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I had been dreaming of visiting the U.S. for many years, I had gone out with a hot guy from Florida who was living in Sydney/Australia for 4 years but needed to go back to the U.S. due to his working visa expiring and though he begged me to come and live with him and as much as I loved him, I wasn’t prepared to leave everything in Sydney behind to go to another country and be with him. This played on my mind for a few years, the regrets, the what ifs???? They were driving me mad so I finally decided, fuck it, I’m going to surprise him with a visit.

I buy my ticket and finally, with anticipation, I get to Florida, Tampa Bay to be exact and check myself into the hotel and then I finally start realizing that this is stupid, I can’t believe I’ve done this, he could already be in a relationship, be married, who knows, but most importantly, I wondered, how do I lure him into the bar downstairs and surprise him. Either way, I had to see him.

I convince the receptionist at the front desk to help me and she loves the whole set up, thinks its romantic, she was such a nice girl, so she rings him and pretends to try to pick him up lol, convinces him to meet her at the bar that night, that she had met him once before through a mutual friend and really liked him, he fell for it hook, line and sinker, he wasn’t going to come thinking it was a prank but i’m glad he was intrigued enough to bite. I was so excited, I spend the day getting myself ready for him, I get my hair and nails done, go the beautician and get my pussy and ass completely waxed, I wanted to make sure my body was exactly the way he remembered it.

I get to the bar 30minutes before he was due to supposedly meet her and I sit quietly and hidden in the dark corner of the bar, then I finally see him and my heart skips a beat, I nearly cry because I’ve missed him so much and all the love I felt for him just came pouring back. He looked so sexy and so fucking hot. He settled at the bar and orders a drink, by this time I had already devoured two martini’s and lucky for that because it made it easier for me to approach him. I sneak up behind him and put my hands over his eyes, and he stretches behind himself and starts to touch my body, trying to figure out who it is, obviously thinking it’s the girl who rang, he continues touching my body and finally his hands finally rest on my ass. He says “are you going to show me who you are or not” and I slowly pull my hands away from his eyes and he turns around and oh my god, to this day I can’t forget the look of shock and happiness on his face. He just stared at me, and then grabs me and kisses me with the most hungry and passionate of kisses I’ve ever felt. I knew then he missed me as much as I had missed him, he picks me up and I’m straddling him now, lucky I was wearing jeans, and I’m sitting there on top of him, kissing and hugging him. He finally sets me down and asks me 100 questions, but he still wouldn’t stop kissing me. Everyone was watching us at this stage, we even heard a “get a room” which embarrassed us. We stick around the bar for about an hour, talking about what made me do this etc, finally o I grab him and take him up to the room.

We get in the elevator and he just couldn’t keep his hands off me. He starts to kiss me, not caring that people were coming in and out of the elevator, we get to my room and as soon as the door closes he throws me against the wall and deep tongues my with so much passion, I’m so horny and wet by then, he literally rips my top off me, buttons go flying, and he latches his hot mouth on to my nipples and starts to suck them like his life depended on them. We always had intense and mind blowing sexual sessions, each time was like the first, he is sucking and biting then harder now, I’m breathing so heavily by then and grabbing his face and burying it deeper into my chest, he’s on his knees now I’m freaking out and just wanting his cock inside me. What you all don’t know is that this guy has one hell of a hot cock, it’s 10inches long, circumcised and 2 and half inches wide, every woman’s dream cock. I wanted it inside me so desperately. He pops the buttons on my jeans and starts to pull them down, I rip my shoes off by then and the jeans follow them very quickly, he then starts to pull my g-string down and he inhales the sex aroma of my waxed pussy which by then was so wet, after ripping them off me he lifts my leg up in the air and then starts to suck my pussy juices right out of my cunt, I nearly cum straight away, I’m moaning loudly and totally losing it by now, his tongue is like no other, he starts to suck my clit and then flickers his tongue along it fast and then he dips it into my hole and I scream, he’s fucking me with his tongue and I’m slowly losing it, he rests my leg on his left shoulder and then starts to finger me while licking and sucking, I’m pinching my nipples by then, then dipping my finger in my pussy and then rubbing the juices on my nipples and then licking them, I love the taste of myself, no wonder he is sucking it like his life depended on it. I know I’m close, I can feel the intensity of what his tongue is doing to me and I start to grind into his mouth, I look down into his eyes and the look of sex and passion in his eyes does me in and I cum so hard in his mouth, I just see his tongue lapping away at my pussy, devouring my juices. He stands up and kisses me, letting me taste my juices on his tongue, he knows how much I love that.

He picks me up and throws me on the king size bed and then rips his clothes off, I can’t keep the want out of my eyes, just one look at his hot tattooed body and it just sends shivers up and down my spine. He is completely naked in front of me and my eyes are glued to his perfect cock, standing up hard and erect, I need to have it in my mouth so badly. He comes to the bed and I latch my mouth on to it and I hear him groan, he always loved how I sucked his cock dry, I couldn’t get enough of it, I lie sideways on the bed and put a pillow on the edge and then push my head all the way back hanging off the side of the bed, he knows I want to deep throat him, we both love that. He bends down like he’s about to 69 me and slowly enters his cock into my mouth and then pulls out, then back in, a bit deeper this time, and he continues to do this, going deeper each time, finally I feel him go past my tonsils and down the back of my throat and I realize I can’t breath and that is exactly how I want it, he pulls out, lets me breath and then forces it back down again, deeper this time, past my tonsils and down the back of my throat, he starts to fuck my mouth harder and faster now, letting me breath at the right intervals, I’m sucking his cock in deeper and deeper, I know that it was down my neck because my neck kept on bulging each time he pushed in, in the meantime, he starts to flicker his tongue on my clit again, in the 69er position and all I can do is moan with pleasure, it was still tender and I didn’t expect it, I know he’s close to coming because he starts fucking my throat harder and faster and I can see him tensing up, he finally warns me and then screams as I start to feel his hot liquid gold pouring down the back of my throat, it was so hot, it felt like it was burning me, he kept on fucking my mouth until every drops was dripping down my throat and I just kept on sucking his cock, sucking the cum right out of the eye, I didn’t care if it was tender, I wanted to make sure no drop went astray.

He finally pulls out of my mouth and just shakes his head, he can’t believe how intense that was. We are both naked and he helps me up and then just kisses me, that was the one thing I always loved about him, he was never the kind of guy who shied away from kissing a woman after she’s swallowed him like so many guys do, he’s a real man who is in tune with his sexuality and I love that about him. We get up, still totally naked and realize how thirsty we are so I go and pour us some drinks, our favorites, cranberry juice and vodka, I got 4 bottles of vodka from duty free when I arrived and I had bought some cranberry juice in my travels that day getting ready for that night. I realize there isn’t any ice so I call room service and ask them to bring up a container of ice. We sit there naked on the lounge, me sitting on his lap talking about the surprise, he couldn’t believe I was there, he kept on licking and sucking my right nipple while I was trying to explain more of my surprise, I can’t believe how happy he was. I asked him if he was with someone and he said no, that there hadn’t been anyone serious since we had broken up and I know it’s wrong but I felt so happy about that. The door knocks and it was room service, in the meantime my ex wanted to make a quick call, not even thinking I opened the door, totally naked, and the poor kid nearly dropped the ice, I said sorry, this is how we do things in Australia lol. My ex was laughing his head off talking on the phone while seeing what I just did, I gave the kid a tip and said thanks and he just couldn’t take his eyes off my nipples. I felt like asking him if he would like to suck them but I stopped myself ehehhe.

I finish making our drinks and settle myself back on my ex’s lap, his cock getting hard again, damn I love that cock. Anyway, we drink our drinks and he takes Sex hikayeleri the ice out of his and slowly runs it on my nipple, the cold making it go hard instantly and it felt awesome, he starts to suck it hard and deep, I still haven’t felt his cock in my pussy yet and I was dying for it. We finished our drinks and he picks me up again and again throws me on the bed with this cheeky look in his eye. I land and my legs spread and he just dives right back in again, mouth first and I start moaning again, his tongue was doing wonders, I was still so wet from before. This time though he doesn’t waste anytime. He lifts my legs up on to his shoulders and then starts to tease my pussy lips with the head of this 10 inch cock. He knew how badly I wanted him inside me, he always teased me in the past and it was still driving me crazy. He starts to slide into me and I freak out, his size is a size I have missed so much, I feel him struggling to get it in but I didn’t want him to be gentle, I want it hard and I begged him to just fuck me and not worry and that was all he needed to hear from me to make it happen, he thrusts deep and his whole cock is inside me, we both knew it fit, it fitted for 4 yrs. He can’t control himself anymore, he starts to fuck me hard and fast now, I am screaming with the intensity of this cock in my tight pussy, the look in his eyes are driving me crazy, he lowers my legs and bends down and starts to suck my nipples really hard while fucking my pussy deep and fast, I’m screaming by now, he is thrusting so hard into me that he is lifting me up with every thrust and pushing my nipples deeper into his mouth, he quickly pulls out and flips me over on to my knees, and with one hard thrust buries himself deep into my pussy from behind, I can feel his balls hitting my pussy lips and I’m bent down so hard and my ass and pussy so high up and he is riding me so damn hard and fast, I’m screaming into the bed covers by now begging him to fuck me harder, faster, not to stop, he pulls out again and lies down next to me and I get up and I lower my pussy down on his hard cock and he starts to fuck me even harder now, he is so deep now that I can feel him hitting my womb, my tits are bouncing with every thrust and he is pinching them, holding my ass while thrusting deeper into my pussy, he is fucking me so fast now, I feel every nerve ending on my body is on fire from the electricity our two bodies were creating. He screams he’s about to cum and the second I looked in his eye he screams one last time and with one hard thrust buries himself to the hilt into my pussy and I feel him pouring his cum deep inside me, he pulls back a bit and then thrusts again and continues pouring up into me, he always had a huge load of cum and I wish I was able to taste it again. I start clenching my pussy muscles to suck every drop out of that hot cock. He is moaning now, I know it’s freaking him out cause his cock is so sensitive, swimming inside me with his cum and my own juices.

Finally I slowly stand up off him and then I suck his cock, I love tasting his cock after it’s been inside me, the taste of both our juices drive me crazy, then I kiss him so he can taste what I taste, I have to admit our juices are one hell of a lethal cocktail, talk about an aphrodisiac. I curl up next to him and both fall asleep, it feels so good to fall asleep in his arms again, to feel his heart beat next to mine.

Time goes by and then I hear a knock on the door, we look at each other and he smiles and says he has a surprise for me. I am very intrigues and I quickly remember to throw a robe over myself and I answer the door. There in front of me is one of the hottest guys I had ever seen, this guy was the epitome of edible. I looked at him and he smiled and asked if my ex was here and I said yes, and he came on in the room. I close the door which is already hanging with the Do Not Disturb Sign on it. They say hello to each other and we are introduced, by now I am very intrigued indeed. I look at my ex with an enquiry in my eyes, wanting to know who this guy is? He finally tells me “do you remember when we were in Australia and you had told me so many times how you wish to have sex with two guys” and I slowly nod my head, my heart starting to pound, he continues “well, this here is a very good mate of mine and I know he would love to have a taste of you as I’ve not stopped talking about you since I got back, so this is our chance to make your dream a reality, so what do you think? Are you game?”. I look at his friend thinking that I would be a fucking idiot to say no to THAT so I smiled and slowly nod my head.

I offer him a drink and I make us all the same cranberry and vodka. They are both sitting on the bed now and I slowly walk up to his friend, my ex is sitting up now, his back against the head of the bed, just watching, to see what we both do. I stand in front of his friend and I slowly open my robe and the look in his eye freaks me out, he starts to touch my breasts with his hands and then I feel him running his hands all over my body, then resting on my pussy and then moving them away again, I take the robe off and stand naked in front of them both. My ex is hard by now and is slowly stroking his 10inch cock. His friend asks me to turn around and bend down in front of him, I do that, I bend down and as I squat my pussy lips are exposed to his mouth as well as my asshole and he starts to lick my clit from behind, I start to moan, damn, he feels so great. I start pushing my pussy back on to his lips. He slips a finger into my pussy, then another, then another, I beg him to slip another one in which he does, 4 fingers pumping in and out of my pussy, I hear my ex tell him to try to fist me, that i love that, I get so excited just thinking about it. I feel him trying to push his thumb into me as well, I couldn’t cope with how gentle he was being, what is it with these two tonight, I want pain because with pain, comes pleasure, so I push back and help him bury his fist in me, I hear my ex moan, I know he is dying to get inside me again. His friend starts to fist fuck me, finally, with one hard thrust he is wrist deep inside my pussy, I am so wet by now and I start pushing harder on to his fingers, fucking his fist, I can hear the gushing come out each time he pulls out. He starts to rub my clit with his other hand and I start to cum immediately, I’m moaning and screaming by now, my ex gets up and thrusts his cock into my mouth while I’m bent down in front of his friend. I start sucking his cock like it’s the last one on earth. He grabs my head and starts to fuck my mouth hard and fast, I know he is dying to cum by now, I know he is close, he starts telling me how much he loves his cock buried down my throat and I start to moan cause his words are driving me mad, he starts fucking my mouth faster and then I feel him grab my head tight and ram it all the way down my throat until I feel his hot cum pouring down my throat, he keeps thrusting till every drop is sucked dry. He pulls away and then bends down and kisses me.

His friend pulls his hand out of my pussy and stands up while helping me stand up straight, he pulls me closer to him and starts kissing me deeply which freaked me out as i’ve just swallowed my ex, these two are real men as far as i’m concerned, they aren’t scared to experiment, his roaming hand is now leaving a trail with his wet fingers from my cum all over my body, I take his shirt off and then slowly undo his jeans, pull them down until he is naked in front of me, I gasp when I see his cock, is it possible that his cock is bigger than my ex’s? I look at my ex and he just smiles and nods, knowing what I was thinking. I smile and get down on my knees and start to suck the life out of that hot cock. He starts to moan while grabbing my head and forcing it down on his cock, little does he know that I love having my head forced to suck a cock, it turns me on, I finally get confirmation exactly how big that cock is, it is at least 12inches long and at least 3 inches wide, I was in complete shock when I saw it completely erect. He pulls out of my mouth and throws me on the bed next to my ex, he turns me sideways and then with one hard thrust he is buried deep inside my pussy, I scream instantly, I can’t believe how tight his cock was in my pussy, even after he fisted me, my exthen thrusts his cock in my mouth while his friend is fucking my hard and fast now, pinching my nipples from behind while thrusting deep inside me, it felt like he was ripping my pussy to shreds, it felt awesome, I couldn’t stop screaming with pleasure, my ex was holding my head again and fucking my mouth hard while his friend was ripping into my wet pussy. I felt like a queen being pleasured beyond my fantasy expectations.

His friend pulls out and they swap positions, this time I’m on my back and my ex just bends forward and rams his cock deep inside my already abused pussy, his friend pushes my head back and rams his 12inch cock down my throat, I’m freaking out because it’s so thick and long and I can’t believe how perfect it fits in all my holes, I love my ex even more for making this fantasy a reality. My ex pulls out and then puts me back on my knees again and starts to fuck me from behind again, it feels so awesome when he gets so Sikiş hikayeleri deep, I feel his finger resting near my asshole and I start to feel abit excited, I love being fucked up the ass but it has been years since any man has done me there, since we broke up actually, I start to anticipate his next action, I feel his finger enter my asshole and I tense up with excitement, he slips it into my pussy with his cock and takes out some more juices and then buries his finger in my ass again while he’s still fucking my pussy hard and fast, his friends cock is still down my throat, I can’t believe that 36 hrs ago I was in Sydney wondering what will come of this visit and now look at me lol.

My ex asks me if I want it in the ass and I moan my reply, he knows I want it in my ass, he pulls out of my pussy and rubs it up and down my bum crack, getting it nice and wet and then I feel the head of his cock pop into my asshole, I scream with pleasure while his friends cock is still thrusting into my mouth, my ex then slowly starts to slide his cock into my ass, I’m wanting it to so bad, I hate that they are being so gentle, I want to be fucked hard and fast, I’m totally losing my mind, I finally push back hard on to it to help him bury deeper into my ass, I knew he was surprised so he grabs my hips and thrusts hard into my ass until he’s all the way in, all 10 inches of him, and then he starts to fuck it hard and fast, the way I like it, I feel his balls slapping up against my pussy lips and the pressure of them slapping against them is making me close to cumming again, I know I am close and I start to scream while his friends cock is still in my mouth and then I finally lose it as that last thrust pushes me over the edge and my clit bursts with pleasure, I know that my screaming is driving him crazy and he starts to fuck my ass even harder, I can feel him hitting the inside wall of my ass and it’s driving me mad. I’m freaking out by now, I can’t believe how good it feels having his cock back into that hole.

His friend is ready to cum but doesn’t want to cum in my mouth, he wants to fuck my ass well, they high five each other and swap positions, I feel my ex pull out and I feel sad because I loved that full feeling of him in there so much. I know his friend is getting ready to fuck one of my holes, but which one, my ex is in front of me again and lets me lick his cock after it’s been in my ass, it’s clean as I always douche before I have sex, whether we have anal or not. His friend is teasing both my holes with his huge cock and then with one hard and unexpected thrust, he buries his 12 inches of hard manhood deep into my ass, I screammmm, that actually hurt but in a good way, my ex holds me as his friend is thrusting deeply and very hard and with each thrust he is pushing me across the bed, I can’t believe that his cock is in my ass, 3 inches wide, its starting to feel uncomfortable and I start moaning but with pain and my ex asks me if he’s hurting me and I nod and his friend starts to pull out and I scream “NOOOOOOO don’t you dare take it out, it hurts but it feels amazing, just fuck me, I will be ok”. They both laugh so he continues to fuck me, I know that my discomfort is getting him more excited and he thrusts into me even harder, he pulls out and tells my ex to help position me on top of him.

My ex holds me up while he positions the head of this cock into the opening of my asshole, he slowly starts to lower me on it and I’m forcing myself to breath in and out, it hurts like hell but feels so fucking amazing. He buries it all the way deep inside my ass and just lets me sit there for awhile to adjust to his size being completely lost up my ass. He then lifts my legs and asks my ex to hold me there while he thrusts deep and hard inside me, I prepare myself for the onslaught and then just when I thought I was ready for it, he fucks my ass like it’s a piston, hard and so fucking fast, I start to cum straight away and my ex is having to hold on to me to make sure I don’t fall, I feel like I’m about to pass out. He bends down and starts to suck and bite my nipples, while holding me so his friend can rip my ass to shreds, my pussy juices are dripping on to his cock, I can’t believe how wet I am, my ex bends further down and laps up my cum on his tongue then stands up and lets me lick it off his tongue, god I’ve missed this man.

His friend asks me how I feel about having them both in both my holes, I look at my ex, he so wants to I can tell, I have never had both holes filled and I have to admit I was a bit scared, they are both huge fucking cocks, will they hurt, my ex sensing my thoughts tells me that if it hurts they will both stop and I believe him, I know he would never hurt me and he proved that when he thought his friend was hurting me when fucking my ass. So I agree, I know they are both so happy with that decision.

My ex lowers me deeper on to his friends dick, with my back to his friends face and pushes me back so my pussy is more exposed, I look at his cock thinking “how the hell can I fit both of these in my holes” he bends over and starts to insert his cock into my already dripping pussy, he slides right in and I can feel both cocks touching each other through the fine skin separating my ass and pussy, I can’t believe how amazing it feels. They both start to thrust into me in unison, they then start getting harder and faster with their thrusting and I’m screaming with pleasure, it’s driving me crazy, I can feel these two hard 10inch plus cocks filling both my holes, fucking me like the whore I want to be right there and then, my ex bends down and continues biting and sucking down hard on my nipples, the pain and pleasure I’m feeling is driving me crazy, his friend starts driving into my ass even harder than before, I know the feel of my other hole being full is creating a new sensation for him, I feel myself being pushed and fucked so hard, each thrust from both of them is ripping into me and sending waves of pleasure up and down my spine, I’m totally losing it by now, I have cum over and over again and I know they can feel each one of my pussy contraction, my ex starts moaning hard and his thrusts are getting more desperate, I know he’s close now, he has this sexy evil look in his eyes and I know that this is also his fantasy, he always wanted us to have a 3some and it never happened, until now. He starts fucking my pussy even harder and I know he’s close, he nods to me and then starts to moan that turns into a scream and he thrusts so fucking hard into my pussy that he nearly rips his friends cock out of my ass and he cums so fucking hard inside me, I start to cum again because the pressure and build up pushed me over the edge, his friend is also ready and asks my ex to help hold me while he fucks my ass hard one last time before he blows, my ex pulls out of me and all I could see is his cock full of his and my cum, before he can move away I latch my mouth on to his cock and start to suck it clean, I suck it all the way down the back of my throat and all I can hear is him screaming with pleasure and his own pain, I clean it with my tongue and then let it go with a smile on my face. He smiles back at me and says I’m a bad girl but he loves me anyway which brought a smile to my face.

He helps hold me up and then his friend starts fucking my ass hard and fast and I start to scream because it really is starting to hurt, his cock is so huge and I know he is dying to cum, I try to hang in there as long as I can, he is pounding into me and holding my legs tight, I know I will have bruises the next day, my ex is looking at me closely, he knows I’m in pain, its written all over my face, he helps to spread my legs even wider to help with the penetration, his friend is screaming now, fucking me like a mad man, screaming and fucking me, he is so close, I know that any second now I will feel him rip one last time into my ass and fill me up, and that is exactly what he does, he screamssssss and then I feel him thrust so fucking hard up my asshole, I’m sure he’s nearly punctured my wall, and I can feel him pouring into my ass, my ex is holding on to me for dear life now. I can barely move, let alone breath, he helps lower me off his friends cock and lies me down on the bed and asks me if I’m ok, I smile and say that I am better than alright, I feel like I can die tonight with a smile on my face, they both smile and agree.

There was a huge spa in the bathroom so I went to run the bath, we all got into it and I felt so spoilt, there I was with two hot and extremely well endowed cocks. We start to wash each other but before I know it, my ex starts to kiss me again, very deep and passionately, god I missed this man, I feel his hands roaming my naked body and I start to spread my legs without realizing it, I feel his fingers insert my pussy and I feel my wet pussy start to leak on his fingers underwater, he then starts to lick his fingers, knowing how much that drives me crazy, I bend down and start to lick them to, both our tongues sucking and licking his fingers, our tongues occassionally meeting, his fingers wet with my pussy juices, I then feel his friend turn my face around and starts to bury his tongue down my throat just as my ex was, I had my back to him but my head turned to the right, kissing him Erotik hikaye and tasting his tongue, his hands came up from behind me and he starts to grab my tits and starts to pinch my nipples, they are so hard and erect and the pressure of his fingers pinching and pulling them is driving me crazy, in the meantime my ex has 3 fingers inside me now and I’m moaning in his friends mouth as he deeply kisses me, I know they are both rock hard again because I can feel my ex’s cock on my leg and his friends cock on my back, I’m starting to lose it and I’m moaning so hard now, my ex bends down and pushes his friends hands away and starts to bite my nipples hard and then is sucking them like they are his only lifeline. I feel his friend grab me from behind and slowly raise me, I have no idea what he is going to do but I don’t care, I am so lost right now, so horny, I feel him position himself behind me and under me and then my ex also pulls my legs closer to him and with one hard thrust his friend is buried in my ass again, I screammmmm, I didn’t expect that, I thought for sure he’ll bury himself in my pussy but instead he was buried deep inside my ass, then he starts to push deeper and deeper inside me and I start to groan, the pleasure it unbelievable, being in the water is helping him thrust into me, I am bouncing hard and fast now and water is pouring out of the sides of the spa, my ex starts biting and sucking my nipples again and that is when I feel his fingers buried in my pussy again, this time he has 4 fingers and he is struggling to get his fist in there, the water and my wet juices is helping him though, his friend is holding me up from behind now and ramming into me and my legs are spread even wider while my ex is on a mission to bury his hand inside me, I finally feel a quick suction and realize his hand is inside me, wrist deep, he grins that cheeky grin and kisses me and then starst to fuck my cunt with his hand, I’m screaming now, totally losing it, the hot water is tingling my clit and the pressure of both of them buried inside me, cock and hand is driving me nuts….. my ex rips his hand out from me and I hear this huge pop and then I start to feel my cunt fill up with water, but before I can get used to it, he buries his huge cock inside me with one hard thrust.

I start to scream now, two huge cocks inside my holes again, twice in one night, who would’ve dreamed, ramming into me, hard and fast and I’m delirious with pleasure, I can’t contain myself anymore, I know I am close, I scream one last time and cum all over his cock, the scream was so loud, I can hear the echo of the bathroom, my ex bends down and starts to bite and suck my nipples again while I’m still oozing all over his cock, I finally stop and then I look in his eye and I know he is going to fuck me so fucking hard now, his friend is now pounding into my ass faster and harder than before and I know he has opened my ass up even more because the water is seeping into it with each thrust and I can hear the squishy wet and horny sound it’s making, my ex looks at me again and then spreads my legs even wider and starts to fuck me like an animal, all I hear is my own screams of pleasure and also his friends screams and moans and my ex’s screams and moans, we are all losing it now and I can’t control myself anymore, I cum again, so hard this time, I feel like I’m about to pass out, I feel like I can’t breath, my ex has this animal look in his eye and he is possessed with every thrust into me, he is screaming now, pounding into me, hurting me but the fine line between pleasure and pain is driving me over the edge. He bites my nipples again, this time drawing blood and sucking them, I can’t feel the pain, the adrenaline has kicked in and its’ all about pleasure, he is so close now, I can feel that he won’t be long in cumming, in the meantime I feel his friend spread my ass cheeks wide one last time and then I feel him ram his cock and balls all the way up my ass and he blows so damn hard, I can feel his hot cum burning my asshole again, its so tender inside and out by now, it feels so amazing, my ex feels the pressure of him blowing in my ass and that is all he needed to finally cum, he spreads my legs wider and then up, lifting me even higher and then he screams and he rips his cock deeper inside me, cumming so hard and fast again, non stop with the thrusts, fucking me like the wild animal he is. I feel like I’m about to pass out, I can’t move, I can’t breath, my whole both is aching but I feel so amazing.

They both slowly pull out of both my holes and I feel the hot water fill both holes, it was actually amazing to watch how the water was just gushing inside them, they to were both mesmerized to see what their cocks had done to both my holes, my ex looks at me and just smiles and slowly bends down and gives me a very passionate and loving kiss, it was so gentle, I can’t believe how at home I felt with him at that moment. His friend was kissing my shoulder now, gently massaging my very sore nipples.

I turn around and kiss him to, I feel like a queen, buried between these beautiful men.

We slowly get out of the spa and they both carry me to the bed, they lie me down in the middle and settle themselves on either side of me. I finally fall asleep on my ex’s chest but with his friends fingers gently stroking my pussy lips and occasionally slipping inside them, with another finger massaging my asshole and fingering that to.

I can’t believe how content I was, this was home…………

4 hrs later I wake up realizing that his friends cock was buried deep inside my ass again, that man loves ass…lol….. I turn to him and smile and he starts to fuck me with long hard thrusts while fingering my pussy, before I knew it, he was also wrist deep in my pussy, with his dick in my ass, he says he wanted to feel what my ex felt when he did it, I smiled and told him to go for it, I close my eyes and enjoy the ride, with the slow loving motion of both my holes being penetrated again.

I turn to my ex and he smiles at me, watching what his friend was doing and asks me “are you happy babe?” and I said “yes, this was the best thing I could’ve done, I’ve missed you so much”, I look in his eyes and that is when I realize he still loves me, his eyes never lie, they have always told me so much when I look into them, he finally says “please tell me you are here to stay and this isn’t a quick trip, I don’t think I can handle that pain again babe?” and I have no idea how to tell him that my ticket was only for 2 weeks. I sigh and tell him “we’ll see love, we’ll see”……knowing deep in my heart that I will be going home and leaving us both heartbroken again……

The time finally came after two weeks…… he actually cried at the airport, we both did, we had two very intense and emotion filled weeks that felt like 2 yrs to us, when I had to say goodbye at the airport, I felt like a piece of me was dying, you have to understand this man never cries, nothing will ever make him cry, he is a true mans man, he was brought up to believe that a man must always be strong, he shouldn’t cry even if he was hit in the balls hard….. but when I kissed him that last time, his face was wet and that is all I needed to start me off, I didn’t want to let him go.

He held on very tight but I had to go, I left him and disappeared as I was departing, watching him in so much pain, it didn’t match the pain I was feeling though, I just wanted to curl up on the ground and cry like a baby. The trip home felt like a dream, I don’t even remember the plane touching down.

That’s when I knew……I was back in Australia but my heart was in Tampa, for the first time I knew without a shadow of a doubt what I needed to do……….. I went home, packed up all the things that were important to me, booked another ticket back to him, I said goodbye to my family, my friends, my whole life really, my fantastic job that I had, and I went home…… home to my man.

I can’t end without the most memorable part of it all, I didn’t tell him I was coming “home” to him, I say home because being there with him felt like home, I got to Tampa in the afternoon, I knew the bar he would be in, I knew exactly what his daily ritual was, I go the bar and sure enough, there he was, alone, drinking a Budweiser lite, looking very lost….. I sneak up behind him and said “what does a girl have to do to get a beer around here” and the quickly turns around and screams, he couldn’t believe I was there, he grabs me, screams, turns me around and then asks me “does this mean you’re here to stay” and I scream “yessssssssssssssssss” and he screams again and shouts everyone at the bar a drink, they all cheered, it was awesome, he wouldn’t let me go, kept on kissing me, making sure I was real. All of his friends came up to me later and said that he has been so miserable and unhappy since we had originally broken up and they all knew it was because of me and now he is finally whole again, I love his friends…… to this day I love them.

I stayed there for another 3 years and then we both decided to come back to Sydney which is where we are now settled, we own our own house and are getting married in 6 months time. He loves Australia. We are meant to be, fate and destiny played their part and I can’t imagine my life without this man, plus the crazy sex life is just the added bonus.

The End.

Hope you all enjoyed my story, it’s a fairytale to me (with some awesome sex). The great news is, the fairytale is still happening………..

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