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Thanks for all the positive feedback, if this is the first time you have selected this story I would strongly recommend that you read the preceding chapters first.


Later that evening we all met up in town, at a restaurant just around the corner from my Mom’s motel.

Mom and Red were already there when we arrived, a little flustered and late.

“Glad to see there are some gentlemen who can tell the time, and know when to look after a lady.” My Mom said.

“Oh he knows how to take care of a lady.” Clare said.

Jane nearly choked on her wine, immediately going bright red.

My Mom immediately shot me a look that said, “I think I know what you’ve been up to.” But being in company meant that she could not say anything directly.

Everybody enjoyed the meal, Red was the life and soul of the group telling plenty of embarrassing stories of when Clare and I were younger, and some of the antics we used to get up to.

After the meal, Red offered to take Mom back to the motel. The rest of us drove back to Jane’s house in almost total silence, when we got home Jane said she was going straight to bed as she was very tired after all the days fun activities.

Clare and I decided that we would have a drink before bed, I mixed us a couple of whiskies and we sat in the study. It was nice to be able to relax just Clare and I. Clare snuggled in close; we just sat and talked, before we knew it the sky started to brighten. We had sat up talking all night, the pay off was to be up in time to watch a lovely dawn break.

Clare shot up out of her seat “Come on, quickly follow Me.” she demanded. I did as I was told and followed her; it soon became clear that we were headed for the beach.

Once on the beach Clare turned to me, as she spoke she started pulling her clothes off “Dave make love to me, I want to make love as the sun comes up over the horizon.”

By the time, Clare had finished talking; she was naked and lying on the sandy beach. I quickly stripped of my clothes and lay next to her on the beach; I lent across and started to kiss her all over. I ran my fingers ever so lightly across her stomach, climbing to her boobs and very gently took each boob in my hands and tweaked her nipples.

Clare was obviously feeling very randy, as she was impatient for me to tend to her pussy. Not one to wait for very long Clare decided to take care of herself and was rubbing her clit furiously. I continued fondling her breasts and gently sucking and biting her nipples.

I shifted around and ran my tongue from the back of Clare’s knee to the very edge of her pussy, immediately lifting away and repeating on the other side. Clare was getting close to orgasm from her own ministrations and my teasing her was driving her mad.

“Stop fucking teasing me and suck my cunt.” Clare shouted; just as well, nobody else was around. But as always I did as Clare asked and lowered my face to her crotch, her pussy was soaked I covered her lips with my mouth and just sucked and lapped at her juices, deliberately leaving her clit alone.

I spent a good few minutes snacking on my favourite pussy, all the while ignoring Clare’s pleas to nibble her clit. My dick was aching and the sun was about to climb over the horizon. I lifted myself up over Clare I kissed her and allowed her tongue to search around my mouth, I knew she was able to taste her own juices and that gave me an extra buzz.

Ever so slowly, I lowered myself into Clare’s pussy, being as gentle as I possibly could be, going as slow as I could. On each thrust, I would go slightly deeper, I knew this would drive Clare crazy and sure enough, she was trying to push up against me, but my weight on her put a stop to that. After a little while of teasing her I pulled my dick almost all the way out and immediately thrust back with all my might, this was what Clare was after and she clamped her legs around my back to stop me pulling out again; she wanted me deep inside her.

Although we were in full public view on the beach I think the entire town could have walked passed and we would have been none the wiser. We were as one, my deep thrusting was sending Clare ever closer to the climax that she wanted, just as the sun came up she began to moan and I could feel her pussy walls tighten against my prick as her orgasm began. I could not hold back any further and shot my load so deep inside I am sure I could feel the entrance to her womb.

We both lay there panting for a few minutes; coming down from our high, it was one of the most romantic occasions we had together. We soon came to our senses though when I spied one of our neighbours heading down the beach with her dogs.

“Quick Clare, come on someone’s coming down the beach.” I said gathering my clothes as I got up. We had no choice but to run back to the house naked, we had no time to dress; what a sight we must have looked naked and sweaty covered in sand.

As we ran into the kitchen, I grabbed Clare and pulled her to me, kissing her gently, “Thank you Gümüşhane Escort baby that was amazing; we should do that again sometime.” I said.

“What, almost get caught shagging on the beach.” Clare said laughing.

Just then, Jane came into the room; she must have thought we were asleep as she nearly jumped out of her skin.

“God, you two nearly scared me to death. What have you been doing, you’re all covered in sand?” She asked.

“Fucking on the beach and now were going for a shower, you coming?” Clare said with a grin as she walked passed Jane pulling me by my dick.

“Maybe later, looks like you two have unfinished business.” Jane said with a wink.

We enjoyed our shower, although we did not have sex again, we did play with each other for ages and both came again although this time Clare swallowed my load.

After breakfast Clare said she needed to head into town to get started organising things for the house, she was setting a fast pace and wanted to be in the house within a fortnight.

I dropped Clare off and headed to the garage site, I wanted to try to get an idea of what we could do with all the land. I called Red and asked if he could come over and take a look with me, he agreed and no much more than half an hour later, he was with me.

“What’s up son?” Red asked.

“I’ve been thinking about all this land to the side of the site, we don’t need it for the dealership maybe we could develop it ourselves and put it to some use,” I replied.

“Don’t see why not, we could probably get four or five self-contained units on that site, would bring in some healthy lease money for you. I’ll mention it to Simon when I speak to him later; we need him to come take a look at the site anyway.” Red was talking about Simon Addison, his architect. Simon had designed Red’s other Toyota dealership and that had won various design awards.

Red got on the phone to Simon, who agreed would meet us at the site the following day.

I headed back into town to pick up Clare. As she came back to the car, I could see that she was not happy. She got in and slammed the door so hard I thought the handle would come off in her hand.

“Jeez, what’s eating you?” I asked.

“I can’t find anything for the house; nobody out here has the slightest clue about interior design and what it means. How am I going to finish the house if I can’t find anything for it?” Clare replied; a tear started down her cheek. I could not bear to see Clare so upset.

I wiped the tear away and kissed her gently.

“Well why don’t you go to the city, you could make some contacts that you could use back here for your new unit.” I had not meant to tell Clare about the unit yet, but seeing her so low changed my mind.

“Unit? What unit? “Clare asked with a surprised look on her face.

“The unit that I’m going to have built next to the dealership, you need somewhere to base your business if you’re serious, and I sure don’t want you working from home.” I replied.

That did the trick, Clare was once again happy, I could see that she was already making plans for the house and the business.

I had not discussed this with Red, but I knew that he would not have any objections to my idea. I was also hoping that Mom would be able to help Clare with the business.

I rang Stacey to tell her that Clare would be coming back to the city for a few days.

“Oh that’s great, it will be good to see the two of you.” She beamed.

“Only Clare this time, you’ll be able to have a proper catch up.” I said. Clare had not realised that I would not be going back to the city with her; she was not happy and it showed on her face.

“Oh hang on; Lisa wants to speak to you.” Stacey said.

“Hey Dave, I just wanted to say thanks. I’m really enjoying college; I couldn’t have done it without you.” Lisa said.

“No problem Lisa, just make sure you get the grades you need.” I replied. I ended the call; I could feel the coolness emanating from Clare’s side of the car.

“What’s wrong Clare?” I asked, as if I did not know what was coming.

“Oh yeah great idea mister, send the little woman away for a few days so you can fuck Jane senseless.” Clare spat.

“I know how you feel Clare, but I really can’t spare the time to go back to the city, Red and I are meeting the architects tomorrow at the site. And anyway I’ve already decided that I can’t be messing around with Jane; she’s identical to Mom and that gave me a very strange dream last night.” I hoped this might placate Clare, how wrong could I be.

“So now you’re telling me that you want to fuck Mom as well?” Clare shrieked.

“No Clare, you’re not listening to me. Having sex with Jane is too weird, and anyway having three women to look after is more than enough for one man.” I continued, “You should know by know that you are the only woman I want, sure when we get together with Stacey its fun, but you’re the one that I will always come home to.” Clare’s mood seamed to Gümüşhane Escort Bayan brighten a little.

“There only one problem darling. “Clare said, I noticed the little twinkle was back in her eye.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m on a promise to lick Jane’s cunt whilst you fuck her up the arse. I being honest I can’t see you giving the chance of sum ass up.” Clare smirked.

This was true, Jane had asked if I could take her up the arse, Clare had agreed as long as she could be in on the act and join in herself. I thought about it as we drove back to Jane’s house.

“Well I guess, we could have just one more session with Jane before we all call it a day. ” I said to Clare as we walked into the house.

“Call what a day?” Jane was just inside the lounge and had heard part of the conversation.

“Clare has to go back to the City to get some things together for the house and the new business, but she doesn’t want me to stay here, because she thinks we’ll be shagging each other senseless.” I said.

“Oh I see, what’s wrong with that then?” Jane said with a smirk.

“I wouldn’t be here to enjoy the fun, plus Dave thinks it’s a little weird fucking his Mom’s identical sister.” Clare responded with a slightly bitchy tone.

“Why is anymore weird than fucking your sister, Dave?” Jane asked.

“It’s like another level, the ultimate taboo. It’s not something I’ve really thought about, but I had a dream the other night and it kind of freaked me out a bit.” I answered being as truthful as I could be.

“Dave, we have had some fun and that’s all, it’s not like I’m about to have your kids or run off with you. We are all adults having some fun that is all. As far as I am concerned, your Mom will never know about what has happened or may happen. It will certainly never go one when she is around, and if Clare is at all concerned then I will say that we will never do anything without her being present.” Jane could have been a UN negotiator. Her comments seamed to meet with Clare’s approval, and to be honest my concerns were less as well. One thing that I was sure of was that I did not want anything coming between Clare and me; I love her too much for that.

“Dave, before I forget Frank Keel ran and asked if you could call before the end of the day. And FedEx delivered a package for you earlier; it is on the desk in the study. I’m off into town for some shopping, see you later.” Jane said as she walked out of the door.

Clare needed to pack some stuff for her trip to the City; she wanted to get the first flight in the morning and would not have any time for packing when she got up.

I decided that I better ring Frank Keel and see what he wanted; the phone only rang a couple of times. “Hi Dave, thanks for calling, Cooper Reese have sent the paperwork over for the site, it needs your signature on it.”

“Thanks Frank, they haven’t hung around have they?” I replied.

“No, they want to finalise everything, after all this is the last outstanding item from the purchase of your old garage.” Frank continued, “We need to get these signed and back to them soonest.”

“Ok Frank, but there is no way I can get there this week, Clare is coming over tomorrow to find a few things, I could get her to pickup the paperwork and FedEx it back once I’ve signed it, how’s that?” I asked.

“Sure Dave, that will be fine, speak to you soon.” Frank ended the call.

I opened the FedEx packet that was sat on the table, my friend Adrian had sent the ring he had made for me. I was stunned by the quality of Adrian’s work, he had designed the ring from scratch for me, there was a very intricate design around the ring based on a Celtic design. To me the best bit was the inscription around the inside of the ring; it read “la mia sorella il mio amante la mia vita” which means my sister, my lover my life.

Adrian had put the ring into a lovely wooden box, which also had the inscription inside the lid on a little plaque, talk about attention to detail.

I immediately rang Adrian to thank him very much for his hard work; he told me that he had really enjoyed doing something slightly different.

Clare had already packed her bag and had left it at the bottom of the stairs ready for the morning. I opened the bag and buried the ring inside its box onto a pair of her knickers. That way she would find it once she got to the penthouse.

The rest of the day was spent making the arrangements for Clare’s trip to the City and general chitchat. We both decided on an early night. Clare fell asleep very quickly, as she always did. I carried on with one of my all time favourite hobbies, watching Clare sleep. When she sleeps her heart beat falls to almost nothing and she always lie’s on her back. She looks so beautiful when she is sleeping it almost takes my breath away.

When I woke the next morning, we had moved close together and Clare had moved onto her side; she was slowly but surely rubbing her arse in my groin. My dick was Escort Gümüşhane becoming stiffer all the time, I ran my hand along Clare’s body from her thigh across her buttocks and around to her breasts.

As Clare continued to rub me, I fondled her breasts, within seconds her nipples had become hard. I rolled Clare onto her back and straddled her, my prick rubbing the front of her panties in the cleft of her pussy. I lent forward and took her engorged nipples into my mouth, first one then the other biting and nibbling, as I knew Clare liked. I could feel Clare’s pussy was soaked; the panel on the front of her panties was being forced inside her moist lips with each thrust of my prick.

I held my prick with my right hand and pushed at the fabric, I managed to get quite a way inside, the feel of the fabric against her clit was driving Clare mad. She wanted my prick inside her and was pushing up against every thrust.

“Wait, I need to get these off.” She panted.

“Ok, but I want them.” I said; Clare gave me a slightly strange look but instead of throwing them in the hamper, she left them on the bedside table.

I knelt in front of her, I could smell her female musk and it was driving me wild, I needed to get my tongue inside her pussy to taste the heavenly nectar. As I licked and nibbled her pussy lips and clit, my tongue darted inside to retrieve as much of Clare’s cum as I could. As I knelt on the bed in front of Clare, I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me, resting her legs on my shoulders. I rubbed my prick along the length of Clare’s pussy with just a little pressure it slipped in, I began a slow back and forth rhythm, and as Clare approached her second orgasm of the day I began to ram my prick further and further inside as we both peeked together. I could feel Clare’s pussy muscles contracting against my prick milking me for all I was worth.

We both grabbed a shower and I took Clare to the airport, as I was looking for somewhere to park Clare asked. “Why did you want me to keep those panties?”

“Well what do you think, Jane is out of bounds and you’re going away for a few days, if I can’t have you the next best thing is a pair of your panties soaked in your cum.” I replied.

I think Clare was surprised, but never one to be shocked she simply lifted the skirt she was wearing and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Within seconds, the front panel was soaked and she simply pulled off her panties and handed them to me.

“Here you go, another fresh pair for you, if you really like them I’ll send you a fresh pair every day.” She leaned over and rubbed her cum coated fingers around my lips and kissed me goodbye.

Thankfully, she did not want me to go into the airport with her; it would have been difficult hiding the hard on that I was currently sporting.

I had a couple of hours before I had to meet Red and Simon, so I thought I would head back to Jane’s and grab a shower. I carefully placed the two pairs of knickers that I had in my bedside drawer, looking forward to getting to grips with them later.

By the time, I got to the site, Red and Simon had already been there for some time, Simon had brought some sketches to show what the dealership would look like. Once he had the details, he needed from the site visit he could then produce the final design for Red, Toyota and I to approve.

Whilst we were there, I thought I had better tell Red of my idea to give one of the units to Clare for her interior design business. Thankfully, he thought it was a brilliant idea.

Simon advised us to build a separate road for the units so that they would not interfere with the operation of the dealership, we both thought that was a sensible approach and told him to base his designs on that idea.

My phone rang; it was my Mom wondering what I was doing.

“Hi Mom, I’m with Red and Simon at the new garage site, why don’t you come over and take a look, we could go and grab some lunch afterwards if you like.” I said.

“Sure, as long as I won’t be in the way.” Mom replied.

I hung up and told Red that Mom was coming over and that we could all go to lunch after we had finished here.

“Damn Son, I hope she don’t take too long, now you’ve mentioned food I’m starved.” Red replied.

Simon said that he needed to get back to his office to get started on the plans, he asked Red if he should go ahead and get the ground crew it to knock down the old buildings and clear the site.

“Sure Simon, we need to move on this as soon as possible, I’ve spoken to the local planning dept, they are happy to see the back of this place.” Red confirmed Simon’s request.

Before long Mom arrived at the site, she was obviously shocked by what she saw; she was walking around the almost derelict buildings muttering to herself.

“It’s ok Jennifer, all these old buildings are going, we’re going to build a new dealership and some business units over the other side.” Red offered some reassurance to my Mom.

I continued, “Sure Mom, it will be great when it’s all done, we’re even giving Clare a unit for her interior design business.”

That seamed to brighten my Mom’s outlook on the place. “Best thing for this dump would be to get the Air force to do some bombing practise on the place.” She laughed.

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