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Alyssa is my sister. She just turned 18 last month and has the body of a goddess. It was on the night of her birthday that we both had sex with each other for the first time. I won’t say it was an accident, but it definitely wasn’t 100 % planned either. It just happened. It’s also happened a few times since then. The attraction to each other is unbelievable but it’s hard to find the right time and place to get together. That’s when the second biggest surprise of my life happened.

It had been exactly one month since my sister and I had done it. It was just an ordinary day. I got up, showered, did some chores, went golfing with a few of my friends, came home and vegged out. I was surprised when I got home that my parents car was gone. They didn’t say anything about going out today. O well…just too bad Lyssa wasn’t home, I thought, this would have been perfect. Just as I thought that though she came in through the door.

“Get up and get ready, we’re going out tonight.”

“What are you talking about sis?”

“Duh, our one month anniversary silly. Mom and dad went to Aunt Julie’s for the weekend, so I made plans for us. So get ready and put something nice on, we’re going to Austin’s in town.”

With that she ran upstairs with the bags she had and left me in the living room. I was in awe. First off, I never even remembered it was exactly one month. Second…She made plans to go to Austin’s? This wasn’t any restaurant. At Austin’s you need a tie just to get in and a garden salad is like 12 bucks. Who was I to complain though? She had all the plans.

I Giresun Escort went upstairs and got ready. I showered, shaved, and put on my suit. I had got it for prom a few years ago. It was a little tight but it still fit. I went downstairs and waited for Alyssa by pouring myself a glass of Mr. Walker in blue. After about my third sip I damn near choked. Alyssa had come halfway down the stairs in the sexiest red dress I had ever seen. It was strapless and cut off just below the knee all the while being accented with the white gold chain she’d gotten for her birthday, and a pair of black heel slip-ons. Her brown hair was gently tied back and she wore just a little eye shadow and lip gloss. I didn’t know what to do.

“You like it Tom?”

“I love it. You look phenomenal.”

“Thanks bro. You can put your eyes back in your head now. By the way, I’ll have a glass of that too.”

I poured her a glass of whisky and we drank it down before we left. The drive to Austin’s was unbearable. I had a hard on the whole two hours there. We didn’t say much on the ride, just mostly smiled at each other, talking with our eyes. Our reservation was for 8 and when we got there we were seated promptly.

“Can I get the lovely couple anything to drink while your meal is being prepared?” the waiter asked.

“Two scotch on the rocks please,” I said, “and a bottle of wine with dinner.”

“Two scotch it is, and as for the wine sir, it has already been taken care of.”


I looked at my sister who was grinning at Giresun Escort Bayan me.

“I told you Tom, I took care of it all.”

We both ended up drinking two scotch each, before our meal of chicken cordon bleu came with a bottle of white wine. We ended up getting another bottle after the meal and drank it while we talked about nothing and everything. We were pretty drunk after it all and I couldn’t help but ask.

“So sis. How do you plan on us getting home cuz I’m too drunk to drive.”

“Well bro, I wasn’t going to say anything until later, but I got us a room at the Hilton down the street.”

Again, I almost choked on my drink.

“What are we still doing here then?” I asked.

“Good question. Lets Go.”

Apparently everything was paid for so we left. We swayed a bit on the way out due to the alcohol but we made it. We checked into our room and before we were even through the door we were taking each others clothes off. Alyssa had me out of my clothes so fast it was insane. She was like a wild animal. She was still in her dress while she started sucking my cock. I reached down, grabbed her hem line and pulled it over her head. Yet again, another surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She kept at my cock, sucking it deep. I was in heaven again. She took all 7″ into her mouth without gagging. I started to moan in pleasure and told her my knees were getting weak already. We moved over to the bed, where we started to 69. Her shaved pussy was already soaking wet, and I could see where some of Escort Giresun the moisture was dripping down her legs. I touched my tongue to her pussy and knew at that moment, not even a lightning strike would be able to stop me from having her again. We sucked and licked each other for quite a while. I brought her to two orgasms before we stopped.

Alyssa got off me and told me to stay on my back. With that, she spread her lips and sat on my cock. She rode it like a pro. She was fucking me hard and I got the best view of the night. Her pussy engulfing my cock while her small B cups jiggled with every bounce.

“Fuck me Tom…FUCK ME. I’m gonna cum again.”

I pushed my cock into her and fucked her as she rode me hard. Just then I felt her cum on my cock. God she was wet. I didn’t stop as she rode out wave after wave. When she was done, she got off and bent over.

“Fuck me from behind..Now. I want your cock back inside my pussy.”

I grabbed her hip and pushed my full length deep inside her. Starting slowly at first then building up speed I pumped hard into her. Her pussy felt amazing and I knew I was getting close myself.

“O god Lyss, I’m gonna cum real soon.”

“Keep fucking me Tom. Just a little Longer. “

“I’ll try”

But I couldn’t hold off. After about 15 more pumps I came deep inside her.

“O shit Lyss, I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you. O fuck yes!!!”

“Yes Tom, fill me with that hot seed. Fucking fill me with it.”

I thrust hard into her, holding onto her hips, pulling her towards me as I shot stream after stream inside my sister. When I was finished with my orgasm, Alyssa grabbed my cock and cleaned every last drop out with her mouth. We rolled onto our back absolutely wiped. We had a shower together to cool off and went to bed, hoping the alcohol would wear off by the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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