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“Now, as long as you truly don’t mind honey?” Said Madison as she got into the car and sat beside me.

“Of course I don’t” came my reply, “I am pretty much headed that way anyway.”

How could I possibly mind, I have been driving now for two days more or less since arriving in France without speaking to anyone other than a forecourt attendant at a petrol station and most fuel stops have had automatic self-service pumps. I was driving down to Monte Carlo in my old two-seater convertible car to trace the last journey I did with my dad before he passed away. Dad always liked mountains and lakes so a backroad journey through France seemed a great idea. One of the drawbacks of travelling alone is no been able to chat about how good or how bad the day was. This girl Madison was having a very bad day indeed.

“Which car hire company did you use Madison? hopefully one that will recover that one and give you another once we get to Orleans.”

“Eurocar I think, and hun, if we are going all the way to Orleans then call me Madi.”

Madison, or rather, Madi, was on her way to a country music festival and decided to make a holiday of it as she had never been to France before. Madi had taken on a rental car and had two days to get to the festival in St Tropez after she touched down in Paris. Simple enough, but not when you choose a non-tourist route where they only speak French and when your car breaks down in an area with no cell phone coverage. So Madi had been sat in her car for a couple of hours wondering how she was going to get to St Tropez in time. Of course, I wasn’t ever planning on going to Orleans as this would take me West instead of East, but, hey, what the heck, it’s not every day you meet an all-American girl, particularly in France.

“Are you sure you have all your stuff from the rental Madi?”

“Sure have!” said Madi as she popped on her cowboy hat.

It was fortunate that I was driving past Madi as she was sat on the grass by the stricken car, luckily I checked my wing mirror to get a better view of her and noticed her get to her feet and wave her hands above her head. I might tell her that bit later.

“It’s probably going to take a couple of hours to get to Orleans from here Madi, have you had anything to drink? I’ve got some water if you fancy some.”

Madi said that would be great and took the bottle from me and had a long drink, long enough for me to notice just how pretty she was. Then after she finished, she gave me her gorgeous smile in return and said thanks. It was lovely and sunny by the time we were on our way, I had the roof down anyway, but it was now warm enough just to be in a T shirt. Madi was wearing blue jeans, a pink vest top with sequined lettering and red and white western style chequered shirt. I couldn’t make out the words on her vest top and it may have appeared to her that I was looking at her breasts if I stared too long trying!

“Who is playing at this gig you are headed to Madi?”

“Oh, the usual Country and Americana scene really, are you into Country?”

I confessed that I did not have that much in my record collection but that I was getting more and more into it. I did have a rock band CD playing but it was almost impossible to hear it with the roof down, the wind noise was too great.

“Here, have this for your journey down to Monte Carlo as a thank you from me.”

Madi handed me a CD of a Lori McKenna album, and said “I sing her songs while I am at home or on the way to work” I had neither heard of the CD or of the artist but I thanked her anyway.

“Are you singing at the festival?” I asked

“Goodness me, no, I just sing to myself when no one else is around!”

The trip to Orleans was fairly uneventful and by now I was getting used to her Tennessee Twang, Madi had said that she was from Nashville when we first started talking by the roadside. I had only stayed up East in the Tri-State şişli escort area of America, this was my first time speaking with a girl from the South. I was quite enjoying they way she spoke as she was extending the length of her vowels. The way she felt ‘tray-uped’ is she stayed much longer in the USA and needed to explore other places. I loved it.

This simple enough journey for Madi became a bit more complicated when we arrived at Eurocar in Orleans. It was a Wednesday; they close on a Wednesday afternoon and won’t open now till the next morning.

“Shoot!” was all she said.

“Oh, where are you staying tonight? and I will drop you off there on the way.” I asked Madi

“No idea hun, I was just gonna drive till I found somewhere nice, what about you? where you headed?”

I had my tent in the car, I sometimes stay in a cheap motel or camp, all municipal French campsites have great facilities.

“Not sure either,” I said, truthfully. “If you stay here and wait to get your rental car in the morning you will be in danger of missing out on the first day of the festival.”

“Well honey, we better get a move on then!”

“Suits me.” I said.

It was only early afternoon so there was plenty of daylight left to drive a hundred miles or so to the next big town with a Eurocar depot. So, we grabbed some food and headed off on our way. We had time to kill so we chatted along the way, then there were periods of silence. One of these times her shirt had blown open and I could now see the lettering on her vest, the gold sequins against pink were a bit tricky to read but I made out ‘Tennessee Angel’ Yes, this lady certainly looked the part with her golden hair flowing with the wind as she laid back with her hat tilted across her face to shade her from the sun.

“You finished admiring my boobs?” laughed Madi

I joked back and said “Oh, I hadn’t noticed.” Quite the opposite in fact, Madi had a great figure, I was not sure how old she was, but she certainly kept herself in great shape.

“I work hard at the gym to look this good Hun; do you think its worth it?”

“Absolutely!” was all I could think of saying.

This was a lady who was very confident in her own body, but not ‘look at me I am gorgeous’ more of ‘Yep, we could have some fun together’ There is a big difference. It was a 5 hour drive as we eventually made it into Lyon, it was a push in my little car but we made it in time to get last couple of rooms in a cheap motel that was on the outside of town. Luckily, there was a steak house nearby, so we were able to get some much-needed food down us before retiring for the night. It wasn’t late but we were both tired.

“Night night Honey, thanks again for today.” said Madi and blew a kiss as she let herself in to her room.

My room was on the next floor, so I said “No problem, see you at 7.30am for the breakfast.”

Once in my room I looked back on quite an eventful day, how lucky I was to have the company of such a refreshing, if a little crazy, woman, I wonder what tomorrow would bring.!!!

My phone buzzed away at 7am, so I quickly got showered and made my way down to the breakfast bar. Madi was there already and was tapping her plastic spoon on a hard-boiled egg.

“Don’t even try the coffee! I thought the French liked their coffee?”

“Ah”, I said, “Yes, le petit dejeuner.”

“Le what? I don’t care what it’s called, it ain’t no breakfast! Retorted Madi.

“Okay, Okay, lets just go and find a café and grab us a decent coffee and a bite to eat. Go grab your things and I’ll check my car over.”

Clearly Madi needs a decent coffee in the morning! I needed fuel soon anyway and luckily there was a petrol stop with a café just outside of Lyon. After a couple of croissants and some decent coffee it was safe to make a move to the Eurocar Depot.

“One more coffee if I may hun?”

“Sure” I said, “we levent escort may still be early for the rental place to be open.”

Halfway through her third coffee Madi said

“Come to the festival with me.”

It seemed she was telling me rather than asking if I wanted to come, I was supposed to be heading to Monte Carlo, but St Tropez was not that far away.

“I need to do the Alps Madi, that’s the whole reason for driving to Monte Carlo, I got to do the high passes.”

“Fine, St Tropez via the Alps, let’s go.”

“What about your rental car Madi? you need to sort that out.”

“Honey, take me to the rental place, give me 5 minutes and I will sort it, then we can go and see these Alps, deal?”

When Madi came out of the car rental her smile was beaming and her eyes were like smiling sapphires.

“All sorted, I got a full refund with only a little bit of Southern American persuasion needed.”

I was wondering what form of persuasion Madi had used, then as she got into the car, I noticed that a couple of buttons on her blouse were undone more than she went in. Ah, that form of persuasion.

“How did he take it?” I asked, looking at her blouse.

Madi just smiled and said, “We gotta head for the Alps honey, lets go.”

Off we went, there would be one more stop over before heading to the festival and as we had made Lyon already, today could be a gentler day for my little car. It was a glorious day as we started to climb up the first pass, I reluctantly said to Madi that she would have to do up her blouse as it would be a bit colder at the top. She was not wearing her vest top today, just a white blouse over a denim mini skirt and tan suede knee length boots. She looked good, that Eurocar guy never stood a chance!

Not much was said as we drove, the views were breath taking as we went up and down the three passes that takes us out of the alps. At the bottom of the third pass we stopped for lunch, nothing special, just the dish of the day. Madi was chatting away about the views and how much I would like the Great Smokey Mountain Park if I ever went to Tennessee and how she would show me around the place and introduce me to some true South-eastern American hospitality.

“You know what hun, I would ‘Get you a little bit country in Nashville’.” smiled Madi as she finished her coffee. “Let’s do it again, let’s do the passes again so I can see what they look like from the other side, please honey, please.”

Why not I thought, I could not resist this beautiful woman and her gentle persuasions! Back we went along the tree passes and caught up with the cyclists who were also doing the three passes. There was snow at the top of the Col de L’Iseran, at 9000 feet there is bound to be snow, Madi wanted to stop to take it all in but the cyclists had arrived, so we continued to the last pass on the hope that by the time we came back they had gone. Sure enough, when we got back to the Col de L’Iseran we had it to ourselves.

“Take my picture hun, I want the guys back home to see me up here in my Nashville skirt at 9000 feet!”

It was a bit chilly, but she looked good up against the snow-covered peaks in only a blouse, mini skirt and boots. We made our way down the pass on to the last pass which was a lot lower.

“Let’s stop here.”

Madi was pointing to a campsite just below the pass.

“Let’s stay here tonight, you got your tent, lets camp it will be fun!”

“Its only a small tent Madi and I’ve just the one sleeping bag.”

“And?” was the only response from Madi.

It was getting late and we had to find somewhere to stay anyway so why not, the site had a pizza bar where we could eat and have a couple of beers. While we were finishing the last beers, I said to Madi that we could watch the sunset if she wanted. We grabbed a couple of fresh beers and a blanket, took our pizza and lay there on the grassy slope. taksim escort The sky was slowly turning from the deep blue of her eyes to the soft pink of her lips as the sun fell from the sky down into the mountains. She looked even more beautiful, basking there, as the sun’s rays played with her face. Madi pulled up the blanket around her bare legs and took another drink.

“I am getting a little chilly now the sun has gone.” said Madi as she patted the ground next to her, inviting me to get a little closer.

The sky was clear, there was not a cloud to be seen. The moon had won its battle with the sun and it was its turn to bathe this beauty in light. We laid there and watched the stars that that were starting to appear.

As we lay there down on the blanket Madi said “This is a beautiful place, thank you for taking me here, now honey, let me take you someplace else.”

She had a look in her eye that I had not seen before as she got up on to her knees, she was still in her blouse, Nashville skirt and boots. She was knelt there with her legs either side of mine.

“I think my blouse is a bit tight, should I unbutton it? “

Madi didn’t wait for me to reply she just knelt there and slowly undid each button, there was no rush to her actions, she was in full tease mode now. I could see the tops of her breasts as she came to the button just above her bra, she continued to the next one and then finally the last button. I was taken by surprise, but it didn’t take long for my cock to be hard and tight in my jeans.

“Shhh honey.”

Was all she said as she finished tying a loose knot at the bottom of her blouse and brought a finger up to her lips. The moonlight complimented her soft golden sun-kissed skin as she placed her hands on my T shirt and lifted it up over my head.

“Oooh, hun, I do like a hairy chest.” as she ran her pink nails down from my neck to the top of my jeans.

“Now, let’s do that again.”

She chuckled as she ran her nails, this time a little deeper, from the top of my jeans up to my neckline then back down again. Only this time Madi unfastened my belt and undid the top button of my 501s. She pulled up her skirt a tiny bit more, revealing a glimpse of her panties as she continued unbuttoning my 501s.

“It’s a front fastening bra hun.” said Madi as she leaned forward and placed her lips upon mine.

My hands reached up and I traced the outline of her bra, as I unclipped the hook, Madi pulled away, my hands cupping her soft breasts. She smiled down at me as my thumbs caressed her now hardening nipples. The moon was behind Madi and its light had created a perfect silhouette of this beautiful woman in front of me as she placed her hand inside my jeans. She blew that kiss at me as she loosened my 501s further so that my cock was finally free. I moved my hands from her breasts and onto her thighs and pushed up her Nashville skirt even higher to reveal more of her panties.

Madi then rose slightly, pulled her panties to one side revealing the now swollen lips of her pussy and then slid my cock upside her. We both caught our breath, not a word had been spoken since the first kiss. Madi began to sing as she slowly rose and then lower herself back down, taking the full length of my cock with each movement. Her voice was soft and gentle as she lifted herself up, and then with only a sigh as she came down. Soon she was into her rhythm, gentle movements for what seemed to be the verses and then harder and faster for what must have been the chorus.

Her voice quickened and her sighs deepened, I could sense that her song was coming to its climax. I was watching her breasts move to the beat of the song but as the intensity grew, I cupped them once more and played with her nipples to the rhythm of her song. Her words had come to an end, but her sighs increased as she continued. Then Madi let out a final long sigh as she same down on my cock one last time. She lay on top of me a for a while as I stroked her hair as it lay against her shoulders and neck.

Was I dreaming? I am been made love to by this most amazing woman in the mountains while on my way down to Monte Carlo. Yes, probably.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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