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An Affair with My Married Daughter – Ch. 2

A father and his middle aged married daughter continue their affair

I woke with a start! Bolting upright I looked around. Daylight was streaming around the curtain edges in a room that I did not immediately recognise. Adrenalin pumping, I was confused. Breathing slowly, I gradually normalised my heart beat once again. Only then could I reflect on where I was.

Progressively, as I awakened further, the previous evening all came back to me. Being at the airport with my daughter Meg, and saying goodbye to her husband Derek as he jetted out to fix a problem associated with his work.

My wife Julie was taking the opportunity to join Derek on his trip for a bit of sightseeing whilst my grand-daughter Mandy also flew back to university to continue her medical studies.

I remember Meg could not continue the drive back home so we stopped overnight at a motel.

As I flopped back onto the bed, the images of our illicit lovemaking flooded my thoughts. We had both willingly engaged in sexual intercourse with each-other. We had both been unfaithful and willingly cheated on our respective spouses. We had both willingly engaged in illegal behaviour. We had committed what some would describe as the ultimate sin. We had both willingly committed incest.

“Oh fuck!” I said to myself as I comprehended the extent of our misbehaviour. I say our misbehaviour as we are both as guilty as each other. Consumed by lust, we could not stop once our desire was ignited. Not desire for each other, but sexual desire. We both just needed a good fuck! I remembered we consummated our hunger on two occasions during the night, before, from my perspective, I collapsed exhausted.

As I recalled these events I could feel my cock coming to life once again. Sliding my hand under the sheet I gave myself a couple of pleasurable tugs before realising I was covered in the dry crustiness of our sex.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Meg stepped into the main room. Almost naked, she had obviously taken a shower as her hair was still damp. Her breasts jiggled as she stood in the doorway brushing her teeth. She once again wore the sheer white panties from the previous day that had been washed and left to dry in the bathroom overnight, the darkness of her pubic hair easily discernible through the material. She looked like a goddess.

Removing the toothbrush from her mouth, “It’s about time you woke up sleepyhead!” she mumbled, “It’s almost checkout time so you better get moving before we get charged another day!”

“Okay! Okay! I’m up,” I said as she turned and re-entered the bathroom.

I needed to get rid of the crustiness as well so decided a quick shower was also in order. There was no longer any point in hiding my nakedness from my daughter, she had already seen all of my body, so I flicked the sheet back, rolled out of bed and ambled into the bathroom to join her.

As Meg was flushing her mouth over the basin I said, “Hey, where did you get the toothbrush and cleaner?”

“I found them in the cabinet under the sink Dad”, she responded after rinsing, “This is the Deluxe room so I guess they had to include something for the extra money they charge!” she continued while opening the cabinet door again.

“Here’s a set for you as well.”

As Meg turned, clutching a small plastic bag, she stood up and looked directly at me for the first time since I entered the bathroom. It was then that she must have noticed my nakedness. Her eyes travelled the length of my body and settled on my semi-erect cock. I could see her body stiffen slightly before she looked directly at me once again.

Raising her free hand she shook a finger directly in my face.

“Oh No! Oh no you don’t! Oh no no no!” she said while continuing to wiggle her finger at me.

Then with a humorous lilt in her voice said, “You get that python away from me Dad! I’m still a little tender after you let it loose on me last night!”

I could only smile… then said, “I’m just going to have a quick shower if you give me a minute?”

“Okay, but make it quick Dad… we don’t have much time.”

As Meg skirted around me she stopped, raised her hand to my face, and gently caressed my cheek. Her lips parting into a smile before she said, “I didn’t realise just how much of a dirty old man you are Dad… If I had of… who knows what could have happened between us before this?” She paused, then with a thoughtful tone said, “I love you Dad!” before standing on her tip toes and kissing me tenderly on the lips. When our lips parted she turned and returned to the main room, taking a quick look back at me over her shoulder as she closed the bathroom door on her way through.

I was ecstatic at Meg’s first response to our sexual activity, but knew I needed to get a move on. There would be plenty of time to think about everything once we’re on the journey to Meg’s home once again.

I quickly showered and cleansed myself before returning oğuzeli escort to the main room to complete my dressing. Ten minutes later I was ready to go.

“All set Baby Girl! Let’s get moving so I can eat! I need my sustenance!” I said smiling.

Meg did not return my smile. Her mood had changed. “We need to stop on the way home Dad. I need to call in to see my doctor. That will require a little detour along the way, okay?”

“What’s wrong Baby Girl? Are you ill? Is there anything I can do?”

“No Dad!” said Meg exasperatedly, “but after what we did last night… and you depositing your sperm in me… deep within me I might add,” she said wittingly before continuing, “well… I’m not on the pill, or any other sort of contraception, so I need to see the doctor about my options. It’s easy to do on the way home as we go past the surgery.”

“Oh Baby Girl,” I said, “there’s no need to worry about that… I thought you knew.”

Looking confused she asked, “Knew what Dad?”

“I’ve had a vasectomy Meg. After your mother had such a traumatic time during the birth of your sister, well… we decided that having two beautiful daughters was enough for our family… so I had a vasectomy. I’ve been shooting blanks for thirty seven years Meg!”

I could see the relief immediately in her face as the tears started to flow. She walked into my embrace and put her arms tightly around my waist. We held each other like that while she quietly sobbed into my chest.

“Shhhh… its ok Baby Girl,” I cooed repeatedly in a clumsy attempt to sooth her.

As her sobs decreased I explained myself further, “I’m sorry Meg. I didn’t think past my lust last night and… well… it just never occurred to me that contraception was an issue for you because I knew it wasn’t for me… and I thought you would probably have known… especially since you seem to be well aware of my sex life with your mother… or lack of sex life… I guess I thought Julie would have had that conversation with you as well. I’m so very very sorry Baby Girl.”

I stepped back and kissed her on the forehead.

When her sobbing stopped Meg looked up, lips trembling, mascara smudged down her flushed cheeks, “No I didn’t know Dad. I’ve had a totally sleepless night worrying about the consequences of what we did last night. Oh I know I’m equally to blame… my need to… well… you know… was just as strong as yours.”

“I just didn’t think Meg. And of course you can’t tell physically because nothing changes… the amount of semen and its texture… well… it’s all still the same after a vasectomy… I’m so very sorry you went throu…”

“It’s ok Dad,” Meg cut in, “Let’s just get out of here and head back home. You can follow me like last night ok?”

And with that we grabbed our personal items, then headed out to our respective vehicles and made our way back to the old farm in convoy.

The ninety minute drive was horrendous. My thoughts were in disarray, and in some cases, irrelevant, as I considered my deeds of the past 24 hours. Beginning with my initial reluctance to even consider Meg’s proposal of a sexual relationship and how that evolved into fucking her twice last night.

I considered my relationship with Julie, how I now felt about her emotionally and sexually, and our life together. That for the first time in my marriage I had an affair with another woman yet, in my view, I still had not cheated on Julie.

That, because of our lust fuelled urges, Meg had also had an affair and how that may impact on her future relationship with Derek, not that was any of my business anyway but I was the guilty contributor.

Then there was the question of incest. I committed to exploring that issue further as I knew there are States and numerous countries where there is no law against incest. It’s a moral and religious issue rather than a legal one.

Despite all the self-reflection, admonishment and guilt, I eventually realised that it was all to no avail as I would always come back to the one event in my mind’s eye. The first time I watched Meg place the purple head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina, then slowly sank onto me as her slick hot canal enveloped my shaft, I knew then that I was fucked, both literally and figuratively.

I was bitten by the lust bug and I hungered for more! I knew that my dick was ruling my brain, yet I didn’t care. The indescribable feeling of once again being able to have sex with a woman, after so long of being without, cast all of my self-doubts and common sense to one side. And not just any woman – my daughter – a woman who loved me and wanted me.

As we pulled into the driveway and each manoeuvred our vehicle into its respective garage space, I noticed that my Jeep was still parked under the portico outside the main building.

When Meg alighted from her Volvo she said, “I’m bushed Dad! You’ll have to look after yourself today because I’m off to bed. I’m totally worn-out.”

“Sure oğuzeli escort bayan thing Meg. We can catch up later.” I didn’t want to say much more. It just wasn’t the appropriate time.

Meg gave a weary smile, then stood on her tip toes and quickly kissed me on the lips.

“Thanks Dad,” she said with a sigh, then turned and walked into the main house via the garage entrance.

I skirted around the outside of the garage and made my way to the kitchen via the rear entrance. The door wasn’t locked, which I guess it normal when living so far out of the city.

I was starving and so, as quietly as possible, I rustled up a three egg omelette that included sliced and diced red onion, green pepper and tomato, subsequently sprinkled with bacon bits, and finished off with a couple of pieces of toast and ice cold orange juice.

Just as I sat down at the island bench to enjoy my feast, I heard the soft footfall of steps behind me. Meg ambles into the kitchen dressed in a very short black satin and lace long sleeve robe.

“Oh!.. My!.. God! Dad… that smells amazing!”

“Here… sit here Baby Girl. You can have this one and I’ll make myself another.”

“No Dad… I couldn’t eat all of that myself! Let’s share it.”

“I’m not a sharer when it comes to food Meg,” I laughed, “Its ok, I can quickly whip up another.” That’s what I proceeded to do while watching Meg completely demolish my omelette.

Perving on my daughter dressed in her lingerie, I could feel my yearning manifest in my cock as it started to swell. The black lace sleeves against her toned arms extended to an underwire bra that perfectly cupped, lifted, and encased her soft 34C breasts. The partially obscured dark pink areola of each puffy mound only added to the effect.

Should Meg have been standing then the satin bodice would have fallen from under the bra to a point slightly beneath the curve of her arse cheeks. However, Meg was not standing. She was sitting on one of the telescopic kitchen stools. The bodice gathered at her waist. From my position I could see under the bottom edge of her gown. Her trimmed pussy hair clearly visible trapped in the Y of her thighs contributed to the overpowering effect on my arousal.

Despite her earlier objection, Meg finished all of the omelette, one piece of toast, and half the juice.

“I had just collapsed onto my bed when the aroma of your cooking wafted into my room and I realised just how starved I was. Phew… I can’t believe that I finished all of that myself!”

“You obviously needed sustenance as well Meg!” I said as I continued crafting a new creation for myself. When she did not respond I stopped dicing the tomatoes and looked up. Meg was eyeing the bulge in my groin. Before she could say anything I continued, “I thought while you’re sleeping Meg I might take a hike up the hill trail if that’s ok?”

Meg returned her gaze to me. “Umm… ok… yeah… that’s no problem Dad. Just make sure you’re back before dark! I don’t want to have to send a search party out! Also, you won’t need to take any water as the streams up there are all feed by artesian springs and are easily assessable.”

Having finished, Meg got off the stool and walked around to face me.

Reaching up and placing her arms around my neck she said, “I’m going to try and get some sleep again now Dad. Please be careful ok?”

I took her into my arms, “I’ll be ok Baby Girl,” then lent down to give her a quick peck on the lips. However, as soon as my lips touched hers, lust took over once again and my tongue automatically darted out to caress her lips.

Meg pulled back instantly. “Okay… I’ll see you later on,” she uttered then turned and headed out of the kitchen.

I stopped cooking briefly, thinking through what had just occurred. It was obvious that Meg did not want to continue with our kiss… her hesitation was a red flag… yet before she left she didn’t say a word about it… and she certainly wasn’t dressed conservatively or to cool my arousal… she would’ve known the effect she was having on me.

When I finally sat down to eat, I decided that Meg was going through conflicting emotions and was probably having real concerns about what occurred between us the previous night, and the possible consequences of our actions.

Having finished my brunch I cleaned up and headed back to my room in the old barn above the new gym. As I exited the back door I could hear Megs mobile phone ringing followed by her muffled voice when she answered.

Back in my room I changed into my exercise gear which consisted of lightweight shorts, quick dry tee shirt, medium weight socks and a sturdy pair of size 14 walking shoes, topped off with a good hat and zinc cream.

It was a good four hours before I returned to the house, foot sore and weary. The walk itself was fantastic. Mainly grades 3 and 4 which is normally very achievable for me. However I had not exercised for a few weeks and it was escort oğuzeli clear that my fitness level had tapered off significantly.

As soon as I entered my bedroom I headed out to the balcony, turned the hot tub on, and set its thermostat to 32°C (90°F). I knew it would take a few hours before the tub reached my desired temperature and so I headed back to the main house to see if Meg was up and about again.

Turns out that Meg never got any more sleep. When I entered the kitchen Meg had left a note for me on the island benchtop.

Hi Dad, it read, if you are reading this then you have made it back home ok, hopefully without any injuries.  I received an unexpected phone call and have gone back into town for a meeting. I won’t be back before dinner so you will have to fend for yourself again I’m afraid. There’s some pizza in the freezer if you want something quick. Hopefully I won’t be too late. Meg xx

I read the note through a couple of times, then headed back to my room and decided to call Julie.

“Hello darling,” she answered after only 2 rings, “missing me already?”

“You are kidding Jules! It’s been less than twenty four hours,” I responded playfully.

We then spoke for some 30 minutes, well Julie spoke really and I listened, about her plane ride, and the hotel that she and Derek are staying in, and the sightseeing that day. She ended by telling me that she was accompanying Derek to a work function that night before enquiring as to what I had been up to since she had left.

Of course I could not tell her the truth. I think she would have been terribly upset if I had said, “Well you know that old dick you no longer had any use for, well, on more than one occasion I’ve had it balls deep inside our daughter.”

However I did surprise myself about how easy it was to lie to her. Well not lie really… just skirt the truth by diverting the conversation away. So I only spoke to her about menial things like breakfast, and hiking the hill trail, and that Meg had gone to some meeting or other. Our conversation ended when Julie said she had to start getting ready for Derek’s work function but we would speak the next day. I also made a mental note to speak to Meg so we could corroborate each other if necessary.

At around 7pm Meg was still not home so I decided to annihilate a family size pizza supreme then head back to my room for the night.

My immediate focus was on the hot tub and whether it had reached the temperature I set. Yes! 32°C and steaming away nicely!

Night was starting to close in so I switched on the two bedside table lamps before neatly folding my clothes and headed out to the balcony.

The soothing water of the hot tub was magical on my weary muscles. I hadn’t realised just how drained I was feeling until I entered the tub and collapsed onto the lounging seat with its numerous massaging jets. I cleared my mind and just let myself drift with the relaxing movement caused by the jets.

“Dad!… Dad!… are you decent?”

I must have fallen asleep and woke with a start when Meg called to me. The jets had stopped, probably on their thirty minute timer, so I must have slept for a least that long.

“Can you wait a few minutes; I’m just about to get out of the hot tub Meg!” I yelled.

As I stood up Meg appeared at the doorway. “Bloody Hell Dad, it seems I’m always catching you without any clothes on! Are you always like this?”

“Don’t be a smartarse,” I responded jokingly as I sunk back into the water again, “Now hand your old dad that towel so I can get decent will you?”

I hadn’t immediately noticed Megs attire but as she turned with a towel I saw she was dressed in a conservative but smart navy pin stripe pencil skirt with matching three quarter sleeve jacket and white blouse.

“And where have you been all dressed up so smart anyway?”

“Well that’s my exciting news Dad! I’ve been offered a job and have had an interview.”

Meg then proceeded to tell me she had received a phone call from the CEO of the building contractor who had completed all of the reconstruction work on their house, extensions, and outbuildings. He had been so impressed with the way she had managed the entire build that he offered her a position as Project Manager with the company.

The CEO explained that there are a number of older farms in the County being redeveloped and subdivided and his company had won the contracts for at least three major developments in the immediate area. He wanted Meg to project manage those contracts and perhaps others in the future.

“Oh my god Meg, that’s fantastic news! And more than deserving I might add. So what did you tell him?”

“Well, obviously I thanked him for considering me, but said it’s something I would need to discuss with Derek before I could commit myself. I’m going to give Derek a call now. You are the first to know Dad.” she said excitedly before leaving the towel on the side of the tub and heading back inside.

“Okay… Hey!.. Hold on Meg!” I yelled toward the doorway. When Meg reappeared I continued, “You won’t be able to call Derek, he’s out at a work dinner.”

“Mmmmm… ohhhkay… So, how do you know that Dad?” she asked quizzically.

“I spoke with your mother earlier and she told me. She was all excited because she is accompanying Derek as his plus one.”

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