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Big Dick

(Special thanks to Bandra for editing this for me.)

Amber Conquers

I’m 36 now, but haven’t always been so wise. Or, have I grown up at all? I still love the female body like nothing else. I still lust over the women that I see walking down the street, or in stores. I also tend to have fantasies about several of my friends’ wives.

I think my “womanizing” started quite awhile back just shortly after high school. But hey, is it really womanizing when you are doing the women a favor?

I had been broken up from a pretty serious girlfriend named Amber for about 2 months. We had dated for seven months off and on before she broke up with me “for good.”

“It just isn’t working for me.” She told me. “We need to see other people. Plus I am going to be going to college in a couple of months.”

The real problem was that we were both very independent people and it just didn’t jive.

I was keeping busy working for a small landscaping company mowing lawns during the summer for just above the minimum wage. My two main duties were mowing the lawns and edging, but I also had to trim hedges when we were shorthanded.

The work helped to keep my mind off of Amber, but my body was going through withdrawals from sex. My only way to alleviate myself was to masturbate which I usually did several times a week, back then. Amber had started dating Sid (which was probably the real reason why she broke up with me) who happened to be my best friend. Even with guys, that isn’t cool. You just don’t date your friend’s ex. But, whatever. Our town had only about 4,000 residents; so the pickings were slim.

In spite of this, I still kept close contact with Amber because our families were friends. I still saw her around town and on most weekends because of various family get-togethers.

On one memorable occasion in particular, we were all out at her place, which was out in a rural area. Her family lived on a 160 acre grape vineyard. Her father did very well from his winery. Besides their huge house which most would call a mansion, they had all the toys: four wheelers, dune buggies, and wave runners for a small 6-acre pond that was on their property.

Amber was about 5’9″, slender, with a nice pair of tits. With my limited knowledge of cup sizes back then, I guessed they were a large B if not a C. I love the entire female body, especially tits, and even to this day I’m a tit guy. She was a beautiful brunette with long flowing hair that reached to the middle of her back. She had a perfect firm young schoolgirl ass, but those tits were what I liked about her the most. On this particular day, Amber was wearing a brown spaghetti string top with short khaki shorts. Her hair was actually curled today and just below her shoulders. She was looking mighty fine.

I was a little taller then she. I was pretty athletic at the time with a little bit of meat on me but nevertheless, was good looking (or so I was told by more than one girl). I considered myself above average in the package department. I had some girth and was an inch or two longer than the average male. I was wearing jogging shorts, with a plain white shirt that had a pocket in front for my cigarettes. I wore my hair buzz short back then. The girls seemed to like it because they would always run their hands through my hair.

We usually tried to avoid each other at gatherings as much as possible, but this day Amber convinced me nişantaşı escort to go on a four-wheeler ride with her. This wasn’t totally out of the ordinary but still a little uncomfortable at first. I reluctantly agreed but then we both hopped on their red Honda ATV. I was driving and she was right behind me with her arms around my chest. She seemed to be holding on a little hard and every once in a while rubbed where she knew my largest patch of chest hair was growing.

We were out there riding the ATV, sharing a cigarette, and she was telling me where to drive. After a little while, down several dirt driveways she told me to head out to the old run down barn located at the back of their property. She said she wanted to show me something. The barn originally was used to house farming equipment but had seen better days. It was virtually empty now. It looked as though a huge gust of wind would surely topple down the barn. There were slats of wood missing or falling down. Parts of the tin roof had been blown off and most of what was left was a rusted reddish brown.

As we were getting closer to the barn she slid her right arm down my chest and grabbed the bulge in my shorts. I was caught by surprise but I already had a semi hard-on just from her tits pressing up against my back. It didn’t take much in those days.

She kept rubbing me until my little guy was rock solid and throbbing in my shorts. I turned around to her and looked her in the eye.

“So what gives? Aren’t you and Sid still dating?”

In retrospect that was really a stupid question on my part, as I should’ve just let her have her way with me. She seemed to ignore the question and kept rubbing me without saying anything.

Luckily ATVs have handlebars and not steering wheels; otherwise my little man would’ve prevented turning the darn thing. I finally was able to steer the ATV into the large opening of the barn where once a door used to be. I parked the ATV, and shut it off.

I asked, “So what did you want to show me?”

Amber replied, “Why don’t you get off of the four wheeler and I’ll show you.”

I climbed off the four wheeler and turned around to stare at her.

She looked a little shy which wasn’t like her at all.

“Well,” She said in a trembling voice, “I wanted to show you my tits. I know how much you like them and I’m sure you’ve missed them.”

‘Wow’ I thought to myself, ‘was I living in my own little XXX video or something’?

I think I blushed. “Let me see them!” was the only thing I could muster.

Without missing a beat Amber pulled off her little spaghetti string top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I was staring at her beautiful tits with her light pink nipples staring back at me. It was almost as if nothing ever changed between us.

I walked towards her as she smiled. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them as if to say, ‘Come get them big boy!’ I didn’t hesitate. I immediately started caressing them. Her skin was soft and felt great to my touch. It wasn’t long before her nipples were hard. I wanted to suck on them pretty bad. Once again she reached down to rub my crotch and my dick was not going soft anytime soon.

She said, “Would you pull down your shorts already? You aren’t the only one who has been without something for a while. I’ve missed your big dick since we broke up.”

(On a side note; my dick was the first one she had ever had, and çapa escort her pussy was the first one I’ve had. So we both had something in common and would probably always have a desire for each other, as we got older.)

Assuming she wanted to screw, I asked her if there was a better place for us to do this but she said, “I want it right here on the four wheeler.”

I let her undo the drawstring on my shorts and I slid them down to my ankles.

Amber laid down on the seat of the ATV with her head on the gas tank and her legs hanging down over the back. I wanted her to give me some head so I stepped onto the side step so my cock was next to her face. I rubbed my mushroom head against her cheek and she grabbed my throbbing cock and stroked it up and down. She did this for several minutes and it took all my will power not to blow my load immediately in her face. I could see how much she wanted to suck it so I pulled her head over towards my cock.

(In retrospect, she didn’t give the best head. But at the time, there was nothing I liked more than her sucking me off feeling her warm tongue all over my dick.)

I started to unbutton her khaki shorts as she was alternating between licking up and down my shaft, and sucking on my tip. I decided to work on her for a while not wanting to blow my load just yet. I moved my little man out of her mouth. Ignoring the spit hanging off my cock, I bent down to give her a kiss. It was an extremely tasteful kiss like we were used to with each other but now was not the time to “make out” plus it kind of made me think that I was tasting my dick. We knew that we were both here for one thing.

I broke away from her mouth to take her shorts off. After a little bit of work and her wiggling, I finally got them past the hump of her curvy ass. There was no hiding the dampness by her clean-shaven chicken spot.

(My uncle used to tell me, “If it tastes like chicken, keep on lickin’, if it tastes like trout, get the hell out.” From then on, my pet name for a vagina was always the chicken spot.)

She took off her underwear for me. Unfortunately they were not the prettiest underwear I’ve seen her wearing. They were an off white g-string with a yellow sunflower right above her damp area.

As soon as she pulled them completely off and laid back down, I bent over the back of the ATV between her legs and started to rub her damp, shaven pussy with my fingers. I hoped that she was fairly clean down there and when I went in further, to my surprise, she smelled quite good. I swear she had this all planned out. My only question was why didn’t she wear better-looking underwear?

By the time I parted her inner lips with my thumb and forefinger and started licking her clit, she was breathing and moaning which in turn got me going pretty good. I could feel her muscles tighten and then relax. It wasn’t going to take long to get her off. I continued licking her clit for a few more minutes. I finally stuck a couple of fingers in her chicken spot. She moaned as she started thrusting into my fingers back and forth. I was very familiar with her movements. She was getting closer. I pulled my mouth away and moved my body to the side of the ATV while still shoving my forefinger and middle finger in her cunt. She continued moaning and groaning. I could tell she hadn’t had an orgasm for quite some time. As I was thinking that, she thrust her midsection into the fatih escort air and screamed from the pleasure, and I was just hoping that her parents didn’t hear her back at their house.

Now it’s my turn I thought. As she calmed down from her bliss, I stood up on the step again and let her continue to lick and suck my cock. She worked on me for a while and after a few minutes I stepped down from the step.

I motioned her to step down from the ATV and grabbed her and bent her over the back of the ATV.

I got behind her and stared at her beautiful tanned ass. I used my foot to spread her feet apart like cops do when frisking people. Knowing that she was clean, I bent down and licked on her asshole for a little bit. For some reason she loved this a little more than I did. I stood back up and felt for her cunt and it was still damp and begging to be entered. I grabbed the base of my cock and steered it in the proper direction. I wiggled it a bit and was able to enter with little resistance. I reached around to grab her welcoming tits with both hands. This turned me on even more and I started thrusting back and forth slowly at first.

‘I wish I had a video camera cause this is my own porn movie’ my high school brain thought. The previous times we screwed, were a little more conventional, like in my truck, on her bed, etc.

She started getting into it and now her body was moving against mine. She started moaning again. I was also moaning and did not want this feeling to end. I started moving faster and felt my jizz getting closer to seeing daylight. She pushed with all her might against my dick. I loved bottoming out. Back and forth we went just to the point of my mushroom tip slipping out and back again. She was screaming in pleasure and I just could not take it. I pulled out and quickly walked around and stepped up on the step again. I steered my cock into her mouth and she happily lapped up her own juices and sucked me off while she orgasmed for the second time today. She swallowed most every warm bit of seed that I gave her.

When we were done she started laughing like she conquered me but I didn’t care.

“What about Sid?” I asked.

“He won’t know about this and let me know if you ever want to do this again.” She replied. “Besides, he doesn’t know what to do with me and that’s why I’m here.”

This arrangement worked out for me but I was a little jealous of him. I really didn’t like to share. But hey, I just wanted to get some pussy when I could. Both Amber and I realized that the only thing that clicked between us was the sex. Sid should never find out about this, or else I would lose my best friend. Guilt swept over me for a moment. But seeing her beautiful naked body and thinking about what we just did, caused the guilt to subside.

I watched her getting dressed. She was very beautiful and I missed the ability to do this all the time with her. But as for today, I felt like I was the one who did the conquering. It was another proud moment for me in my sexual achievements. Amber and I had many more adventures like the one in the barn for the remainder of the summer. We screwed inside a movie theater, in a church basement, in her parent’s bed while they were downstairs watching TV, and countless other places. Each one was new and we continued to use each other to experiment. Luckily Sid never found out about us. Their relationship only lasted a few more weeks after our barn incident. Amber left to go to college in early fall. It wasn’t so bad but I did miss her for a while. She usually made time to get together with me whenever she came home on break, which was only about twice per year.

(More adventures to follow)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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