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Big Tits

* Note this story and series are a work of fiction. The characters are based on real people and some real events. There are references to minors. The sections with adult content and language that will take place in later parts of the series never take place directly in front of, within earshot or site of any minors. These sections are entirely fiction.

My name is John. One of my part time jobs for several years has been a school bus driver. I started out just needing a job. I stuck with it in the early years and took other part time jobs for some extra income. Now, 10 plus years later it’s more of a career. I enjoy the job, being part of a child’s day, and being there every day for them consistently since I saw them take time off. I am committed to my job both personally and financially now that I am vested in a retirement system too.

Over the years I have developed my own categories for the outfits parents wear while waiting with their children at the bus stop. I have broken them down into several categories.

Category 1: “Behind Closed Doors”

These are the parents who I hardly see. They wave from a window, maybe it’s a house/door/porch window. It may also be from the porch itself or possibly the garage if the stop happens to be in front of the house or within proximity of the house. It also includes their car if they drive their child to the stop. They all wave to the bus as it pulls up and as the kids get on. They wave bye again before the bus pulls away. The ones from inside the house then close the blinds/curtain, the door, or go back inside. The “Car Parents” put the driver window up, if it was open, and then follow the bus down the street on their way to wherever they’re going. I really couldn’t tell you what they look like and I’m sure they would say the same if asked what I look like.

Category 2: “Neighborhood Socials”.

These parents walk with the kids to the bus stop. The parents all chat. I’m assuming about neighborhood gossip or maybe the kids. Their attire is relatively modest. It may be jeans, shorts, or gym wear (dads in basketball shorts or moms in yoga pants) They often look like they’re off to the gym once the kiddos are off the school. If they actually go on a walk or hit up the gym after the kids leave is to be determined. Perhaps they just find the wardrobe comfortable for running errands, working from home, or household chores.

Category 3: “The Professionals”.

They are generally dressed up in professional business attire or business casual attire. They always look nice like they’re going to an office for work. They are generally pretty social. They walk or drive to the stop but l, they get out of the car and chat to others at the stop and myself as the driver.

Category 4; “The Trashy Type”.

These are the folks who wear things that they shouldn’t. Things like pants that are too small so it creates a muffin top or accentuates a beer belly. Maybe a shirt that looks too short because of a large stomach. It may even be booty shorts or jean shorts that are forced over the wrong kind of booty. So tight it forces the wearers butt cheeks to hang out or cause rolls. In each case it is something about thier shape, choice of outfit, or the fit of said outfit that causes the choice of it to expose things that probably should not be exposed, put on display, and be seen in public, especially around young children. To give you a visual imagine pictures you have seen in one of those Shoppers of Walmart shame photos.

Category 5: “The Pajama Group”

These parents walk to stop wearing thjngs like pajamas, sweatpants, shorts (if weather permits and there are some exceptions), and loose or worn out items. I guess it can be described as loungewear. They also seem to be the most friendly group. They say hello and wave, make a casual conversation with me as the driver while all the kids are boarding and finding a seat. They appear chatty with other parents at the bus stop and are usually holding cup of coffee while sipping it occasionally. I even get a coffee cup raise for a hello and a second raise as a goodbye. I guess they are confident and comfortable in their own skin to the point that pajamas and loungewear are comfortable enough to wear in public and not care how others judge them. Unlike the previous category this group covers the “not for public display” items.

Category 6: “The Hybrids”

A relatively new category. Although, it probably has existed to some extent for some time but, there was never enough of a percentage for it to stand by itself. It earned its spot post COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, it was believed that in order to be productive a business needed to have an office building for a bunch of people who needed to leave their house every morning, work all day, and then drive home each afternoon. COVID-19 forced many businesses to have their employees work from home if possible. They then discovered that productivity was not affected when people worked from home. In fact, some places saw an increase in their productivity. Companies with large amounts of staff that worked in an office also saw a huge cost savings. Otele Gelen Escort After all, they were consuming less electricity, they didn’t have to supply paper products, toilet paper & soap for the bathrooms, and their other utility decreased too.

Employers didn’t need to have everybody be at the office every single day. Some businesses even downsized the size of their office space which meant that all the employees could not fit in their facility at one time. With some businesses still needing to have employees in the office, at least a few days a week the number of parents that fell into this category increased enough where it deserves its own category.

Each bus stop has a mix of all the categories. Certain categories are more prevalent at certain stops but, like I said, each has a mix. The mix has become more prevalent with COVID-19 restrictions ending and more parents working from home.

I mentioned these categories and bring them all up because you get used to seeing an individual in a certain setting and outfit or style of dress. One of my other jobs is a tour bus driver. I’ve often changed out of that uniform to walk around somewhere. I’ve stood in lines right next to passengers I know I just drove there. They do not recognize me and I don’t engage unless they happen to recognize me. The same thing seems to be a school bus driver. Parents do not recognize me outside the bus. I guess the bus and seat are part of my outfit, perhaps a “coat”. I take off my “coat” when I get off work. So, if I happen to see them I usually avoid a conversation. In either case it just becomes an awkward situation.

This brings me to how I became friends with Amanda. One Wednesday, after I was done with my morning route I had some errands and a few things to take care of. It was about 10:15am or so when I got to Target. I was shopping with my cart when I saw a woman with her back to me. From the back she looked HOT to me literally and physically! It appeared that she had just come from the gym since she was in gym attire but, I am not 100% sure. She was about 5’1” tall, just short enough or tall enough depending on how you look at it. Either way her stature made her look cute and hot to me. She had curves in the right places.

She was wearing a white hoodie sweatshirt with a Nike logo that stopped in the middle of her ass. She had tight Nike leggings with the word Nike down her left leg, her shoes were black and white Nike Air 360s, her socks were black with white Nike Swish logo on the back heel, and she completed the outfit with a white Nike baseball that had a black brim. Her blonde hair in a pony tail hanging out the back of the hat. I’m a huge Nike fan. I also like to see when the wearer matches everything and coordinates the colors in each outfit. Having OCD also means matching brands too.

We see people who from the back or front look great but then we realize some things look better on the other side or from a far distance. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions but, I need a better look. My fears set in. I got a case of the “what if’s”. What if she looks great from the back but is wearing so much makeup ahe looks clown? What if she was missing teeth? Although unlikely, what if “she” wasn’t a “She” but a “he”? Anything was possible. I needed a better look. So I turned on the adjacent aisle, quickly walked down, made two rights to head back up the aisle. Hopping she was still there. Nothing else mattered, I was on a mission. I got about halfway up the aisle so I was able to keep my distance and started to pretend to look for something while trying to be subtle and inconspicuous with my glances. So far, she was still looking gorgeous. It was at that point I noticed she was trying to get something from the top shelf but it was just beyond her reach. I was going to offer to help. I didn’t need to though. She began to look around, I quickly looked back to the shelf to not get caught staring. That’s when she spotted me. Being 6’1″ she must have figured I would help. She made her way to me. I pretended I didn’t see her heading toward me.

“Excuse me sir, you look nice and tall. Would you mind reaching for me?” She asked

I sort of recognized her voice but, I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t looking at this point. I looked around the isle to just see the two of us. She was talking to me. As I turned and saw her face, I knew who she was. I see her every school day morning. She is one of the hybrid wardrobe parents. I played it off pretending to not recognize her and hoped she wouldn’t recognize me.

As I reached for what she needed she said, “You look familiar. I recognize your hat. It is the same hat my son and daughter’s bus driver had on this morning. Are you Mr. John the bus driver?”

I was recognized so, I replied “Yes, that’s me but, please just call me John. I have the students call me Mr. John just so they know I’m not their friend. I feel weird saying this but, I don’t know your name other than Ms. Marcel or Alexander who likes Xander and Jennifer’s, Mom. Jennifer tells me all the time to call her Jenn with two N’s, Balgat Escort sometimes I tease her and say Hi Jenn with Two N’s!”

She then replied “Yes, Jenn has mentioned that to me. I told her well, you did tell him to call you that. Anyway Mr. John it is nice to actually meet you. For the record, it is Mrs. Marcel but you may call me Amanda and my friends call me Mandy.”

I got the item she needed down and as I turned I tried hard to stare at Amanda’s figure. She had what seemed to be large breasts that looked to be pierced but, the sweatshirt, t-shirt, and I assume a sports bra made it hard to tell. When she reached to grab the item I had gotten for her it caused the fabric of her sweatshirt to pull tight to her stomach and I noticed a small round shape on her stomach. Maybe a hint of a pierced navel too. I had always suspected she was good looking but, between the attire I saw her in daily, from the distance she was away, and the short opportunity I had to get a good look it was hard to determine just how good looking she was.

I discovered today if my hunch was correct! Amanda’s current outfit for sure accentuated her body for sure! Even with her sweatshirt I could assume she had a flat stomach. No one looks that petite to not have one. Especially when their legs and ass are as toned and shapely as hers.

She then went on to say “You know, I have to tell you that my kids think you’re great! When I ask them why they said they appreciate your kindness and how you show them respect. It’s also so nice of you to think of them and get them a small gift at the holidays”

I replied ” Thank you, I am glad that I can make that much of an impression on part of the school day. I am the first person they see as they start school day and the person they see as their school day ends”

She then said “Do you drink coffee? I was about to grab a coffee at Starbucks after I checked out. If you do, I’d like to buy you one as a way to say thanks for helping to get this down and for being so kind to my two children.”

I thought for a second, checked my watch for the time, and then said “Sure I’d love one!”

We each got in line at different cash registers since two were open with no line, paid for stuff and then met up at Starbucks in the front of the store. After we each got our coffee.

I said “Thank you for the coffee. It was really nice of you to do that.”

She said “You’re the one who deserves to be thanked. I don’t think I could deal with that everyday. It is hard enough driving my own children around!”

“It isn’t as hard as you think! I guess it depends on your mindset and what you like. I’m not fast at typing so, to me sitting at a desk, looking at a computer monitor, and hitting a keyboard all day is hard.”

She then asked “Do you want to sit down and join me?”

Knowing I still had out 20 minutes, I took her up on the offer. We sat and chatted about small stuff. What we did for a job, I told her about my other part time driving jobs, my small seasonal business, and my kids.

I then said “I would ask you if you had children. I would ask their names and ages but I already know all those answers.” I went on to say “I must admit that I did not recognize her in her gym attire. I usually see

you dressed for work or loungewear. The closest she has come to gym attire are leggins with a nice top and you usually have on boots, heels, or flats. Clearly headed off to work or something. definitely not anything like this. You’re a bit sweaty, but don’t be embarrassed, it looks like you have been shopping and running around Target like it’s a sport. Do you always wear gym attire at Target and shop so fast you break a sweat?”

She then laughed at my comment. It was the cutest laugh. It made my heart skip a beat and had I been standing perhaps made my legs feel like jello. Instead, I felt my shoulders


She proceeded to tell me ” No, I don’t but that was a funny observation. I work from home, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and only in the afternoons. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I travel to the office in the morning to handle paperwork. I have control over my schedule which I like. It gives me time so volunteer at the kids school, run errands, and go to the gym a few days a week. I just completed an intense cardio workout and today was abs and upper day! I’m headed home after this.”

When she told me about her schedule, how she fit into the Hybrid Category made sense. Even the afternoon routine of me seeing her wave from the window on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and open The Marcel Family was fortunate enough to have their driveway as the bus stop since their house was the midpoint on the street. Although several students boarded each morning only Xander and Jenn took the bus home. So, seeing her from a window three days a week

and a door the other two also made sense.

I asked her “What gym did she go to?”

She said “World Class Fitness”‘

I said “Really! Me too! Well I should day sort of do. I pay for it, but I haven’t gone in sometime!”

She said “You should Büyükesat Escort join me, I could use a workout partner!”

So after discussing schedules a bit decided that Friday at 9:15am woked for both of us. We agreed we would meet at the gym and exchange phone numbers. It also made sense to confirm our plans this way so we didn’t cause any suspicion that morning at the bus stop, the event that one of us couldn’t make it or we were running late.

We also agreed to text each other when we got there so we could walk in together.

She got up to throw out her cup and took mine for me as well. as she was getting up I couldn’t help but notice how when she bent over that she had a visible panty line. which, for me, is one of my “triggers” if you know what I mean. She threw away our trash and started walking back toward the table.

She said “Well, are you ready to go?”

All I could do was nod. I tried to get out of the chair in a way that would hide my sudden arousal. I managed to do just that, but what happened next I was not expecting. She got close to me, put her arms up, and attempted

to reach them around my neck. She wanted a hug. She couldn’t quite reach so, I bent down to make it easier for her. I hugged her back. In doing so, if it forced my groin area into her leg, she paused for a moment as if wondering what she felt. I kept my cool, playing it off in hopes she wouldn’t notice. What she did next also surprised me. She pushed her leg into my crotch a bit harder and wiggled back and forth.

I thought to myself “Was she really trying to see if it was in fact my cock? Do NOT move,

remain still and stiff! Pun intended.”

I knew she had got the answer she wanted when she squeezed as hard as she could while she pressed her leg even harder into my manhood. I relaxed my hug and attempted to stand up straight. Amanda felt my attempt to do just that. As a way to say hug isn’t over her Mister, she pulled down on my neck. I got her message and squeezed back again to let her know the message was received. She stood up on her tippy toes so she could whisper in my ear.

She whispered “What is that? It feels nice!”

I thought to myself “Oh man! Oh no! You agreed to meet her at the gym Friday! John, what were you thinking? What are you going to do so she doesn’t trigger you again? You need to spend the 45 hours or so practicing your control skills! You can’t be pitching a tent while working out at a public gym!”

We both finally broke our hug. She made no mention of her surprise. Although, when I stood back up we looked each other in the eyes and smiled. I Since I still believe in Chivalry.

I said “I’ll walk you to your car.”

She said “I would like that. No wonder why Xander and Jenn tell me that you’re the favorite bus driver!”

We walked out the doors and she leas the way her car. She lead me to a Cadillac Escalade-V. I was speechless. Their house was average. Nothing over the top. Either Mr. Marcel has a very lucrative & spoils her, they have some sort passive residual income, won a small amount of money via a quick pick or something like a $1,000 week for life scratch off, or maybe they got some sort of inheritance. I guess you could consider Illegal activity too but, that seemed unlikely. After all you can’t afford to drive around town in a $150,000 “MILF Cruiser” working part time job like she mentioned while we talked in Target. I admired her ride but, I said no word.

The stop that afternoon was close to normal. There was one difference. Amanda was at the end of the driveway. Her hair was down which was also something I had never before or perhaps never noticed before. It was also a bit curley, which is rare for blonde hair. She had on what looked like the same sweatshirt as earlier but she also had on a vest since it got a bit cooler outside. She had on slim fit jeans with the bottoms tucked into some cute warm looking socks, and leather duck boots. In my eyes she once again looked spectacular! Total MILF material. I really only got to chat with this lady today for the first time. We didn’t discuss anything about what we find attractive. Yet here she was being more outgoing than she normally was and she already figured out two of my triggers!

I said “Well hello Amanda,” I so wanted to call her Mandy but, I didn’t think we were at that point yet, “good afternoon how are you? What a surprise to see you here on a Wednesday”.

She replied back.” Hi John! I’m great, thank you for asking. I decided to take a quick break and get some fresh air. How are you doing?”

I replied “I’m just great too!”

We both smiled at each other. Xander and Jenn got off the bus and walked up their driveway. Amanda followed behind them.

I watched them walk away. Well mainly, Amanda. Her slim jeans really made her ass look fantastic. I like the look of an ass in yoga pants but, to me the only true way to determine its beauty and how amazing it is is to see it fill out a pair of jeans. Amanda’s ass passed the test for sure. It was in a class all by itself! I could describe it as the Valedictorian of Valedictorians. I was reminded by a quote that I think was from Wrangler Jeans that went “I hate to see her go but, I LOVE to watch her leave” As if she knew I was looking and still hadn’t closed the door she turned around and have a flirty wave. I waved back. Just as I closed the door she turned back around and then skipped for a moment. There was no way she was flirting or was she?

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