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Chapter 013 � The Lottery



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog


Four weeks of 24 hours a day ALERT status was taking its toll on everyone. Even with one or more of the imps being invited to spend the night in a VIP suite to say the base was “on edge” was an understatement. Morale was at the lowest level I had ever known and I had no idea of what to do or how to improve it. “Out of the mouth of `babes””… All three of the imps respectfully knocked at my office door and that alone shocked me. What was I in for now?


They asked if I had time to talk with them… ASKED? What were they setting me up for? Why did I feel like the lamb being led to the slaughter. With the presentation that would have impressed any board room they outlined what the stress of being on Alert was doing to the men. They had an idea which they hoped would improve morale and definitely help them get through this ordeal. A lottery… Three lucky soldiers selected at random from interested individuals to spend a Fri and Sat night locked down with the imps in their quarters. We have plenty of room and three bedroom and we have much more comfortable surroundings than the VIP suites. (I blushed, they knew I knew about their overnight stays at the VIP suites.)


You can lock down our quarters, post a security team at the door, the three soldiers will have their side arms and Uzi”s and that is a hell of a lot of firepower if anything should happen. The imps were going to be sexually active regardless of what decision I made and in reality this would help to improve morale. I told them I”d discuss it at my weekly meeting with the Sergeants tomorrow and let them know how everyone felt about it.


I don”t know why I was so embarrassed but here I was stammering trying to present this idea to our Chaplain. He just smiled at me at assured me so long as it was consensual and no harm came to anyone he didn”t have a problem with it and he agreed with the imps it would definitely help with morale. A little competition always brings soldiers together.


Why was I surprised when the Sergeants thought that the idea was fantastic. Of course, no alcohol or booze and everything had to be consensual. I made it clear if anyone harmed an imp in any way physical or psychological they best hope Max gets to them before I do. A number of men had partners/lovers with whom they lived, so we would make the “lottery” voluntary. Anyone who had a discipline problem during the drawing period would be disqualified from that lottery. Drawings would be made by the Chaplain at evening meal on Thursday. The lottery, which if successful, would be held monthly.


When the Sergeants announced the lottery to their men at Breakfast on Monday the soldiers were elated. Morale had an instant improvement and the imps were embarrassed to the MAX. It was their idea and if they wanted to offer themselves at a morale motivation I hoped they would take pride in what they are doing for the men.


Any man interested needed to make it known to his Sergeant by 1800 hours on Wednesday before “Lottery night”. Men scheduled for on duty would request their sergeant to make a shift changes. I just hoped the imps knew what their asses were in for figuratively and literally. I made sure their three sleeping quarters were well stocked with Lube and Doc”s Super Lube. They would have to decide on which imps got which sex toy if they wanted to use anyone of them.


Another benefit of this was giving Ssgt Rod and Max some down time off duty. I only imagined if Ssgt Rod entered the lottery and was selected Steven and I would have Max duty for the weekend. As Doc, the Chaplain, the Sergeants, Steven and I were automatically disqualified from participating. I hoped we were mature enough to arrange for our own stress management during our regular available time.


The night of the first drawing… The Sergeants brought forth the names of the individuals in their squads that had were both qualified and were interested in participating. As the Chaplain drew the first name the entire room erupted in an enthusiastic cheer. As the next two names were drawn the imps sank lower in their chairs until their eyes were at table level. I turned to the three of them: “You know who your three `victims” are, now you three needed to decide who is going to be with each of them and I expect you to have that decision made by 0600 hours tomorrow.” I think the imps now realized what they had gotten themselves into and they were definitely going to get their collective itches mega scratched big time!


The three lucky men were treated like celebrities on Friday. After retreat and our evening meal they headed off to their quarters to clean up and definitely were wearing clean and pressed BDUs with their side arms and Uzi at hand with extra clips. They were ready if they had to defend the imps but were they ready for three sexual animals like the imps? I felt secure in the fact the imps always had their “panic button” if things got too out of hand.


The three “victims” knocked at the door of the imps quarters and meekly entered. The imps were great hosts and as each imp took the hand of his dedicated victim led them to their seating area and wrapped their arms around his neck kissing him as a passionate lover and not a small child. The men sprung instant boners and every imp could feel the hardness contained within the individual”s BDUs. They wrapped their arms around the neck of each soldier and gave him a lap dance that would rival any stripper in any military “base” bar.


The first soldier admitted defeat, held his imp tight to his chest as he rose and whispered “which bedroom”. Logan smiled and directed him to his bed to enjoy this soldier. As the door started to close behind them he could see Aiden and R.A. in the hands of their soldier heading toward their bedroom. These men considered themselves so fortunate they were going to make this night one that both they and the imps would remember forever.




Logan got kissed over every inch of his body as it was slowly removed from his BDUs. His cock was straining to be released and his soldier just toyed with it through the fabric watching Logan”s body spasm in delight. When Logan was finally free of his clothing his entire body was attacked by a super horny soldier but to his surprise the man wanted to make him feel great and Logan wasn”t about to object. Within seconds of having his cock deep in the soldier”s throat his balls erupted giving up his sweet nectar to his lover. The smile on the man”s face said more than words as he slowly revealed his naked body and hard erection for Logan to bask upon. Logan had no reservations as to reciprocating and chocked down the massive amount of cum that erupted from his balls. It seemed like an unending fountain of cum that would never end. He knew he wanted this soldier to fuck his ass and shoot his load deep in his gut but he also knew he wasn”t in control.


As our two naked lover cuddled in bed Logan had his body played like a fine violin. Logan was so horny he finally straddled the soldier”s hips, placed his cock head at the entrance to his ass and lunged down howling in pain and pleasure as he felt a massive eruption of cum shoot up his ass. The balance of this cock slid in easy and soon Logan was resting on the thighs of this beautiful man. He leaned forward as the cock slipped half way out of his ass, enough so their lips could meet and Logan wanted this man to know he loved every inch of his cock deep in his ass.


It only took a few seconds and Logan could feel arms wrapped around him, holding him tight to the soldiers chest as his pelvis hammered his ass driving a hard cock balls deep with every thrust. Logan was a babbling mess of adolescent hormones and only was feeling indescribable pleasures. Logan was shocked as he suddenly found himself on his back, his legs lifted around the soldier”s neck and as he looked between his legs he could see this big hard cock fitted snuggly in his tight ass. As their two eyes met and their lips kissed… Logan felt thrust after balls deep thrust hammer his ass to Nirvana. Logan lost count of the number of orgasms he had and he really didn”t care. This was fantastic beyond belief.


As he felt his guts being flooded fuller than any time he had used his shower bidet, the last powerful, brutal thrusts announced the final orgasm of this round of love making. As the two returned to reality, their eyes met, their lips kissed and Logan muttered somewhat indecipherably: “You are fantastic”!


As their lips kissed he could feel the thick fingers of his lover playing with his ass, sliding deep in him and toying with his prostate and making sure there was no blood present. Logan had his body licked clean and his cock and balls well polished by this experienced lover. Logan knew his gut was going to be well filled with cum by the time Sunday morning arrived.


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Every time Logan sprung a hardon his body was attacked and loved till he had an orgasm. He was sucked and fucked more in one night than he had been in his entire life. He never wanted this to end and as he rode his stallion it was obvious as his young cock sprayed his seed over his mature lover. When he least expected anything to happen he was placed on his knees, his head forced onto his pillow and his ass hammered by an expert lover driving him wild in pleasure with every deep and powerful thrust into his ass. He never wanted this to end and reached back, pulling his ass cheeks apart so his lover could get in as deep as possible. This only affirmed to his lover how much pleasure he was giving this young man and drove him wild as he flooded Logan”s guts with yet another orgasm.


When Logan returned to reality he looked into the eyes of his lover and told him how grateful he was to have him selected to spend the night and to make love to him. I”ll never forget this or you and we still have 30+ hours more to enjoy ourselves. Sleep wasn”t on the agenda but eventually our two lovers fell asleep in each other”s arms with a hard cock buried in Logan”s ass. Logan awoke a few hours later with a sore distended gut filled with multiple orgasms of his lover. He was helped to his shower where he expelled copious amount of cum which helped to relieve his discomfort. Damn, this man was a super stud and for the first man in the lottery to make love with him he knew this was the best idea the imps had ever had.


Logan was gently toweled dry and carried back to bed. The two lovers kissed and cuddled until it was apparent from his hard cock Logan needed to have his balls explode again. As he kissed his way down Logan”s body he finally reached and engulfed his hard cock which resulted in his mouth being immediately flooded with the sweet cum of a young lover. As his fingers toyed with Logan”s sensitive ass Logan stayed hard even after his balls exploded. With four fingers gently massaging his prostate Logan”s body convulsed filling his lover”s mouth again with his sweet cum. Logan felt the fingers pressing deep in his ass and his prostate went wild with pleasure. His body wouldn”t stop convulsing and he experienced his first of many full body orgasms. By the time his body stopped convulsing he was exhausted, wrapped his arms around his lover and collapsed into a deep contented sleep.


When Logan awoke he was looking at a smiling face attached to a body with a major piece of wood between his legs. He knew he was going to be so sore after this lottery but he didn”t care… he loved this man and wanted to pleasure his every need. As Logan rolled onto his back, drew his knees to his chest he quietly whispered: “My ass is yours to enjoy” and he didn”t have to offer a second invitation. As his lover quickly grabbed a new tube of lube and unceremoniously squeezed the full tube up his ass this was going to be one messy, sloppy fuck. His morning wood slid effortlessly up Logan”s ass and Logan went wild in pleasure. He wrapped his arms around the neck of his lover and begged him to fuck his brains out. Logan was semi-conscious and he could feel and hear the brutal thrusts into his ass. His mouth screamed obscenities as his balls exploded from the fuck. He held his lover tight and never wanted this to end. Finally, he felt those last brutal thrusts that signaled it was time for the finally eruption of his lover”s balls. Logan could hear the sucking sound as the hard cock slid from his ass and could feel the cool air fill the void left. His lover held him tight and kissed him passionately as his fingers plunged into his ass and stopped the massive flow of cum exiting from his well fucked body.


By the time the sun rose on Sunday morning Logan had been fucked, sucked, skull fucked, fingered, tweaked and had so many orgasms his body was totally exhausted. He”d need the balance of the day before he could even think of classroom work on Monday. He just hoped his brothers had enjoyed themselves as much as he had and he could only think about this happening the again and again.




As Aiden was wrapping his arms around his soldier”s neck he kissed him passionately and whispered in his ear how lucky he felt to have a stud of this caliber as his lover for the night. With his arms around the soldier”s neck, his legs wrapped around his waist and his lips entwined kissing his partner with the passion of an adult lover they headed off to their bedroom.


As he lay in bed on his back he looked at the hunk of man before him. “What a stud” was all he could think and “He is all mine”! The Velcro on his BDUs made access to his body easy and within minutes Aiden was naked in all his beauty… his adolescent “wood” standing proudly. This wasn”t going to be sex, this soldier was going to enjoy boy love. As his soldier slowly exposed his naked body Aiden was surprised at the massive amount of muscles before him. When his BDUs dropped to the floor the hardon before him was at full mast and ready for action leaking pre to the MAX. As the two lay in bed together Aiden had his body tweaked as the two lovers kissed for what seemed like hours. Then as our passionate soldier worked his way down Aiden”s beautiful body an audible gasp came from Aiden”s mouth as his cock and balls were enveloped by this experienced lover. Aiden had an instant orgasm which made our soldier smile from ear to ear. But, he wasn”t about to stop… Aiden was still hard and he still had baby batter to share with another orgasm. The sucking lips and rough tongue was driving Aiden all over the bed. His small hands grasped the mattress to keep himself steady and the strong hands of his lover only helped to hold his pelvis in place to allow maximum access to his cock and balls. Aiden screamed when suddenly a thick finger snaked up his ass and hit his prostate producing a violent orgasm. Our soldier smiled and knew he had one passionate little animal he was going to send to Nirvana as many times as possible.


As Aiden came back from this, another orgasm… he looked into the eyes of his lover, kissed him passionately and told him he was the greatest. Aiden”s small hand reached down this massive adult body until he could feel the bushy growth around his still hard cock. His lover hadn”t cum yet. Aiden was concerned if he could fit such a big cock in his mouth but he sure was going to try. Aiden got his lips as far as the corona of this thick cock but couldn”t get the head all the way in his mouth. His tongue polished this knob to perfection and he could see the low hanging balls draw tight indicating he was going to get a mouthful of prime military baby batter in his mouth quickly. Aiden was shocked at the quantity and forceful explosion of cum that filled his mouth, gagging him and our soldier only smiled and licked his cum from Aiden”s body as he was snorting cum from his nose as it also overflowed freely from his mouth.


Aiden held his soldier, kissed him unendingly and wanted to pleasure him and show him how much pleasure he had been given… he indeed would receive parody. Aiden in his best “puppy dog” face and sad eyes looked so sad as he tearfully asked his soldier when he was going to fuck his ass. He was shocked at the reply that by now Aiden knew how big a cock was between this man”s legs and he didn”t want to cause Aiden any undo pain or discomfort. Aiden was livid!


Grabbing a fresh tube of lube, coating this huge piece of man meat copiously with lube, straddled his hips, aimed the cock head at the small opening of his ass and in his first powerful downward thrust slipped the super thick head and three inch of hard cock of his ass as his body screamed in pain and pleasure.


He was held tight and kissed passionately as he heard whispered in his ear: “You don”t have to do this, I don”t want to hurt you” which only drove this determined imp onto the max. Aiden proceeded to force inch after inch of this thick monster in his ass as the pleasure was so apparent on the face of this concerned soldier.


When finally Aiden could feel pubic hair nestled against his ass cheeks he knew he had succeeded in taking every inch of this loving man. As Aiden”s body relaxed he could feel another inch of hard flesh slide in which brought forth an involuntary gasp. As the smiling face of our soldier slowly opened his eyes he saw a defiant imp command: “Do I have to do all the work or are you going to fuck me”? As he wrapped his arms around Aiden pulling him forward, kissing him passionately as his hips went into overdrive driving his thick piece of man meat deep in Aiden”s body with every thrust. He could feel Aiden screaming in his mouth with every super deep thrust but Aiden made no attempt to escape. When their lips parted the only words from Aiden were “harder” and “deeper”. Our little imp was indeed a sexual maniac in bed.


As the first blast of baby batter filled his guts Aiden could still feel a hard cock pummeling his ass so he realized this was going to be one long and hard fuck. Aiden quickly found himself on all 4″s and as the soldier held his hips steady he got his ass hammered hard and deep doggie style and only chewing on his pillow kept him from screaming down his quarters.


Suddenly, he was flipped over, his legs pinned to his chest and he saw the smile on his soldiers face as he carefully placed the head of his huge cock at the now stretched opening of Aiden”s ass. As their eyes met Aiden felt inch after beautiful inch of this massive piece of human flesh enter into his body. He never thought it would end but soon he felt the flesh of his thighs on his ass cheeks and his low hanging balls against his ass. As the looked into each other”s eyes Aiden had his ass pummeled by a professional man who could win a gold medal at any sexual Olympics. As Aiden was in and out of a rational and conscious state his body and mind was sent to Nirvana and back multiple times. He lost count of how many times he felt a hot blast of searing cum flood his guts but this man definitely was a multi-orgasm fucker of the highest caliber.


Finally, from the brutal intensity of his thrusts Aiden knew the end would soon consume them. Aiden was shocked when his partner reached between Aiden”s legs and his fingers gently stroked Aiden”s cock as both of them erupted… Aiden spraying his cum over our soldiers face and chest and our soldier blasting forth another massive load of ball juice into our willing victim.


Aiden felt so empty as this big cock slowly exited his body. Our concerned soldier had his head between Aiden”s legs making sure he had done no damage. Aiden”s ass was so dilated that an internal visual inspection was easy and even easier to slide four fingers in and drive Aiden wild as he again had his prostate devastated by a talented lover.


A quick dash to the bathroom to retrieve a towel which was unceremoniously stuffed between the cheeks of Aiden”s ass the two lovers cuddled in a passionate embrace knowing this was only the first few hours of a sex filled night of mutual pleasures. No words were spoken, their bostancı escort eyes said all that needed to be said until Aiden”s small hand snaked down between our soldier”s legs and felt a hard piece of man meat leaking to the max and both knew neither would be getting much sleep tonight.




R.A. watched his two brother imps being carried off to their bedroom and he just smiled and cuddled with his soldier. The massive tent in his BDUs was obvious and R.A. could only smile as he massaged it through the material. R.A. kissed his lover and taking him by the arm led him toward his bedroom only to be swept up and held tightly to his massive chest as their lips met and their eyes spoke the volumes of what they would experience this night.


R.A. was the more aggressive of the three imps and he was about to meet his match. Before the door even closed his body was stripped naked and he was thrown in bed. Within seconds a naked soldier was on top of him and he could feel the hard piece of man meat working its way between his tight thighs. Words weren”t spoken (actions always do speak louder than words) and the action of having his legs pressed to his chest and his ass eaten by a pro sent him into overdrive. Within minutes he was begging to be fucked but R.A. was to learn quickly he wasn”t the one in control. He would get fucked when his soldier was good and ready.


R.A.”s cock and balls ached for release and our soldier had mercy on him as he engulfed both effortlessly into his mouth and throat. R.A. erupted giving his soldier a sweet treat of his creamy boy cum. Then the shock of two fingers being thrust into his tight ass brought him back to reality and knowing that when the fingers stopped he would be getting that huge cock between the man”s legs. R.A. had seen plenty of soldiers naked at the pool but where were they hiding these huge pieces of man meat.


As R.A. returned to reality from his orgasm he simply looked between his outstretched legs at the beautiful face cover with his cum and begged: “Fuck me”! His ass was sloppy with saliva and his soldier had heard from his buddies this imp liked a hard and rough ass fucking. He was happy to supply both. One massive snap of his pelvis drove his cock balls deep into R.A.”s tight ass producing a blood curdling scream of pure pleasure. R.A. was only semi-conscious as the fuck begins but still manages to wrap his arms around his lover”s neck and scream words of encouragement into his ear. The sound of the massive thrust driving skin against skin resounded throughout the room and feeling his low hanging balls slap his flesh was driving R.A. wild. He was in Nirvana and this was only the first fuck. R.A. knew he was going to have a sore ass after this first round but he didn”t care… he was getting the fucking of a lifetime and from a muscled soldier that was enjoying himself to the max. R.A. knew the jungle grapevine would be buzzing with all the actions the three men were having and R.A. was definitely going to be the main topic as many of the men gathered together on Sunday.


R.A.”s ass was numb from the pounding it was receiving and you could hear the sucking and sloppy sounds as this big cock pushed through his violated flesh. R.A.”s entire body went into spasm as this big cock was suddenly pulled totally out of his ass and then every thick inch violently thrust back in balls deep. Multiple times this happened and it only made R.A. scream as his balls erupted showing definitive proof of how much enjoyment he was receiving.


Suddenly, without warning his ass felt like it was on fire… he knew the feeling and this stud was marking his turf, filling R.A.”s ass with his hot piss. Their eyes met and he knew he was being marked by an alpha male. When the fuck was finally completed and his soldier had drained both his balls and his bladder R.A. was scooped into the strong arms of his soldier as he was rushed to the bathroom to unload his distended gut as his mouth was stuffed with the semi hard cock of a satisfied soldier.


When finally he felt the cramping subside he was led hand in hand to the shower and had a wonderful full body massage as the hot water sprayed across his exhausted body. It was obvious with the full mast of meat between our soldiers legs that he was ready for round two but being a true gentleman he toweled off our young imp, carried him back to bed, held him in his arms as he gently slid his cock into R.A.”s tender ass and just held him as he slept securely in his arms.


When R.A. awoke he had no idea of how long he had slept. His gut was cramping and bloated. He was well aware our soldier had deposited a few more loads of baby batter up his ass and R.A. didn”t care. He loved the feeling of a sore ass as he sat in class remembering how he came to be so tender. It was a tactile reminder of the great sex he shared with a passionate lover and how much pleasure he had giving to such a wonderful man who would give his life to protect him.


As our soldier felt R.A. stir from his sleep he heard whispered in his ear: “Are you ready to finish this round”? R.A. nodded his head not knowing what to expect but without dislodging the cock in his ass he found himself on his back, his ankles around the soldier neck and his ass pummeled by a hard cock until he could feel the massive amount of cum filling his gut to overflowing and that all too familiar sloppy squishing sound of his big cock sliding in and out of his ass. With one last powerful thrust his massive cock was held deep in R.A.”s body and their lips kissed passionately as he was held tight knowing this wasn”t just sex… this was a loving man.




The three imps were exhausted by the time this first “sleep over” finished and three soldiers with sore limp cocks headed out for breakfast with their squads. Everyone wanted to know “how it was” but our soldier were true gentlemen who wouldn”t “kiss and tell”. The imps were in shock!


Steven and I knocked at the door to the imps quarters after breakfast and it smelled like a two bit whore house when we entered. (Note to self: Order plenty of air freshener in this weeks supply order.) The imps shyly stood before us and we asked if they were going to invite us in. They indicated their sitting area in front of their new 85″ 4k high def big screen TV and we could only smile at the con job they had given “grandma” to get it.


The imps were red faced when we asked them if they got their itch scratched? They meekly affirmed they were well satisfied. When we asked them if they wanted to do this again there was a resounding affirmation from all three imps. I guess a new tradition has been established at Fort Connor at least until we get off of our 24/7 alert status.


Steven and I thanked the imps for developing such an innovative morale boosting program which again caused them to blush. We asked them to tell us the truth… how sore were their asses, did they need to see Doc? They admitted they were as sore as they had ever been but assured us they would survive and be ready for the next “Lottery Night”.


It was all I could do not to turn on the room monitor while they were entertaining and make sure they weren”t being hurt but I trusted our men and I trusted our imps to use the panic button if necessary. They deserved some privacy and it sure looks like they ended up well satisfied sexually.


When the imps walked in for breakfast on Sunday morning it was to a standing ovation. No cat call, nothing degradative, just a “band of brothers” showing how much they truly appreciated the imps and the sacrifice they were making for their soldiers.


This was definitely not a morale boosting program to be published in “Stars and Stripes” but definitely something that was “in-house” and unique to Fort Connor. Even many of the men with partners signed up for the next Lottery (of course with their partners consent). The Sergeants, Chaplain, Doc, Steven and I in our “after action” review felt it exceeded our wildest expectations and took care of the imps “itch” and greatly improved the morale of Fort Connor.


We still had to worry about when our next intrusion would incur and hopefully someone would figure out quickly who and why this was happening. The best minds of Worthington Security and Intelligence, the Pentagon, NSA (National Security Agency) and even the CIA were for once working together to find a resolution to our problem. Every federal agency was directed to give their full support to resolving this problem… NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Everyone realized what Worthington Industries means to the defense of our great nation and even POTUS (President of the United States) made it clear he would not tolerate any “in fighting” in resolving this issue. If he had to get involved in resolving any inter-agency problem with this issue he guaranteed there would be one or more less federal employees whether it is an enlisted soldier or a cabinet secretary.


Being at the low end of the “food chain” Steven and I could only trust in Colonel Mann and Colonel Best to do what was in the best interest of the imps and of Fort Connor.


Steven and I were shocked when we heard the word of our “Russian friends” might again be the culprits. Apparently, one of the relatives of the mastermind of the last assault against “Camp Connor” and the Worthingtons had succeeded big time in the black market that flourished after the breakup of the Soviet Union. He had placed an open contract for the death of any and all Worthingtons and government agencies had made locating and eliminating him their primary object. In addition to his threat the attacks were making the Chinese and the North Koreans too interested in both the Worthington Industries, the Worthington family, Fort (Camp) Connor and the imps. The fathers now knew every dollar, every upgrade, every precaution they made in the infrastructure of Fort Connor did indeed protect their sons. We may have won a skirmish but the battle was far from over.


Another midnight call from the Colonel definitely didn”t indicate good news. I immediately brought all three squads and the base to full tactical alert as I rushed to my office to take the secure video call. Camp Phoenix had just experience a “halo” jump intrusion. Luke, John, Connor and Billy Bob were ok and the drones had taken out the plane and the jumpers before they could touch down. Camp Phoenix was a lethal kill zone, shoot first and ask questions later. Fortunately, Camp Phoenix is remote enough that it will be easy to keep this out of the news but be assured if Camp Phoenix was attacked an attack against Fort Connor has to be in the works.


Steven and Ssgt Rod were with the imps and “Max” was barring fangs when I released the lock and entered the imps quarters. I immediately secured the room and sat down with the imps. As I looked at their terrified faces I assured them their fathers were safe and well guarded. Saying that, I had to tell them about the “halo” attack against Camp Phoenix. We would be at full alert for some time till things could be buca escort sorted out at Camp Phoenix, Worthington Security and the assortment of government agencies. I wasn”t about to tell them there was an open contract on their lives. They were scared enough and Steven knew I wasn”t telling them everything. (As intuitive as the imps were they also knew there was more to be told.)


Meals were taken in rotation so every point of possible intrusion was well covered by armed men. The drones were kept Air born and the helicopters crews rotated air time and sleep time but could at a minutes notice be back in the air for protection. We were grateful for the Air Force Jets flying high cover and the Navy Destroyer on constant patrol. I”m certain the Pentagon kept them apprised of our situation and frankly I didn”t care who claimed the credit, just so the imps were protected from harm.


Fort Connor spent the next 72 hours on full tactical alert, then we went to the three team rotation for weeks. The imps felt like they were in prison and frankly they were for their own protection. This isn”t the way any child should be forced to grow up but I was dedicated to make sure they had a life so they could grow up.


Max suffered the worse of anyone on base. He was locked in with the imps 24 hours a day and when he had to go… He had to go! The imps quickly learned that arguing of whose turn it was would only result with having to clean the floor of their quarters. It was a sight to see Max out “doing his duty” escorted by an imp and two burly soldiers with side arms and an Uzi escorting him. Fortunately, Max was truly “Army” and had little modesty.


The sound of “Alert, Alert, intruders headed to our supply docking area”. As the Saw and Mini gun headed to face off the intrusion, assigned men rushed to back them up. I immediately brought Connor online and asked him to assist our men. We could hear the exchange of gunshot and then as suddenly as it started it ceased. The First Sergeant came online and advised the incursion had been neutralized. We learned the attack was from three high speed boats, one neutralized by a rocket from the destroyer and our drones tore one apart with their mini guns. The third boat was neutralized either by our men or Connor. It was never to be found or seen again. Everyone searched for survivors but none were found. We kept one of the drones on active search of the beach waterfront for days just in case a straggler managed to make it to shore. I was relieved we hadn”t received any injuries but the stress level of our men was definitely exacerbated.


We felt confident that both Camp Phoenix and Fort Connor had adequate protection for security but until the intelligence agencies located and the man who had offered this open contract was eliminated a threat would exist against the imps and their family. I can only imagine the fun “Mama Bears” security detail was having restricting her activities. I guess my life could be worse.


I talked with Luke the next day and asked how Billy Bob was coping with the attack. Luke laughed and said Billy Bob went full “Army”… BDUs, glock, uzi, and headed out the door ready to face any intruder. Luke was going to have to talk with him about his role in any further incursion. Having any of the four fathers captured would only result in their death or another ransom scenario. At least being chipped we would be able to locate them faster but if the contract on their head(s) was “dead or alive” I doubt if any abductor would hold out for a ransom. The fathers had a state of the art panic room built into Camp Phoenix and Worthington Security had their residence as secure as the White House.


I had to fly out for a “brain trust” meeting with “the powers to be” and as I sat in our Jet on the runway the pilot came back and warned me about his takeoff. It was full power and a steep climb which would have a tendency to terrify most passengers (INCLUDING ME!) but it was the safest way to get us in an altitude where we could maneuver against any air born threat. Just strap yourself in and hold onto your chair. We will keep you as safe as possible was his comment as he returned to the cockpit.


As we landed at Andrews Air Force base a trio of helicopters proceeded to transport us to the Worthington Executive Complex. At least these were combat pilots who knew what to do if we were attacked in the air and in addition we had two dummy copters so no one knew which copter we were in. I was seeing how serious both Worthington Security and the Pentagon was taking these threats and incursions.


I learned that Cyber-Comm had located and drained the money that was allocated for any of the kills but until the “head of the snake” was located, killed, and the world knew he was eliminated the threat of an open contract still loomed over all of us. I was astonished at the show of force and security of the Worthington Executive Offices. Armed guards at every entrance and use of lethal force notices posted. Security was told to shoot first and ask questions later. Even I was asked to surrender my Glock until Luke appeared and countermanded the order. I could see from the bulge that Luke had his Glock in a shoulder holster even in his secure office. (Note to self: Check the armory at Camp Phoenix on the next visit.)


I quickly learned it was an all out effort of every agency to locate the mastermind of this open contract. Every lead was quickly followed but so far no confirmation enough to warrant a missile strike. The “kill on sight” order had been issued and frankly I didn”t care who did it or who got the credit. I wanted a normal life back for my imps.


At least it was a normal takeoff from Andrews heading back to Fort Connor but I needed to send someone back to pick up my stomach from the high speed landing experienced upon arriving back at Fort Connor. I know the rationale behind it being done but my stomach was NOT accustomed to the physical effects and psychological trauma of experiencing it.


My credentials were verified and I called a meeting of the officers and sergeants to apprise them of what was happening. I didn”t care if the men found out after all their lives were on the line and they were entitled to know what to expect.


So far we have had rocket attack on the jet, mortar attack on the base, waterfront incursion and let us not forge the original halo attack that started this fiasco. If any man thought this was going to be a “baby sitting” assignment they found out quickly how wrong they were.


When the meeting finished I asked the men to meet again in 48 hours and we needed to figure out a way to 1) help the imps with the stress they were experiencing and 2) try to get them back to a normal life. Suggestions would be expected and nothing was “off the board”, so get innovative.


Our soldiers took the matter into their own hands. To everyone”s surprise, the imps returned from class one day to find a “sling” hanging in each of their bedrooms. With the screams of joy they blushed like a new bride. Yes, our men understood the needs of our adolescent imps and I”m certain many of our men had brothers the same age of the imps back home.


I knew this couldn”t have been accomplished without the conspiracy of the Chaplain and the Sergeants. I was assured donations were voluntary and the money was freely given. The men wanted the imps to know how much they were loved and how much they appreciated what the imps were doing for them.


After receiving a frantic call from Luke, he requested that I immediately visit Camp Phoenix and have a long “Commanding Officer” chat with Billy Bob as to why he should be locked in a panic room and not out fighting any incursion. He just wouldn”t listen to Luke, John and/or Connor. (Stubborn Hillbilly!!!) I wasn”t looking forward to another plane flight with my stomach and I in different parts of the plane. I hadn”t tossed my cookies yet but was damn close to doing it the last time around. (That would not be good for my leadership role image!)


After a few hours of arguing with Billy Bob to no avail I finally issued my official and final decree… if he insisted on not being locked in the panic room with the rest of the family I would ask the Secretary of Defense to return him and Beauty to active duty and assign them back to Fort Connor effective immediately. This choice is yours!!! (End of ultimatum!!!)


When Luke and John returned that evening I asked if I could review their armory. I was impressed with the firepower available to them but advised them I”d add a few of the new military shotguns that held an obscene number of high velocity rounds. One didn”t need to be too accurate but Camp Phoenix would need some repair work if you ever had to use them. Luke smiled at me and assured me he would give it his immediate attention.


Now I had to face another trauma of being flown back to Fort Connor. The pilot was apologetic as he was well aware of my being traumatized at the way he had to fly the jet. I assured him I understood the necessity for what he was doing but my stomach wasn”t in complete agreement. He just laughed and told me to “buckle up”.


It was nice to be greeted on the runway by the security team, the imps, Ssgt Rod and Max. I needed a cold nose and wet sloppy kiss after the fun of haggling with Billy Bob. Steven roared when I told him I threatened to have Billy Bob brought back to active duty. When he calmed down I assured him it wasn”t a threat, I would have done it. At least at Fort Connor I have control over keeping him protected even from himself.


Even with our King Size bed it was full to the brim with Steven and me, the imps and Max wedged in between us all. (So much for sex with Steven he knew there was a quickie on the schedule as soon as the imps hit their classroom in the morning… guaranteed!)


A few weeks later it was music to my ears when Colonel Best called and advised our threat had been eliminated and with verifiable DNA proof of death. The news would be released to the international press in the morning but our men deserved to be taken off tactical alert as soon as possible. I thanked Colonel Best for his consideration and immediately advised OPS to put the base back to a normal alert status. (That brought Steven running at a full gallop wanting to know what was going on!) The mess hall was open and within a short period of time the mess staff had fresh baked pastries, cake and an assortment of ice cream to celebrate. Even the imps celebrated with the men and made sure Max got his triple allocation of ice cream. (Guess who is going to be running 20 on the tread mill in the morning… Max!)


Then came the bad news… Billy Bob”s father was seriously ill. We hadn”t told him because of security concerns but now Luke was asking for a security detail to go with him and Billy Bob to the hills of West Virginia. Luke knew our men could handle anything and a few gay hillbillies wasn”t going to upset them in the least. Billy Bob”s family must have thought the revenuers were raiding them when a convoy of Bradley personnel carriers pulled up in front of their home. At least they weren”t greeted with a volley of rifle fire and were aghast when Billy Bob exited the lead vehicle with Beauty at his side.




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