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Acknowledgement; I want to thank Carl and Edna for the lovely pictures and kind words. I too wish we were closer. I must say that you Edna are one of the loveliest girls I’ve seen. Also I’ll try to work your ideas into one of my stories. I’ve met a few swinging couples and all were sweet, kind and wonderful people.


Because of the accident I missed a year of school and was held back in high school. I had turned eighteen while I was still in twelfth grade. I was getting around fine and followed my doctor’s orders closely. He said I was to walk every day come rain or shine. This I did like religion.

School had just started up after the New Year. It was cool but not real cold so I walked in the evening after dinner. It was usually dark by the time I got home. There were times I would walk my entire route and never see a single soul. But that was okay with me as it gave me time to think and plan my next days school work and how I would work on my hobby. I had inherited my father’s darkroom and all his photographic equipment after the died.

I guess that was mother’s way of helping me get past father dieing in the same accident that kept me out of school for a year.

There was going to be a special on Public Television at eight thirty that Wednesday night. So to be sure not to miss the start I cut through the parking lot at the old high school. It had been closed for several years and then reopened as small apartments. The first car I saw was a big Caddy. It was a few years old and kind of rough on the out side. It was parked in the far corner of the lot where the street light did not shine. As I started to walk by I heard voices coming from the back seat.

I girl said Do we have to have the windows open?” The male voice said “Yes. If we don’t the windows will fog up and some one will see we’re in here. Old Mrs. Stark will call the cops and we’ll get in trouble. You don’t want that do you?”

Girl: “No I guess not.” Male: “Well okay them. Come on suck my cock and then I’ll fuck you. Okay?”

I froze in my tracks and almost laughed at what I had heard. I could tell the voices were of young people but I did not recognize them.

I wish I had it might be fun to know who was screwing around in someone else’s car. I guess it pays to keep your car locked.

I eased up and looked in. Only shadows were visible. The boy was leaning back on the seat with the girl leaning down over him. Her head was moving up and down. I thought “God I wish that were we in there getting a blow job.”

I was eighteen years old and still a virgin. But one of these days I’ll start dating and find a girl that wants to have sex with a guy with a bum leg.

I moved back and around the Caddy. There were bushes up close to the building so I moved between them and the brick wall so I would not be seen.

I had passed only a couple of windows when there in one the lights were on and low and behold I was looking at my high school English teacher Mrs. Ponds. Mrs. Ponds was a small kind of plan women. She was divorced, kept to her self pretty much and I had always thought she was a nut case. But here she was walking around naked as the day she was born in her bedroom.

Her breasts were small and flat with long nipples. Her stomach was flat and she had little too no ass.

But she had a lot of dark hair between her legs. I’ll give her that she had one very hairy pussy. I stopped and took a good look. She had come out of the shower I think as she had a towel around her head. She sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed something on her feet. She pulled one foot up so it rested on the bed. This action spread her pussy and I could see it plan as day. She had a pink slit and it was wet by the look of it. I almost laughed as I thought “Where in my camera when I need it.”

After a few seconds she laid back on the bed. She pulled a vibrator out from under her pillow. I watched in amazement as she inserted a plastic cock eight inches long and as big around as a summer sausage. She worked this vibrator in and out slowly at first. I could not hear the hum I knew it must be making. I was getting so excited I had to play with myself. I jerk off often and I am as they say well hung from what I’ve seen of the other guys in the school showers. Any way my cock is still not at large as her vibrator and this little lady was taking all of it way up inside her. I was jerking off to match her in and outs. I think we came together. I shot cum all over the ground as Mrs. Ponds just wiggled and trashing to a climatic crash. I turned and headed home as it was already past eight thirty and my TV show start time. But maybe this evening was the start of something big and better. I had had my first experience at being a peeping Tom. I liked it.

The next day I must admit my mind wandered when I entered my English class. There was Mrs. Ponds looking all prim and proper. She dressed in drab colors and today was no different. She had on a dull gray suite with a jacket and skirt to match a white blouse showing istanbul escort through the jacket front.

As I watched her move around and give out work for the up and coming weekend I got this crazy idea, I wrote a note that said I thought she was a very attractive and sexy lady. I said I wished I were older so I could date here.” I was going to write more but left it at that.

As we were about to get out of class I had a chance to slip my note into her English book. I had thoughts all the rest of the day as to what she might be thinking of my note. Of course I did not sign it and I wrote it in such a way so she would not recognize the hand writing.

That evening at dinner my mother informed me she had a date was going out to a local club for a drink and a few dances. I told her I thought that would be fine and I also told her I thought it was time for her to move on with her life. Mom smiled and seemed some what relived at my attitude. I did mean what I said and hoped her date went well. I was of course planning my night out and hoped I got back before my mother. As soon as it was dark I loaded a camera and slipped out the back door. I did wait a few minutes to see who Mom’s date was. I did not know the car or the man so I left on my nightly walk.

I stood in the shadows of the parking lot to see if my lovers would appear. They didn’t. I slipped behind the bushes and took up a spot out side Mrs. Pond’s window. I did not have to wait long. She came in from her living room after the evening news and promptly stood in from of her closet and removed all her clothing. Panties and bra went into the hamper everything else got hung up neatly. She did not step into the shower right away. She came over to her bed and opened her English book which was on the night stand. She took out my note and read it. She fluffed up two pillows and leaned back. Holding the note in one hand she placed two fingers between her legs and slowly rubbed her clitoris. I swear her tits puffed up and actually got bigger. The long nipples stiffed and stood out as she worked two fingers into her pussy. I again joined her in masturbating and was matching her stroke for stroke. Then she paused and pulled her vibrator out of the night stand. She coated it with a jelly. She lifted her ass up off the bed and slowly pushed the vibrator up her tiny ass hole.

I was so excited I almost got off without her. But she returned to fingering her pussy and letting the vibrator hum in her ass. I thought I was going to explode.

She let out a scream that I could hear through the window as she climaxed. I again shot off on the ground. She laid there for a few minutes and then she went into the bathroom. I left for home. I was so shaken my legs could hardly carry me. I had forgotten I even had the camera with me. No pictures this time. But there would surely be a next.

I showered and fell asleep naked on my bed. I woke to hear the rain pelting my window. I thought of Mrs. Ponds and instantly got a hard-on. I fell back to sleep and into dreamland. I was fucking Mrs. Ponds and watching myself do it thought the window from out side. Nice thought.

Lying on my back slowly stroked my cock to full size. I was somewhere between dreaming and being awake. That is when my bedroom door opened and out of the corner of my half closed eye I saw my mother peep in. She was just checking on me as she often did. However I’d never been nude before and I had never been caught jerking off. I did not dare stop for I did not what her to know I saw her. We both would have been embarrassed too death. So I kept slowly stroking my cock.

I heard Mom suck in a deep breath. I thought she would pull back and close my door. But that is not what she did. No. My darling mother watched me for a long time. I closed my eyes and then peeped through tiny slits after a minute of so.

Mom was still watching me. I was so close and I tried to hold back but it was too much. I shot cum high into the air.

The sticky fluid fell back on my stomach and running down over my hand. I sat up and looked straight into my mother’s eyes. That was when I realized she was not seeing me. My mother was drunk on her ass. I was sure she saw something and she may have been seeing and remembering things from the past. But she was not seeing me. Not her son. Maybe someone else or maybe even Dad from days past. But she was not seeing me.

I stood and walked over to the door. I said “Allison why don’t you go to bed.”

I’ve never called my mother by her name but I some how felt at this moment it was appropriate.

Mom said “No. I need.” There she stopped and kind of went slack. I was not sure if she was going to collapse or not so I grabbed her and pulled her to me. I held her from falling and moved her to the bed. There we both fell in a heap.

Mom was half on top of me and so I tried to push her off.

She blinked and smiled that was when she grabbed me cock in both hands and said “Wow. This is a nice one. I want to play with it.”

I avrupa yakası escort flinched and got her off me. But she was not about to let go. I had no idea what to do. So I stopped fighting her and relaxed if that is what one could call it. There was cum all over the bed, me and now Mom’s hands. I was getting hard again or I should say I was still hard. The feeling of someone else’s hands on my cock was rather exciting and arousing even if it was my mother’s hands.

I was wondering how to get her into her own bed when she sat up turned and lowered her mouth over my cock.

Christ all mighty my mother was sucking my cock. What could I do? I was so surprised I shot off in one second flat. I was cumming as I watched my mother jerking and sucking my cock to make it cum more. I was getting my first ever blow job from my drunken mother. I lost my virginity to a blow job that I’ll never be able to tell anyone ever.

Mom let my cock slip from her mouth as she fell back dead passed out. I scooped her up and carried her to her bedroom. I dropped her on her bed.

I was about to leave her there when I thought maybe if I undress her she might think someone else got cum all over her face and neck. I got her undressed and covered her naked body with a sheet. But not until I took a good look. Mom was a really good looking woman and she had a sexy tight body for a lady forty years old.

I took her skirt and placed it down stairs along with her shoes. I put her bra on the floor by the door and scattered the rest around her room. I hoped this would confuse her enough so she would not remember what she did to me.

I don’t know how I did but I fell asleep and did not get up until I heard Mom moving around.

I came down to breakfast and much to my surprise Mom looked almost normal. She looked a little ragged out and her hair was not done up too well. But I did not say any thing.

I did say “Well how was your date?”

She kind of froze for a millisecond and then said with her back to me “It was fine. I had a good time.”

I said “Are you going to date this guy again?”

She said “I’m not sure. We’ll see.”

The conversation was dropped there as the phone rang. Mom went into the Den to answer it there.

The conversation was much like I had hoped it would be. Mom was almost yelling at her lady friend Iris. Mom said some thing like “I don’t remember a thing after my third drink. Did that son of a bitch put something in my drink?”

She said “Well who brought me home?”

Someone else had to have followed you. For Gods’ sake Iris I had dried cum on my face.” Pause “You’re god dame right I know the taste of cum. Well someone had a cock in my mouth. Christ Iris; I can not remember a thing.” Pause “No never again. Not with that SOB.” The phone was slammed down as I rushed back to the table and resumed eating.

Mom had some how regained her composure when she returned. I asked with tongue in cheek “Is there anything wrong?”

Mom said “No.” rather sternly and almost ran up stairs.

I ate and went out the back door with no place in mind. I ended up at the back of the parking lot near the old High school. I sat there resting and thinking.

The second note I placed in Mrs. Pond’s mail box. The mail boxes were in a wall at the entrance of the building. Neatly folded I slipped it through the slot.

“My dear Mrs. Ponds. Thoughts of you fill my head all weekend making this weekend one of the most pleasant I’ve ever had. I know I’m young and yet my feeling for you are so strong I feel more adult than ever. I see you in my dreams, we’re dancing and you’re in my arms I am so thrilled. I am so aroused I get a full erection and can only dream of making love to you over and over again. I dream of licking you to a wild climax. I dream of watching you take my cock into your mouth before I lay you back and ram it into you sweet cunt. I want to fuck you so bad my cock hurts with the very thought of you naked before me.

I know you’re a small woman but I believe you could easily take my long hard cock up you tiny ass as well as in you delicate cunt. I want to fill you with my liquid love. I jerk off thinking of your beautiful body. I’m sorry for being so bold but this is how I feel… I’ll love you forever from afar…

I still had six hours before sun down. God I wanted to be there when she first opened this note. But there is no way I could watch her during the day. I’d be caught for sure.

So I went home to wait for sun down.

Mom was on the phone again with her friend Iris. Mom was saying “Just forget it Iris. I don’t what to think about it anymore.”

My bedroom door was open. My bed had been striped of its sheets and not remade. I had a bad thought right about then. I had forgotten about Mom doing the laundry and seeing the spots on the sheets. I normally use a washcloth to wipe my cock of cum and rinse it out afterwards. This maybe a problem. I did not see any lipstick marks bahçelievler escort or any face make up on the sheets but Mom would have noticed any thing like that. I got a weir feeling my ass was in trouble. Mrs. Ponds was now just a mere thought now as I knew I was royally fucked.

I went into my bathroom took a long piss and tried to think. I was screwed and was going to be in trouble big time. But then I thought it really was not my fault. Mom came on to me. I’d tell her so and I’d tell her just how it really happened and that there was nothing I could do about her aggressive behavior.

I wanted to rest and lay down I was so tired with all the thoughts dancing around in my head. I came out and there standing with clean sheets for my bed was Mom.

I said as casual as I could “I’ll help.”

Mom tossed the sheet on the bed and sat in my computer chair. She pointed to the bed and said “Donny; Please sit I think we need to talk.”

I sat with my ass puckered so tight it hurt. I knew I was about to get rimmed out.

Mom said “I think you’ve been miss behaving. I think its time we had a long talk about what it proper and what is acceptable as adults.”

Mom did not look to upset. I had no idea what she was talking about. But I let her go on with out interruption.

“Donny you’re a full grown boy now and you will have to take reasonability for you actions. You’re going to have to see that what you do has deep and serious reactions to those around you. You can not play with other feeling and emotions and not get hurt.”

I started to speak but Mom raised a hand to stop me. I shut my mouth.

Mom said “There is a limit to what you as a full grown man can do and say with out getting you’re ass in trouble. Did you really think you could get away with it? Did you think you would not be found out?”

I dropped my head into my hands and said “What was I to do. I was just there and it all happened so quickly I could not stop it”

Mom said “You were there alright and you could have gotten in real trouble if charges had been brought. You’re an adult and subject to the laws like any one else. I hope you’ll not do it again or you will be in real big trouble.”

I could not see how Mom thought it was at fault. I stood and was kind of pissed off. I said “Mom you were drunk and you’re the one that came at me. You were the one that grabbed my cock and started to suck me off. Sure I cum in your mouth but what the hell it was my first blow job ever and I could not stop you. I liked it and if you’re ever drunk again and want to suck my cock I’ll cum in you’re mouth again. So there.”

Mom looked so shocked she could not talk. Well for a moment anyway. Mom slumped over and grabbed her arms around her waist like she had bad cramps.

I said “Are you okay?”

Mom said from her bent over position. “Donny; it was you. You that… Oh, God how could you.”

I screamed back at her “It was you Mom not me. You’re the one that started it all. What was I to do?”

Mom almost fell on the floor. She went to her knees as if she were praying. Then with tears running down her cheeks and said “Donny I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Oh, hell Mom you were great. I was the only eighteen year old virgin in this fucking town. You took care of that… the only thing is I can’t brag to the guys at the pool hall.”

Mom almost laughed as she said “You don’t play pool.”

I said “I’m going to start.”

Then I said “Were you really going to bring me up on charges?”

Mom looked at me curiously and said “Not me Donny. Mrs. Ponds call and said you had written a couple of nasty notes to her. She said if you come by her place and apologize she will not press charges. Will you tell me why you would do such a thing?”

I sat down and told Mom the whole story about the kids in the car, seeing Mrs. Ponds masturbating and getting all excited about that. Then how emotional I got watching her suck my cock and wanting to fuck her so bad. I told her how I looked at her beautiful body when she was naked and how hot she got me. I was all screwed up and then I wrote the second note. By the time I had the whole story out I think I saw some kind of relief in Mom’s eyes.

Mom left the room without another word. But I knew we would talk again. I showered and dressed for my meeting with Mrs. Ponds.

Mom called her and said I would be there at eight that evening.

Mrs. Ponds answered the door and much to my surprise she looked really cool. She had on a red and white blouse with a white skirt. She face was made up not like when she is teaching but something all together different.

She looked good I had to give her that. She had been married once so someone else had thought she looked good to at one time.

I took a seat and sat waiting for her to start.

She said “Donny will you tell me why you wrote the notes?”

I told her about the kids in the car and how when I tried to get past them I saw her the first time. I added I thought she was very sexy and I being a virgin and all … well one thing lead to another and I came back the second time to watch her. I told her I masturbated along with her and got off at the same time. I said I was sorry but I felt a connection to her even if she did not know it.

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