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When I was in my 20s, I worked regularly as a figure drawing model, mostly for colleges and private drawing groups. I had some yoga training and could be steady in poses for a long time. I was also completely comfortable being nude and being watched while I was nude – artists have told me that this is actually the most important thing for a model. I did this for around 10 years, and then was too busy with career and family to continue. I do miss it sometimes – I felt a tremendous excitement when I removed my robe and stared posing. And I always loved looking at the drawings, paintings or sculptures that the artist created.

I am now looking back upon my experiences, and plan to write about many. I will start with the most unusual things that I did.

At one of the groups, one of the artists often asked me about doing a crucifixion pose. I assumed he was joking, but one day at break, he told me that he was very serious. I told him I would do it for much more than my usual fee. This was a long time ago – if I remember correctly, I usually got $10 an hour. So I asked for $100 an hour.

He asked me if he could have other artists there to share costs, and I said that sounded fine. We agreed to do a two hour session.

The session was to be held in his home. Although I was a graduate student, the town I lived in (Princeton) was very affluent. The artist (let’s call him James) owned a house in a very wealthy part of Princeton. When I arrived, he took me to his studio. It was a large room with lots of natural light with a hard wood floor. Many of his paintings and drawings (a few of me) were on the walls – some still in progress. There was a large wooden crucifix that was attached to one wall, with four easels surrounding it.

I went into the corner of the room, and took off my clothes. I started to put on my robe, but James told me that there was no need for this. James told me that he and the other artists would like to do additional drawings of me when I was resting from the strain of being on the cross. After I took off my clothes, James walked over to me. Since what I was to do was extremely demanding, we needed to discuss how long I was to hold my pose. We agreed that I would do 15 minutes in the pose, and then we would see if I needed a break.

James told me that the other artists were in the next room, since I might balıkesir escort want privacy as I got into my pose.

I walked to where the crucifix had been placed. There were ropes attached to the arms of the cross, and a little foot rest attached to the body of the cross. I was expecting ropes of course, but what I then saw surprised me. There was a dildo covered with a well-lubricated condom that was connected to the cross. James told me the dildo was called a cornu. He said I would be much more comfortable if the dildo was inserted into my anus when I was up on the cross since I would have a little more support for my body. I would be able to hold the pose much more easily with the additional support.

James told me that he had discussed me with another artist named George. George was a very wealthy retiree who liked to hire models privately. I had been posing for George weekly for the past few months; George liked hiring models privately so he could fuck them in the ass before drawing them. George’s theory was that young male models are more relaxed and more subservient when they have the artist’s semen inside them.

James told me that he knew that I am comfortable being penetrated anally, but he would like to open me up first before I got into position. He had me go on all fours, and he unzipped his fly. His dick was already hard. I could see his dick as fairly small and not particularly thick. I arched my back to allow for easier penetration, and could feel the tip of his dick against my already opening asshole. He slowly entered me. It felt so good! I also had never been fucked by a fully dressed man before and this was very exciting to me.

I started rocking my hips forward and back, and James pumped into me harder and harder. I could feel him getting bigger inside me and then he spurted his semen into me.

James pulled out, and I could see that we were no longer alone in the room. The other three artists were standing and watching us. They were three men, all in their 60s and 70s. I had never met any of them before.

One of the men told James that I would be excellent; I was nice and thin with little body fat. I was also very subservient, and would clearly do whatever I was told.

I stood up, and could feel a little semen come out of my asshole. On command, balıkesir escort bayan I walked over to the crucifix. One of the men grabbed me by my hips and lifted me up. He maneuvered by butt so that my asshole was touching the cornu, and then lowered me so that the dildo was completely inside me.

My feet were resting on the foot rest, and two other men attached my arms to the ropes on top of the cross. For a final step, my ankles were then attached to the cross.

The pose was actually surprisingly comfortable. I could move my body only a little as my four limbs were all tied with ropes. I could move my head from side to side. I could also move my hips a little bit – both side to side, and up and down.

James told me that he knew I was great model, and never moved. But because this pose was so demanding, I should feel free to move a little if I wanted to.

After a few minutes in position, I started moving my hips up and down a little to relieve the pressure a bit on my shoulders. Moving my hips caused the dildo to rub against my prostate. This felt incredible, and I started to get hard.

James saw this, and told me that he knew that I was very professional and that I never got erections while posing for a class. But erections on a cross, especially when the model has his asshole penetrated by a cornu, were inevitable and I just enjoy. Every model they had ever drawn on the cross had gotten erect, and most had ejaculated.

So I just went with it. I could feel myself getting bigger and bigger, harder and harder. After a few minutes, I came. It was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life! If felt like it lasted for about a minute, with one pulse after another. My semen was all over my belly and legs.

I was in great shape back then, and only weighed 140 pounds. It actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. After the fifteen minutes were up, the members of the group made me an offer. If I would stay on the cross for 30 minutes before my break, they would double my pay. Since I felt OK, I said yes.

A few minutes later, I ejaculated again. This time, my erection subsided. The time passed, I did my up and down dance, and eventually the cross was lowered. I was untied and I lifted myself off the dildo. James gave me a towel to wipe the semen off me and off the floor. escort balıkesir There was no way I could do anything other than just go into fetal position and rest. The artists then moved around me and started some sketches. Some were in front of me and some behind me. Afterwards, they showed me their drawing.

Since the dildo had been in me for so long, my anus was gaping wide open and there was lube leaking out. I didn’t realize this until I saw the sketches (though in all fairness, they may have exaggerated the opening). It looked like I was ready to be fucked!

After 15 minutes of rest, I was lifted back into position. Once again, I got an erection and ejaculated. One again, semen dripped down me, but less this time.

Because I was so tired during break, I forgot to go pee! And now I really needed to. I held it in for as long as I could, but then lost control and peed all over the hardwood floor, though some went on me also. James told me not to worry about this – peeing was also inevitable on the cross.

The time passed, and my arms were getting very tired. My erection came and went, and I ejaculated one more time. This time, I actually was up there for a full hour.

When the brought me down and untied me, I could only lay on the ground. I realized in a couple of minutes that I was actually lying in my pee. But I couldn’t do anything about that yet.

While I was lying there, James brought me four hundred dollar bills in a jar. All the other artists then came around me and told me how wonderful I had been. They each put more money in the jar for me, as a tip. I made myself move eventually, got my clothes on, and left.

This had been a wonderful experience. When I next saw James, he told me that I had done very well, but the group only liked to use each model once.

Some photos had been taken of me so that the artists could do paintings from them. They also sold the photos to collectors when they were finished with the painting, and the model always received the money from the sale.

James was true to his word – two years later, at the end of a session for a life drawing group, James handed me an envelope with nine hundred dollars.

This story was brought back to me a few weeks ago. This experience was very powerful to me, and I sometimes like to look at crucifixion artwork and photographs. I went onto a certain website, and saw that some photos of me were on the site.

There was a photo of me on the cross with my hips to one side; there was a photo of me with an enormous erection; and there was a photo of me with a stream of urine coming out of my dick. No one would possibly know that this had been me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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