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An Evening with Rachel

My name is Nick and I spend a lot of time on the road with my company, DataIntegrity. I do a lot of forensic IT stuff to make sure companies, in particular, their employees are on the up and up. For the most part, it is not too hard of a job because in general, most people are cautious about what they do at work. But for that small percentage that pushes the envelope, who steal and embezzle, commit intellectual espionage, or destroy files, they make my life interesting. Yes, they cause chaos and drama, but when they get caught, there are serious repercussions that go BOOM like fireworks. This is the reason I am on the road all the time, because everyone wants my company’s service and as we are in high demand, so is the price tag. This being said, I don’t have much time for relationships, so sometimes when I just need the touch of a woman, I don’t have many long-term options.

A few weeks ago, I was traveling from Boston to Washington DC and I didn’t feel like driving straight through, I stopped for the night in Philadelphia. I found an upscale hotel and made a quick reservation with my iPhone. After confirming my company credit card details from their front parking lot, I walked in and checked in, got my key and headed to my room. Just a few minutes later, I was sitting in a fairly decent and comfortable suite on the fifth floor as I perused their available options for delivery food andI settled on some Chinese food for tonight.

I hadn’t been with a woman in a few weeks, so I started looking for escorts in the area on Backpage. Within minutes, I had a few options and then I narrowed it down to one…Rachel. From the six pictures on her sexy profile, I was able to ascertain a lot about her. Despite her face being hidden, I could make out hints of her cheeks and sensuous mouth, and her icy blue eyes…well that is what nailed it for me. She was like 5’5 and beach blonde and had a fair amount of tattoos which really gave her a sexy and tough biker chick appeal to me. She also had a nice set of tits that would be fun to play with. In fact, in a way, she sort of reminded me of this porn star that I have seen online a time or two… Anna Bell Peaks. I thought Anna was quite hot too…perhaps that is why I settled on Rachel…a little fantasy there perhaps.

So, I texted her from the number on her profile and waited to see who would respond first…my Chinese food runner or Rachel. About ten minutes later, she did not disappoint me as my phone dinged and let me know I had a text from her…I set up a ring tone especially for her number and it worked like a champ. Rachel texted me and said that she had had a last-minute cancelation this evening and had a three hour window of opportunity. So, I gave her the details of my hotel, but she preferred me to travel to her location. She gave me the address…and when I looked it up, Google Maps said it was the hotel right across the street. WTF…that was some amazing luck I thought. I quickly texted her back and said I would be on my way with some Chinese food as soon as it arrived.

Twenty minutes later, I pulled my car into the parking lot, and texted her again, telling her I was here with dinner and I requested her room number. She texted me back minutes later and simply said 701. I grabbed my stuff and walked in like I owned the place, found the nearest elevator and headed Yozgat Escort up to floor number 7. I started down the hall and found 701 to be at the very end of the hall. Cool…we could make some noise and it wouldn’t be too obvious in this area. Great call on her part.

I knocked twice on the door and the door opened with the lock on it. I asked, “Rachel?”

Then she looked at me…and said, “Nick?” With one simple “yes” I was all smiles when she took the lock off and let me in. I put the food on a table next to the TV and then turned around for a view of my friend for the evening. All I could say was “WOW!” Rachel was very pretty and had a short bob haircut that was naturally blonde…not much different than what her profile showed. She had on a red satin robe as I gazed at her, I noticed her well-toned legs. I was looking forward to spreading them soon.

She walked over to me and after a short exchange of dollars…she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a nice wet kiss. She asked me if I had a preference and I simply said “no.” I just wanted to be with a woman tonight and it didn’t matter to me…so she relaxed a bit and said…”food or fun first…?” I opted on fun and then hoped we would eat and perhaps…end with a little more fun. It had been a while and I was itching to get some libido relief.

Rachel jumped on the king sized bed and with her index finger, she motioned for me to me to come to her. I came up to the edge of the bed and she reached down and began undoing my belt and unzipping my khakis. Two minutes later, my pants and shirt are off and I only have socks and my muscle undershirt on. Rachel lies on her back and has me place my cock in her mouth. She begins to suck on it while looking up at me. I can tell this is going to be a great evening…cause’ this girl is a pro.

She takes me in a little at a time…sucking on my now very stiff cock and playing with it…touching her tongue to the tip…as she caressed my balls with her hands of velvet. I push my hips forward and she takes more of me and she begins to suck harder and longer…slowly my entire cock disappears into her hot and moist mouth. I can feel her breath on my manhood and her tongue is driving me mad as it massages me all over. She pats the bed and I lie down next to her. Rachel then mounts me as she discards her robe and leaves me in awe as I see her in a skimpy hot red lace bra which barely contains her nearly D sized breasts…and further down south…she has on some luxurious red panties. She uses one hand to keep stroking my cock as she lays on me. Her other hand is fixed to my balls and she is doing wonderful things on them to caress and massage them better than I could ever imagine.

She lies flat and takes me into her mouth again…with her on top…she begins to face fuck my cock and she sucks on it and takes it deep into her lovely mouth each time. I don’t think I will last too long with this kind of amazing attention. I decide to enjoy her too…so I pull her to me gently and with her hips directly in my face, I slide her panties to the side and see a nice little bush of trimmed pussy hair and a very beautiful pussy awaiting my attention. I ease my finger into her first, pull it out and get a little taste of Rachel’s exotic pussy flavors. She adjusts her hips so I can totally enjoy myself.

I begin to give her long strokes over Yozgat Escort Bayan her labia and down to her clit and then back up again and almost to her ass. I probe her with my tongue savoring her aroma and I use my hand to start massaging her clit. With gentle probing and constant attention, pretty soon her hips are moving and gyrating all over my face and she is dripping her pussy nectar all over my face. She decides to pick up the pace and begins to suck me in harder and I can feel her nose touching my pubes as she does an amazing deep throat on my manhood. After a few long sucks and squeezes, I couldn’t stop the wave of cum that boiled out of my loins, spurted through my cock and shot some massive ropes of cum down her throat.

She pulls back and it looks like she swallowed my entire load…like four weeks of cum backlog. It felt good to get this attention….but it was getting better…she turned around and laid next to me allowing me to kiss and suck and taste her massive titties. I love a great set of tits and Rachel had the whole package. After undoing her bra straps…I had those two beauties in front of my face and I didn’t plan on stopping for a while. I kissed them over and over…I licked them and picked up on the light scent of her intoxicating perfume as I tasted these wonderfully sized breasts. I took turns with each one. I would kiss each nipple, suckle it, run my tongue around her quarter-size areolas, and then try and suck in as much of her flesh as my mouth would allow. Then, I would repeat with the other one. After several series of this…Rachel got up and then had me lie on the pillow at the head of the bed.

Then she climbed on my legs with a condom in hand and proceeded to put it in her mouth and then she put it on me without even touching it with her hand….I was impressed. She wiggled her adorable little ass up to me and then began to move her hips in search of my cock. She took her pussy and ran the lips of it up and down my shaft and had me standing at attention again. Again, without using her hands…she was able to manipulate her vagina and then I felt it…I slid in her and her nice warm folds enveloped my cock. She wasn’t exactly tight but wow could she work her magic. Her inner warmth was now gloving my cock and she would bring her ass up high till my cock was just about ready to slip out of her and then she would glide back down on it. She was warming me up good. I started thrusting up into her and picked up my pace. Knowing I had shot my load in her mouth earlier, I had my second wind and could literally screw all night without shooting off another quick one. Rachel was about to find out about my sexual endurance.

She was working her hips over me making long up and down strokes on my shaft…she felt so good. I admired her figure as she worked me over. I was mesmerized looking up at this naked woman who was covered in assorted tattoos and was clearly a pro and knew how to get things going…and hot. She was stoking my fire and my loins were loving her inner softness and the feel of her love canal as it fully enveloped my cock. I asked her to turn around and do me in the reverse cowboy position…she quickly did a shift and then I was watching her scrumptious ass wiggling as she pumped her pussy into me from this amazing position. She would go fast…and then slow down…and then repeat it again. Her pussy Escort Yozgat was amazing and it felt so damn good to get laid…even if I had to pay for it tonight.

Twenty minutes of her riding my cock like she was on horseback…mounted on a steed and I could sense that my cock was going to spill its contents again. So, I had her change positions again and this time…she was under me and I took over in the missionary position. I placed my hands on both sides of her arms and she spread her legs wide…I dove into her sopping wet pussy with my cock and went all the way to the hilt. Then, I began to pound her into the bed…fucking her for all I was worth. She was driving me crazy when she would bring her hips up and allow me to go deep into her as deep and as far in as was physically possible. I picked up my pace more…my hips were moving now and I was pistoning her lovely snatch like a teenage boy getting his first taste of pussy in the backseat. It didn’t take long at this pace before I filled that condom with baby seed.

We slowed down and she stayed with me until I slipped out of her. She quickly removed the condom and cleaned me up with her tongue. Then without missing a beat, said to me “let’s eat…I am starving and I need some energy…”

So we used the hotel microwave to reheat the food and then we ate pork fried rice and a few egg rolls and some orange chicken and enjoyed each other’s company and shared some small talk. She gave me one of her business cards and I quickly stuffed it away in a safe place for the next time I was going through Philly. I was going to get some frequent flyer miles in between her thighs for sure. We sucked down a few Cokes she had in her fridge and then asked if I wanted to do another round….I shook my head and we were back at it…like teens except much more mature, knowing our sexual strengths and what we liked in our sex life.

I had her position herself on the bed…and told her I had watched her ass wiggle all night and I wanted to get a little Greek action now. So, with that said, she applied another condom on my manhood, then using a generous gob of lube…she lubed me up and then her sweet little pucker hole. Then she got on the corner of the bed and positioned her ass for me. I had not had a woman’s ass in years and I was going to enjoy the tightness of fucking her ass.

I placed my cock at her little brown hole and I pushed in slowly as she pushed back on me. It took a little while until I could ease my engorged purple cockhead into her lovely ass…but when it went in…I thought I would come right then and there as her ass was gripping me hard. I pushed into her harder and heard her groan as I made my way down her Hershey highway. When I sensed that I could go no further…I placed some more lube around the base and then pulled out and pushed back in a few times…slowly. When she felt more comfortable with her ass being nailed…then she picked up the pace. It felt good to be in Rachel. Her ass was tight and holding onto to her ass cheeks…they were so smooth. I began to go faster as the lube was really working and she was very slippery now. I pulled on her hips and pushed myself well into her forbidden depths….and then I sensed that feeling again. I came for the third time that evening and then we collapsed on the bed.

After a few minutes of petting and kissing, I asked if I could shower with her and she agreed…we proceeded to the Roman sized shower and together, we enjoyed another round in the shower and after cumming a fourth time in Rachel in one evening, I don’t think I will be hard again for a month…when I will be back in Philly again…

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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