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In the month that followed our first ‘practice session’ Kevin and I continued to visit the island frequently. in the time we didn’t spend on the island we were both on the internet looking for new positions, tips and techniques that we could try out on our next session. Kevin had grown particularly fond of hummers which are Blowjobs where I hum as I suck him. At first I had tried to hum a tune but that had proved to funny and we had to stop as we both started giggling, when I tried again I just made a deep resonant noise in the back of my throat interspersed with some deep moans which made him cum pretty quickly and forcefully into my mouth.

Luckily with practice I had trained him to reliably cum three time in a session and occasionally he could do 4. One day when we spent the whole day on the island he came for me 3 time in our first session anther time in a quickly after lunch and another twice later on during a very long session in the afternoon.

Today we had been planning on going to the island in the afternoon and staying the night camping together, which we were still doing however the night of passion and experimentation had been slightly ruined when my 18 year old younger sister Ciara (she was born about 10 months after me so ended up in a lower school year) overheard and decided it sounded fun and invited the twins Sean and Aidan who were our second cousins and the same age as Ciara. So while our night of lust had been derailed we had managed to smuggle quite a few bottles of alcohol onto the island so we were going to have quite a fun night camping with the family.

We set off about 5 making it to the island at about 5:30. We had been scouring the beach for drift wood for days beforehand so we had quite a good pile going which the boys immediately started building into a fire, unfortunately none of them really knew what they were doing and it took them another half hour to get the fire going. Ciara and I started by getting all the food and the final few bottles of drink out of the boat. Then Ciara ran back to the boat to get the tents.

Ciara had a petite athletic fame and hair that was dyed vivid red. she liked dark lipstick that stood out from her pale face and occasionally wore very vivid makeup around her eyes often putting small blue dots around them or purple swishes at the edges. she was wearing a light weight summer dress that was white with flowers blossoming over it. The dress was tight across her stomach and then flowing outwards from the hips stopping half way down her thighs showing off her toned legs. I had always been so jealous of her body, not that I was too unhappy with mine but hers was to tight and pert.

I realized what I was doing and stopped gazing at my sisters body and went to help get the tents.

We got the tents up just as the boys finished with the fire. We gathered round the fire on some rocks that Sean had dragged over from near the cave. “What have we got to eat I’m starving?” Sean piped up.

“You’re always starving fatty.” Aidan joked. We all laughed at Aidan insulting Sean’s looks because they both looked identical, and neither were fat. They were both tall and lean with spiky brown hair that they insisted they styled differently but which seemed exactly the same to anyone else. They were even dress similarly although the colour of their checked flannel shirts was different, Blue for Sean and red for Aidan. In fact the only difference between them was that Sean’s nose was crooked because Aidan had broken it when they were sparing during kickboxing. I remembered that they had discussed Sean breaking Aidan’s nose so that they looked the same again, we were never sure how much they were joking.

“All the foods in the cooler” I pointed “The drink is in the one over there” I nodded my head towards the other cooler.

“To the drink!” Kevin shouted pulling the lid off and grabbing beers for everyone as Sean dived into the food cooler pulling out the chicken sandwiches and handing them round. The sandwiches were made with thick slices of fresh bread that Aunt Erin had made earlier. They were delicious and went very well with the cold beer.

“Chuck me another beer will you Katie.” Aidan asked

“Alcoholic” Sean grinned getting revenge for earlier

“Oh an I suppose you’ll be stopping at the one beer will you?” Aidan shot back

“One beer, yes.” Sean smiled reaching behind him and pulling out a bottle of rum and some Coke and pouring himself some into a glass. It looked suspiciously like the quantities of coke and rum were about half and half.

“Oh pour me one too” Kevin asked eyeing up Sean’s drink and finishing off his beer.

“Sure Kev” Sean said with an evil glint in his eye. This time he seemed to pour about a shot of coke into a glass of rum which Kevin being the unobservant idiot he is didn’t notice. Until he took his first large gulp causing his eyes to bulge and making his cough violently. We fell about laughing as Kevin grinned sheepishly and poured half his cup into another and topped them both up with coke.

I reached out to grab one “Hell no get your own” he said grabbing both cups with a grin “just don’t let that dick head pour it” he gestured rudely towards Sean who was smiling so smugly that the corners of his mouth were practically touching his ears.

As the fire grew larger with more and more of the driftwood catching the sun started dropping below the horizon. the Orange glow of the sun providing the perfect background to the cozy campfire on the rugged little beach. Once we had finished off the food we lay back digesting and drinking more until the idea of drinking games seemed like a good idea. We played ring of fire and the gauntlet. the sound of shouting a raucous laughter filled the little bay

We lay back against the rocks chilling and chatting while drinking at a more sedate pace. The drinking had lowered my inhibitions. As we rowed over I had discounted the possibility of having sex tonight however I was getting more horny and more drunk. I kept stealing glances at Kevin who, judging by his glances at me was feeling the same.

“Hey guys I’m going to go sleep in the cave, so you can keep going but I need to sleep” I slurred slightly as I hauled myself unsteadily to my feet.

“I might join you” Kevin said probably incredibly obviously, luckily everyone else was too pissed to notice anything was amiss.

We stumbled up the beach together towards the cave before flopping down onto the blankets inside the cave.

We started making out sloppily our hands groping all over the others body. We started clumsily pulling off clothes. As the lust rose in my body I started thinking more clearly. Not clearly enough to think that maybe having sex with my cousin with my sister and two more cousins only a few hundred meter away might be a bad idea but clearly enough to start thinking about the awful things I wanted to do to my cousin.

God I want his cock, I want him inside me. I want his cum inside me. I want him so fucking much. How is he taking so long to get undressed… kocaeli escort oh wait I still have my skirt on.

I pulled my skirt off as he finished pulling off his jeans and boxers together. I drank in his toned body admiring it. His cock was still mostly soft but even hanging there limply it still drove me wild with lust. I knelt over him and lifted his penis up into my mouth. I pulled back the foreskin and flicked my tongue out to taste the tip of his penis.

I wrapped my hand round the floppy shaft and started rubbing as I licked the end. I ran my hands up his body feeling the now familiar contours of his stomach and chest. He started to run his hands through my long silky hair holding it back so it didn’t get in the way of my mouth.

His cock was still flaccid so I slid it all into my mouth and started making a low resonant groan while my hands gently caressed his balls. I kept this going for quite a while but it wasn’t working.

Am I not good enough? Did Kevin not find me sexy anymore?

“Katie, I’m so sorry I think I’ve drunk too much I’m so horny but I just can’t get hard”

“Oh” I was gutted. Luckily… I think…..I wasn’t as horny now, sucking on a flaccid penis with no result for ages tends to do that. “Shall we go back to the others?” I asked

“Yeah, sorry” He smiled sheepishly. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“You’d better!” I said slapping his bare ass as I got up and started pulling on my clothes

We wandered slowly back towards the campfire. As we got close I could see something strange it looked like they were wrestling. As we got even closer the firelight the scene unfolded in the flickering light. Ciara was bent over her petite lithe frame was being pounded by Aidan from behind while her dark red lips were clamped around Sean’s cock. The firelight danced over their naked bodies making it look orange and black. The deep shadows accenting all the curves and making the movements look slightly jerky.

We stopped watching the debauched scene in front of us. I had always been jealous of Ciara’s nubile frame but this was the first time I had really realised that I was really attracted to her, I was mesmerized by the sway of her breasts as the bounced with each of Aidan’s thrusts. The boys were also looking spectacular in the firelight, they were both toned and muscled their abdomens tensed as they both pushed their hips back and forth.

“FUUUUUCCKKK” Aidan groaned giving one final thrust forward burying himself deep into my sister and gripping her hips tightly holding himself in and grunting in pleasure. The sight of his twin cumming seemed to set Sean off causing him to pull out of Ciara’s mouth and shooting strings of cum over her delicate face. “OHH GOD” the boys groaned in unison. Aidan pulled back strings of cum hanging from the end of his cock and leading back into my sisters tight little pussy.

I looked over at Kevin “Oh, so now you have a boner?” I raised my eyebrows looking at the obvious bulge in his jeans.

He smiled sheepishly “Sorry, but come on, that was fucking hot!” I smiled at that. I found that I agreed with him, watching my petite little sister getting pounded by two cocks was fucking hot, too fucking hot. “Yeah it was” I grinned back.

That was when Ciara turned her cum covered face towards us “Shit! It’s errr…I …. This isnt…..” she stammered, struggeling to explain away why she was naked on her hands and knees covered in cum with Aidan and Sean’s toned bodies at either end of her. Ciara’s reaction made the boys look too, Seans first reaction was to cover his cock that was slowly going limp while Aidan scooted back away from Ciara’s ass.

I leaned over to Kevin with an evil grin “Do we let them sweat a bit?” i said in a low voice

He chuckled “Nah, I’m horny” he replied into my ear

I burst out laughing which only got louder as Ciara, Sean and Aidan looked at the pair of us in confusion. “Oh stop worrying you three, we aren’t going to tell anyone. We don’t mind that you were having sex” I paused “As long as your not finished and we can join in”

The three naked teens couldn’t have looked more shocked if I had sprouted wings and flown back home to tell on them. “You… You want to join in?” Aidan asked

“Yeah, well me and Kevin have been having sex together for a month or so, you know just to practice for Uni. Well it would probably be good to have experience with some other people as well and from what we saw you looked pretty good”

“So that’s why you two have been coming over to the island so much recently!” Ciara exclaimed

“Yeah” Kevin said sheepishly

“So is this the first time you guys have done it?” I asked, curious.

“Sort of.” Ciara answered “We have been masturbating together for a while now, well I joined them about a year ago those two have been doing it since they were like 12, I walked in on them and well, one thing led to another”

I was struggling to focus on what Ciara was saying as I watched some of the cum dripping slowly down her face.

“This was the first time we actually had sex” Ciara continued “I think we had been drinking a bit too much” it was her turn to smile sheepishly now.

“Ok well the first thing we need to do is to get these two hard again, just follow my lead” I knelt down in front of Aidan and pushed him back onto the blanket while gesturing Ciara to do the same to Sean.

“What about Kevin?” Ciara asked

“Kevin can watch, as that’s what makes him hard these days” I stick my tongue out at Kevin

“Oh no” Kevin said in mock horror “I have to watch two sexy girls give blowjobs, how will I ever cope” as he was saying this he was pulling off his clothes and sitting down on a log to watch.

I realised I was still dressed and pulled off all my clothes in seconds. “That was quick” Aidan said his eyes locked on my body.

“Yeah I’m horny, now lets get you hard” I say as I wrap a hand around his shaft which had stayed semi hard as he listed to the sisters discussing sex. I straddled his legs and popped the tip into my mouth as I ran my hands up is body exploring the new and exciting figure. His body was toned and hard from years of martial arts, running and weight training, my fingers traced between the muscles caressing his curves.

Unlike with Kevin I started getting an immediate response as his shaft started to harden. I cupped my hands around his balls gently playing with them as I flicked the tip of his penis with my tongue tasting the remains of his cum and a different taste which I was sure was my sister. “Fuck I’m tasting my sisters pussy of my cousins cock, that’s so fucking wrong, why do I love it soooo much”

As he got harder I started to slide him further into me taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. I looked up and saw Ciara was working away on Sean, she had one hand on his balls and the other was massaging her own perky breasts as she moaned onto Sean’s cock.

Aidan’s cock was now rock hard again and the taste of his cum and Ciara’s escort bayan pussy had been replaced by the milder taste of precum. I watched as Ciara’s lips pulled slowly back up Sean’s shaft showing that it was also stiff. “So, now we have three hard cocks to play with I think Ciara here needs to cum, you two boys got to cum on her but my poor little sister has yet to be satisfied”

“oh god yes please” Ciara exclaimed rising from Sean’s shaft “I don’t think I have ever been this horny, god that feel weird to say to you Katie”

“Oh it feels weird to say your horny but the dribble of Aidan’s cum running down your leg is totally normal right?”

“It feels so naughty I…”

“OH MY GOD LETS FUCK ALREADY!!!!!! I can’t take you two talking like this its too fucking hot” Kevin burst out

“I think we may have been ignoring him for two long” Ciara giggled

“Well why don’t you have him, he is very good at making me cum, I want to have a go at the position you were trying with the boys because that looked amazing”

Ciara opened her mouth to reply but Kevin was already there taking her hand and laying her down, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her tight little body. I was about to watch what them but Aidan and Sean were by me in an instant their erect shafts standing tall. Now they were both standing in front of me I saw that they were not identical, Aidan’s cock was slightly more girthy than Sean’s but Sean’s was about an inch longer. With a look and a nod at each other they split up, this time Sean was going to fuck while Aidan getting sucked.

They pulled me into position on my hands and knees my pert ass sticking up in the air and then Sean slid slowly into me. I cannot describe how wet and excited I was at this point but the pleasure of him inserting his long shaft into me nearly made me cum right away. He slid deep into me until I could feel him shoved right up in my tummy pressing against my cervix. His hands on my hips pulling me onto him pressing himself onto my cervix making me quiver and moan.

Then Aidan’s cock was in front of my face. There was a bead of precum that had been squeezed out and was sitting on the tip and for a second time I took him in my mouth. This time was different, he was in control. I was scared at first when he started thrusting back an forth but he was slow and gentle just like Kevin had been when we had tried face fucking a few weeks ago. Sean was also being gentle pulling out until his tip was only just resting in my pussy and then sliding slowly but firmly back in bumping against my cervix with each thrust. I was in heaven with two new cocks inside me and both boys grunting in pleasure as they thrust slowly into me. They both started to speed up as they got more excited, Sean’s balls started slapping against my clitoris and Aidan was thrusting in and makeing me gag producing extra saliva which ran down his hard shaft.

Aidan suddenly pulled back from my mouth and started to lay down sliding his legs under me until he was presenting his cock to me again but this time allowing me to go down on him and take control. “Sorry I was just scared to go faster, I thought I might hurt you”

“Aww you’re so sweet, you didn’t need to worry though” my speaking was slightly stilted as i was jerked by Sean’s thrusting into my wet hole. I bent down and started to suck Aidans penis with relish sliding up and down on him giving him a proper mouth fuck while my tongue flicked and rubbed all over the shaft. Every time I slid down on his cock my breasts pressed against his legs brushing my nipples and sending sparks of pleasure through me. Sean soon got in time and his thrust were soon pushing me down onto Aidan’s cock.

I was very engrossed in what I was doing but then I heard loud screams of pleasure coming from Ciara and looked up just in time to see Kevin ploughing into her as she clearly orgasmed. Her head thrown back and her silky read hair spread all around her as her back arched thrusting out her perky breasts, her erect nipples pointing to the starts as she let out a long quivering moan. She collapsed onto the blanket panting her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Kevin slowed down his thrusting because of her now sensitive hole.

As I watched captivated by the beauty of my naked sister and my stunning cousin the twins seemed to have had a silent conversation because they both pull away. Aidan slides down under me and his cock rests nestled in the fold of my labia and Sean’s cock rests on the puckered hole of my ass. “mmm fuck yes” I moan a they both slide in slowly. Aidan’s girth struggles to fit into my tight pussy but my own juices and the large amount of spit lets it slid in. Sean’s cock as the same issues sliding into my even tighter ass hole but his shaft is so lubed up from my pussy that he manages to fill my ass tight. I was so full I felt like I was going to burst, like it couldn’t move without ripping in half. I gasped at the unexpected pain and pleasure of being so full of cock. They started thrusting in and out quickly getting into a rhythm so that when one was in the other was out. The feeling was fantastic constant pleasure and stimulation which started to peak when Aidan started to pinch and suck on my nipples. “Fucking yes oh harder harder boys yes yes OOOOOOHH god”

I looked up to see that Kevin was watching as he fucked Ciara. He was fucking faster now getting close to cumming as he watched me getting pounded. I bit my lower lip keeping eye contact with him as the twins pounded me to heaven working like pistons. Ciara was watching now too her breathing heavy like she was building up for a second orgasm “Oh fuck me Kevin, just like that, no, harder harder”

I couldn’t hold back anymore with a stream of profanities that surprised even me I exploded my leg quivering and my arms giving way as the pleasure rocked through my body exploding from the knot in the base of my stomach and rolling through me in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. My muscles clenched hard around the twins trapping them in palce inside me as I cum. Kevin and Ciara both moan at the sight and I am vaguely aware the Kevin’s pumping cum into my little sister as she orgasms around his cock. The thought of my little sister being filled with a second load of cum in the night excites me extending my orgasm stretching it out and prolonging the intense pulsing pleasure. Just as my orgasm is fading Aidan groans and his cock starts pumping out burst of cum into my exhausted cunt making me quiver in pleasure again as the cum is forced deep inside me.

At this point I’m ready to collapse and sleep for a week but Sean has different ideas as he pulls my hips up and continues to pound into my ass. Ciara also slides over “Kevin said that you really liked cum and would be jealous for me stealing his” she whispered in my ear “so I thought we could share” and with that she slid under me pushing Aidan out the way and ended up with her head between my legs and my head between hers. Looking down I could see that Kevin’s cum was already oozing out of her tight snatch izmit escort and the sight of it drove me wild again.

As I lent down to lick it up I felt Ciara gent1e tongue on my own pussy seemingly on a search for the load Aidan had just deposited. I gasped at the intimate contact with my sister understanding for the first time how attracted to her I had always been, thinking it was just jealousy of her body I had been hiding a deep secret lust for my sister. I didn’t even hesitate if Ciara wanted her big sister to eat out her pussy thats what she would get and I dived in. my tongue flicking around the clit and tasting the mixture of Kevin’s cum and the new delicious taste of Ciara’s own juices.

I’d never even thought about going down on a girl before now, but I did what I thought I’d would want. I started kissing and nibbling the spread-open lips and licked up and down the length of girl’s tight sex. Ciara moaned and rocked back and forth a little licking my own pusys with equal delight. I stuck my tongue straight and let my little sister do some of the work. I then flicked the younger girl’s hard little clit, and Ciara went bananas. “Oh, fuck!” the girl cried out into my pussy. “Do it again!” I flicked Ciara’s clit again, and she cried out in pleasure. Sean was still thrusting away into my ass each thrust pushing my face down into my little sisters crotch. I could feel that Ciara wasn’t just licking my pussy but was also licking Sean’s shaft and balls as they pistoned away above her.

I could feel Aidan’s cum leaking out of me onto Ciara face mixing with the cum from Sean earlier. Now, my tongue made circles around my sister’s clit, and the younger girl grabbed my head and pulled it into her twitching pussy. I sucked on the girl’s button, and Ciara went rigid seeming to get close to an orgasm but just not quite getting over the peak. That’s when Kevin, already hard again, pulls a log over using it to prop up Ciara’s ass giving me a better angle to lick her pussy, I was about to thank him when he positions himself and slides slowly into Ciara’s virgin ass. He starts struggling to get it in but I let a glob of spit run down helping to lubricate and allowing him to thrust in. “MMMF!” the girl’s muffled groan grew louder.

Sean’s rhythm changes as this happens but I don’t take much notice just adjusting my own rhythm on Ciara’s pussy. It only takes a few minutes of this treatment before Ciara starts to quiver again her tongue slackening on my pussy “Don’t stop baby, Please” I moan into her pussy. She obliged happy moaning into my sex. I was lost in lust and nearing the edge myself as Ciara went ridged again moaning loudly into my cum filled hole as she quivered in pleasure beneath my body her supple frame pressed against mine as it convulsed. Her tightening ass muscles must have spurred Kevin on because he sped up for a last few hard thrusts groaning and grunting with each trust until he pulled back and shot a load over my face and Ciara’s ass. Some cum shot right into the open hole of Ciara’s ass that was slowly closing now Kevin had slid out, the rest hit my face and my hair dripping over my eyes and into Ciara’s quivering pussy.

Just as I was about to explode with pleasure myself Sean finally shot his load deep into my ass pushing me over the edge as I was covered in cum. I came, body bucking and shaking. And then I finaly went limp, falling sideways off of Ciara into a twitching, panting heap. I looked round and was surprised to see Sean standing with cum still dripping from his cock a look of bliss on his face and Aidan behind him thrusting into his ass. “Fuck, fuck fuck” he grunted grabbing Sean’s hips and pulling him back hard onto him as Aidan’s eyes rolled back as he pumped cum into his twin brother.

We collapsed in a naked circle grinning at each other as recovered. I nuzzled up to Ciara wrapping my arms around the smaller girl and pulling her close. Kevin nudged up next to me and I let my hand rest on his cock that was still sticky with cum and juices. As we recovered we started to chat. It was like the chat me and Kevin had had that first day but more graphic and less awkward. Aidan had said that he had wanted to fuck Sean for ages and Sean had said he hadn’t thought about it but had quite enjoyed it. I confessed my new found feelings for Ciara who snuggled back into my naked body saying that I was silly to think she was more attractive.

As we talked we started to get horny again and we gentle started to masturbate the person next to us, I slid my fingers into Ciara and around Kevin’s penis while Ciara was rubbing Aidan’s cock and Aidan was rubbing Sean. we just continued gently as we chatted.

We also discussed little fetishes “I love feet” said Sean “When we masturbated together Ciara it was your feet I was mostly watching”

“Ha, I feel that’s insulting the rest of my body” Ciara laughed

“Nonono, that’s all fucking good too” Sean assured her.”

“Well I have to say I like incest” Aidan said with a smile making us all laugh “Not just you guys though, Aunt Bree and Aunt Erin are both really fit too.” we all agreed not feeling the need to be embarrassed or shy about it.

“Uncle Bran and Uncle Dara” are good looking too I said

“I prefer Uncle Finley” Ciara said

“I see what you mean but he isn’t my type, to much muscle” I said.

“Well some of you may have already worked out that I love cum. I can’t get enough of it” I told Sean and Aidan who both looked back with broad grins on their faces

“We will have to see if we can satisfy your needs then” Sean said standing up. the other guys stood up too and lining up in front of me grasping their shafts. Ciara moved back to watch her fingers taking over from mine to rub herself quickly making her gasp in pleasure.

I knelt legs spread and hand between my legs furiously rubbing my clit as the boys jerked off right in my face. It wasn’t long before we were all groaning as we neared climax I slowed slightly worried that I’d cum too soon but then Aidan took a step forward and shot a load right into my face. It was still dripping down my face and off my chin when Kevin panting heavily shot from a distance his cum plastering my chest with warm white ribbons of cum. in the background I could hear Ciara moaning “Oh Katie, yes fuck get covered in cum, Oh yes”

Sean pushed me back so I was laying on the ground with my knees tucked under me he shot his load from between my legs. It reached my chin and left lines of cum running all down my body right to my pussy which finally exploded as Sean used his penis to rub my clit. I lay there quivering on the beach covered in cum as my family came and snuggled next to me their arms draping over my body through the pools of cum that were forming in every crevice. Ciara licked some up and then came in to kiss me gently as we swapped the cum she had licked off my breasts.

This wasn’t the last time we went to the island, not always all of us went but different groups and pairs. I often went with just Ciara or Kevin and sometimes went with the twins. Ciara also went with the twins a lot. Even the three boys went out together a few times. We were young and experimenting and having the time of our lives. That is until some of the adults started getting suspicious…..

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