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Some time had elapsed since I had the opportunity to witness something exciting. It was perhaps my endless patience that finally paid off almost 5 weeks after I had hoped something would happen in my brother’s room that will teach me a thing or two in the fine art of seduction perfected by my maestro brother.

I am Salim and this story mainly revolves around the sexcapades of my elder brother (older by about 5 years) Ijaz.

Ours is a dilapidated building in old Township of Meerut. I and my brother Ijaz had a common connecting door. We never used it. There was a wooden Almirah in my room, which was used to block that door. There was another door which I used to enter or leave my room. It lead to a common passage in our house. The blocked door had seen better days. It needed replacement for a long time. It had cracks and if lights are on in the other room and if you were sitting in dark, I could clearly see what was going on in my brother’s room. I used that door many times exactly for that purpose by sliding the cupboard a little making some space for me to peek into my brother’s room.

Through this cracked door of education, I learnt my first lessons in sex, when I saw my brother Ijaz seducing girls and women young and old. It would be more appropriate to say that the girls and women were eager to get seduced by my handsome, charming and strongly built brother with prolific man power (for the satisfaction of the opposite sex).

I saw Ijaz tempting his own elder Bhabhi (elder brother’s wife) Shazia. Not that she needed too much tempting. She was sex starved, wanted attention and was therefore an easy prey. The next was our young voluptuous maid, who also did not require too much tempting. The third one was a neighbour girl Mumtaz, who needed a bit of coaxing as well as pseudo sympathy, guidance, a dose of brotherly love and a tinge of titillation. She was the first one I know, who fell for my brother; although she was conservative and not easily seducible.

Ijaz spun a web of hallucinating fibres in the form of logical arguments to trap gullible but very beautiful Mumtaz. Mumtaz convinced herself that Ijaz had no intention to exploit her or harm her; rather, she thought that Ijaz obliged her by imparting sex education to her; which she could not get from anyone including her parents. In the first part of this story you read how Mumtaz had her first sexual encounter with my brother Ijaz. She experienced a series of unprecedented, titillating and sensuous waves reverberating in her fast throbbing heart. The desire to relive that intoxicating and exhilarating experience forced her think of Ijaz constantly. She was looking for some, any excuse to get some intimate time with Ijaz again.

Somewhere in a far remote corner of her mind, Ijaz’s logic did not make much sense. However, she was so overwhelmed by Ijaz’s manliness and smell of his manhood in her first encounter with him that she did not even acknowledge it. She emphatically rejected the thought that she was doing something wrong. What she felt in the presence of Ijaz, she had never felt before. She felt captured by some mesmerizing and hallucinating effect through his touch, his speech and what he did to her or what he made her do to him.

After Mumtaz touched and caressed my brother’s engorged cock, she experienced unprecedented emotions; feelings that never surfaced in her mind and heart before. She felt herself changed bodily in one day. She felt that she had grown up to be woman. She had seen children’s penises and had touched them whilst bathing her younger brothers. She never felt like that before. Of course, she knew her body was different from males. However, she did not know or understand the difference in physics or chemistry between two sexes. She wanted more and more of that hallucinating experience she had the other day. She argued to herself that she had to learn more from him as soon as she had the opportunity to be alone with him.

Quite some time passed since Mumtaz was last with Ijaz. In between Mumtaz had to leave to her mother’s place somewhere in the country side. She returned when her college opened after summer holidays. .

In public, Ijaz always maintained respectable distance between him and Mumtaz. He had to devise a plan again to be able to have her alone with him and Mumtaz unknowingly (or perhaps knowingly) gave him the opportunity. Her parents had to be away to their native place for a social engagement. She pleaded to her parents that she could not go with them as her classes were on and she could not be absent. Her parents let Mumtaz remain home with her younger brother and asked Ijaz to look after them in their absence.

Ijaz gladly accepted the responsibility. It gave him an excuse to be with Mumtaz. He saw this as a wonderful opportunity to work further on the girl of his dreams. However, Ijaz was a cool guy. He worked to a plan. The next day Mumtaz was on her way to her college. Ijaz was at the bus stop when Mumtaz walked şişli escort in. After usual hello and hi, she stood there hoping for Ijaz to take some initiative. Ijaz asked her about where her brother was. Mumtaz did not hesitate to come close to Ijaz and replied that her brother was quite happy to stay alone in the house and studied his lessons.

Ijaaz asked her when she could come to his house, Mumtaz blushed and blurted out that she wanted to come to him for guidance on some questions she could not solve, in her studies. She however hesitated for she did not want to disturb him. From Mumtaz’s half enthusiastic response, Ijaz easily guessed that she was willing but hesitant. Ijaz asked Mumtaz to come his room the next afternoon, when all would be away.

I was damned lucky to be in my room when Mumtaz entered Ijaz’s room. I carefully shifted the furniture to get a perfect view of my brother’s room from a vantage point, which I had painstakingly prepared by drilling a hole such that it gave me cinema scope view of my brother’s room. I could sit comfortably on a high stool in my room and watch the show without having to stand, bend or kneel on my knees.

Mumtaz had some books and as soon as she entered, she opened her books and started to ask some questions that she was unable to understand. Ijaz was good in studies and his answers seemed to satisfy Mumtaz. They must have spent half an hour in this exercise. After she was finished, she should have got up to leave. She sat awkwardly on the sofa instead, waiting for Ijaz to say something. The stalemate continued for a while as neither Mumtaz nor my brother took initiative. I could clearly feel sexual heat in the environment. Each expected the other to take the initiative.

After a while Mumtaz got up to leave. Ijaz asked her if she would like tea. Mumtaz promptly replied that she would. She told Ijaz that she would make tea for both of them. Mumtaz walked into the corner towards a small pantry with a gas stove to heat food stuff and make tea, coffee etc. She said that she did not know where all the stuff like tea leaves, sugar etc. were located. This was a signal for Ijaz to follow her.

The pantry was small and could barely accommodate two persons. Ijaz and Mumtaz were presed against each other. Ijaz showed where the bottles of tea and sugar etc were kept. Mumtaz stretched to reach them. The shelf was a bit higher than she could reach. I was seeing their backs from my position. Suddenly Ijaz reached from behind Mumtaz and lifted her up inserting his hands inside her armpits. In the process he poked his hard cock onto her well shaped behind and touched the periphery of her breasts.

The poor young girl was overwhelmed by intimate physical touch of Ijaz’s body. She felt poking of his cock on her ass. Without reacting, she hurriedly reached and collected tea and sugar bottles. When Ijaz brought her down, she turned slightly to face Ijaz and looked into his eyes like a goat looks into the eyes of a tiger, when it gets trapped into Tiger’s paws. I could not see her eyes clearly but could well imagine how she must have mated her eyes with Ijaz’s for those few moments.

Mumtaz turned and hurriedly began making tea; as Ijaz withdrew and walked back to the sitting room. There was complete silence in the room. The situation was tense and filled with sexual nervousness. As Mumtaz returned with the tea pot, her trembling hands made chinaware shake, making a clinking sound. Her face clearly revealed her state of mind.

She sat nervously opposite Ijaz and with shaking hands she poured tea into two cups. She raised the cup with a saucer and offered it to Ijaz with shaking hand. As Ijaz was about to take the cup, the cup slipped from Mumtaz’s hands. She dropped the cup full of hot tea. The cup fell right onto her shoulder and dropped onto the floor, shattered into pieces. She cried out loud in pain caused by sizzling hot tea flowing down her chest, knees and legs.

Without giving a second thought, Ijaz lifted Mumtaz in his strong arms and rushed her to the washroom. He began throwing cold water on her dress and body. Mumtaz was wearing a loose flowing skirt and a loose thin cotton shirt. Hot tea had fallen on her chest. She was trying to pull her blouse away from her skin. Ijaz saw this. He lifted a bucket full of water and poured it all on top of Mumtaz’s head.

Water poured by Ijaz drenched Mumtaz completely. Water flowed down her shoulders soaking her dress. Ijaz’s quick action saved any skin damage to Mumtaz. She was a lot more comfortable and perhaps grateful to Ijaz for his quick action. She stood drenched completely in the bathroom feeling a lot relieved from the hot liquid scorching her skin. She stopped crying. She had however, another problem to deal with. She looked almost completely naked with the clothing stuck on her skin and unable to hide her body. She had chosen fine thin cloth dress to wear that day and the cloth snugly stuck to her skin exposing her fully.

Ijaz mecidiyeköy escort bent down and lifted her skirt right up to her thighs to check if she had any burns on her legs. Mumtaz was too dazed to react.

I could see her two breasts, which prominently stood out with the cloth sticking on her skin and making them clearly visible. I could even see her areolas and erect nipples from where I was. Area between her thighs was visible. She stood shaking with cold trying to regain her composure. Obviously she must have made a mind blowing spectacle for my brother, who was right there with her.

Mumtaz noticed Ijaz eyeing her breasts, her thighs and her entire body lustily. She tried to cover her breasts with her arms, to prevent Ijaz from seeing them. She was standing awkwardly in front of Ijaz looking almost naked. My brother was master in the art of seduction. He knew how to play his cards. He did not try to take advantage of his position. Instead, Ijaz quickly rushed to his wardrobe and extracted a large towel. He quickly wrapped it around her and walked out of the washroom to let the dazed and embarrassed girl dry and change alone. As Ijaz walked out, he closed the washroom door behind him.

I could guess that that gesture must have boosted up Ijaz’s rating in Mumtaz’s eyes. She saw him as a saviour from hot burns and then a chivalrous man who did not take advantage of her when she was vulnerable.

After a few minutes, Mumtaz emerged from the washroom. She had discarded all her clothing in the washroom and was in Ijaz’s rather large towel; which covered her body fully. She had tied the towel well above her chest. However, she looked sexier in the towel than before. I knew she had nothing underneath. I also knew that she was far more vulnerable in a towel than when she was fully drenched with her clothes on. As she entered back into the room, the naïve girl smiled at Ijaz, probably conveying her thanks for his care.

Ijaz asked if she was feeling better; to which she said she was. The she lifted her one leg a little and scratched the other leg with her toe. Ijaz promptly noticed that. He said, “Mumtaz please sit down. Perhaps you have a slight burn there on your skin. Let me check there and if required apply some antiseptic cream.” Mumtaz sat on the bed obediently.

Ijaz sat down on the floor and lifted her towel a wee bit to check her skin above her ankles. I knew that if he had lifted the towel a bit more, he could have seen quite a lot of her. However, he quickly replaced the towel, got up and said, “I see some red spots there. It would be better if I applied some anti-septic lotion.” Without waiting for her reply, Ijaz went to his table and extracted antiseptic lotion bottle from one of the drawers and returned quickly.

He went back to his position on the floor and lifted Mumtaz’s towel a little bit higher than before to apply the anti-septic lotion on her legs. He extracted a generous portion of the cream and pasted it on his fingers and in his palms. He then began applying it on and above her ankles massaging her legs with his fingers gently and lovingly. I saw Mumtaz enjoying Ijaz’s touch with her eyes closed. Since Ijaz was only massaging her toes and ankles she did not feel alarmed.

This was a golden opportunity for Ijaz and he knew exactly what he was doing. Ijaz then said, “Mumtaz this lotion would completely remove any trace of burns from your skin and heal your skin fully. Should I carry on?” I knew the bastard wanted to go up.

Poor girl probably did not have an idea of the sinister plan that was cooking in Ijaz’s mind (or did she?)” She opened her eyes a little, looked at Ijaz for a few seconds and closed them without saying anything. Ijaz knew he had her approval.

Ijaz inched his gentle and deliberately slow massage up to her calf muscle. He waited for her reaction. Mumtaz still had her eyes closed. She sat quiet without reacting to his touch on her calf muscle just below her knees. Ijaz continued his gentle massage as he inched up wards and applied ointment on her knees. He saw her silent consent to his moves. Ijaz next moved closer to the bed and took both her hanging legs in his lap with her toes touching his cock. Ijaz saw Mumtaz open her eyes but was quiet. He resumed applying ointment on her knees.

She closed her eyes again. Ijaz knew that she was enjoying his gentle massage. Ijaz asked her, “Are you feeling better?” Mumtaz again opened her eyes, nodded her head but said nothing.

That was the turning point for Ijaz. He knew that she was perhaps ready for the next session. He slowly opened her towel a bit higher and began massaging her skin above her knees. Her thighs were supple and smooth. Application of the ointment and massaging her muscle must have given a dizzy feeling to Mumtaz. I saw my brother then not just applying the ointment but massaging her thighs like a professional masseur. His massage was sending shivers down Mumtaz’s body. istanbul escort

As Ijaz inched upwards, Mumtaz began to squirm on the bed. She was experiencing sweet tingling feeling which made adrenalin in her veins rush at dizzying velocity. She was going through an unprecedented ecstasy as Ijaz massaged her thighs. Mumtaz knew he would soon reach her panties.

Mumtaz shuddered and got up with a jerk. She said mumbling half sentences, “Bhaiya, it is ok. I am feeling much better now. Thanks for your help.”

However, she realized that she could not leave Ijaz’s room because her dress was wet lying in the washroom in a bucket. She could not go out in the towel and Ijaz had no lady’s dress in his wardrobe. She felt helpless. She was caught in a dire situation.

Mumtaz was all wrapped in the towel. She had clutched the towel tightly in her hands and looked at Ijaz with that pitiful look. A look of a prey when it is about to be pounced upon by a powerful hunting animal and the prey knows that it has nowhere to run. She was visibly embarrassed at having to wear the towel and nothing underneath. The towel did cover her modesty; yet it opened up Ijaz’s (and mine too) imagination to unlimited heights. Mumtaz saw lusty looks in Ijaz’s eyes. Perhaps she did not understand the lust contained in Ijaz’s eyes, (although I doubted it) and asked Ijaz, “Bhaiya why are you looking at me like that?”

Words slipped out of Ijaz’s mouth, “Mumtaz, you are so beautiful.” This made Mumtaz blush profusely. She was quiet for a while digesting Ijaz’s compliments.

In her college her friends always kept talking about her beauty and cautioned her that “You are so beautiful that someday a man will come and sweep you off your feet and make you his.” At that time, she did not know what “Sweep you off your feet” meant. She now realized perhaps that the time had come. She felt that their forecast seemed to prove correct. Ijaz looked like the person to sweep her off her feet.

Ijaz had almost swept her feet. She was already feeling weak in her legs by the look on Ijaz’s face. He was staring at her hidden body. She did not know what to say. Ijaz kept looking at her questioningly seeking her response.

She dodged his look and stammered, “Bhaiya, don’t look at me like that. You are pulling my leg. I am not that beautiful.”

He said softly, “Mumtaz, you are beautiful and lovely. You deserve love. You deserve plenty of love. You need to experience what real love is like.” Mumtazz heard him with rapt attention. She was attentive, though she kept her eyes closed.

Ijaz moved close to Mumtaz, made her sit on bed with her legs hanging down and said in his soft voice, “As I told you, man has penis and a woman has a pussy. I have penis and you have pussy, right?”

Mumtaz nodded her head instinctively. Ijaz sat down again on the floor. He once again placed her legs in his lap. He then lifted her towel fairly high and began caressing her thighs affectionately. Mumtaz looked at Ijaz with awe at his matter of fact attitude. He had no shame or embarrassment and spoke like a wise man, “Just as a man’s penis oozes out fluids, when sexually excited, a girl’s pussy also oozes out fluids, when she is sexually excited. This fluid is also called ‘Love Juice’ Look your pussy has also started oozing out love juice so much that my hand is getting wet. Obviously, you are excited.”

Mumtaz could not bear the caresses of Ijaz’s hand so close to her point of ecstasy. She was half afraid and half hoping his hand would soon be on her shaved pussy mound.

I looked at Mumtaz’s face, she had closed her eyes and was perhaps, savouring the experience of Ijaz’s hands caressing her thighs. She badly wanted him to inch upwards and feel her pussy lips. She must have waxed her hair and trimmed her pubic hair in anticipation of something like this to happen, because Ijaz exclaimed, “Gosh, your legs are so smooth!”

Mumtaz had locked her eyes and her lips. It was obvious she was enjoying Ijaz caressing her thighs. Ijaz realized that she was waiting for him to touch her love hole. He slowly inched her hands upwards. He must have been onto Mumtaz’s pussy lips, for Mumtaz shuddered perceptibly. Sitting from some distance even I could see her shudder. However, she remained where she was. I heard an “Oomph…” escaping her lips. That was a good enough signal for my brother to go ahead.

I then knew for sure that Ijaz was gently spreading her pussy lips, because I saw Mumtaz trembling and grinding her hips on the bed in anticipation. I was not sure if Ijaz had already inserted his fingers into her pussy or not.

Mumtaz knew her pussy was liberally oozing out her love juices. The explosive sensation rang fierce bells and a loud “Ooh!” escaped from Mumtaz’s lips. She had never experienced such feelings. She considered it immoral to insert her own fingers inside her pussy. She was tempted to do it many times. However, she had never done it except at times grazing the periphery of her pussy lips and rubbing them to get a bit of that unknown sensation. Her experience with Ijaz was far more intense and explosive when Ijaz was about to handle that part of her, which remained forbidden to anyone including her own self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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