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This is a parody story. No characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


Thursday was a day of mixed emotions for Steve Smith.

On the one hand he was very excitedly awaiting the arrival of the system wide email release of Langley Falls District School report cards. The email was due any moment. Never in his life had he ever been so excited to receive his grades.

His mother had promised him a very special surprise a week ago if he managed to get his overall grades up past a 2.50 GPA. The thought of what it that very special surprise might be put his mind on lust overload. Even with that heightened sense of excitement, he had tried as hard as he could to lower his expectations. After all, he knew it was a long shot to bring his grades up.

The last time he looked he had an A in his Photography elective class, a B in Modern Literature, and C’s in Math, Science and English. To the chagrin of his father Steve received a D in gym. He had scored low in math, but still was able to decipher that his GPA stood at 2.33. He hoped to pull his Modern Lit B up to an A for a 2.50.

As Steve contemplated his mother’s “very special surprise” an incoming email arrival notification sounded on his laptop.

Francine entered the kitchen just as Steve nervously opened the email. “Grades?” She asked with a cautious smile walking up behind her son.

“You got it mom. You better get prepared for that big surprise that you promised me.” He quipped as he soaked in the intoxicating fragrance of his mother’s shampoo and light perfume. The sensory over load to his brain acted as a calming agent.

“I’m ready Sweetie.” She replied, her pulse beginning to quicken with eagerness.

Steve’s smiling anticipatory face, quickly transformed to one of utter disbelief and dejection. “What’s wrong Steve?” Francine asked with concern.

She looked over his shoulder at the screen of the laptop on the kitchen table. “2.00? How did that happen?” Francine asked, beginning to tear up. She was miffed that her carefully crafted plans and preparation had gone for nothing.

“I don’t know mom.” Steve said with distress in his voice. “All of my grades look the same, so I don’t…HEY! Wait a minute.”

“What’s wrong?” Francine asked, still disappointed at this unplanned outcome.

“My grade in Modern Lit went from a B to a D! I aced that test mom. I should have an A, not a D.”

“Are you sure sweetie?” his mother asked as she placed her hands on Steve’s shoulders, gently massaging them while leaning over his shoulder peering at the laptop monitor. ‘There might be a glimmer of hope for my plans yet.’ She thought to herself as she idly rubbed her full bosom against his shoulders.

“I’m positive mom.” He pouted.

“Well then, let’s just call your teacher and see what happened to your grade Steve. The news on TV said that the teachers have a final planning day today” She said as she excitedly clung to a glimmer of hope. As she grabbed her cell phone and began dialing, Francine walked into the other room as the conversation began.

“Mrs. Jacobs? Hi this is Francine Smith…yes Steve’s mother. I’m calling about Steve’s grade report that arrived by email a few minutes ago…”

As she walked away Steve could no longer hear the conversation. With a thump, he dropped his head down on the kitchen table in a quick fit of depression as he waited on the verdict, his horny plans fading.

Five minutes later Francine walked back into the kitchen, her heels clacking loudly on the wooden floors. She had a very serious look on her face.

“I’m so sorry Steve,” she started “You seem like you were really looking forward to my ‘very special surprise’ for you.”

“I was mom. I was looking forward to it, and I tried really hard too.” he replied.

Francine leaned over and kissed her sons cheek. “Well, that’s great Steve…because Mrs. Jacobs got your grade and Stefan Smits’s grade mixed up. YOU GOT AN A!” She practically screamed while shaking his shoulders back and forth in excitement.

Steve looked up with an indescribable grin. “That means I did get a…”

“TWO POINT FIVE!” Francine screamed again.

“That means I get…”

“Your ‘Very Special’ Surprise!” Francine finished his sentence for him as she quickly bolted from the kitchen to the Living room closet, running faster than a mother in a dress should.

“Tah-Dah!” She exclaimed two minutes later, making a big show of pulling his childhood little red wagon, loaded down with boxes while waving her arm like a model on The Price is Right game show. Steve’s eyes drank in the print on each box. His wondering gaze found a top of the line Canon camera, a tripod, and a couple of lighting umbrellas.

“Oh Wow! Thanks Mom” He said “How did you know? It’s just what I wanted!” He exclaimed as he opened the box quickly and pulled escort bayan bursa the camera out.

“So you really like it?” the picturesque mother asked elatedly, clapping her hands softly in happiness.

“It’s perfect.” Steve responded as he pulled the camera out and began to set it up to charge the battery. “This is a much better setup than my camera club equipment.” He said with exuberance.

“I knew you had to return that camera a few days ago since the school year was coming to a close, so I got you a better version with all the trimmings.”

“Thanks mom! You’re the best!” Steve responded, leaping up, wrapping his arms around her little waist and giving her a big bear hug. The motion pulled her breasts onto the top of her son’s ducked head. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and pulled him even tighter.

Steve let lose a few moments later and plugged the camera and lighting batteries in so they could charge.

“This is so cool Mom.” he said excitedly. “You are going to be my first official model, aren’t you?” he asked sincerely.

“Of course I am.” She said with a radiant smile. “You didn’t think this fancy camera outfit was just a present for you did you? I am going to finally get to be a hot model like I’ve been dreaming.”

“Since your batteries have to charge up I’ll be back in about an hour. I want to look my best in the photos, so when I got off the phone with your teacher I called and made a quick makeup and hair appointment with that new day spa, “Cougar’s” in the shopping center down the road. I’ll be back as quickly as I can.” She said as she leaned down and held her son’s scrawny shoulders as she gave him a passionate kiss. The softness of her full lips was still an unexpected treat for him.

“We have the whole house to ourselves, other than Klaus, so set everything up in the family room and put him in your father’s office.” she said as the garage door was closing behind her.

Steve’s eighteen year old brain was on overload as he walked quickly to the kitchen to retrieve Klaus. “Off you go to Dad’s office Klaus.” Steve joyfully said as he picked the bowl up, nearly sloshing Klaus over the edge.

“Mein Gott, Steve! Slow down before you kill me!” the goldfish yelled. “What is your big damn hurry?” he menacingly finished, clinging to the edge of the bowl to negate the effects of the choppy water.

“I just got some awesome camera equipment and I’m going to be giving it a test run.” Steve called out as he slammed the fish bowl on his father’s desk, racking his elbow into the ancient desktop intercom system his dad had installed years ago. “Owwwwch!” he whined like a big baby, rubbing his elbow.

Stan was a bad father when the kids were toddlers. Whenever Francine would leave the kids with him while she went out shopping, he would leave them in the family room in their playpen and work in his office. He had hidden microphones all over the house, listening in over the intercom for any signs of trouble.

In his hurry as he sprinted out of the room rubbing his boo-boo, Steve failed to notice that that the light on the intercom dash was now on. As he slammed the door behind him, he inadvertently banged the door into the heel of his Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars, preventing the latch from engaging. As Klaus watched Steve’s quick departure, he was left staring from the dark through the foot wide opening in the office door.

“Dummkopf.” muttered Klaus.

A little less than an hour later, Klaus was wakened from a boredom induced nap by the sound of the garage door opening, followed by the sound over the intercom of the kitchen door opening.

Klaus heard the voice of Francine Smith on the intercom speaker as it pierced the quiet. “Eyes closed while I run upstairs to change, Steve. I want this all to be a surprise for you.”

“Okay Mom.” He giddily complied.

After hearing Francine shuffle through the family room and up the stairs Klaus squinted his eyes to concentrate through the large crack in the door as he heard her call out. “All clear Steve. Be down in a few.”

Klaus drew a deep breath to call out to Francine to save him from the darkness of Stan’s office when he suddenly inhaled a large chunk of fish food floating in the water. Panic stricken, he flailed about the bowl trying to dislodge the chunk.

After a minute or so of contemplating meeting his maker, Klaus took a mighty leap and landed on the edge of his bowl, the glass rim punching his bloated little belly. He had created his own personal Heimlich machine, popping the food out with the compressed air from his effort.

Meanwhile, down stairs and oblivious to Klaus’ deadly predicament, Steve Smith had excitedly continued setting up the lighting rigs while his mother went up the stairs. *FLASH*

The lighting rigs flashed brightly in unison, wirelessly attached to his new camera, as was a big flat panel computer monitor set up on the table by the front door. “Wow, this camera bursa sinirsiz eskort setup is great. Look at the quality of this picture.” The intercom picked up Steve’s voice. “It brings out the deepness of the wood grain on the table; and no shadows at all.”

As the goldfish lay across the top of his bowl, gasping for air, Klaus’ eyes were drawn to the hallway as he watched Francine stroll past. After taking in the remarkable outfit she was wearing, his jaw became unhinged, landing with a thud on the bottom of his bowl.

As Steve sat with his head down in the family room, intently studying the several thick manuals that came with the camera and lights, he heard the sound of someone on the steps. As his attention became drawn that direction, Francine Smith sauntered down the stairs, her hips swaying and her legs on display in a short black skirt that stopped at the top of her thighs. She soon stood, with her hip cocked, both arms at her sides.

As Klaus wrestled with what he had just seen, he heard Francine call out through the intercom from the bottom of the stairs. “Here I am Mr. Photographer; any requests.”

Francine smiled, never breaking eye contact while running her hands up and through her wild blonde mane. Her hair was pulled back out of her face for the evening, held back by a glittery two inch wide headband that was tucked behind her ears.

She brought her hands back down from her hair to rub across her bulging cleavage, all the while smiling seductively. “I’ve been waiting impatiently for this day Steve.” She smiled slyly while rubbing her open palms in big circles across her hard nipples. “Have you been waiting anxiously too?” she asked seductively while continuing to tease herself with her palms. “Are you ready to get all horny? Uhmmmm.”

She brought her left hand to her waist and rubbed the waistband of her short skirt while pressing the middle finger of her right hand into the cleft of her pussy through the skirt. She turned slightly left, further accentuating the roundness of her big tits “I know I am.” She hissed.

Steve was drawn to the provocative image of his mother, leaning against the bannister, her left foot on the landing and her right foot two stairs below, her short skirt stretched to its limit. She was perched on a pair of five inch tall, black spike heeled stripper shoes with delicate leather straps around her ankles.

Her stance playfully showed off the thigh high hosiery she wore, making her legs look long and glamorous. The band of her stay up nylons ended an inch below her decadently short black skirt. The expanse of bare skin between her skirt and the top of her stockings drew her son’s scrutiny.

His gaze moved up to her face, where he was treated to image of her makeup, fresh and more elaborate than he had ever seen. Her eye lids were deep lavender and her lips a glossy pink. She looked like an actress fresh from a movie set. Her jewelry was flashy, including her gold pendant necklace, swinging freely down the center of her shirt, suspended from the swell of her big breasts tenting out her blouse.

As she leaned her left arm up the bannister, her right arm draped the downward rail. She made of showy immodest model for the final piece of her ensemble. Her sheer white long sleeve blouse was very tight and unbuttoned to mid boob, just level with the top of her white shelf bra.

She displayed tons of cleavage, which mounded up deliciously in the unbuttoned space of her blouse. The outline of her rigid nipples, perched above the top of the shelf bra could be seen under her sheer top, but not clearly enough to consider the blouse see through.

“So? What do you think?” she coaxed with a smile.

“Wow. You look like any man’s best wet dream ever.” he mumbled softly, making Francine’s flesh jump with goose bumps.

“Stand right there for the first picture.”

“Oh okay.” she consented, as she stood, one hand on her hip as she faced him and puckered her lips into a kiss. *FLASH*

“Now what?” She asked, nervously adjusting her blouse to increase her skin exposure.

“Come on down here by the TV and we can start with you putting your hands on your hips and smiling that beautiful smile of yours for the camera.”

From his listening post in Stan’s office, Klaus’ eyes remained transfixed, staring straight ahead as he hung on every delicious word he heard.

Steve watched Francine through the camera lens as she slowly descended the stairs, smiling at first and then giggling a bit. He joined her in the giggles, but snapped a few more photos too. *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*

“That is so hot Mom…can you slowly turn around now, keeping your hands on your hips and look back over your shoulder at the camera…keeping the pretty smile.”

Francine complied as her son directed, slowly turning and wiggling her hips as he took picture after picture. *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*

When her back was escort bayan to him, Steve was treated to a view of her very shapely ass in her short black skirt. He could clearly make out the straps of her white bra through her blouse.

“How’s this?” She asked while looking back over her shoulder and teasingly pulling the back of her skirt up three inches; more than enough to flirtingly expose the bottom swell of her taut ass.

“That’s perfect Mom. You look amazing there. Seriously, I think I am going to capture you in some really amazing poses with this new camera setup.” *FLASH*

“Really? This kind of amazing pose?” She asked coyly as she grabbed the back hem of her skirt in both hands and pulled gently upward, showing off tiny thong she was wearing to his watch.

“Well…Uhmmm…how about now you put your hands on the couch arm, bend at the waist and look back at the camera again…but leave the skirt pulled up.” He directed.

“That sounds like it would look really sensual Steve; bent over the couch arm.” Francine considered the image with intrigue. “Whatever you command sir.” She said as she began to bend over, her skirt tightening and pulling up on its own volition to her waist. *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*

“Does my butt look good?” She asked with a cute smile.

Steve felt his breath quicken as he continued snapping photos from a few angles. “WOW Mom, you look gorgeous. Your legs and butt are incredible in those heels as you bend over.” He quickly knelt down behind her,

“Can you put one hand on your…uh…on your rear while you look back…like a real model would pose?”

Slowly, purposely and with confidence, Francine did as he ordered. Steve snapped photos furiously as the level of implicit sexual energy began to grow in the room. *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*

“That looks great Mom; amazing. Sit down now on the couch with your legs crossed.” He directed.

“You got it Mr. Photographer.” she smiled as she took a seat. Leaning her left elbow on the arm of the couch as she settled into the cushion, she crossed her right leg over her left knee and bounced her foot softly.

Steve took pictures all the while, the flash filling the room every few seconds. *FLASH* *FLASH*

“Pull your skirt up just a smidge Mom. I want you to show more of your stunning legs”

“Ohhhh. Naughty.” She said, her lips puckering and her eye lids slitting with lust.

Steve could see her nipples pressing harder against her tight blouse.

“Do you think I look slutty in these stockings?” She quizzed as she slowly ran her finger tips of her right hand across the tops of her stockings, all the while thinking of all the hot porn models she had seen wearing stockings.

Steve paused his focusing. “Do you want to look slutty Mom?” he asked intently.

“I think I do want to.” she enthusiastically replied, clapping her hands softly, her big breasts jiggling softly.

“Great! Can you loosen a couple more buttons…maybe give the camera a glimpse of your bra and tease the camera like a real magazine model would?”

“Ohhhhh” she sighed and then exhaled loudly. “You are terrible, young man. I suppose you didn’t notice this bra is a shelf bra?” Francine quizzed, holding her hands together, squeezing, lifting and prominently displaying her big tits in her upper arms.

“What’s a shelf bra Mom?” Steve asked, admiring the hardness of her nipples in the tight blouse.

“It’s a bra that lifts and covers just the underside of a woman’s breasts. It supports the girls high, but doesn’t cover my nipples.” She said with a seductive smile, tickling her left nipple with the long nail of her index finger.

“Really?” Steve responded. “I bet none of my friends have ever seen one before. I bet they would love to see pictures of you wearing that.”

“Steve Smith! What am I going to do with you?” Francine said with mock indignation, putting both hands on her hips, before relenting. “Okay…just a few photos, and then I just may have to button my blouse back up” She teased as she quickly opened two more buttons of her blouse and leaned forward, shaking her breasts for five or six photos.

“How’s this sweetie? Think your buddies will like this?” Steve could see her deep cleavage, and the edges of her dark areola.

“Mmmm, that is really nice Mom. Very nice…that bra looks gorgeous on you…very sexy.” he snapped photos as he spoke, catching as much as he could on the camera before she put her arms together under her bust and lifting up her cleavage, forgetting her insincere pledge to button up. *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH* *FLASH*

“You know what I need now Mom?” Francine looked at her son with a smile as he continued. “I want some pictures of you without the blouse to show to my friends. That would be amazing. Just you in your bra…like a Victoria’s secret lingerie model…only much smarter and sexier. What do you say? Go ahead and slip the blouse off for a quick picture or two.”

Francine looked up, abandoning her effort to button back up, and quickly teased. “I don’t know Steve. Then your friends would definitely see my nipples, sticking hard out over my little bra.” She said, as she placed her hands on the front of her tits, squeezing her nipples between her middle and index fingers.

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