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Big Tits

Amy lay in the garden. She was naked allowing the sun to touch every part of her body. Her parents and brother were at work and, only the birds kept her company until she heard Ian in his garden next door.

Ian bought the house next door on a recommendation from Amy’s aunt Catherine. She was visiting when the previous neighbours came over and, told the family. “We want to be nearer to our daughter so we’re going to sell our house.”

“I know someone who might buy your house. He’s a friend. His name’s Ian.” Catherine told them.

The transfer of the house went through smoothly and, a few days after Ian moved in Amy saw him for the first time. She was working nights that week and, was woken by the sound of sawing. Stumbling out of bed she looked out of her bedroom window.

“So you’re our new neighbour.” Amy said to herself while looking at a very fit man, about her father’s age, cutting down an overgrown hedge.

She gasped when he stepped back because she could see his bare backside. With her eyes wide open she stared, she was wide awake now. He turned around and, she saw his chest and muscular stomach glistening with sweat. She looked down at his penis and, was impressed by it and his balls.

Later that week Amy woke to a very different sound coming from Ian’s garden.

“What are you doing now?” Amy mumbled to herself. She climbed out of bed and, hoping to see Ian naked again looked out of her bedroom window.

She was surprised to see her aunt Catherine sitting on the end of Ian’s garden table with Ian standing between her thighs. They were both naked. Amy watched Ian’s hips rocking back and forward and realised she was watching them fuck. She could even see Ian’s hard penis, shining with Catherine’s juice as it slid in and out of her pussy. Amy was excited and, putting her hands onto her pussy slipped two fingers inside. She played with herself while watching them fuck, bringing on her own glorious orgasm.

Amy masturbated regularly. Now she included Ian in her fantasies. Imagining his hot breath washing over her pussy while he licked her labia. She even began to imagine them fucking on his garden table.

Back in the present Amy listened to Ian on the other side of the fence and decided to take her masturbation fantasies to a new level. Placing her hands between her thighs she pushed two fingers between her labia lips and, called out. “Hello Ian.”

“Who’s that, Amy or Sandra? I can’t tell. You sound the same.”

“Amy. Mum’s at work.” She could hardly speak. Her eyes were closed, her legs wide apart and, her thumb was vigorously rubbing her clitoris.

Ian was in the habit of standing on his garden table when he talked to his neighbours over the fence. Today was no exception. Looking down he saw Amy. Naked, with her thighs wide apart and, her hands between the top of her thighs. She was playing with herself. Taking hold of his penis Ian played with himself while watching her masturbate.

“Why aren’t you at work?” He tried to sound calm.

“I’m working nights this week and I’m topping up my tan while everyone else is at work.” Her voice quivered as she imagined his tongue licking her pussy.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you?” Excitement crept into his voice as he played with himself. He watched her head move back and, her mouth open wide and, he imagined her lips circling his hard penis with her tongue flicking its tip.

Hearing excitement in his voice brought on her orgasm. Her hands were covered in her own juice and, arching her back she answered. “You’re not disturbing meeeee.”

“Good.” Ian watched her orgasm and, at the same time his cum shot out from the tip of his penis hitting the fence with some going over the top of it.

Amy knew that he was masturbating and was not surprised when she felt his cum land on her. Opening her eyes she saw Ian looking down at her. She scooped his cum onto her fingers and, smiled. “Naughty Ian. What were you doing?”

“Same as you.” He said.

Amy made a show of putting her cum covered fingers up to her lips and licking them.

“Mmm, delicious. You won’t tell Catherine?” She asked.

“Why would I tell her?”

“Because you two are …”

Ian interrupted her. “You think we’re a couple?”

“I saw you having sex. On your garden table.”

“We’re just friends.” Ian assured her.

“Friends with benefits?” Amy smiled.

“Yes!” Ian grinned.

“Good, because I don’t want things to get awkward between aunt Catherine and me.”

“They won’t get awkward. Your aunt Catherine is a liberated woman. Have you eaten?”

“Only your cum.”

“Come over and have lunch with me.”

“I’ll put some clothes on then come straight over.”

“No need to get dressed, I’m not going to. Come as you are. No one will see you walk over here.”

“DON’T GET DRESSED! What makes you think I’m that sort of woman?” Amy joked.

“I’ve just watched you masturbate and swallow my cum. That’s what makes me know you’re that sort of woman.”

The two houses were set back from the road, hidden behind a line of trees escort bayan and thick bushes. Amy did not get dressed to walk the short distance to Ian’s front door.

“You found your way here OK.” Ian joked. Putting his hands onto her waist he bent forward to kiss her cheek. Amy surprised him by kissing him on the mouth. Pushing her tongue between his lips their tongues danced around each other’s mouths and, they tasted each other’s saliva.

“I’ve dreamt of doing this with you.” Amy said breaking her mouth away from his.

“You only had to ask.” Ian teased.

Amy felt Ian’s penis rise up and press against her. “Something’s coming up to say hello.”

Putting her hand between his thighs she cupped his balls and, slid her hand up along his firm shaft. She rubbed her fingers over the mushroom head of his penis smearing his pre cum. Bringing his penis against her opening she guided it between her moist lower lips.

“Fuck me?” She asked.

She felt her lips being forced apart as Ian pushed his penis into her and, he felt her vagina squeeze tight around his penis.

They fucked with the front door wide open.

Later, sitting at the garden table, Amy bit into a tomato. Juice and seeds dripped from her lips and, ran down her chin finally dropping onto her breasts.

“Oh! What a messy eater I am.”

“Let me clean it for you.” Leaning forward Ian licked bits of tomato off her breasts and took the opportunity to suck on her nipples. Working his way up he licked her chin and kissed her on her lips. Opening her mouth she passed some of the chewed tomato from her mouth to his. The last person she passed food to like that spat the food out in disgust, but Ian made a show of enjoying it and swallowed.

After their meal they took their dirty dishes into the kitchen. Ian held his body against Amy’s and rubbing his hands over her breasts made her nipples go hard.

“Shall we fuck again?” Ian asked.

“Yes.” Amy stroked his penis.

Amy sat on the end of the garden table, in the same spot she had seen her aunt sitting. Moving her thighs wide apart she allowed Ian to stand between them. She held his penis and he moved forward pushing it into her warm moist hole. He rocked back and forward and, his penis slid effortlessly in and out of her.

They were both on a sexual high and neither of them heard Catherine arrive. Ian saw her first. She was watching from the kitchen, a look of surprise on her face. She was not surprised because Ian was having sex with someone else, she had seen that many times, but because he was having sex with her niece.

Ian smiled at her. “Do you want to join us?”

“Yes, I’d like to, but she’s my niece.”

Amy was shocked when she heard Catherine’s voice. Opening her eyes she looked at Ian and then at Catherine. Ian just continued to slide his penis in and out of her.

“Can your aunt join us?” Ian asked without breaking his rhythm.

Knowing that someone wanted to join them increased Amy’s excitement. She was already on a sexual high and at that moment did not care that the person was her father’s sister. “Yes.” She had another mini orgasm as she held out her hand to Catherine inviting her to join them.

Catherine kissed Amy gently on the lips and massaged her breasts before sucking hard on her nipples. Meanwhile Ian unzipped Catherine’s skirt and, let it fell away allowing Amy to put her hand between the top of Catherine’s thighs. Running her fingers along the crotch of Catherine’s panties Amy enjoyed the feel of her aunt’s pussy lips through the thin damp material. Easing her aunt’s panties aside Amy ran her fingers along Catherine’s very wet opening.

“Swap places. You feel as though you’re ready for a good fucking.” Amy said breathlessly.

“Not yet. You carry on. Ian’s like a machine. He’ll go on for hours. We’ll swap places when you’ve cum a few more times.”

Amy was in heaven. She eased her fingers along her aunt’s lips before pushing them up into her vagina. Amy tingled from head to toe and, went very still as she had her biggest orgasm of the day.

“You were right he can go on for hours. He’s still rock hard. Swap places.” Amy said to Catherine.

Catherine sat on the table with Amy standing next to her. Moving her legs apart Amy allowed her aunt’s fingers to work their way into her vagina. At the same time she guided Ian’s penis into Catherine.

It was a long time before Ian came filling Catherine’s vagina with his sperm. Catherine orgasmed at the same time.

Realising that Ian and Catherine were both coming Amy leaned forward, kissed Ian on the lips and, squeezed her vagina muscles tight on Catherine’s fingers.

“That was fantastic.” Amy looked very happy.

“We’ll have to do it again.” Ian said kissing Amy on the lips.

“Help me get up. I must wash your cum off before it dries.” Catherine said.

“Stay there. I’ll clean you up.” Amy crouched down between her aunt’s thighs, licked her pussy clean and swallowed Ian’s cum.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

It was altıparmak escort bayan late afternoon when Amy went home to shower and dress. The house was empty and, felt pleasantly cool.

She was half way up the stairs when she saw her brother’s open bedroom door. It was too early for him to be home from work. Cautiously she looked inside as she went past. His room was empty. Grabbing a towel she went back down stairs to shower.

Standing in the stream of water she thought of her brother. She became aroused wondering what he would have thought if he had been in his room and had seen her naked. Putting her hands onto her pubic mound she fingered herself bringing on another orgasm. She stayed in the shower longer than she had intended.

Stepping into the hall she listened to make sure that the house was still empty. Hearing nothing she went up to her room. Passing Tom’s bedroom she did not look inside, but if she had she would have seen him lying on his bed.

Tom could not believe his luck. His twin sister was naked. From the comfort of his bed he stared at her beautiful backside.

Tom was tired. He had been out the previous night and had very little sleep before going to work that morning. Forcing himself to stay awake he stared at the back of his sister’s beautiful naked body. From where he lay he could just see the side of her breasts and, every time she pulled her brush through her hair he saw her breasts move. Tom was happy. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Only then did Amy see Tom in his bed. She was still feeling sexy and, without covering herself walked into his room. Standing by his bed she had the urge to wake him and let him see her naked body.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

From that day on Amy left her bedroom door open when she got dressed and undressed. A little gap at first, but over time the gap got wider. Then she noticed Tom’s bedroom door remaining open until one day she saw his bare backside through the narrow gap that he had left. From then on she noticed his bedroom door always seemed to be open.

They only mentioned these events to each other once. Their parents were away and they were in the garden. Amy was sunbathing while Tom was cutting the grass.

“Is it fun?” Amy asked.

“It’s hard work.” Tom sounded annoyed at her stupid question.

“No, silly. You know, what we do upstairs, leaving our bedroom doors open and seeing each other as we get changed.”

Tom was caught off guard. He had never expected to talk about what they did. “I enjoy it. Do you?”

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it.” Amy giggled.

“It’s got to be our secret.” He added.

“Debbie and Malcolm know.”

“How the fuck did they find out?”

“We’re sisters. We don’t have secrets from each other and, Malcolm was there when I told her.”

“If either of them tell mum or dad we’ll be in trouble.” Tom was annoyed but he liked the idea of their older sister and her husband knowing.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

The next day Amy upped the stakes. The thought of what she was about to do excited her and, made her nipples go hard. Wearing only a pair of panties she left her bedroom door wide open while putting on her makeup. Tom had only ever glimpsed her breasts from the side before. Now he was about to see them full frontal.

“Nice one.” Tom said showing his appreciation.

Amy stopped putting on her makeup and feeling her heart pound in her chest she turned to face her brother and thrust her breasts out. “Did you say nice ONE? I’ve got TWO breasts. Look, HERE and HERE.” She pointed to one and then the other.

Tom stared at her hard nipples.

The next time Amy worked nights Tom returned the favour. Amy arrived home in the early hours of the morning and slept until midday. That afternoon Tom arrived home early from work and found her in the kitchen wearing a long T-shirt. They were alone in the house.

“Have I got time to shower before you need to get washed and dressed for work?” Tom asked.

“Yes, go ahead.”

Tom went up to his room, undressed and came back downstairs. He was naked. Amy watched him go into the shower room. She went up to her room and, sitting on her bed waited for him to return. From where she sat she could see the shower room door. He came out and walked upstairs. He was naked.

“Hope you left enough hot water for me?” Amy stared at her brother’s naked body. Her heart pounded as she pulled her T-shirt over her head. Letting the shirt fall onto her bed she faced her brother wearing only her small thin panties.

“I didn’t use much water.” Tom tried to sound calm as he looked at his sister’s beautiful firm breasts.

Staring at his long hard penis Amy put her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and slid them down. Her heart was thumping and she felt dizzy knowing Tom was watching.

Amy had shaved off her pubic hair and Tom could see her slightly parted labia glistening with moisture.

“I won’t nilüfer eskort be long.” Amy said.

Picking up her towel she walked out of her room stopping at Tom’s bedroom door.

“You’d better hurry or mum and dad will come home and catch you like that.” Tom said.

She showered quickly and, when she returned Tom was still naked.

“Hi, I’m back.”

“You were quick. Your still wet.” Tom stepped towards her.

“Your penis is growing!” Stretching out her arm Amy touched it.

Tom’s heart was thumping as he put his hand between his sister’s thighs. She moved her legs apart and, he brought his hand up between her thighs and touched her soft puffy lips easing his fingers between them.

“You’re very wet.”

“Am I? You must have caused that.” She felt his penis throb in her hand.

They would have gone further but suddenly they heard the front door open as their father arrived home from work. Quickly, turning away from each other, they went into their own rooms and closed their bedroom doors.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

Weeks later Amy was working the nightshift again. The sun was coming up as she arrived home and, the warm morning breeze pressed her thin summer nurses dress tight against the contours of her well formed body. Expecting her parents and brother to be asleep she entered the house quietly.

“Hello love.” Her mother greeted her from the kitchen while taking off her work clothes.

“Have you just got home?” Amy asked quietly.

“We had a busy night at the station. I’m lucky to be home this early.”

Her mother took off her bra and put it and her police shirt into the washing machine. Her knickers and tights followed. Her mother was naked. Amy was surprised because usually her mother changed into her nightclothes in her bedroom and, then carried her dirty work clothes to the washing machine.

“Tom will be getting up to go to work now and, if he comes down stairs he’ll see you naked.” Amy said.

“I’m exhausted. I’ll be in bed asleep before he gets up.”

“Don’t start the wash yet. I’ll put my clothes in as well.” Amy followed her mother’s example and undressed completely and, put all of her clothes into the machine.

Mother and daughter were both naked.

“I’m going to bed. Sleep well.” Sandra kissed her daughter on the cheek, walked across the hall to her bedroom, climbed into bed next to her husband and, went to sleep.

Half way up the stairs to her room Amy decided to shower before going to bed. If she was quick she would be finished before her father and brother got up to go to work. Grabbing her dressing gown from the back of her bedroom door she hurried downstairs.

She was quick and, with water still running off her back, over her backside and down her legs she stepped out of the shower. Bending forward to dry her legs she heard the door open.

“Sorry! I didn’t realise anyone was in here. The door wasn’t locked.” Barry stared at his daughter’s bare backside while she was bent over. Through the tops of her legs he saw the puffy slit of her shaven pussy. She looked exactly like her mother did when they first met. His penis twitched.

“Come in. I’ve finished.” Parting her legs Amy looked through them at her father and, saw the growing bulge in his pyjamas.

Leaving the door unlocked had been an accident but what happened next was deliberate. Amy turned to face her father giving him a full frontal view. In the few seconds they faced each other she saw his eyes dart from her breasts down to her shaven pussy. Her nipples became hard and she felt warm inside. She kissed him on the cheek before draping her dressing gown over her shoulders and going up to her room.

Leaving her bedroom door open Amy dried her hair. Tom came out of his room and, she let her dressing gown slip gracefully off her shoulders revealing her naked body.

“Damn.” She said as a way of making sure that her brother knew that she was there.

Bending over to pick up her dressing gown she gave Tom the same view of her backside and pussy that their father had seen moments earlier.

“Great view.” Tom said.

“Dad saw me bending over like this in the shower room a few minutes ago. What can you see?”

“Everything. Two wonderful cheeks and your pussy lips.” Tom ran his hands over her backside and, slid his fingers down between her arse cheeks to her pussy.

Smiling she turned to face him. “That felt nice. I hope dad enjoyed seeing me as much as I enjoyed showing him.”

Tom looked at his sister from the nape of her neck down to her toes. He stretched out his arms and, touched her dark brown areolae and nipples, before continuing to run his hands down across her flat stomach to her labia lips.

“You’re body is perfect.”

“Thank you kind sir.” Amy put her hand onto his and pressed his fingers inside her opening. “You missed seeing mum naked in the kitchen.”

“What! Mum was naked?”

“Yes, she got home just before me. We undressed in the kitchen and put our clothes into the washing machine.”

“You were both naked! Damn, why did I miss that? Has she got an all over tan like you?”

“She’s got white patches where she’s worn her costume.” Amy watched her brother’s pyjamas being pushed out by his expanding penis. She put her hand onto his bulge. “Is the thought of mum being naked making you hard?”

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