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* Jenn *

I haven’t had quiet lovemaking in a long time and it turned me on so much feeling you move over and inside of me and trying not to wake Wendy. When we climaxed together, and you drew me close to you staying inside me. I stroked your back slowly, savoring the feel of it feeling the muscles relax under my touch. You rolled off of me, went back to the middle of the bed, circled your arm around me, kissed my forehead and slipped off to sleep. I watched you sleep and smiled to myself. I had never been a person that needed a lot of sleep. I snuggled up to you and drifted of.

I woke with the sun, feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. You and Wendy were snuggled around each other like two puppies. I smiled at the charming picture it presented. Wendy’s hair was tossled and you were smiling softly in your sleep. I sighed, hating to leave the warm nest we had created and went into the study. I clicked the study’s coffee maker on and then I clicked on the tv and started watching a documentary about sharks. I wandered the room and chose my clay, and formed it in a ball. I then sat down at the pottery wheel and began to work it. I decided I would do a tulip shaped vase that would hold the colors Wendy had seen tonight and after it was fired, I would send it to you with a note.

Time Onwin passed quickly and before I knew it the sun was shining full in the widows. I heard someone knocking around the house. They sounded like they knew where they were going. In a couple of moments your head appeard in the doorway. I looked up smiling and was greeted with your beautiful grin. You studied what I was doing with a puzzled look. I explained what I was doing and you bust into laughter. You settled down behind me on my long stool wrapping your arms around my waist watching the hypnotic clay. I took your hands and slowly placed them on the vase. It was almost done and I showed you how to smooth it.

“Now I know why this was such a turn on in Ghost,” you whispered in my ear. I chuckled and responded,

“But if I had gotten a vase that high and had it crumpled, I would have thrown it at you.”

You laughed again wiped your hands on the oversized oxford shirt I wore when doing this, reached for a coffee cup and poured. You watched while I finished it and wrapped it in saran wrap to set and dry. I smiled at you over your cup as you wandered around my studio. There were various project in different stages on the shelves. Among them was several different scenes of love. You examined them from Onwin Giriş different angles and nodded as you moved. Most were very abstract, faces were blurred and each and everyone flowed into each other.

“There is an exhibit I promised I’d go to, wanna come along?”

You looked over at me, and said,

“More stuff like this?” At my nod you grinned even bigger and said you’d be honored. I laughed and made the comment that it was more likely that it would be much better than anything I had ever done. You frowned slightly and shook your head.

We heard Wendy stumbling about and soon her head appeared in the doorway. She seemed tired still, but happy and chipper. I offered to call taxis so the two of you could go home and change and we could meet back up at a little pastry shop I knew. There seemed to be no objections except that we’d be dealing with the whole car issue again. We settled on meeting back here. I mentioned the exhibit and Wendy nodded absently.

The first cab came and we packed Wendy off in it, after kissing her soundly. Once the door was closed, you backed me up against it and circled me in your arms.

“You are amazing, you know that? I am not sure that any woman I know would be able to stand me this much, much less think Onwin Güncel Giriş about my boss in such a charming way. Thank you for a wonderful night.” With those words you kissed me so sweetly. I melted in your arms forming by body against yours. We kissed for a long time and as the kiss started to ignite we heard the beep of the cab’s horn. I moaned and wished that you didn’t have to leave. You kissed me again as I opened the door. I watched you go into the cab and as it drove away you looked out the back window and waved.

I closed the door and wondered if we had gotten a little to serious too fast. I thought back to when I had seen you on the bus and the wave of lust that passed over me. I knew you were special and it seemed that we were made of reach other. Maybe it was true I thought to myself as I padded back to my bathroom to take a shower.

I was barely out of the shower when my front bell rang again. It was my friend Judy who was supposed to come with me to the show. I told her about the two of you, omitting a lot of details. She watched me as she poured her coffee and asked,

“You slept with him didn’t you? If I had to guess you slept with her too. What are you thinking? Where has your brain gone to dear.” I shot back at her.

“Wait till you see him, you’ll know why. Besides what right have you to judge, little Mz. I Picked Up Two Guys One Night At A Bar?” She had the grace to flush and watched as I finished getting ready. As we settled down to drink out coffee and smoke a cigarette before the two of you showed up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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