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My parents divorced when I was only ten, so my older brother and I grew up with our mother. Our father lived just across town and we saw him often. Mom didn’t really date much after she and dad divorced, so there were never any guys hanging around the house. As time passed, my brother graduated high school and went on to college, leaving mom and me at home alone. It was during this time that my mom and I began to have sex. She was lonely and I was horny and things just sort of happened one night when I came home drunk. I had been to a party with a girlfriend who refused to put out for me and was frustrated. Mom had to help me to bed that night and, was they say, one thing led to another…..

Since that night, my mom and I were lovers. We screwed every day, usually several times. I still dated some, but mom didn’t. She preferred to save her pussy for me only. After four years, my brother came back from college with a surprise; he had gotten married while he was away. They had eloped one night and been living together for a few months. Bob, my brother, hadn’t told us because he wasn’t sure how mom would react. She took it well; in fact, she was thrilled. They lived istanbul escort with us in the house until they could find their own place. This put a bit of a damper on things between mom and me, but we still found time to be together.

Once Bob and Amy had moved out, things got back to normal and mom and I heated up again. I was now in college myself, but chose to stay home and attend the local private school. It was after my second year of college that things took an even more interesting turn at our house. Amy came to mom one day and confided in her that she and Bob had been trying to have a baby for the fourteen months, but nothing was happening. She had been to see a doctor and was checked out, but the problem was not with her. She was afraid that maybe Bob was sterile, but was afraid to approach him because he was so excited about becoming a father. Mom told her not to worry and to keep trying. She comforted her and assured her that everything would be all right. She said she would think about the problem see what she could come up with.

When mom told me about the conversation that night in bed, I felt sorry for Bob. I knew how much he wanted to be ataköy escort a dad. She told me she had an idea and a big grin came across her face. I asked her to tell it to me and she said she would tell me as we made love. So we got undressed and jumped into bed. Mom went down under the covers and toyed with my cock a bit before taking me into her mouth. I loved the way she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock before taking it all the way in. I was a pretty good size and had always been surprised that mom could deep throat me as well as she could. She blew on me for a while and I had to pull her off me before I blew my load in her throat. I turned her over and lowered my head to her pussy. Mom had never shaved her bush in her life and I loved her big hairy pussy. I dove my tongue into her and rubbed my nose in her pubic hair; I love the way it tickles. Soon, we were both ready for the big event and I wanted to know my mom’s idea. So I kissed my way up her body and she grabbed my dick as I drew near her entrance. “Put me inside you” I told her. She placed my cock at her opening and drew me in. I love the feeling you get when you first avcılar escort enter a pussy, I just have to stop and enjoy it for a few minutes before beginning to pump away. I asked her to tell me her idea.

“It’s quite simple really. Your brother can’t give his wife a baby. She doesn’t want to hurt him, yet she knows there is no way around it. However, there is one way.” I knew right then where she was going with this. “You could get her pregnant and Bob would never have to know. You boys look so alike that he would never be able to suspect anything because the child would have his looks, just from a different source.”

“In other words, you should fuck your brother’s wife and get her pregnant for him. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.” That did it. I blew my load right up inside my mother as she said that last statement. Amy was gorgeous and just my type. If Bob hadn’t been married to her, I would have loved to go out with her. Now here was my mom telling me to fuck and impregnate her.

“Do you think she would go for it?” I asked. “Probably not right away, but let me work on it. When she sees there is no other way, I think I can convince her. And I would love to see you fuck her just as much as you want to do it.”

“If she agrees to have sex with me, I find it hard to believe she would also agree to let you watch” I argued.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s all part of my plan.”

To be continued?….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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