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Tony and Stephanie’s heads spun. No one had seen it coming. It had only been a week since they made their pledge to “always say yes” to any sexual desire the other had, and three days since Stephanie’s ‘girl party’ had put the commitment to a real test. For the last three days, they couldn’t help but blush and giggle whenever they looked at each other across a room. The memory of what happened last Wednesday night was rich and the heat of their sex life since had never been hotter.??

Stephanie offered to help her best friend (and across-the-street neighbor) by hosting a “girl party” to help Carly with her new direct sales business. Like other direct sales businesses, Stephanie agreed to invite a few friends over to hear the sales pitch for the exquisite oils, lotions and related products. Tiffany was the only one able to clear her social calendar to make the party, a decision she will never forget. There were games, incentives, product trials and lots of wine. After four bottles of wine in the first hour and half, the three women were all tipsy, sharing intimate stories and enjoying the product. ?They were hot and horny.?

Stephanie’s boyfriend Tony stayed late at work to let the women have the house for their party. He arrived home to find the party still in full swing. He quietly secluded himself in the basement for a workout while the women continued to tell stories, play games, try samples and empty more bottles of wine. After his workout, Tony went upstairs to take a shower. Within minutes, the three inebriated women unexpectedly ambushed him in the shower, all armed with product.

Throughout the evening’s coup, Stephanie kept whispering, “always say yes” into Tony’s ear. He never did. They had their way with Tony, and invited Tony to have his way with them. It was a record sales night for Carly.??

Chapter Two??

Three days had passed since Stephanie and Carly’s infamous “girl’s party.” Tony and Stephanie had both recovered physically, but would never be the same. Tonight was the men’s monthly Saturday night poker game, and it was Tony’s turn to host. The poker night rotated each month between the four men’s homes, all on the same street. Each man brings $250 to the game, for a possible take of $1000. Tony’s best friend Steve lived across the street with Carly. Steve is a tall, six foot five, blond, muscular, former college rugby player with transparent blue eyes. Marco is five eleven, with brown hair and a fit slender build from his marathon running. Carl is a black six foot two man with a sense of humor as big as his large biceps. Carl loves a great party, and always makes them better.??

Steve was famous for running late and being the last to arrive for the monthly poker games. He could never blame the commute since they all lived on the same street. Tony was surprised that the doorbell rang 15 minutes before the 7:00 start time, and that it was Steve who was early.??

“Hey Steve. Come on in,” Stephanie said as she opened the door and greeted him. The host’s girlfriend is always glad to serve for the gatherings, competing with the other girlfriends to be the one to serve the best snacks when it is their turn. ??Stephanie was wearing a sexy shimmering low cut red blouse with a short black skirt. She had matching red four-inch heels. Even Stephanie wouldn’t normally wear heels for a relaxed night at home. However, the ladies’ friendly competition was more than about snacks. Each one took pride when they hosted for what the other men might say when they returned home to their own girlfriends. The men were always asked about what snacks were served and what the hostess was wearing. The goal with both was to make an impression.??

“Wow,” Steve said, taken back by Stephanie’s outfit.??

“Wow yourself,” Tony added. “You’re early,” Tony added, shaking his friend’s hand. “Want a beer?”??

“Yeah, sounds great Tony. Thanks.”??

“You know daylight savings changed the clocks several weeks ago, right? I’ve never seen you this early before.”??

“Funny,” he said. “Carly’s never had a sales night like she had over here on Wednesday.” Tony and Stephanie both blushed. “What happened?”??

“Carly didn’t tell you?” Tony asked.??

“Yeah, she told me everything,” he said.??

Tony put both hands up. “None of it was my idea,” he said playfully defensive. ??

“I know,” Steve said. “You were ambushed.”??

“It was actually Carly’s idea,” Stephanie said, “and we were all drunk and it all got away from us.”??

“That’s what Carly said and I don’t doubt it a bit, knowing her,” he conceded. “Great night of sales though. It’s amazing what she will do to make a sale.”??

“No kidding,” Tony said, immediately wishing he could take the words back. “We all good?” he asked.”

“More than good,” Steve said, patting Tony on the back and looking up and down Stephanie’s physique. “More than good.”??

Marco and Carl arrived a few minutes later, one after the other. “Hey Steve,” Marco greeted. “What are you doing here? You never come early.”??

“That’s Bycasino not what she said,” Carl said, unable to resist.??

The men took their seats and began the game at the card table set up in the middle of the living room. Stephanie performed impressively as she served beer and the delicacies she created for the occasion. One of the great unspoken highlights of the monthly games was the food, and the excuse the food provided for the men to feast on the beauty of whichever hostess was serving that month. Stephanie’s secret goal was to serve in a way that would cause the men to think about her when they made love to their girlfriends. For good reason, she was certain it might happen this month.?Stephanie had arranged for the delivery of a keg for the occasion. Her handling of the mechanics and delivery of the beers to the table became impossible distractions from the game. She enjoyed the winks and smiles as she served. Tony enjoyed seeing the other men’s admiration for his lover. They could look and fantasize all they want, but she was his to fuck.??

Tony felt confident with the cards tonight. The confidence may have been from being in his home, hosting the game. Maybe it was a residual affect of his performance with three women Wednesday night. Whatever it was, he played his hands more recklessly than usual. His overconfidence left him out of money earlier than he had ever experienced. After only an hour and a half of play, Tony was out of chips. ??

“Damn,” Tony said, frustrated at his uncharacteristic impulsiveness during the evening’s play. With the night so young, the thought of spending the evening watching the other three inebriated men play with his money was excruciating. “Maybe I’ll just go fuck Steph in the other room and leave you yahoos to play your game.”

Stephanie felt badly for Tony and would gladly take him to another room. She felt hot from flirting mercilessly with these four men. She was ready to put her suggestiveness into action.??

“What do you say men, should we go easy on our host?” Steve asked. He felt for his friend and saw an opportunity. He also cringed at the thought of being stuck in the living room playing cards with two men while Tony was fucking Stephanie in another room the way he had fucked Carly a few nights earlier.??

“What do you mean, Steve? He’s out of money,” Marco asked. “We all know the rules.”??

“True, he’s out of money,” Steve agreed. “I just wonder if there is anything else he has that we might want and will let him wager with.” Steve purposely looked up and down Stephanie’s body with a smile, making his suggestion obvious.??

“Ah, no, I don’t think so,” Tony said.??

“Damn, I’m in,” Carl said. ??

Marco smiled at the idea. “What do you have in mind?”??

“We put in the usual ante for each game. Instead of money, Tony wagers one article of clothing from his girlfriend. Very simple.”??

“No, no,” Tony said. “I don’t think so,” he repeated unconvincingly.??

“If Tony wins the hand, he gets the money. He builds his bank back up. Before long, he takes us for all we’re worth like he’s done so many times.” Steve knew his friend’s competitive weaknesses. He knew it would be hard for Tony to resist a challenge, especially being drunk on an evening marked by overconfidence.??

Tony and Stephanie looked at each other to read the other’s face. She saw he wanted it, but she knew he wouldn’t put her in a vulnerable position. ??

“One more thing,” Steve added. “Usual rules apply. If we let Tony back in, there’s no getting out without him either winning it all, or running out of anything to bet.” Steve smiled as he admired his own large pile of chips compared to Tony’s scantily dressed seductress.??

“Come on Tony, you in?” Carl asked. “Let’s get this game back going.”??Steve smiled at the pressure. ??

“If he’s not chicken, I’m OK with it,” Marco teased.?”What’s it going to be Tony?”??

Stephanie could tell Tony was squirming with the dilemma. He loved her too much to wager her clothes, but knew that given the chance he could likely make something of it. She believed in him too.??”He’s in,” she said confidently, breaking the suspense.??

“No,” he answered reactively, looking surprised at Stephanie. “No, no, no.”??

“He’s in,” she repeated lovingly. “It’s my blouse, so it’s my say. Now it’s your bet, so deal the cards.” She leaned over to kiss Tony, granting an open view for the men down her moist cleavage.??

“All antes in and on the table,” Steve said. “You too Stephanie. Blouse on the table.”??

“Nice try,” Stephanie answered. “I’ll give you anything you win. You win it, then it will be all yours,” she promised. “Deal the cards. Beer anyone?” she asked with a teasing tone in her voice. Hands went up around the table. The game had changed, and more beer was needed. Tony looked at Stephanie with grateful admiration. ??

The first game with the new ante went to Tony. Stephanie felt justified, proud and spared. For almost the next hour and a half, the beer Bycasino giriş flowed, the cards dealt and the chips flew. Tony had played better than he had in his first round. However, Steve knew that the simple law of averages would probably slowly strip Stephanie of her clothes. It took an impressive 25 minutes before Carl won the hand that relieved Stephanie of her blouse and another 30 before Marco helped her skirt fall to the floor. Her new red lingerie left little to the imagination. She wore it to rock Tony’s world with the plans she had for him after his game. She never imagined anyone else might see her in it, especially the three other men in the game. All four lusted at how her small lacy bra was no match for her large round breasts, not to mention the barely existent thong decorating her love box. Her matching four-inch heels with the lingerie kept the men distracted and rock hard.

They played on, continually draining their beer mugs, so to enjoy the show of their almost naked hostess refilling them. It took another fifteen minutes after loosing her skirt before Tony ran out of chips. Steve dealt the next hand. Tony’s three of a kind easily beat Carl and Marco’s pairs, but was no match for Steve’s straight.??”That bra belongs to me,” Steve said with a smile. “It’s all mine.”??

“Then it’s time for you to take it,” she answered as she walked over and stood in front of her best friend’s boyfriend. “The closure is in front.”??Steve reached up and took his time unclasping the bra. He opened the two cups wide, freeing her gorgeous tits for a close-up view. ??

“Damn,” Carl shouted admiringly. “Those have got to be the best I’ve ever seen.”??Stephanie blushed and the complement and exposure.??

“No touching,” Tony said. “You won the bra, not her tits.”??”I’ll take another beer,” he requested with a smile.??

Another 15 minutes passed. The evening was getting late, and it wouldn’t be long before the men would normally return home to their own women. No doubt the ladies were eagerly waiting to hear what Stephanie had served and what she was wearing. At this moment she was serving more and wearing less than any of them had ever imagined. ??

Tony’s ambition and risks cost him. The game turned. With Stephanie’s last piece of clothing at stake, Steve, Carl and Marco began working together to clean Tony out of his chips. They were every bit as determined to strip Stephanie of her last stitch of clothing as Tony was to buy her something new to put on. The men played their cards and Tony forfeited the last of his chips.??

Tony had no choice but to wager Stephanie’s tiny thong. It was all he had left. Her high heels didn’t count; the men liked the way she looked in them. There was no cashing out. There was no leaving the game. Steve’s law of averages had worked and now her full exposure was on the line. If Tony lost the game, he would have to watch as one of these men removed the tiny thong down her long luscious legs.??

Steve wasted no time dealing the cards. These five cards were possibly all that stood between Steve and what he had hoped for when he let Tony back in the game. Tony had fucked his girlfriend Carly with reckless abandon three nights ago. At least there might be the small consolation of seeing Tony’s gorgeous girlfriend as the prize of this new take on strip poker. ??

Tony picked up his cards and looked at his hand. There was nothing. It was the worst hand he had seen all night. Tony wondered if Steve had dealt them on purpose. Unless something changed, Tony knew Stephanie’s thong was as good as gone. He gorgeous lover was about to be fully exposed to his closest friends, drunk with alcohol and lust. ??

“I’ll take four,” Tony said, discarding all but a queen of hearts to the pile. ??

“Not looking good for you or Stephanie,” Steve said as he dealt four new cards to his friend while taking in the gorgeous view of Stephanie’s near-naked body. Steve dealt the other men, and then himself, no one changing more than two cards.??

“Damn,” Tony thought to himself. He looked at a pair of twos in his hand. Stephanie watched his face and knew it was all over. Tony looked around the room. The faces of the other three men looked satisfied with the cards they were holding. He knew the only chance of saving Stephanie would be through some drastic measure.??”I raise the ante,” Tony said boldly with a smile. “I say we go all in,” he announced.??

“What do you mean?” Steve asked. Stephanie wondered the same thing.??

“Everything is on the table,” Tony said. “We put it all out there: all the money, Stephanie’s clothes, all of it.”??

“We already have all your money and almost all of Stephanie’s clothes?” Carl observed.??

“Let’s say that if my hand beats any one of yours, then Stephanie gets all her clothes back. You can even keep all the money. If all three of your hands beat mine, then the one with the best hand gets the money and gets to remove Stephanie’s last piece of clothing. You all enjoy the view of her serving us naked the rest of Bycasino deneme bonusu the night.”??

“That’s going to happen anyway,” Marco said taking in another long look at Steph. ??

“No, we said I could wager her clothes,” Tony said. “We never said she’d have to stay that way. I’m offering you a deal to go all in. With this one hand she either gets all her clothes back for the rest of the night, or she loses them all for the rest of the night. We put it all on this one hand.” Steph suddenly felt like her chances just improved slightly, very slightly. ??

“I don’t know,” Carl said as he looked down at his pair of twos. He had no way of knowing how close his hand was to Tony’s.??

“Tony just picked up four cards,” Marco added. “He’s desperate, or he wouldn’t offer this. Our chances are good. He’s got nothin’. I say we go for it.”??Most of Stephanie’s small hope dissipated. ??

Steve realized the opportunity. He knew his friend well, and knew a bluff when he saw one. “Sounds good Tony, except,” Steve paused for affect.??

“Except what?” Tony asked.??

“I say that if you want to up the ante to go all in, then we go all the way in,” Steve answered with a smile, calling his bluff. “All in is all in. Just beat one of us, and you get it all: the money, Stephanie’s clothes and Stephanie. However, if all three of our hands beat yours, then all of it comes to us. ??

“That’s what I said,” Tony replied.??

“All of it,” Steve repeated. “The three of us get all the money, Stephanie’s thong, and Stephanie the rest of the night.” Steve’s words thickened the air with suspense. There was no question how the ante had just been raised. It wasn’t just Stephanie’s clothes or exposure on the line. It was Stephanie.??

Marco and Carl were surprised by Steve’s boldness. They had enjoyed the entertainment of watching Stephanie’s goddess body seduce them by her gradual disrobing. The cards in their hands suddenly felt like lottery tickets. Stephanie knew her striptease for the night might lead to some lustful play; she never imagined it might lead to her full submission to the fantasies of all the men in the room. ??

Tony began to feel his plan was backfiring. His friend Steve called his bluff. Tony knew Steve had heard all about his girlfriend Carly invading Tony’s shower with her friends at Stephanie’s party, insisting on having their way with Tony, and inviting him to have his way with them. Tony also knew Steve had fantasized about Stephanie. Steve had just accepted Tony’s own desperate offer, raising the ante for a chance to even the score and bring his fantasies to life. ??

Tony weighed his options. If he beat just one other hand, Stephanie would get her clothes back, she would see him as her hero, and she would fuck him all night long. If he folded at this offer, it would verify his bluff and instantly strip Stephanie bare for the rest of the night. With Steve’s lust, who knows what might happen then. If Tony lost the hand, his girlfriend would be serving his friend’s fantasies all night long. He knew she would do it for him and might even enjoy it. Steve had called his bluff. Tony had no choice. He had to play.?”You’re on,” Tony said with a competitive smile.??

All eight eyes looked to Stephanie. Cold chills covered her body; her dark nipples tightened into large thimbles. Suspense and arousal intensified in the room, especially for Stephanie. Her own words to Tony from just a week before echoed in her mind: I will always say yes. “Time to show your cards boys,” she said, committing herself with a nervous seductive smile. ??

Steve laid his cards on the table. “Full house,” he announced as if declaring certain victory, “eights and nines.”??Tony expected a decent hand from Steve since he suggested the raised ante. ??Marco dropped three sevens with two irrelevant cards. “Three of a kind, sevens.”??

“Damn,” Tony thought to himself, while retaining his poker face. Stephanie shared his nervous disappointment. Steve looked admiringly again at Stephanie’s voluptuous body, beginning to make plans.??

All eyes turned to Carl. “Sorry guys, just a pair of twos” he said laying down his cards, the twos were flanked by a meaningless three, ten and king. ??

“Your turn Tony,” Steve said. “The moment of truth. Put up or put up.”??

Tony dropped his first two cards. “Pair of twos,” Tony announced with a smile as if dropping a bomb. “Carl and I both have a pair of twos. His hand doesn’t beat mine. I win.”??

Carl’s head dropped in disappointment. He felt like a kicker in a football game who just missed the field goal that cost his team the game.??

“Not so fast,” Steve answered quickly, like a coach throwing a challenge flag on the field. “What are your other cards?”??Tony laid down his four of clubs, six of diamonds and his beloved queen of hearts. ??

“Pair of twos, queen high,” Marco announced.??Stephanie immediately knew what his words meant and what it would mean for her.??

“Oh, so close Tony,” Steve said. “Carl has a pair of twos, king high. The king of clubs fucks the queen of hearts all night long.” Steve enjoyed his prophetic double entendre. Carl felt vindicated. “Carl it’s only right that you get to strip the prize of her last piece of clothing so we can get this party started,” Steve added.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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