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Sai Fong Speaks:

Waiting nearly 4 weeks to see Harry nearly had me climbing the walls. After the nights we’d spent in London, and the frustrating week that darling Harry spent back home, I was ready to just do a disappearing act, turn-up on his doorstep and scream “You want it, Big Boy, here it is, come get it!”

Common sense prevailed, and though dad, poor, dear deluded dad, had given in on the Art School thing, he wasn’t prepared to let me go just yet, poor dear, and insisted that I spend this last summer at home with him. I had to go with it, insisting on heading down early was not a good idea, he knew I didn’t have to sort out digs or transport, so insisting on moving down so far ahead of time would have started his copper-sense twitching, the very last thing I wanted to happen.

So I stayed on in Cosford, wanking furiously every chance I got, having increasingly fevered dreams about Harry, his body, making love to me, and pacing around my room crying for him, not that he’ll ever find out, will he? I said, WILL HE? Good, you’re learning.

When Harry came to get me, I was in a right old state. I could barely contain myself, and all those barbs I’d thrown at him about the ‘sticky-knicker brigade’ came back to haunt me as I found myself oozing almost constantly, excitement galloping around inside me, knowing that in a few hours I was going to be crawling all over his lovely bod all over again, but for a whole week!

Trying to appear nonchalant when that lovely boy rolled up was the hardest acting job of my life, no sense in falling at the last hurdle, not when dad was sniffing around. I had a selection of my clothes and stuff already packed, the theory being that if I brought it down in stages, I wouldn’t have to get dad to bring it all down at once, actually letting him into the flat, seeing the living arrangements weren’t exactly the conventional brother/sister setup. Harry looked sideways at me and my, to my mind, barely adequate, amount of luggage, and made comments about most of my stuff, of course, including asking me how many feet I had when he had to find a place in his car for 5 shoe bags, but eventually I was packed and ready for the off.

I dutifully kissed dad goodbye, watched him slip Harry some money for me when he thought I wasn’t looking, good, and yanked my knickers off while dad and Harry were doing that whole, “Well son, harrumph, see you soon, etc,” thing that fathers do to avoid kissing their grown-up sons.

As soon as we pulled away, I felt a weight off my chest. I had him back! OK, it was only for a week, but half a loaf is better than no bread at all, and dad was at least being reasonable about this whole week away, so definitely a win. I felt a definite need to celebrate, soon, and decided to give Harry a little of what he’d obviously been missing, if the looks he’d been giving me behind dad’s back were anything to go by! As I had no panties on, I gave him a flash of the old fuzzy door, nearly making the poor boy crash as he jumped and fixed his eyes firmly on the road, although I did notice a nice lump straining at his zipper; good boy!

They do say that letting the dog see the rabbit makes the chase more interesting, so I kept hiking my skirt up, just to see what it would take for him to tell me to stop, or find a turn-off, locate a quiet lane somewhere, and just give me a good seeing-to. Dirty little beast never said a word, just kept flicking glances at it and sweating! I only stopped when I realised I was giving all the passing trucks an eyeful, and the word was getting around, judging by the line of suspiciously fast trucks and lorries in the near-side lane, racing to get an eyeful!

When we arrived back at the flat, which luckily isn’t too far off the West Way, I let poor, lovely Harry talk me out of helping him lug it all up three flights of stairs. Sweet boy, he’s such a gentleman, he’d never consider letting me carry a wet handkerchief, let alone the negligible amount of stuff I had, so I let him do it. This is one of the reasons he needs me; any other girl would take endless advantage of his nature because they’d twig he’s a natural gentleman, whereas I take advantage of him because he’s mine and I’m allowed to, so I save-up and treasure the times when I can – a privilege I don’t intend to abuse.

If any other girl tried on him what I do, I would go Hong-Kong Phooey on her arse for taking advantage of my baby. There are two kinds of wrath, God’s and mine. Better to take the wrath of God; at least he forgives. Anyone screws with my boy and I will seriously visit them with mayhem and pain a-plenty.

Once we were unloaded, with Harry lying there on the lounge carpet pretending to gasp and wheeze, face deliberately red and sweaty, hoping for some sympathy, I enticed him into the bedroom by posing bare-arse naked and smiling invitingly, all the fatigue magically evaporated as he levitated upright and went to work on me, just as I had hoped he would.

Harry is a gentle and considerate lover, Gaziantep Escort manly and gorgeous, and I’d been seriously missing what he had so much of, so we’ll gloss over the next bit, you know what comes next. Suffice it to say, I saw God that day! Now comes the hard part; I have to go home again in 6 days, and I’m already feeling separation anxiety; this is my home now, with my man, not half-way across the country, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to manage even the few weeks ’til I’m back down for good. Harry says I have to bite my lip and tough it out, it’s hard on him as well, it’s been hard on him all along, but he didn’t explode, he didn’t keel over with a coronary, so I’m in no danger of anything except possibly giving us away. Sobering thought.



On the Monday I came back from college expecting to find Sai deep in contemplation of one of her art books, with plans to take her out somewhere romantic for dinner, but she was dressed in a killer sparkly black minidress, teetering heels and glossy sheer stockings. She was an eye-opener, no doubt about that, and while I was drinking her all in, I was wondering what this was in aid of.

“Harry, we’re young, we’re in London, we’re going clubbing. Get dressed, I want to show you off a little!”

So saying, she pointed out what she wanted me to wear, already picked out and pressed, and I acquiesced, going with the flow, because the alternative was too painful, and too loud, to contemplate.

Sai wanted to go to Boujis, a hot, mega-exclusive club in central Mayfair.

“Uh, Sai, that’s a member’s only, 21 and over club, you can’t get in, and bruisingly expensive — you’d better have a trust fund, because they’ll want to count it before they’ll let us in.” I reminded her

Sai just grinned. “Harry, I know everyone, and so do you, you just don’t use them enough! I made a call, we’re on the list, and we’re being comp’d as well, courtesy of your old school friends who actually run the place. Honestly, Harry, don’t you ever keep-up with anyone?”

The club was small, exclusive, and hyper-expensive. Sai was in her element, spotting some girls she’d attended the Feather’s Ball with the previous year, as well as celebs and a sprinkling of the rich and shameless, and spent a great deal of time popping shots, exchanging phone numbers with old acquaintances and dancing around me while I tried to figure out what she was doing. A few guys tried to pick her up, but the bouncers headed them off before I had to, and the girls they were with laid into them anyway, so we got to grin at the free floorshows.

Sai Fong obviously wanted to boogie, so I resigned myself to a night of watching her, although, in that dress, she was definitely worth the watch! Several other guys also thought so, and she usually got whistles and applause when she stepped off the dance floor, although she made a point of flopping in my lap and kissing me soundly every so often, just so no-one got any ideas, and probably because she was half-cut…

We left at 3 am, found a kebab place and topped up on anonymous gristle and MSG before driving back to the flat. I’d been up 20 hours now, and I had to be back at uni for 11 am, so I was looking forward to some rest and sleep; Sai Fong had other ideas, stripping off for me to tiny little panties, those sexy sheer stockings and stiletto heels. All thoughts of sleep disappeared as my libido went kerchinngg! Naturally, I moved in for the kill, thinking “Yup, that’ll do nicely!”

Sai wasn’t drunk, just nicely lit-up, and she made a production of posing for me in her ‘come and fuck me’ get-up, so I grabbed her, kissing and fondling her, nibbling her nipples and squeezing and jiggling her bum-cheeks, kissing passionately as she fumbled with my belt-buckle, helping me strip off to my shorts without breaking lip-lock. She kissed me thoroughly, rubbing her panty-clad mons against my cock, her breathing becoming fast and shallow as she worked herself up, frotting herself while still kissing and fondling me.

At last she stepped back, smiling, and knelt down, taking hold of the sides of my shorts and sliding them down freeing my tortured cock, allowing it to spring into view, harder than it had ever been before. I have said before, I don’t have a mega-dick, but I like to think I’m not exactly under-endowed, either, and all 7 inches were there, on full stretch, for Sai to do with as she pleased. She chose to slide her lips over the end, licking over the tip and behind the head, exquisite sensation as she sucked at the same time, making me gasp in pleasure as the pressure dropped, making my head swell even further, squeezing and pumping her hand slowly in time to her sucking. Much as I enjoyed this, I wanted her to stop; I wanted to pleasure her, hold her tight to me as I entered her, not stand and pump into her mouth.

She looked at me in surprise, hurt flitting across her face, so I pulled her to her feet, kissing her longingly as I did.”Princess, Gaziantep Escort Bayan I want to make love to you, all of you, not just like this!” and was rewarded with her sunny grin as she caught my meaning.

Piloting her to the bedroom, I peeled down her hot, sexy little panties and pulled her onto the bed, hands automatically reaching for her lovely taut bum, pulling her in to me, trapping my cock between us as we kissed.

“So Harry, did you have a good time?” she cooed, batting her eyelids at me, grinning as she wriggled against me, hand snaking down to grab my cock and fondle it, pumping gently as she licked and nibbled my lips. I responded by gently rolling her onto her back and licking her nipples, biting and sucking them into full hardness, making them stand up and thrum, a flush rising on her face and throat as her excitement grew.

I made to move down, and Sai stopped me, instead kneeling up and pushing me over onto my back, and straddling me, facing down the bed, head dipping down to slide her lips over my cock again as I pulled her closer and licked her labia as her vulva was thrust into my face, pointing the tip of my tongue in her velvety little anus, making her jump and quiver, and lapping up and down her lips. Her hard little clitoris slid into view, dewing rapidly with her secretions as I licked and lapped harder, the labia flowering open to expose her tight vagina. I pushed my tongue inside her, making her groan and push back against my face, rubbing her clitoris harder with my tongue, licking her labia and anus, lubricating them both with her juices, and slowly sliding my forefinger in past her rosebud, up to the second knuckle, then bending my finger and pumping it in time to my tongue thrusts into her pussy.

Sai squealed around my cock, the vibration thrilling and hot, making my cock jump, then began really suctioning, swallowing my cock deeper and deeper, taking more and more of me into her. Her pussy was lubricating freely now, her juices running down into my mouth, the taste strong and tangy, salty, fresh and enticing, and I lapped harder still, concentrating on her clitoris, feeling the little bud thrum and twitch as her excitement rose, until finally she clamped her lips over my cock and sucked hard, pumping me as hard as she could, squeezing my shaft as her vagina convulsed, her little anus winking as it fluttered in sync with her vagina, her orgasm rolling through her, making her buck and convulse, groaning around the head of my cock. I couldn’t hold back as the vibration of her mouth set me off, and I shot into her mouth, long, satisfying ejaculations of sperm flooding her mouth as my hips bucked and my back arched, straining to empty even more of myself into her hot, wildly sucking mouth.

At last she slumped down, resting her head on my thigh, still holding onto my cock as I fell back, heart thundering from my orgasm. Eventually she stirred, lifting herself up to slip her leg back over me and drop back to the pillow, turning and hugging me into herself, tucking her head into my neck and kissing my throat as she pulled me in closer.

“So Harry, is that the big show, or do you have a grand finale for me?” she grinned slyly, hand rubbing and fondling my flaccid cock. I cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Princess, either you think I’m something other than human, or all that internet porn has ruined you for the real world!” I croaked. “When I’m ready, I’ll be more than happy to play a second round, right now, I have to recover, give me ten, OK?” Sai nodded, “Ten, then I’m coming for you, be ready!”

I lay there, savouring the afterglow, watching Sai Fong, her long slim legs still encased in those sexy sheer stockings, the black lace hold-up tops contrasting sharply with the creamy skin of her supple thighs, her perfect rear end. I reached out and slid my hand over her thigh and buttock, experiencing the thrill of the slippery sheer fabric of her stockings against her warm smooth skin.

“Hello Harry, boy!” she murmured, smiling slowly at me, reaching up to cup my chin and kissing me softly, and I returned the favour, brushing her hair back so I could feel its texture, see her lovely almond eyes better. The feel of her, and her sexy kisses, was making me hard again, my urgency rising the more I looked at and kissed and fondled this beautiful creature, my delectable sister.

I pulled her in close to me, sliding an arm under her to roll onto my back, rolling her on top of me, her legs on either side.

“Hello Sai Fong, I’m going to kiss you some more” I murmured to her, pulling her up close to me by her lovely firm bum cheeks, slipping my tongue into her mouth as my hands squeezed, kneaded and separated her taut little buttocks, pulling them open and closed to coincide with the motions of my tongue in her mouth. Sai Fong opened her eyes and pulled away to smile lazily at me.

“You dirty little beast, I know what you’re hinting at. We’ll see lover-boy!” With that, she wriggled until Escort Gaziantep her pussy was right above my cock, lying as it was along my stomach between us, and rose up slightly, releasing it to rise up enough for her purposes. She reached back and guided me into her, my cockhead suddenly engulfed in warm wet succulence, with Sai’s soft gasp of pleasure as she sank onto me. She lay still for a second or two, savouring the sensation of being penetrated again, then kissed me long and seriously before levering herself upright and, with her hands resting on my chest, began to rise and fall rhythmically, pumping herself on me as I fondled and squeezed her cute peach-half breasts, nipples hard and rubbery, like two little thumbs.

I pulled and rolled her nipples between my fingers, making her gasp and cover my hands with hers, forcing my hands harder against her breasts, obviously enjoying the sensation as she mauled her nipples with my hands, her eyes tight closed and her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she went to her own place. Her rhythm increased as she became more aroused, her stimulation of her nipples obviously helping her along, her motions more pronounced as she rode me harder, her neck and upper chest flushing as she approached her orgasm.

Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and she gave a low gasping moan, and her vagina tightened convulsively around me, exquisite sensation upon sensation as she rode me even harder, grinding herself on me, her vagina sucking and rippling around me as she came in a long series of shattering orgasms, her breath gasping and hissing as each wave hit her.

She slumped down on me, her heart hammering against me, her eyes screwed shut and tears leaking from the corners, her chest heaving with the force of her climax.

I had managed to keep control of myself, much as I wanted to surrender to the sensations she was giving me, and had remained hard inside her, waiting for her to ease up. Eventually she opened her eyes, smiling at me and indicating she wanted to lie back down. I rolled over, still buried in her, and began to pump my cock into her, sliding my arms under the small of her back to push her nipples up so I could suckle them as I pumped her.

Sai held my head in place as I slowly pumped into her, smiling and murmuring as I licked, sucked and nibbled her nipples, and began to move under me, pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts, matching me stroke for stroke, her breath hissing each time I pumped into her. I could only last so long, stimulated as I was, and the sight of my beautiful, exotic sister humping herself against me, her nipples dancing tantalisingly in front of me was too much. I gave a deep groan as I felt my cock pulse, and Sai moaned as my head swelled, pumping jet after jet of spunk out of me and into her body, splashing into her most intimate place, the sensation for me almost unbelievable.

Sai gave a hissing groan, and I felt her pussy contract around me again as she climaxed again, the rippling, sucking sensation drawing every last drop of semen from me, my cock dry-convulsing inside her.

At last I was spent, and I withdrew, to lie next to her, heart hammering with the after-effects of my own climax, muscles quivering in stress reaction, feeling Sai Fong’s warm little hand on my chest as she turned to me and burrowed down against me. She held me against her, with my arm going around her to lock her against me. Sai rested her head in the crook of my neck, kissed me gently on the neck and whispered “I love you, Harry, always!”

“I love you too, Princess,” I replied, “sleep tight, baby-girl!” as I pulled the covers up around us, kissing her goodnight and stroking her soft hair, always a pleasure for me.

I woke with a start, checked my watch, almost 9am, not bad, nearly 5 hours sleep, I’d gotten by on a lot less before, and today was going to be a short day, because of the way my work was going, so not too much stress. Hopefully I’d be home before 5, and I could look forward to a long evening with Sai Fong. Speaking of which…

She was still fast asleep, stretched out with the covers thrown back, and the sight of her fast asleep, her perfect long legs still encased in their miraculously intact stockings, her hair spread out over the pillow, her creamy complexion, was one of the most erotic sights I’d ever seen, all the more so for being perfectly natural and unconscious. I felt a rush of love and protectiveness for my beautiful, exotic, wildly sexy sister, as well as more decidedly impure thoughts as I looked on the tableau spread before me!

However, work was waiting, so I regretfully got out of bed; much as I would have liked to wake her and play some more, I had to be in Kensington in less than 2 hours, so all thoughts of fun and games had to be shelved. For now, anyway.

I ran a shower, shaved and dried off, and came out to find Sai wrapped in my bathrobe frying bacon and eggs, and a cup of coffee steaming on the table. Once again, I was puzzled at how she managed it; at home, as far as she was concerned, early-mornings only happened to other people, and she and dad had had some classic battles over her habit of getting up at the last minute and charging off to school with her disgusting standard breakfast in one hand and her school bag in the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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