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Laying on Waikiki Beach soaking up the sun in a black Fendi bikini, a beautiful tan body laying next to me, knowing the wonderful member his swimsuit hides. My cute little feet curling in the sand closing my eyes filled with memories of last night.

A romantic candle light dinner at Azure starring in those soft brown eyes. Sipping our white wine, not caring about time. Holding your strong hand walking on the gorgeous beach. Laying my head on your hairy chest watching the sunset.

Back to the room, kissing those sweet lips, striping off our cloths, full of desire. Stroking your semi-hard cock, feeling it grow, coming to life. I’m having strange thoughts, filled with a wanton desire, I was never taught.

Crawling on the floor, down on all fours, presenting you my backdoor. You didn’t have to ask, I want you in my tight virgin ass. Lubing it up with juices from my dripping wet cunt, fingering my brown star, one two three, with audible grunt.

Poking my virgin asshole with your eight inch prick, feeling the big head of your dick. Stretching my tight little hole, inch by inch, with your hard thick pole. I want to be a dirty girl, pull my hair, make my cute toes Beşiktaş escort curl.

Stretching to fit, slowly at first, pleasure and pain, popping your cock in, I feel like I’ll burst. Slow and steady, taking it all, I feel so full, tingling from head to my cute little toes. Your cock in my ass was just what I need, my head dizzy, feels so go, finding it hard to breath.

Felling your cock deep inside, my pleasure hard to deny, being stretch so wide. This is what I wanted you to do, hoping you don’t split me in two. Moving my hips urging you on, pound and smash my tight little virgin ass, no need to rush let’s make it last.

In and out of my tight little butthole, with your hard throbbing pole, a dirty pleasure I know. Strong hands grabbing my ass cheeks, new sensations I’m feeling week. No shame or disgrace this is has become my favorite place. I love being your dirty little slutty plaything, my mind is racing, has I sing a new song, primal in nature.

Fucking my ass, pounding so deep, tears trickling down my face. has I start to weep. Pleasure and pain encompassing me, giving me that thick hard cock I need. Your redheaded dirty little Beşiktaş escort bayan slut, pulling my long red hair, drilling my tight virgin butt.

Bucking wildly, grunting and panting, pleasure and pain, please scream out my name.

“Cheryle!” You yell, I’m under your magic spell.

Reaming my my virgin bum, oh my God, so much fun. I need to taste you hard cock fresh from my ass, spinning around, my ass feeling empty, licking the head of your wonderful penis. My tongue working down you hard shaft, a master of the cock teasing craft.

Seeing your pulsating veins, not done playing the dirty game. Taking your dirty brown cock between my warm lips, bringing you closer, pulling on your hips. Inch by inch going down, the taste strange, new, exciting. Allowing you in my throat, gaging just a little, holding you there, relaxing. adjusting to the feel.

Bopping and slurping your hard thick shaft, you cock in my mouth at full mast. On my knees baby, ready for a good face fucking, I’m no lady. I’m a dirty redhead slut, tasting my own ass cleaning your big dick, serving you, waiting for you to blow a nut.

Fucking my face, hands on Escort beşiktaş the back of my head, pumping my mouth with your hard thick cock in and out. Hearing your pleasure sounds fill my ears, Give me your gift it will taste so good, slurping and gagging I’m in the right mood. I love the feeling of sucking your beautiful cock fresh from my ass, that lovely eight inch shaft, harder then a rock. While I’m sucking I look up in your eyes. towering above me standing so high. Your hands in my long red hair, hard to breath, gasping for air.

I love my lips around your hard throbbing dick, feeling the veins with my tongue you are so thick. I love a huge cock stretching my mouth, waiting for you to give me a hot load. Hearing your loud pleasure moans. has I let my hands roam. Poking a finger inside your warm asshole, Slobbering and gagging on your hard pole.

Driving you crazy with my sucking, humping away giving me a good face fucking. On my knees serving your needs, wanting on your hot seed, Increasing our speed. I feel as your cock twitches, knees shaking, about to explode. Giving me your hot steamy load.

I’ll swallow it all, sucking that cock raw. I’m a dirty redheaded whore, we both know the score. Warm hot stream squirting the back of my throat, trying to hold it all in, drippling down my chin. Sticking out my tongue licking the the tip, savoring one last sip. I love the warm salty taste, hungerly swallowing leaving nothing to waste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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