finally turned us on our sides and pulled a blanket over us. I gathered her in my arms and cuddled her close to me so she was warm and protected in my arms. I looked down and my sweetheart was sound asleep and soon we both were. That afternoon was the beginning. That was a while ago . I now have two pretty little blonde daughters who have the most beautiful mother in the world. Yes her name is Becky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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