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This is a story about a married guy (me) and an ex girlfriend who came into my life through the internet. I haven’t seen her for 13 years. We had some hot sex while we were going out but that was a long time ago. We met again on a chat site and this is that story.

We chatted on the site for a while and started reminiscing about our sex life and how hot sex used to be between us. We progressed from there even though I was nervous because I was happily married. Anyway I continued on because she is hot and I was having fun. This is one of our typical conversations.

“How about a game. I ask some questions, then you ask me some.

Bra size?

Shaved or not?

Biggest turn on?

Biggest turn off?

Do you own a vibrator?

How many guys have you been with?

Perfect penis size?

Do you masturbate?

What makes you come?

anal or not?

have you been with a girl/ threesome?”

“bra size is 14c,shaved,turn on is head,turn off is hair is teeth,yes i own a toy,been with 15 guys,penis size about 8,I PLAY ALL THE TIME,playing makes me come,no anal yet,yes threesome with 2 guys…. what made u look me up? what turns u on?what do u remember about us?i remember lots of sex…lol hot and dirty but good friendship too “

my response: I looked you up because you are hot, a nice blow job turns me on, I remember making you come and your wet pussy.

After chatting a bit more I sent her this…

I had a fantasy last night.

I was in town for a conference. I sent you a text and we met at a bar. bursa yabancı escort We had a drink and flirted. I brushed my hand against your thigh. It was electric.

We went back to my motel room in the city. We set the rules, because of my situation, no touching. We undressed, i was naked and hard. You had on a sexy black bra and a g string. You laid on the bed. We were to watch each other. You brought your toy. I started to stroke my hard cock. up and down. You got naked You circled your nipples with your fingers. no touching remember. I could see your pussy getting wetter. I sat over you stroking while you played. Your pussy was throbbing. You moved your fingers down and teased your clit. I had my fat cock over your face but no touching.

You pulled out your toy and had it in your wet puss. I continued to stoke myself as you stared at my cock. I was so horny, your playing was turning me on. Then lying naked in front of me with your perky tits and hard nipples and soft tight cunt you came hard while you played. That set me off and I came on your tits and you opened your mouth and I came on your face and you tasted me. It was the hottest session I had ever had.

I fell asleep and woke up two hours later to find you licking my semi hard dick. You were breaking the rules. I did not stop you… I couldn’t.

You continued to lick my now rock hard cock. I pretended to be a sleep for a while cos I knew it was wrong but could not stop such an awesome feeling. You licked the head, and then took my cock into your mouth, your tongue worked bursa sınırsız escort its magic and I thrust my hips, giving away that I was awake and loving the sensation. You took me deep into your mouth, and sucked on the head of my cock and licked around the sensitive rim. You were driving me crazy. Then you went to work and stroked and sucked and filled your mouth with my cock. I could feel your hard tits on my thighs and your tongue and hot lips and then I cam.. hard in your mouth,, you swallowed and swallowed and it leaked out and my come was on your chin and on your hot nipples. You licked it off.

I knew it was your turn, but I could not fuck you,, it was against the rules. I took your left nipple as you laid on your back and thumbed it between my fingers. It got rock hard, I took it into my mouth, i played with that nipple with my tongue, I lapped at it, nibbled it, sucked on it, played with it until you were arching your back. Then I moved over to the right tit, that firm perky breast was sitting up waiting for me, I took your nipple deep in my mouth, you moaned and sighed and I played with both your tits for another twenty minutes. I knew I could not fuck you. My fingers drifted slowly to your stomach and down lower, lower.

I found your juicy lips, wet, hot. I slowly played with your mound, teasing, teasing, not sure what to do, it felt wrong… but right. I had the urge to fuck you and you were thrusting into my hand as I slid a wet finger between your lips and found your clitoris. I gently stroked inside your wet lips görükle escort and found the entrance, 1 finger, two slipped inside so easy because you were sopping wet. My mouth was on your nipple, sucking hard. I strummed your bud with my thumb, and my fingers gently filled you. You were getting close but I did not want you to come yet. I teased you, 1 finger, 2 then three, filling you up.

Then I stopped…

I turned you over, on your knees, doggie style, I spread your legs, spread your thighs, your juices were running down your leg, I had never seen anything hotter than your sopping wet, throbbing wet pussy. I took your toy. I sat behind you looking at you spread wide open on hands and knees desperate for something to fill you up. I wanted to fuck you so bad, I was rock hard and horny. I lined up the toy with your wet pussy. The toy was hard and big and I gently, slowly inserted the tip into your pussy, slowly, taking my time, enjoying the sight of you on hands and knees.

In one inch, then two, I toyed with your throbbing clitoris with a single finger, while the big fat toy entered your hole, two inches, then three and four , you spread your legs wider, sucking that toy deeper into you, looking for release, looking for that orgasm. But I wouldn’t let you come yet…

The fattest part of the toy now drove into you, I worked it into you slowly at first, then I turned it on and turned up the speed. Your tight butt squirmed, it was beyond what you had felt before.

I began to thrust that fat hard black tool into you, it rubbed against you nub on every thrust, harder and faster and you took it all into that tight, hot pussy, shaved clean and so sexy and open on all fours. You were out of control now wanting to come, juices leaking down your leg, the toy at my hands as I fucked you hard with it, hard, fast, hard, fast.

And then you came, oh my god, you came and came and came and came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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